Briana Dejesus potentially expecting her second child

briana dejesus


Well, I would like to say that this is something that surprised me, but I can honestly say that I'm not surprised at all.

Briana, who was featured on Teen Mom 3, is allegedly expecting a second child with her boyfriend, whom we now know as Shoc. Shoc has one child of his own already, one girl that's confirmed to be pregnant, and the potential of Briana being pregnant too. Anyway, this Shoc guy's ex-girlfriend took to Twitter a few days ago to start some drama about Shoc and Briana's relationship.

The girl, who is named Meg (and can be found on Twitter at @LittlePearll) suggests that Briana is expecting another child, and that Shoc might not exactly be the most faithful guy. Here are some screenshots that Meg shared on her profile.

The originals include Briana's cell phone number, but I cropped those out, although if you really want the number it's not hard to find. (Sorry in advance if the language offends you)

briana1 briana2 briana3 briana4briana5

Maybe I just don't like drama in my personal life, but if I started getting texts like that from someone, I would try to eliminate the cause of the drama as quickly as possible.

Anyway, again I'm not sure if Briana is actually pregnant because she hasn't confirmed it herself, but there are a few things that really stuck out to me about this whole situation.

1. Obviously this isn't the entire conversation and more went on between these two ladies. The conversation is sliced up into smaller parts and it doesn't mesh together on Meg's Twitter feed.


Even though it's obviously missing parts, Briana doesn't say anywhere that she's not pregnant with Shoc's child.

If someone was accusing me of being pregnant and having multiple kids with multiple fathers, I would probably try to set the record straight on that if it wasn't true.

3. Shoc shared this on Twitter, and we know that he has 2 kids for sure. Could Briana be pregnant with his third?


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I'm 99.9999% sure she is pregnant. She hasn't denied the rumors at all and seems to just tell her to mind her own regarding the situation. I can only wonder how excited her family must be. I also give her till 8 months of pregnancy before he leaves her, & that's being kind.

I thought her mom forced her to be on birth control and took her to the doctor on tm3? Oh well, maybe she's trying to trapbaby him.

Wait, does he have two kids already? Or one and then Meg is pregnant with his second child and Brianna is also pregnant with his third?


Meg is currently pregnant with the second child, and I guess Briana is pregnant too

I guess he doesn't FukHerFace very often, then.

Dang it. I was coming here to say that. I gotta start checking in more often...


I'm most surprised at the fact that she got off of Twitter and moved her ass off of the couch long enough for someone to impregnate her.

Chick is a freak, just look at her twitter. Thirsty doesn't begin to explain her case.

It probably happened on the couch and she just kept right on tweeting while they were going at it.

OMFG this girl is trash. Every single person involved is trash. Shoc's baby mama should have some self respect and stop bragging that she is still banging some dude who left her and is bragging about screwing other girls. NO ONE should be proud of f-ing this dude. I knew Briana was a mess but this puts her past the Jenelle scale for me, heroin and all.

I always hated Briana and her fake ass "I'm so sweet, naive and innocent" thing. She's showing herself to be the uneducated, lowlife, homie hopping ho she is.

Maybe "Nova Star" will have a sister "Luna Moon"

The sad thing is that she probably will name it something like that. What would a boy be? Shoc Junior?

homie hopping ho is excellent alliteration!

roxy better get her heels out because briana has another baby daddy that needs to be taken care of.

Who the fuck names their kid Shoc?

I hope she is.those texts were great entertainment. I Can't wait

Is anyone surprised? I'll wait...

I've never watched teen mom 3..

I don't know these girls or the first thing about their stories.

All I have to say is this:

I miss spell words a lot and I'm not not the best with grammar but at last I try to better myself In the area as much as possible.

I know I'm not the best with grammar that's why I try and better myself I don't just say screw it and give up!

People that type like that ( meaning all human race's that do so) type wrong on purpose and it's absolutely the most annoying thing ever.

1. You are not cool.
2. You aren't talking in an accent.
3. I take you less seriously.
4. Is that truly what you want to teach your children?
5. I want my child to be better than me, I want my child to secssed in everything they can.
6. I constantly try and be the best person I can be for my children.
7.Please, Please realize you're not unmediated don't loose the ability to learn.

Yeah I agree. There is NO reason girls their age should still be talking, typing, writing or communicating in any way like this. There's uninformed and then there's just willfully stupid.

Former high school teacher here...
I've seen kids turn in papers and write the essays their state-mandated exams like this. It makes my skin crawl. When I was a TA in college I saw the same thing. It makes me weep for the future of our country.

Yes!! When I was in college, COLLEGE!, professors were reminding students to stop writing in "texting language". Like, because- bcus, you-u, and- this & that & those! That's sad that many college students don't GET that! My cousin's little high school friend asked what # is for besides Twitter and why was it invented. She also didn't know it could be referred to as a "pound sign". I guess because she doesn't pay bills or anything over the phone. Lol! So glad I was born in the late 80's.

Kids these days! Reading Facebook posts, emails, thank-you notes from my 14-year-old nephew make me itchy and angry.

Do college students really think they're going to get hired turning in a resume with crap like that on it? I'm the director of my department and even when we're looking for part-time, seasonal help resumes like that go right in the trash. I'll work extra unpaid hours myself before I reward someone for that lack of effort.

(I know I shouldn't complain because not many people send hand-written thank-yous anymore....)

Also, these young women are disgusting. What a way for young mothers to behave. It sickens me that these girls worry more about unfaithful lowlife men than their own children.

I couldn't agree more!!
Think about you're children beforyourself!

I remember Roxy saying she felt like she failed as a mom because both her daughters got pregnant, i felt sorry for her and now that briana is pregnant again, i feel more sorry for Roxy cause she's a loving,caring good mother. I wonder what made Briana such a slut, even her sister has self respect.

Two ladies? Who are these ladies of which you speak?

This Shoc guy has one kid already, and also has a girl named Meg pregnant currently. If Briana ends up being pregnant, it will be his 3rd child from a 3rd mother. Sorry if the article was confusing...I'm exhausted. :)

Oh no, it is as not confusing at all! Well, beyond the ridulousness of the situation, that is. But these two females are about as far from ladies as you can get. The illiteracy is offensive enough, but two females going after each other over some dirtbag? Your restraint is to be commended. This is why poor Maury can never retire!

Haha u commented on the comment when I did.yea the only confusing thing in the story is why a girl would talk like that

Bahahahahaha! Lol, ohhh I read that last part to my S.O. Poor Maury! It's so true. Maury's been on since the beggining of time with no end in sight!

As long as dumb whores like Briana exist Maury will never be off the air!

I think she meant when she said what ladies? She really meant what classy ladies?

3 different baby mamas?

Both of these girls are fucking stupid, but Brianna is the dumbest of them all. This girl is TELLING you that your boyfriend is cheating on you with her and you're arguing with her instead of calling this piece of shit out? At least Leah made trap babies with men that are guaranteed to care for their kids. Where is "Shoc's" daughter? Where is Devoin with Nova? You would think after one deadbeat father this moron would be more cautious with the men she dates. Now we know why Roxanne didn't want Brianna going to clubs and cried at the thought of Brianna dating. She knew her daughter was a ratchet ho and that this would eventually happen. Does Brianna even have a job besides her failed etsy with her ugly team dejesus shirts? Eww.

HAHA poor Roxanne. Hopefully Brittany can escape that train wreck.

Poor Roxanne nothing. Can't wait until she starts throwing shoes and moderately priced home furnishings.

LOL @ "she knew her daughter was a ratchet ho." I don't know why but imagining Roxanne screaming at Briana about being a ratchet ho is amusing to me.

Yes she has a job but I'm not sure where. I've just seen her mention physically going to work on Twitter. Speaking of Twitter... All these people should become friends with Ariana's boyfriend. @saucegang_reese on twitter. He's hilariously trashy!

Why are they fighting over this joker? He's obviously banging both of them and they're fighting about it? How about both girls kick his ass to the curb and figure out what they're going to do now that they've been impregnated by this lowlife. But that would make sense, which nobody in this situation has a bit of,

And the thing is Brianna has said on national television while holding her daughter that she wished she had gone through with getting an abortion like her sister. So why is she having another baby? She's already let us all know if she could have turned back time she would have aborted her daughter.

I was so mad when she said that! How can anybody be so cold-hearted and self-centered that they can hold their child in their arms and still wish that they'd aborted it? Nova is going to see that one day and it's going to hurt a lot.

What are the odds that by the time Nova is old enough to see that that either a) she will have already been told that to her face by her mother or b) she won't even be living with Briana or giving a flying crap about what she says/does because she's tired of dealing with her ratchet-ass mother and the many siblings she's acquired?

Both of these girls should be ashamed of themselves, sleeping with your ex that left you pregnant is not a good look and neither is having a child with a man who already has 1 child and one on the way. I wonder how her mom feels.

Pregnant or not, Briana would be loving the shit out of all this attention!!

Brianna is an internet gangster who giggles at buying condoms and cries for her mom to hold her hand during a papsmear. These girls have no class or self-respect. She should be focusing on her kid, not hopping from one guy to the next.

This generation irks me even though I'm part of it.

@ Beingafelon, I so agree! I have returned to school after a long absence. My children are all grown now and most of my classmates are 30 years younger than I am. I am disgusted by the lazy attitude and total sense of entitlement. Also, the nasty language and open talk of sexual promiscuity and drug use. I am astonished on a daily basis! I long for a return of old fashioned virtues and morals and mourn in advance for the future of our society.

Oh god, please don't let her be pregnant. She is pure trash. Funny how so many of the girls chosen for 16 and pregnant/teen mom to "prevent teen pregnancy" end up pregnant again... or for a third time....

Aren't teen moms statistically more likely to have a second child within 2 years of their first? They're all just doing their part to keep that statistic alive y'all!

Well yeah. didn't you know if your babies are more than 3 years apart they won't be close and will actually hate each other. Don't forget about the mommies who need to trap a man so he can play daddy.

* I actually am a teen mom so I'm not just bashing all of them. I just see so many who use either excuse one or meet a man and think they have to pop out another baby 9 months after the first date.

WHY are two women fighting over a cheating man??? The fact that this Shoc guy is getting the last laugh is really embarrassing. These chicks let a man get them all flustered & fighting each other when the REAL problem & creep is this Shoc guy!! LADIES, stop fucking these type of guys!! Especially raw! What the HELL type of low self-esteem do ya'll have to have babies w these low-life scums!
THINK of your (unborn)child, NOT an orgasm! Makes me sick ugh...

Ugh, I wanted to throw something at him for that tweet. So freaking proud of 3 kids by 3 baby mamas... I hope he supports them. Not just money. But judging by his twitter he doesn't/won't. Uuuuuugh.

I wouldn't plan on a lot of Shoc support if I was those girlses....

I literally lol every time I see "girlses" lmao

Kudos to whoever could actually understand these text messages. Goodness. How hard is it to actually put together a legible sentence? You don't save THAT much time by texting that way.

It wouldn't surprise me.


I guess it is that time for all the teen mom 3 girls to get knocked up again......except alex lol

you know that katie (and probably even mackenzie) are all kinds of jealous!

If Mackacenzie and Katie hurry up they can all have a joint baby shower. Then Mackenzie could make matching hair bows for all the babies.

or more likely she'll buy them from somewhere else and claim that she made them!

Katie tweeted something the other day that made it sound like she and her boyfriend had broken up. That would be hilarious to me if she made such a big deal about moving out there to be with him and then they break up before she even moves.

Btw in the messages from the Shoc's ex, she said that Shoc is friends with Devoin too


Okay then Brianna.

OMFG that dude she's with is a mess ! He's already playing her & if she is pregnant, she's seriously the stupidest bitch ever. This girl obviously doesn't learn from her mistakes..
The texts from the other girl are reason enough to cut him off, & I feel bad for Briana if she is pregnant...

I don't feel bad for her, she chose to spread her legs for another loser. I feel bad for her daughter and this new baby for having a trashy mother and for her mother and sister because they're going to be raising another child. Let's just go ahead and call Bethany Christian Services and get a Brandon and Teresa lined up for this poor baby.

I don't feel bad for her at all. Briana had unprotected sex with this loser, brags about it and basically sees being knocked up with his child (at the same time he has another girl pregnant) as a status symbol. The only true-blue victims are this baby, Nova and maybe Britany because you know she'll be expected to help care for this child as well.

this 100%!!!

I hope she's not pregnant since he posted a picture on Twitter a few days ago of her drinking. Which I think she's too young to be doing anyway..

I'm going to take a guess that she's NOT actually pregnant, and is just not denying it because she's that thirsty for attention! I could DEFINITELY see her pulling a "poor me" Nikkole move, for sure!

I'm just going to be real and say it. I'm black myself and this isn't NOTHING new in our community which is SAD. What we have here is your typicial girl with a aint shit dude fighting with probably one of many of his hoes(trust me there's more than this meg person he gets around). For those of you who don't understand Briana is the main chick(for now obviously) but Meg is his side chick(whenever he isn't with Brianna he's fucking Meg). Meg is the second baby mama he already has a daughter by someone else, Brianna is pregnant with his third(apparently but she basically confirmed it in her texts what a dumb ass). You would think she would learn her lesson the first go around? Nah, she'll have another after this one with the same type of guy. Also Brianna is your typicial block head meaning she fucks the homies ( Shoc/Devin) basically all these people including Meg run in the same circles all together .. Brianna isn't AS innoccent as she seems I truly believe this is the REAL her ratchet as all hell and just put on a front for the cameras, she's a thot. I hate to say it but her sister has more sense then her atleast she was smRt enough to NOT go through with the pregnancy so she wouldn't end up like her little sister (making babies with dead beats)... Also I'll be so blunt and say this in our community the quickiest way to get rid of a black man or boy(in this case) is not a STD tell him you're pregnant, #yourewelcome you won't see his ass for weeks maybe after the baby's born but after that I doubt it maybe in childsupport court LOL. Thank god I've NEVER been that stupid for NO MAN, If a man isn't ready to make me a wife i'm sure as hell not ready to be a mom even in my now mid 20's. It's NOT that hard to use birthcontrols and condoms, spermicide whatever I feel children deserve a great parent system and its sad seeing mostly all these girls getting pregnant again and by the same types of douche bags as before like these girls are younger than me and have three kids already wth and most aren't even married to these guys let alone in a steady relationship that lasts longer than a pregnancy(I'm talking about everyone who fits this not just Brianna). Like Go to school, get a real job take care of the kid you already have BEFORE having another because its only fair to the first child.

Briana is pure trash. There are SO many things wrong here. Who the hell talks like that? His ex is trashy as hell too for talking about him going down on her last week! Why do they think this guy's the shit, when he's clearly a collector of fuck trophies?! Why are the arguing over his dumbass?

Sadly, ALL these question that come to mind can be answered with one name. BRIANA.

It's really pathetic that on 16&P and TM3, MTV made her look SO much like a good girl.

Actually her true colors started showing on tm3,when she snuck out to date a guy who's just like devoin.

Yes, she is the ultimate in '"good edits." I'm hard pressed to think of another 16&P girl whose episode turned out to be as fake as this one. Most of them haven't been as sugar-coated as Briana's.

Someone said, millina also got the good edit. She broke up with trevor because she cheated.

In the unseen moments, she had to get an DNA test for Kaden and Trevor because she cheated on Trevor around the time Kaden was conceived. That's why Trevor wants nothing to do about Miliena unless it is about Kaden.

Felicia from the second half of Season 2 was in the same situation. Her boyfriend suddenly stopped showing interest in her and their daughter. In the catchup special, Felicia revealed that she had cheated on her BF and that's why he doubted their child. There were talks about DNA tests, but I'm not sure if one was ever done. Felicia had another daughter a little while ago: I'm not sure if her firstborn's father is the dad.

Another girl who initially got a good edit was Season Three's Christinna. She was portrayed as being put-upon because her husband's crazy family wanted to give her daughter a DNA test. Then MTV revealed that Christinna was one of the worst girls they ever dealt with. She had a major diva attitude, wanted MTV to pay for everything and didn't even show up for filming half the time. She was so bad that MTV didn't featured her on the catch-up special because she was such a bitch to the production team and they didn't want to deal with her again.

@catelyn's Carly blanket Felicia didn't get a DNA test because the cheating happen way before her daughter was conceived, and her daughters both share the same father and they have a brother from the father as well. Christinna has been telling people that she she didn't want to be on the catch up special but your story makes more sense because the same thing happen to Danielle( season 3 was just a bad season). I remember Christinna's baby daddy's grandma sold her story to TMZ about Christinna and the reality of the DNA test and what did not show on her episode.

I read it wasn't cheating because they had broken up and Millina started seeing someone else and found out she was pregnant with Kayden. He must of known it was his since the episode he actually was quite involved. And the test came back as his in the end anyway when his mom demanded one. I follow her on G and it seems they are on good terms but then again that's the only social media of hers I follow.

I love how MTV tried to portray Briana as this poor girl who was victimized by her ex-boyfriend and just trying to do her best with her sister and mother. And now we know who the real Briana is---a trashy ho who really needs to invest in some birth control.

If the pregnancy rumors are true, then I hope Roxane throws Briana out, if only to make her finally accept responsibility for her actions. Briana always has her mother and sister raising Nova. It's not fair to expect them to pick up the pieces and help her out whenever she gets herself into a bind like this one. I wonder how long it'll be before Shoc abandons her, and Briana starts bitching about how she should have gotten an abortion?

Get birth control?! Teehehehe noooo! That's sewww embarrassing!

Lord help that poor baby if it turns out to be a boy.

Sad that these two girls have such low self esteem that they're fighting over who gets this loser.
Sad that if she is pregnant, Brianna hasn't learned a damn thing from doing this the first time. I guarantee she will be a single mother to two kids. This, folks, is why kids and especially girls need a father in their life. I'm pretty confident to bet that the "man" in this situation doesn't have a father, either.

Shut up, Meg.

I'm sorry I had to.

Anyway, I really believe she's pregnant. Brianna is just disgusting and I feel sorry for Nova and her new baby.

Holy.... I am so deeply saddened that THIS is our future and that these are women who are raising impressionable, young children. Omg.

Is is me or is anyone else is surprised that no one for season 5 is pregnant again? Or making that much news as well. I have not heard any news about a season five girl for weeks now.

This is so embarrassing. I feel bad for her mom and her kid. Pinche pendeja.

That meg chick is like one of those ratchet Latinas smh.. Pendejas man..

Who even cares really

This was a nice dose of discouragement with humanity to start my day off right.