Will Briana DeJesus Steal The Show On Teen Mom 2?

briana dejesus

What happens when you take a Teen Mom 3 member like Briana DeJesus and add her to the Teen Mom 2 cast? Well, you get a couple of not so happy campers.

New reports claim that Jenelle Evans seems to want no parts of DeJesus on the show.

"I'm not commenting on it at all," Jenelle said in a statement to The Dirty.

"MTV wanted me to film about it and I even told them no."

Meanwhile it doesn't look like Evans is alone.

"In Touch previously reported that not only is Jenelle not thrilled about Briana coming on for the upcoming season, but neither are Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry, or Leah Messer -- as they fear she will take away from their camera time," according to a report.

"The crew is allegedly unhappy as well, as they now have to travel to Florida to film her scenes on top of their rigorous travel schedules."

We're not sure how much we believe in the crew's unhappiness as the network probably takes their input on moves that they make.

However, it is likely that the rest of the cast can't be all of that thrilled to have another cast member join this far in.

So, Briana DeJesus on Teen Mom 2, good move or bad move?

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