The Dysfunctional Dejesus Family

Briana Dejesus

7f385f64-55a1-4414-908f-96fba3f58c2a We don't often hear about the girls of Teen Mom 3 anymore, but Briana Dejesus is back on our tv screens as she desperately clings to her 15 minutes of fame seeks help on VH1's Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn.

We witnessed her butt heads with her older sister, Brittany, during both 16 and Pregnant and TM3.

Nearly three years later, things have gotten so bad that they barely speak to each other. Here's a summary of the four episodes that have aired so far:

Their family dynamics haven't changed. Like, at all.

Both girls still live at home with their mother, Roxanne. According to Brittany, Briana is always the center of attention. On the flip side, Briana feels like Brittany is judgmental and mean.

"I was gonna say my mom but changed it to Briana because she has control over our mom and gets away with everything." "I was gonna say my mom but changed it to Briana because she has control over our mom and gets away with everything."

Left- TM3 Right- Family Therapy Left- TM3; Right- Family Therapy

In the confessional booth interview, Brittany calls her sister selfish and follows up with, "B****, we take care of your kid, we take care of you, we help you with everything."3e8ab9f1-cd93-4528-a934-d2aa0e4ebc46 Sound familiar? During TM3, we witnessed Briana's codependency firsthand. Honestly, I'm shocked she didn't have her butt wiped for her.

Family support is one thing, but the extent of Briana's coddling was just downright embarrassing. To refresh your memory, let's take a look back at the time Briana started college:

The clan heads to the store to buy school supplies. Brittany tries telling Briana what she needs and what the college will supply, but pretty much goes unheard.

Then, Roxanne catches a glimpse of the sticker section and decides to buy some as a reward system for when Briana gets good grades. Seriously?

"Every time I got a good grade you didn't care, but you wanna give Briana some stickers."

Then, the first day of college arrives.

Because Briana doesn't have a driver's license, Roxanne and Brittany drive her.

Roxanne decides that they should stay on campus for the two hours that Briana will be in class, "just in case." Brittany is less than thrilled, and vents to a friend while her mother entertains Nova at the campus playground.

"I'm just over it.

Briana gets babied. Like what the f***? B****, you have a kid but you can't even go to class by yourself? Why does mommy have to take you everywhere? Why does mommy have to do everything for you?"

Their mother is insane and it's actually pretty frightening. Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.20.33 AM

We watched Roxanne become a ghetto superstar a couple of times on TM3, but apparently it happens more than we were led to believe.

So why didn't we see more of her outburts? She gave her daughters specific instructions: "Don't show our problems on tv." I wonder how she'll feel now that her daughters are airing all the dirty laundry.

During group therapy, Brittany reveals that she receives the brunt of her mother's anger, which is often physical. Brittany has a broken door thanks to Roxanne kicking it and a shattered lamp from being thrown.

Even worse, poor Nova is used as a human shield when Roxanne flies into her rages. No, I'm not kidding.

Briana denies being Roxanne's favorite, saying that Brittany's property gets destroyed as a result of her over-the-top level of disrespect.

Brittany fires back, "You throw Nova in front of you because you know
she won't hit you with Nova in your arms, you ass****." Instead of addressing this highly alarming accusation, Dr. Jenn reprimands Brittany for her potty mouth.

7e3a6824-b5c5-4c21-a62b-8eadc13799c5 "Uh uh, that is hitting below the belt and that's not okay."

Not only is she super volatile, Roxanne is also ridiculously shady. During a private session, Dr. Jenn tries to get some family history from the sisters and asked how long their parents had been divorced.

Brittany says that she doesn't know if her parents were ever even married, and a shocked Dr. Jenn asks how it was even possible to not know that information. Apparently, Roxanne won't even answer questions about Briana and Brittany's dad.


Final Thoughts:

  • Do you think the Dejesus sisters will work out their problems?

  • What do you think Roxanne is hiding? (Previews tell me that we'll find out in a later episode; let's see if anybody can guess correctly!)
  • Are you Team Briana or Team Brittany?

Family Therapy with Dr.

Jenn airs every Wednesday at 8pm and I'll be sure to keep you updated on the drama.

And, don't forget, Teen Mom 2 isn't airing during it's usual time slot this week; be sure to tune in on Sunday night before the MTV movie awards!


Roxanne is terrible.

Briana is a spoiled brat. I would move far far far away Brit. Far.

Definitely team brittany.

I miss fukherfaceshoc ?

I never got to see Brianna blowing him :c

Me either.

I did. I got better skull at my Jr High school dance.

Dejesus God (Leah)!

I always felt bad for Brittney, constantly having to talk about her abortion while she's helping to raise her sister's baby on MTV. The TM3 girls were a hot mess, but Briana seemed especially immature and babied by her mum. She still doesn't seem like she's grown up, the string of loser boyfriends, the matching tattoos with one of the loser boyfriends, the crazy surgery, ugh.

The comment about "using Nova as a human shield" ..... wow. That even seems beyond Jenelle level dysfunctional.

To be fair to Briana (did I just say that?!) Jenelle has to actually 1) have her child with her to use them as a human shield and 2) hold them to use them as a human shield. Its not that Jenelle isn't at this level of dysfunction/insanity/grossness, she just hasn't had the opportunity to show it to us.

"What do you think Roxanne is hiding?"

I only watched several episodes of TM3, so I have no idea if they know their father, if he was ever involved, etc--- but is there a chance they could each have a different father and that's why the mother has been so tight lipped? Again, I don't know this family so disregard if this has been ruled out.

I reckon they have different fathers. I was surprised that she implied that they have the same father.

And MAYBE Roxanne liked Brianas father more. Which is why she's the favorite.

Maybe Roxanne had two accidents at work, resulting in two daughters?

This family sounds totally dysfunctional. Why the hell doesn't Britt move out? Sounds like she is better of on someone's couch than living at her aggressive mom's house.
And WTF is that about physically holding a child in front of you as a shield? That's seriously fucked up. That Dr Jenn woman HAS to report that sort of things to CPS.

The entire time I watched the show, I thought the same thing about Brittany moving out. She's 24, which is old enough to leave the nest, especially if you don't feel comfortable at home.

I think these sisters could have a really good relationship if Roxanne wasn't around by the sounds of it.

I say ignore them and they will go away.

Seems like Roxanne starts all this shit between the sisters. She needs help. I'm sure we all can agree when I say poor Nova :(

And using Nova as a human sheiks...what!? Good job, "mom".

That's sick briana. Roxanne must be off her rocker if she is attacking briana, her precious

I think Brittany needs to
A) Move out and
B) Receive individual counseling

I think she's sacrificed a lot over the years for both Briana and Roxanne's happiness, but the biggest thing was her own child. I know on Briana's 16 and P she said it was because Britt's baby daddy wasn't around like Devoin, but I honestly think she was a realist and knew that she would not get support while being expected to support Briana. That has to hurt on a deep emotional level; all of the things you would be expected to do for your own child you have to do for your sister's while she gets all of the accolades and attention for being the mom. I bet Briana nor Roxanne have sincerely thanked her for her sacrifice.

The family dysfunction and discord is extremely high, which is why Nova is like 5 and still sucking a passy.

I don't think Briana will ever move away from her mom because she enjoys being coddled, but Brittney needs to before they use her completely up. She also needs individual counseling to understand why the dynamic now between herself and her mother and sister is toxic and hurting her.

I never even considered the possibility that Brittany had an abortion because she knew Roxanne wouldn't support her. Then Roxanne turns around and babies the living hell out of Briana when she gets knocked up. That's seriously got to be such a bitter pill to swallow. Brittany needs to move out ASAP. Staying in that coven will do her no favors.

I wonder how Devoin feels about this. I bet he and his family would be far superior guardians of Nova.

Brittany does have the best chance at having a normal life out of the 3 of them. In order for her to do that she will need to move away from Briana and Roxanne and get some therapy of her own. It doesn't seem like she truly got over the abortion. It was really insane how much Briana was babied. I can understand needing a ride to college but for a mom to wait right there for you would be pretty embarrassing for most people.

I'm not sure if this was ever covered, but what is the age difference between Briana and Brittany? Which one is older?

I can understand the dropping her at college part, my mum is very nurturing and made us take a photo with her on the first day of each school year and she would always take us. When I first started my full time job she wanted to come and have a look at my office ? But actually waiting in the car! Whoa that was pretty OTT

Exactly. It's good to have the support of your family, and driving Briana to college was a nice thing to do. But how embarrassing to be 18 and have your mommy waiting on the campus for you.

Yep. I commuted to college all four years and my mom dropped me off on the way to work. But she never waited on campus for me and I never expected or wanted her to. That's just weird.

I remember watching Roxane insist on staying on campus during Briana's first day of class and it totally reminded me of something my mother would have done in the past for her own parents. Granma and Grandpa were on the edge of divorce after 54 years of hellacious marriage, and my mother was doing anything and everything in her power to keep those two together. It was a horrible time in our family, the dysfunctional behavior on both sides was awful. I was so thankful when my grandparents finally split and my mom started seeing a therapist for deprogramming. She's done really well, but yes watching that scene reminded me of that whole mess.

I remember how Briana had an ultrasound done and she was on the floor in front of the tv yelling and whining for Roxanne and Brittany to come watch it, even though they were making (her) dinner and told her to hang on multiple times. It was like watching a five year old being told to wait opening up a Christmas present. I get she was excited to see her baby but come on!

I love how Brittany said "I don't care if she's pregnant. She's pregnant, not disabled!" Yes!!

Ooh, stickers, how niiiice I use those too to motivate my daughters. Does Briana get Frozen and Disney Princess stickers, like my 2 and 6 year old?
I must be a bad mom for abandoning my kids at their first days at day care and (pre) school. I just left them there.

You didn't wait in the car? *gasp* someone call CPS

I shamefully admit I removed myself 6 minutes by car away from them.

The cops did report me to CPS once though. I was at my then troubled friends house and prevented her drugged up homeless - tried to strangle her - ex boyfriend entering the house where her three kids were plus mine were. Cops would come to get him out. He hit me and bruised my jaw, then the cops came, he flew, I got reported to CPS cause my daughter was present and I was pregnant when domestic violence occurred.
So I was only protecting her, her kids and mine, Dopeyhead attacked me, I got investigated and the charges I made to him were dropped. I told them when they came, the police woman saw my jaw and I had a doctor's statement to prove I had been pushed very hard and hit in my face but the police didn't see enough evidence cause friend fled and didn't see it. Niiiice.
Luckily CPS called off the house visit after reading the statements from our house doctor, pre school etc and turned their attention to kids that really need it.
I have cut ties with my friend for over a year. I felt like I was becoming an enabler and her place clearly wasn't a safe place plus I had enough of the drama amd worrying. The professionals really had to step in. But thank god she is doing really great now, after inpatient and outpatient care she sort of refused before.
She is even a better mom now than she was before she got ill and she is handling her current relationship and lack of finances superb. I'm very proud of her and proud to call her my friend again.

Man, I always felt bad for Brittany. She had an abortion and I don't think she really had time to grieve (is that the right word for it?). Instead, she got thrust into helping her pregnant sister and then helping her niece. I don't doubt for a second that Brittany loves Nova, but it's got to be a hard situation for her. Of course, it's even harder that her mother is physically abusive. Can we start a GoFundMe to help Brit move out of that apartment?

The fact that Briana uses Nova as a human shield against her mother is really messed-up. Dr. Jenn's reaction sucks, too. I'm starting to get flashbacks to Farrah's time on the show when she told Dr. Jenn all these horrific things allegedly happened to her but Jenn said she didn't have to share it with the others in group therapy. Then, when they called Farrah out on it, Jenn started crying at them. It just seemed really unprofessional to me.

We can all agree that this show isn't any kind of real, effective therapy. I agree with all of those who said Brittany has to move out. I never watched TM3 but I remember Britt being much more mature and stable than either Roxanne or Briana. She seemed to have a pretty good head on her shoulders. Also, didnt Roxanne convince Briana to basically give up on Nova's baby daddy? She seems like a man-hater to me. Anyway, I hope they get some real help so Britt can have some form of normal life. I don't have much hope for Briana and Roxanne though.

Hell yeah I'd give money for that

This article was all that and a bag of potato chips. Thank you Ruby!!!


You're welcome!

now I want potato chips :'(

Honestly, all Roxanne does is hurt briana by doing this. She is a spoiled brat who many people can't stand, while most people like brittany. My aunt was like that with my cousin. She got remarried and had a son with this guy, and she babied him so bad. Drove him to college, made separate dinners for him,..basically the same as briana. The 2 oldest from her previous marriage were treated more strict. Unfortunately, I lost my aunt to breast cancer and now her son, who is 23, can barely fend for himself. They live 1000 miles away and his dad doesn't help much. She loved him so much but never taught him how to survive on his own. It's sad

Speaking of MTV movie awards... Why is Jenelle wearing a dress 2 sizes too big? And did Farrah get ANOTHER new face?

And kail and jenelle are buddies again :/

Jenelle is a short gal, I don't know why she keep choosing dresses wayyyy too long for her height.

She does this because she doesn't actually pay for the clothing. Everything is loaned to her. Either that or she gets everything so last minute there is no time for alterations. Considering she got the dress from a woman who has a shop here in Downtown Los Angeles ( I could throw a rock and hit it from my house) I have to assume she got it Friday. And a dress made of crystal mesh cannot be altered overnight.

And why does Simon keep coming back?

To me it looks like Farrah got more (horrible looking) lip fillers. She has a serious fish face. Also to me it looks like she got something injected into her cheeks. She has high cheekbones now and she didn't before. I think she looks awful and older than ever.

I'm going to kicked in the shins for this but I'm genuinely serious when I ask this...

is Brianna missing a few neural connections in her brain? To me she doesn't seem to be playing with a full deck.

I thought the same thing during Briana's "16 and Pregnant" episode (I didn't watch TM3, so I have no idea how she acted then). She just came across as so childish and immature---like more so than your average sixteen-year-old. She was pouty, naive, and just came across as very little girlish. I get that she was depressed because her life was changing forever and not in a good way: she was pregnant, on the outs with her sister, and she found out the hard way that her ex had no intention of helping her take care of their daughter. But there was something odd about Briana. Maybe she isn't slow mentally, but she's been warped and stunted by her mother's babying her. Something tells me that Briana may have always been Roxanne's favorite long before she even got pregnant.

One trait that drove me crazy was Briana pushing out her bottom lip whenever she was upset. She did it a lot in "16 and Pregnant". That's something a little kid does or people do as a joke. It just bugged the hell out of me whenever she did it.

What always gets me is that she graduated ahead of her class yet when asked why she didn't use protection she said "I didn't think anything was going to happen!"

Yo, you should know how your vagina works by the time you graduate high school.

But beyond that, the second she doesn't get things her way she cries or pouts. She just sits there stunned when people try and talk a lick of sense to her. Maybe you're right about just being emotionally stunted from Roxy. If Roxy doted on Bri, Bri would most likely be a useless adult. And to further prove that point, Brit is SUPER defensive and angry, something usually seen in a child who wasn't doted on.

Okay so I was reading the Family Therapy thread on Lipstick Alley and someone on there claims to know Briana and Brittany personally. According to that person Briana is not as sensitive as she portrays to be and that Brittany has been over her abortion. Pretty much saying that they're only there for the money and that they are putting on a act. I wonder if Devon is involved in Nova's life.

The things people do for money. I would never humiliate myself on international TV by making up fake storylines that make me look bad.
How is Briana going to get jobs or taken seriously after this?
You might make a few bucks but you loose opportunities, your dignity and self esteem. Don't think it pays in the long run.

Look at Speidi, Tori Spelling and Kanye f.i., all broke or in deep debt.

The DeJesus' are my favorite family!