EXCLUSIVE: A New Baby for Teen Mom 3


Teen Mom 3 has been off the air for a couple of years, but we've still been following the lives of the stars of the series.

Some have gone on to different shows, have some extreme Teen Mom scandals, and some have chosen to expand their families. The newest member of the Teen Mom 3 family will come from Matt McCann and his fiance, Lekota Koch.

Matt and Lekota chose to exclusively announce to Teen Mom Junkies that they are expecting a baby together in January of 2016. Lekota is currently 23 weeks pregnant with a little boy who the couple plans to name Matthew Milton McCann Jr. Baby Matthew, or "Matty" as the couple nicknamed him, is very healthy and growing well so far.

He's also reportedly very active. Surprisingly, this is not the first pregnancy for the couple. Baby Matty came as a surprise following a miscarriage in February of 2015, and the couple was not planning to have another baby for another 5 years.


While Lekota was never featured on Teen Mom 3, Matt's story line focused primarily around his parenting difficulties due to his open addiction to heroin.

While some might feel as though a former addict might not be the best parent, Lekota assures us that Matt has been sober for 3 years and 4 months, and that he is very excited for the opportunity to be a father again - so excited that he cried when he found out that he was going to be a father again! He screamed and jumped for joy when the couple found out that their baby was a little boy.

Matt and Lekota moved to Idaho earlier in the year in order to pursue work and a clean start to their lives. This meant that they were moving away from Matt's 4-year-old daughter, Arabella. The couple confirms that while Matt is not able to see Arabella in person right now due to the distance, they routinely have phone calls and can even FaceTime when available.

Matt and ex-girlfriend, Alex Sekella, are on good terms, and they both work to co-parent effectively with the distance involved.

Matt pays child support regularly, and both he and Lekota have full time jobs to help provide for Arabella as well as their new baby.

Matt and Lekota plan to move back to Pennsylvania to be closer to Arabella as soon as possible.

The couple has been together for a little over 3 years now, and they do plan on getting married at some point after the baby is here.

Matt would love to have his son and future father-in-law walk his fiance down the aisle at their wedding.

Matt and Lekota plan to keep the news about their baby relatively private once he's here.

They chose to announce the pregnancy because they wanted to be the ones in control of releasing information about their unborn child, and they didn't want people to feel as though they were hiding the pregnancy.

Matt and Lekota are incredibly excited and proud to be having a child together.



Cue Alex's passive aggressive sub tweets in 3....2.......

They're going to be amazing parents!

thats cool i guess

Congrats Matt Mcann and Lekota Koch on the new baby

Congratulations to Matt and Lekota. One of the few from the series I truly believe have matured and will raise an amazing child.

Good luck to them, but I can't help but feel that this franchise turns out so many unplanned pregnancies.
They had a miscarriage in February and no plans for children for five years... but for her to be due in January next year they must have conceived in April, only two months after that miscarriage. Condoms people, use them!

Please, she just wants her 5 minutes of fame. This doesn't even deserve a post on teenmomjunkies.

I call bullshit on it not being planned. You don't "accidentally" get pregnant 2 months after a miscarriage if you are preventing properly.


*cue 100 comments about how birth control isn't 100% effective and how they got pregnant using condoms properly*

Arabella was conceived while using a condom and birth control. Sometimes its just meant to happen.

Didn't Alex admit on "16 and Pregnant" that she conceived after having unprotected sex? I'm pretty sure she admitted there wasn't any kind of birth control involved since she said she considered getting Plan B afterwards but decided not to for stupid reasons.

No, she was on BC and was taking antibiotics. The condom broke and she considered getting plan B to be careful but she thought her BC would be her back up. She apparently didn't know the antibiotics cancelled out the BC.

She straight up said she didn't want to get Plan B because she was afraid her mother would be mad at her for putting herself at risk. I think Alex planned her pregnancy and that's why she didn't try to prevent it. She wanted Matt to change and thought having his baby would do that. Boy, did that backfire spectacularly.

Sadly, people are not great with contraception. Especially teenagers. Even adult friends of mine that I've had conversations with about BC pills and other various options, seem to have no idea other options exist, what might effect those options, or even why birth control works (be it the different types.) I'll give it to MTV for always advertising bedsider.org as an option, because I actually went to it and they send out reminders/info that is really helpful. I've also you know...had conversations with my doctor. Into my adult years I still have no desire for kids, so it's important to understand the information out there and how it might alter my body.

I think Alex either planned to get pregnant or just thought "well it probably won't happen to me" --the worlds dumbest and most common excuse I hear. She was dead set that Matt would change under her watch, like CCB said, so it wouldn't surprise me if she thought getting pregnant would make Matt pull a 180.

Does anyone know if any of the girls from this franchise admitted they were pregnant even though they "properly" used some form of contraception? I can't really think of any.

Either way, congrats to Matt and Lekota. Hopefully they have a healthy pregnancy and Matt continues his sobriety. I'm glad to hear Alex and Matt are getting along for the sake of their kid. Getting along might mean not screaming at each other for once, so that's a pretty good sign.

Replacement baby FTW!

I remember her writing to that lastweekonteenmom blog a lot a while ago. I hope Matt's doing well, since he has two kids now. Hope Lekota has a healthy pregnancy too. Congrats, I guess?

She was trying to stop the rumors from spreading.

Ghostwriter are you Lakota?

Yeah, every negative comment on here about Matt and Lakota has one downvote and you're her rebutting every comment about them.

I wonder how long it'll take before Alex tweets that this kid is going to be ugly.

I remember tweeted she was so happy Arabella looked like her cause Matt wad ugly but that girl is the spitting image of Matt

Not only that, but Alex's new boyfriend resembles Matt. Like, how are you going to sit there and say "lolz I don't want you you are fat and ugly now!!" then turn around and date a guy that looks like the ex you thought was so fat and ugly?! Alex scares me. Both with her temper and her seizures OOPS I mean "dancing".

Arabella looks just like Matt. Not that I think Matt was a total winner by any stretch, but Alex drove me mad just as much. She just wanted any excuse to throw Matt under the bus and act like she was perfect.
Matt sucked, but Alex, you had a baby with him. Get over it.
I watched TM 3, but I really couldn't stand most of the cast in that one. So much yelling. Only yelling really. lol.

Red you are spot on about Alex' "dancing ". As horrible as it is for me to say I was also confused as to why a dancer, who trains as much as Alex claimed to, was a lot bigger than I expected her to be. Let the downvoting commence.

I wonder if he's sober... Or just clean. Since nobody knows how to use the terminology...

He doesn't smoke, do drugs or drink alcohol.

Good for him. For the first while he said he was smoking weed still on his ask, but he had started hinting toward quitting and this was a couple years ago so I just wondered where he was at now, and hate misuse of the word "sober". I'm glad he is, but don't get why it was really necessary to move far away enough that he can't even see his daughter and isn't fighting for some way that he can.

Just shoots up heroin

TTB, I know exactly who you are and all I have to say is, you really need to stop living in the past. People change. Thought we grew up and left the harassing BS back in 2013?? Hmmmm.

Whoa! I'm shocked! A TM couple that actually waited until the pee was well dried on the stick to announce. ? good for them! Congrats!

Just going to say that if I had something to say to "defend" myself, I'd say it myself or have Megan say it for me. But there's nothing to defend or whatever. I will never meet any of you. You're all entitled to your opinion. I just wanted to make sure we were the ones to announce our son rather than some hateful person doing it out of spite.

Congrats to you both.

Congrats Lekota! Children are blessings.

Without sounding too rude, and with some genuine curiosity, do people really even care? TM3 had one season, a few years ago. And Matt and Alex were pretty unpopular from what I can gather
Even this article barely has comment compared to the usual articles.

You would honestly think that no one cares but ask Megan, someone tried writing this story before her.. I've also been told my the tumblr blogs that people have anonymously written into them about my pregnancy. I don't know who cares that much about a stupid TV show but I'm not gonna let some asshole try to use my son for whatever reason they have to talk about him. I honestly wasn't going to tell anyone till after he was born but apparently some people can't keep a secret. Bad manners if you ask me.

That's what I mean though. I'm pretty sure Megan didn't pay you for the "story". And neither would any of the other blogs or magazines. So why is it newsworthy? And I'm not trying to be disrespectful to you. I appreciate you wanting to keep your life private. I'm just truly surprised that considering you guys have stayed out of the spotlight since Matt's 15mins, that anyone cares enough to approach the media.
Kinda like the girls from 16&P I guess. There's the Nikkole types who keep their face as relevant as they can and then there's the others that you forget about because they fade away and don't want to be famewhores.

Exactly. No one gives a fuck about Matt's Trap Baby. It's Tyler's Trap Baby we're all concerned about :P

You write that long comment saying who care's and blah blah, yet you do obviously.
Thing's that make you go mmmmm. j/s

Honestly if you dont' care then why comment? This is probably why they've gone back to only a couple articles a week because when the site's most active everyone complains about articles they don't like. It's called skipping over people.

Pretty sure I can comment how and when I like on whatever I feel.
I'm not saying I don't care. Im here at TMJ. Clearly I'm interested in the train wrecks. Im saying, that I never realized that their lives (Lekota was never even on TM) are so high profile that people are thinking they are the ultimate when they find out the "exclusive" story on her being pregnant.

This article is honestly nothing to fight over. Most people do not care and for that I am so thankful. But there are a selecet few crazy people out there who do, like the psycho who gave out my parents address.
The only thing I'm worried about is my son and his safety. Not what anyone thinks of Matt or myself. Three years changes a person. None of you will ever meet us, besides Megan.. Its no big deal what anyone thinks because none of you are in my life.

When I looked at the picture I thought it was Jenelle at first (yeah, I know, Teen Mom 3, not 2) and I nearly had an aneurysm.


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I was hoping that you guys would acheive more before having a baby.

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