Did Briana Confirm Pregnancy Rumors?

briana dejesus


Teen Mom 3 star, Briana Dejesus, has had pregnancy rumors swirling for about a month now.

It all started when her current boyfriend, Shoc's, ex-girlfriend started a Twitter rant alluding to the fact that Briana might be pregnant.

While Briana never denied the rumors, she never officially confirmed them either, which has just left followers in limbo for a while.

Briana has shared Tweets regarding cravings, babies, and her love for her current guy, but one picture that she posted yesterday afternoon might have officially revealed whether or not she's expecting.


Briana didn't address questions regarding her pregnancy, and has still ignored comments from Shoc's ex-girlfriend about the situation. Shoc is not Nova's father, but does have children of his own, so maybe the Tweet is simply in reference to the fact that he is a father.

Maybe it's something more than that. Briana also shared the following Tweet this morning, which led more people to think that she might be expecting her second child.


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I hope to God she isn't but I would be utterly unsurprised if she is. SIGH.

dont worry too much, she was probably referring to her 2 brain cells...

Q. How long does it take Briana to take a shit?

A. 9 months

Not a shit! She's holding it in her vagina!! Jesus God Sir Nibs!

what the

Too bad TM3 is cancelled. I would have kind of loved to see this shitshow go down. Especially since this little group was so adamant about "BIRTH CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVABILITY CONDOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I just want to see Roxanne go through ALL her housewares from Pier One when they sat everyone down on THE COUCH and told her she was pregnant again.

Translation: I super desperate for ttention bcuzz mah show got cancelled :(:(:( soz I's gonna tweet bout mah maybe baby daddy and when you's asks, I be like whyyyy yu even think I pregnant, GODDDD.

Exactly! Attention! Attention! ATTENTION! That is all that girl wants. I dont give a rats ass about her.

I don't give a rat's ass about Briana, but "Fleek"? English, bitches, ENGLISH.

i HATE when anyone uses that word. God I just wanna throw that couch at her.

Maybe I am too old to be up to date on the new slang, but what is Fleek?

It's the kidses new way of saying on point, and it's dumb as hell.

It is dumb. Not all of say that crap. I just found out where it came from and I already hate the word because it is so over used now.

SOMEBODY USED THE WORD KIDSES IN REAL LIFE TODAY!!!! hahahhahahah. i almost died laughing. i was like "what was that, leah?" and she goes "huh?" all confused because her name is christina.... i was like oh, never mind.

it was a great time.

When I hear "on point" I think of Guy Fieri, and he annoys me.

Ooooooo. Rae im actually from the general area by pascagoula. Deep South mississippi.

I never knew about it before either. Just a little side-rant, I am so damn old and I can't keep up with new words. Like, I just heard of thirsty yesterday and ratchet like a month ago. And I thought people just kept mistyping babe when they would write "bae," I just figured that one out last week.

its ok, i thought bae was short for beyonce, until last week when my daughter was taking a snapchat pic with our wireless router, i asker her what she was doing and she said "selfie with my bae" and i was like huh???...then she explained, still not as bad as the fact that its been 5 years and my mother still thinks LOL means lots of love, she sends me messages that say "i miss you so much, cant wait to visit,LOL" i got her back though,she asked me what SMH means cause a guy she met a few weeks ago is always commenting SMH LOL on all her funny facebook posts, so i told her it stood for suck me hard...

Bae is actually an extremely old school Southern term. It's short for baby. When I was a little girl, my late grandma used to call myself, my brother and my cousins "bae" all the time. She would rarely say my name and always called me bae. That's the reason I can never call someone else bae, because it has special meaning to me. I think just like fleek, most people use bae in a facetious way. It's honestly just become an internet meme

THE TERM BAE MAKES ME WANT TO KILL EVERYONE AROUND ME INCLUDING MYSELF. The fact it's an old Southern term makes me hate it less, but still.

HA! Don't feel bad, guys. I thought "Fleek" was some new kind of social media thing and she was saying that was his picture from there. Geez..I'm old.

Bae is also a Danish (I think Danish, might be something else) word for poop

I don't care where it came from I still want to to side eye everyone who uses it

BAE= Before Anything Else. The most stupid word used ever.

Huh...I've never heard anyone use "bae" as a Southern term. Now I'm going to keep an ear out, though. My Mamaw was from Pascagoula, Mississippi and just said, "Well I DEE-clare" all the time. Whenever I hear anyone say that, I get warm fuzzies remembering her.

My grandmother was from Louisiana, north of Baton Rogue

Someone should tell Javi Bae means poop LOL! Or maybe not, it's still fitting:)

Wait... "bae" ISN'T a typo?! o_O This makes me very sad.

Kail's too pregs, no unfortunately :/. It's what the kids call their bf or gf. Basically meaning their sig. other is "before anything else"...like #1 priority. Soo random but yeah.

That's an Internet rumor. The word has its roots in AAVE and people have made up that bogus acronym.

Source: http://www.visualthesaurus.com/cm/dictionary/bae-watch-the-ascent-of-a-n...

It can't be an "Internet rumor" if kids are using the term BAE for their bf, gf, or crush...
Do you have a Vine account? It's used alllll the time on it.

Guys, quit messing around. BAE stands for bacon and eggs!

Yeah that's my point. People are using the term correctly, but it doesn't stand for before anything else. That shit is made up.

Lol I think you guys might be taking this one a wee bit too serious. Anyone who says something is "on fleek" is using the term facetiously. It does mean that something is "on point" or looks good, but it's just a joke from Vine that people use. It's like a "Jesus God, Leah" sort of phrase.

Good idea Briana, this guy seems like a real winner and totally different than your last baby daddy. He has a sizable tattoo on his chest that says "MOB" (Money over bitches). Nothing says good father and family man like money over bitches!!!

Just looked him up on twitter and his handle is "FukHerFaceShoc." I'll say it again, sounds like a really great guy who's ready to settle down to be a father and family man. It's going to be hard to feel bad for Briana when this dude eventually chooses money over bitches and decides to fuck someone else's face, pardon the vulgarity.

You're just being factual, after all.

To be fair if he had just fucked her face they wouldn't be in this situation...

HA! The best form of birth control clearly

Isn't he expecting with another girl? He clearly doesn't get any face action.

Javi's DSL maybe we're reading it incorrectly. What if it's really "(oh) Fuck, (look at) her face, (I'm in) shock." Then he goes on to have regular sex with these girls and get them pregnant?

You're expecting too much. Briana and anyone she hangs out with tend to run on a "3 word per sentence" credit. Except Brittany. She'll tell you what she thinks in at least 100 words at a time. And I love her for that.

I remember her tweeting she was hoping for a boy but that tweet was deleted.

Oh jesus, a boy would be screwed from the moment he was born in that family.

Also, quality choice in baby daddy's once again, briana. Nothing says good father like wanting to be known for your face fucking skills.

Maybe she just needed some face fucking and anyone would do at that point.

I feel like rose nylund asking this...What does fleek mean?

on point
Eyebrows on fleek
Eyebrows on point
Gotta love urban dictionary

Thanks... I try to stay up on that kind of stuff, but it's all so stupid!

Don't waste your brain space. "Fleek" just sounds like something Regina George needs to tell everyone isn't going to happen.

Stop trying to make fleek happen

So glad I'm not the only one wondering this.

lol I just asked that myself. If I had read farther I would have seen that. Oops!

I love your reference! Golden Girls is the best show ever! I watch it with my mom all the time and none of my friends get my jokes and it makes me sad.

This is one of my favorites and seems to ALWAYS be applicable at TMJ.

Rae.. The fact you just made a mean girls AND golden girls reference AND you're a VFL.. I think I have an internet friend crush on you.

Rae, you just made my life! Thank you, hahah.


I seriously had no idea this was a word. But my confusion about the young people's slang made me think of this video!

"BAE: Buy An Elephant?"


Some people never learn. What a dumbass!

Wow. Whether you're pregnant or not, just say so instead of dropping lame, not to subtle hints about it but screams need for attention. Girls like her get pregnant on purpose to be on this show. Stupid. Her poor child(ten) who have to grow up in that crazy ass family.

I've wondered about girls that got pregnant for the show, but didn't get pick, what a tragedy.

Hahahahaha I bet there is SO many. And the stupid ones that did and got paid like $5K for their 40min 16&Preg episode (Maddy I'm looking at you) bet the moolah is all done now. Nothing saved for the money maker....

sames goes for Alex, Briana, Leah, Jennifer Del Rio and many more.

The first two seasons were the only legit seasons because the first 6 girls stumbled into the oportunity. Sush as, Maci mother was looking around Craig's List and found the listing. Catelynn was found through the adoption agency. Whitney was out in the town and approached. I think Farrah said something about it being through a model agent or something then again she lies about everything.

The second season (A and B) were pregnant before teen mom started and already pregnant before the air date of the first season of 16 and pregnant. after that, MONEY GRUBBERS

In Alex's defense she is the only girl you mentioned that hasn't reproduced again. Yet.

I do agree about the money grubbers!!

Yeah, Alex actually seems to be working hard to provide for her child. But I've never had the hate for Alex that most do on here. Especially since everyone swoons over Joey and thinks he should've taken his anger out on Katie like he did. But Alex has the same anger toward a dead beat druggy and she's a psycho? She's not perfect by any means, she's made bad parenting decisions and she needs anger management (and to keep her dirty laundry off Twitter) but she was my favorite of the TM3 girls

Farrahs I think Alex has finally quit bashing Matt on Twitter (he was bashign her too with his stupid gf) they both acted like children putting their dirty laundry out there, but you're right she was the only one who was working her ass off. I hated how she screamed at her mother who seemed nothing but sweet and it was just hilarious about those dance costumes lolol but you're right she is a pretty good parent and seems to work really hard when matt was somewhere in the woods shooting up and sweating lol. Her voice just kinda annoyed me...I liked how in TM3 all of the siblings were infinitely smarter than they were. Even Joey's little siblings haha I remember told him off about Katie. Katie is the biggest attention whore lately posting about her wanna be engagement but I lol'd that she broke up like a week later.

Meth pipe to be fair Matt was on drugs when he reproduced with her (lol) I'm horrible.

I can believe it. I follow her and rarely see her on my Twitter feed and when I do it's usually pictures of Belly (or however she spells it... Stupid nickname I agree LOL)

TTB, I agree. Alex's siblings were LIGHT YEARS ahead of her in terms of patience, common sense, reason...when your 15 year old sister is the calm one who makes sense and you're screeching like a howler monkey about how heartbroken and angry you are that your HEROIN JUNKIE sperm donor doesn't step up and parent the child you had with him and YOU decided to keep, you should stop what you're doing and reevaluate your life plans/perspective.

I don't like Alex for many reasons, first of all, she kept forcing Matt to father up when he was clearly high high ALL THE TIME, Matt already said they should have given up Bella, he clearly didn't want to be a father but Alex still constantly forced him to see his daughter. I think Matt's an idiot but if my baby's daddy was high on drugs I would've stayed away from him and not hold out hope. Matt IS a deadbeat but what was Alex thinking, letting him stay at her house then yelling the shit out of him for making a mess? By constantly yelling at him, she made Matt look like the bigger person when clearly he's the douche.

Oh and I never understood her "dance".

Bahahaha I don't think even she understood her dance

If she wasn't being a skanky fucking idiot and posting "artsy" photographs of penises ejaculating (it's black and white, so Briana probably thought it was an Ansel Adams) and god knows what else, maybe she wouldn't be so ashamed to just come out and say, "Yeah I got pregnant and I'm going to get my shit together and provide for my TWO children."

I just spit my drink out at Ansel Adams LOL

Your entire comment made me do this >>

DAMN YOU TINY PIC! You have failed me! Let's try this again http://i60.tinypic.com/2nvulq0.gif

I think she just wants attention.

I KNOW she just wants attention. But being an attention whore and not making your boyfriend who already has a child and one on the way wear a condom aren't mutually exclusive.

These girls are complete straight up idiots. You already had one pregnancy with a dead beat father as a teen, so you want to go ahead and do it all over again? Let's not even mention how absolutely psycho Briana is.... wow. No other words.

Buhh...she's, like, SO grown up nau-ow!

God, I hate her speech patterns.

She also thought she somehow "won" because she has this idiot (although I don't doubt he's cheating on her because of the tweets from his ex that looked like Roxanne). Bri or Rox-lookalike also put a side by side of their pics trying to say they were the prettier one. They are both foolish girls and I wouldn't talk to this person based on his twitter name and description ALONE. I think she's pregnant but I also don't care. Trying to build suspense...Jeez I thought T&C were bad with their lil V hint. Briana is irrelevant, immature, and annoying. She's also desperate and classless. At least her kid has aunt Brittney I guess...

She's passively announcing pregnancy. I bet she's not even 12wks yet which is why she hasn't outright said anything. I hope Brittany has given her what for. And I bet Roxanne threw some shoes about it. I'll say it again (two posts in a row!) #whore

Ugh I can't believe I really liked Briana in her 16&p episode.

She seemed so sweet and normal. Its not your fault.

Me too, either I was stupid or she got the good girl edit. I genuinely felt sorry for her for getting knocked up by evil black cobra Devoine(not being racist btw, I just think he looks like a evil black snake), and I thought she was a good girl because she had a protective mother and sister, but when I saw her sneaking out on TM3, I was like fuck it, this girl's a loser.

I remember like the first episode of TM3 and they showed DevOINE talking to his friends about how Briana and her sister and mother are so anti-man that they don't want him around. I thought that was so offensive and horrible. Turns out, he was pretty spot on. (Or fleek? Did I do it right? Am I hip?!)

You are totally hip, Rae the Bae.

LOL so they made Devoin look crazy but he was right all along! It kind of reminds me of that new 16P couple..names are escaping me...they were both best friends before she got pregnant, but otherwise she was completely crazy and nothing he did was good enough. And if I remember correctly she had her mom and grandma by her side and they were all loonies and anti-man together. It also didn't even have a positive ending.

I don't care how spot on he is, he's still a deadbeat loser and there's no excuse for it. If he really wanted to see Nova he would've gone through the courts, but obviously he doesn't care enough.

I agree. It would be about his daughter and not about the rest of the family. If he wanted to, he could have done his very best to see Nova regardless. It's not a pass to just say "well they made it hard." too bad, that's YOUR kid.

Poor Brittany is stuck with another kid :( I want her to leave Roxanne and Briana like I want the Duggar kids to escape the compound. But she never will. They're all so co-dependent on each other.

I know. When she went on that road trip with her friends, I was like: Just drive, Brittany. Just drive away and don't look back.
Except she really loves Nova and is probably the most normal influence on her, so maybe she could have taken her with her. Nova would have probably loved to get off Briana's couch for a bit.

I really do feel bad for Brittany. I don't think she entirely wanted an abortion, but didn't want to be a young single mom and burden her mother. And now, not only is Brittany expected to help raise Princess Briana's daughter, but she'll probably always be nothing more than a live-in babysitter/third parent for any other children Briana pops out. That is, if Roxanne doesn't wise up and throw Briana's ass out of the house.

Better duck, Blanket, here comes the shoe!

Eh...Roxanne seemed really committed to making sure all the viewers THOUGHT she was an involved and strict mother, but she isn't. I don't care how old my daughter is, if she's posting the kind of shit Briana posts on twitter for god and everyone to see, we'd be having a chat. Especially if she was living in my home and I was supporting her couch-fused ass and her toddler.

LOL @ Couch-fused a**.
Is Roxanne be a grown up Bri? Co-dependent and all needy, desperate to want her girls to like her? I'm not sure...

Kids' behaviour is not a direct result of their parents...Brianna's behaviour isn't all on Roxanne, but obviously she's either very naive (thinking Bri is innocent) or doesn't see a problem with those pictures or those comments, or the kinds of guys Bri brings around. I'm wondering she acted up for the cameras?

I wonder if Brittany wishes she kept the baby now, since apparently two by Brianna are okay. Brianna is so insensitive too, by not even considering how that might make Brittany feel.

Ugh that was AWFUL. I've been going on road trips since I was 16 and could drive...actually before that because I would go with older friends or my sister. These were mostly for concerts and relatively innocent reasons. (Mostly...) If I was (what was she?) 20 years old and wanted to go out of state for spring break with my friends, the only tears my mother would shed would be tears of joy to have a break. That's why I moved out when I was 18...because the thought of living with my mom at age 20 when she can't see me go out of town without sobbing makes me feel claustrophobic.

I know :/ poor girl chose not to have a baby, then got stuck with one anyway that she was expected to help raise. I felt so bad how they guilted her whenever she wanted to leave with her friends like her life should stop just because Briana wanted to be a teen mom. Like, I have no doubt she doesn't mind helping out a bit and loves her niece, but my god they were creepy about it.

im sorry, but can we cut the crap? obviously this is technically speculation since she hasnt said the words "im pregnant" but good god, she has said it every other way possible. she is expecting. end of discussion/mystery.

I'm pretty sure she's just going to post a picture of her cervix with a little plastic rattle stapled to it soon and then still play all coy about it.

At least if she's aware of her cervix she's one step ahead of Jordan...

I didn't see her 16&P episode but I watched a few episodes of TM3 and IF she's pregnant, I hope that baby is a girl.

Godspeed to any boy born in that man-hater's den.

It really is a coven.

Dear Teen Mom 3 girls,
The cameras aren't coming back. You can stop getting knocked up and posting things for attention.

I think Mackenzie is the one that's least famewhorish. She did get knocked up again but I don't think it was for attention. She seems like a dumb, nice person who just wants to share her love for her famillllyyyyyyyy, because she's the only person that doesn't post passive subtle bullshit.
She was all like "yeah I got pregnant again because of my diabetes problem and I now sell some high class headbands" and I'm ok with it, I can't stand subtle tweets that are tweeted in search of attention.

I would have to disagree with this. She is the sneakiest about it.

She had a miscarriage. Got pregnant again shortly after with Gannon. Then had Jaxie. Although that may be the timer on her uterus about to explode.

She seems like she was trying hardest to get on 16 and pregnant. (Most on that season of 16 and pregnant were openly pissed they didn't get chosen for Teen Mom 3 -- The Cage fighting model Lindsey did however turned down being on the spin off.)
Majority seem like they tried to get knocked up at this point to get their faces on magazines and make money

I think she mostly did it to trap baby (again) and ensure Albert Einstein AKA Josh would stay with her but yea she doesn't seem super famewhorish. She is quite fucking whiny but I'll take that over the attention whores.

exactly trap baby, I do think she does stupid stuff like naming her girl Jaxie, sell ugly headbands and gets herself beaten up , but I'll take that over bashing people on twitter or posting subtle crap just for attention.

Albert Einstein?!?! Oh my God, I'm dying. Thanks for the laughs Trap Baby.

At least we know her kids will be in good hands if she finally eats herself into a diabetic coma. Her flippant approach to managing what seems like a pretty RAGING case of diabetes is so shocking. I can't believe anyone can be as active as her and be so careless about managing a serious disease. It's not her fault she has it, but it's her fault she uses her blood sugar bottoming out and her doctor fucking firing her as a way to get sympathy and attention instead of just getting her shit together and maintaining better. Someone needs to sit her ass down and make her watch Steel Magnolias.

Mac DIDBT get pregnant again for attention from fans/viewers she got pregnant again to try and get attention from Josh, don't think it worked since he stayed inside while she got dragged across the floor by some chick whilst pregnant with McJosh #3

Hahaha I love your username.

Right? God, Briana, if you're pregnant, just fucking say it. Apparently she really thinks she's important or some type of celebrity keeping us suspense or something. Girl, NO ONE cares. If you are, we totally expected it, if you're not-you're pathetic for acting like you are. That's the nut shell in a bomb.

I really hope she's not pregnant, only because it's clear she doesn't put her child's needs first. I can totally see Briana faking a pregnancy and then claiming she had a miscarriage before people start asking why she isn't showing. I don't think she'll go the Krazy Nikkole route and fake an entire pregnancy plus stillbirth. Briana's much too lazy for that. It would require actually getting up from the couch!

Krazy 'Kkole

Nikkole's bullshit still pisses me off so bad! Every time someone mentions her, my blood pressure shoots up.

That's because you're a rational person who doesn't look at Satan's asshole like a personal sauna. Because that's where she's ending up. Normal people don't think "this will be a great way to get attention, snipe at my ex and pay for some new boobs..." Normal people don't buy fake pregnancy bellies or doctor ultrasound photos for NINE FUCKING MONTHS and then go camping one weekend and pretend like nothing's weird about hanging out in the woods in a bikini for three days and THEN tell their actual child that his little brother died, oh and P.S. he lives in this Beanie Baby I bought from Cracker Barrel. Nikkole is not normal by a loooooonnnnggg shot.

It must be exhausting to be such an attention whore. Jesus God.

Not for Briana, she just sits on the couch and type with her fingers, it just requires a few brain cells. Speaking of brain cells, did she ever finish college?

She'll finish when Maci does.

She does have a job at least LOL but yeah don't know about the college thing. Her mom prolly got tired of holding her hand:P

Lol if she has a job you know her mom drives her to it

and waits outside in the car until she's finished.

This will probably go against popular opinion but...

In the picture above, he is a pretty good-looking guy.

He's not the worst lookin guy I've seen, but I just don't see the appeal. He does have very nice eyes though

Better than davon and that other creature she went on a date with. And I guess so much for licking Haitians.

can't stop laughing at other creature! I think his name was Jason or Jacob.

I'm sorry but he was SO UGLY! She acted like he was Thor or something...

It was Jacobbbbbbbb

He wasn't Thor, but he DID have a penis which seems like Briana's only requirement.

Just seeing a twitter name like "fukurface" or whatever it is makes him instantly unattractive to me... But you're right if I saw him on the street in a suit I would probably think he was good looking

I was still a little skeptical after that first tweet. Sometimes my boyfriend call me "baby mama" and I call him "baby daddy" just as a playful term of endearment. But the second tweet makes it pretty obvious that her eggo is preggo.

Sidenote: I can't believe she really tweeted "babydaddy on fleek" LMFAOOOOO idk why that was so funny to me

Lolll so classy! Fleek huh? Oh my I'm old. I hate when people post "my eyebrows are on point" NO ONE GOD DAMN CARES

Fleek in itself is a facetious term, I don't know anyone who uses the term seriously. So the passive joke about having a second baby daddy just really tickled me. And don't hate me, but back when I had social networks I would definitely tweet about my eyebrows. Unless I'm seriously busy or running late for class/work I will NOT be seen without filling them in lolol

As someone with clear, sparse eyebrows, GO! Live your dreams! Rock your visible, beautiful eyebrows!

At least you understand me, Rae! Lol with the thumbs down I thought I was surrounded by eyebrow haters lmao. My sister has super sparce eyebrows too and a little pencil does wonders!

I feel so sorry for her mom, well at least one of the Dejesus girls has a brain.

...Must be Brittany's father that had the logic, the logic obviously didn't come from the shoe-threatening mother.

But then again he did get with Roxanne in the first place. ;)

And the ever surprised expression on her face. She always has her O face on "fleek" *barf*

Maybe they only knew each other for an hour? It happens you know....

LOL...we're looking at you, Maddy.

Let's face it, the crazy chicks are usually pretty awesome in bed. Brittany's father probably saw Roxanne, decided she was a lunatic, then hopped in the sack for a fun time. Roxanne just saw a sucker, so she probably poked holes in the condom with a needle.

Do Brittany and Briana have the same father? I'm genuinely curious. It seems like a man would burst into flames if he lived in the same house as Roxanne long enough to impregnate her twice.

Rae, if I'm remembering right it's two different fathers. Which means 2 different men were tricked by the coven.

They have to be by two different dads, Briana looks nothing like her mom or sister while those two are identical lol

I really want to know the deal with their dads. I remember Devoine saying they didn't understand what a big deal it was to keep him away from Nova because they didn't have a dad in their lives and they screeched about how that's not true and they did have one. Well, where is he?

I want to say that they do have the same dad and that he and Roxy split when Briana was in the 7,8,9 range. Idk I could be wrong but I used to follow them on twitter, and kinda remember reading that. Meh

I am surprised that she got off that couch long enough to get knocked up again. Or maybe she just spread em' on the couch while Roxanne was too bust chasing baby daddy 1 out of the house again.

Unpopular opinion but I thought Nova was a super cute name. I don't think I'd ever use it myself but I really liked it. Kinda worried what a second one would be named though.... Jupiter? Galaxy? Nebula?

I didn't mind Nova. I hate the way it sounds when those crazy bitches say it, but it's a sweet name.


Nova is a cute name. But, pairing it with Star as a middle. Nova Star? Sounds like a stripper or p0rn star name.

On fleek, The Girlses.
Did I do it right?
I'm too old for this shit....

I'll go for Lunar Moon for baby number two

I liked Nova too, but I'm biased. I have a long Russian last name that ends in -nova, and a lot of people called me by that in high school instead of my also hard-to-pronounce first name. It's a cute name for a little girl, and it fits her.

I remember her choosing between Nova and Luna. I liked Luna better, but Nova isn't bad. It's unique without making me cringe. I work seasonally at a camp and one year there was a girl in my cabin named Starr (yes, two r's in Starr). Now that was a stripper name! Lol Nova Star does remind me of Lela Star, who is smoking hot but not exactly what I would want my daughter to turn out as.

Yeah, Nova's not the worst name, but it's horrible when paired with Star. I remember the conversation Briana and Roxane had about names. I think one of the names Briana liked was "Bliss" and Roxane was like, "Yeah, that's a good name if you want her to be a stripper". Nova Star's name is probably going to be the least of her problems if Briana continues with this bullshit.

The naming scene between Briana and her mother made my blood boil, and should have all given us a hint as of what as to come. Briana's mom named Nova, and made this passionate speech about how meaningful it was, and Briana was all, "Ya that pretty. DONE"

Yeah. I don't have kids yet, but when I do become a mom, I'm going to put so much thought into their names. I even have a name list in my head, and all of those names mean something to me. They were picked with a purpose. Maybe those names will change as my tastes grow and change, but they were not picked because they were just pretty or my mom liked them a lot. Briana may love her daughter, but I do wonder how her and Nova's bond is and whether it's a particularly strong one. Briana is acting more like Nova's aunt or big sister than her mother.

Yeah, but then again, Brittany is pretty much taking care of Nova, so Briana kind of IS her aunt...

LOL Lucky all I thought of was AYM saying "I WAS kinda in GEL"

It always shocks me how early these girls pick out their baby's name and they never change it. I put a lot of thought into it and there were about 5 names that I was at different points sure I was going to choose. Then I was in labor and still was deciding between two names. These girls are all like 6 months along and have the name set in stone.

Molly, I had my daughter's name picked out by the time I was 20 lol. When I got pregnant at 24, if it was a girl, I knew what her name would be. If it had been a boy though, that would be a long hard naming road.

A good friend of mine met her roommate on move in day freshman year of college. She was a seemingly normal girl named Alexx. Two x's. About two weeks into the semester, she started dating the 29 year old president of a campus frat and then she got scabies and dropped out. I'll never forget about Alexxxxx when I think of the quintessential "sheltered at home, go buckwild at college" example..

Any other Brits out there that remember the car from the 80s-early 90s called the Vauxhall Nova? That was a terrible car. My dad had one when I was a kid and whenever I heard Briana say it, the ugly 80s interiors were all I could think of. Totally ruined the name for me!

Is she flipping him off in that picture?

Can we start a gofundme page to pay for birth control...or better yet tubal ligations for sone of these girlses who need another baby like a hole in the head?? Jesus God, I hope she isn't pregnant.

Can we just tell Jenelle that these girls' pelvic regions called Nathan gay and were talking shit about how he almost killed someone by driving drunk? She can just punch them and it's free. If we REALLY want it to stick, we can tell her that they're hiding MOOGAN! in their uteruses.

Off topic but Nathan just tweeted at the "haters" calling him on his animal abuse, "you all think spaying is humane... You try and get fixed". his grossness and idiocy knows no limits!

Ugh I dislike he and Jenelle so much, but I can't imagine being constantly attacked by strangers on the Internet for the pettiest things. Animal abuse and child neglect are bigs deals and they should be held accountable. But at the same time these "haters" that spend their whole lives following them and looking for stuff to hassle them over is just as pathetic to me. Stop feeding into the "fame" of these fucking fame whore idiots. Any publicity is good publicity, so by bashing them they stay relevant. Of course TMJ is a different story ;) But I don't follow or tweet any of these asshats in hopes it will make them go away.

I don't tweet them. I wouldn't want anyone to know the extent of my TM obsession. I already hope nobody looks through my follows LOL! Which is why I came here. And yes it's really disturbing to me that they don't fix their pets. There are too many animals running around, getting murdered because they can't find homes, etc. We need to stop breeding them 'til it gets more under control so it pisses me off that they're not doing what they should with their pets, and criticizing those who do. I do agree though, people who have nothing better to do than tweet them all day need other hobbies, but I honestly hate them so much I just can't feel bad for them LOL

They are so fucking ignorant. Feel bad for jace kaiser emery and the dogs. Those cunts can get rid of twitter if they don't like being called out. No pity for selfish assholes.

Hey yeah that's a good point. They obviously like the attention or they wouldn't have public twitters (or gasp... twitters at allll). They act like they think that "haters" are funny so let's keep 'em laughing:P except I won't because again... I don't want to publicly associate with them LOL

Lol yea I look on Leah's twitter every now and then but that's it. Jenelle and Gaythan piss me off too much. They can quit abusing animals and neglecting their kids and then maybe people will quit talking shit. LOL and saying ignorant shit like animals shouldn't be neutered/spayed fucking uneducated ignorant carrot.

I made a separate account just to follow 16 and Pregnant and Teem Mom accounts. Hahaha.

Lol I feel you. I hope it didn't come off like I was directing that at you. I just kind of get frustrated by some shit. Like articles posted by The Stir about Jenelle being neglectful because Kaiser's diaper is bunched up while he's laying on the floor. Like seriously? These people are pretty terrible humans. There's so much to hate/disdain them for but people take it to an obsessive level. Like people called CPS on Jenelle because Kaiser looked sunburned? Not a good parenting move at all to let him get burned, but Jesus God, CPS has serious shit to handle! People fucking beat and kill and don't feed their children. Stop flooding an already overwhelmed system with dumb shit these assholes are doing. It's only going to make reports of actual abuse go ignored. Sorry for the rant, that shit just really bugs me!

I get what you're saying, but seriously the baby had a fucking black eye. What fucking baby has a black eye? Like what the fuck? I'm honestly glad people call her out on her shit, sometimes it's trivial but with Jenelle you never know. She's an abusive neglectful piece of shit and has all of it coming towards her. Grrr especially Nathan who is an ignorant psycho bastard.

I should get a separate account for that... But I'm internet lazy LOL! When I do have time to browse Twitter I'd rather it all just be there. And speaking of Nathan am I the only one who gets really annoyed when people are happy about the idea of Jenelle getting Jace back? She's back with Nathan who should never be near him!

I am by no means a Jenelle apologist. She needs to get called out of a TON of the shit she does, but people who antagonize her on Twitter and threaten to call someone are feeding in her victim/martyr complex because she's not sober or mentally stable. I guess I mean to say don't talk about it, be about. I support saying something if you believe child abuse is taking place. I've worked with kids for 6 years and I've had to do it before. File the report and do what you need to do if you see fit. But what does harassing her online really do? Crucifying her on Twitter obviously doesn't phase her, and it just allows reason for her insane supporters to fill the vacuum of need that is Jenelle Evans. Jenelle needs serious mental health treatment and a heart, maybe a conscience. Call me soft, but I can't have it in my heart to wish ill on people (not that Jenelle doesn't deserve it, she does). I pity her. I just feel so deeply sad for her. Not because she's deserving of any clemence of heart because she's done awful things. But sad because this is supposed to be her life. Professional deadbeat fuck up. Codependent Drug Addict Psycho. What a broken, twisted spirit that woman may have, smh. Poor Jace and Kaiser. I wish only the best for those sweet little boys.

* I feel the same way about people who harrass any celebrity or public figure. Even all the teen moms. The snark is way more fun on websites like this ;)

How long were Jenelle and Gaython actually broken up? I remember reading that he flew home the same day as DisneyGate? Did they get back together by the Magic Kingdom? Guessing DisneyGate lasted no more than 24 hours?

What's with calling it Disney "gate"? I'm confused LOL! But I think it was just a day and then the next he bought her some stupid necklace. Barf

Because it's a scandal like the infamous Watergate Scandal of the Nixon Administration

Fantastic. I bet Jenelle will be just dandy at dealing with the stress of puppies and vet bills! "Dude. This is UGH!!! It would be fine if I weren't pregnant/stoned/horny/texting/pretendingtomother!" Yeah, Jenelle...because you normally cope SO well.


Well, while we are all speculating if Briana is pregnant, Jamie Mckay (McElrath) gave birth to a baby boy! She was the one whose baby daddy almost didn't make it to the birth of his daughter, Miah. He was hungover. And when he went to visit he as either drunk or high.

Oh did she? With the same guy? I really liked her a lot...yea he was something....hopefully he changed.

Same guy. Looks like they got married too.

Ah that's cool I remember her mom HATED him lol! Btw did you watch AHS last night? Holy shit

he seemed like a real winner. i give it 8 months....

What!?? Didn't even know she was pregnant again. So she has Miah, this baby boy and she had an abortion like a year or two ago also? Wow.

Not a fan of her ever since she posted an ultrasound of the baby she aborted saying "rip angel" or something like that....without saying she got an abortion. Everyone thought she miscarried.

I'm not against abortion but seriously how can you pick and choose which child to keep and which to abort. Kept miah, aborted her second and now chose to keep the 3rd. Ugh awful.

Did she?? I don't remember that! Ok that's really bad

Ugh that's horrible

I can understand it because she seemed to really regret her choice, so when she got pregnant again she probably couldn't stand the thought of doing it again. I really don't know why these people aren't more safe, especially after already having one unplanned child!

I seemed to recall Markai implying that James, Miah's father, pressured her into getting the abortion and that it wasn't entirely her choice. I feel awful for her because I can't imagine living with that kind of remorse.

Whoopsie-doo! I didn't read all the comments and though we were talking about Markai (whose daughter's name is Zakaria and holy shit do I feel like an idiot because I've seen every episode of this fuckfest). I was wondering why people were calling Markai's daughter Miah and figured it was a nickname or something. Anyway, I think Markai did the same thing Jamie did---posted an ultrasound of the aborted baby and talked shit about R.I.P. Angel and whatnot. So, yeah, that explains my baby dye moment.

Yeah that's who I thought we were talking about at first too! I hadn't heard about Jamie having an abortion...gosh what a waste of a life. You could have worn a condom dumb ass. I remember Ryan was in and out of jail for doing drugs so hopefully he doesn't do that anymore >< ugh

Jamie was the one who has an abortion, but first made it seem like she miscarried for twitter "likes" and sympathy.



Jesus. I think it should be each individual's decision on whether to abort a pregnancy. I have no moral or political objection to it. I dunno if I could do it personally, but I say that as a married woman who wants kids in the near future. Not everyone is at that place (not saying that "that place" is the ideal place to be in life or anything like that...just a place where I would be okay with the terror of an unplanned pregnancy.) However, I think if I kept the ultrasound, I would tuck it away in a journal and keep it to myself and close friends. For most people, an abortion takes a physical and emotional toll. I can't imagine "tweeting" that image to hundreds of strangers and just saying RIP. That's just so...morbid and unconcerned.

she reminds me of Karlee, smart girl dating a douche and getting trapped.

That kid looks literally the exact same as in the 16&p episode. I honestly never got what she saw him in...guess there trying to be in it for the long haul though if they had another baby. Its kinda funny though, normal posts here and there and then all of a sudden! BAM! baby boy. lol

Not sure why my comments down here but I was talking about Jamie and Ryan lol

So, a bit off topic, but you may want to get your eyeball bleach ready for this little gem: http://gawker.com/farrah-abraham-dressed-up-as-frozens-elsa-to-sell-mold...

Hahaaaaaaa I wish we could have profile pics. Farrah's Frozen Froco Vagina is a new name possibility

I'm wondering if 95% of the men who happen to buy her crap even know who she is. To a guy, I would think a sex toy is a sex toy. But to Farrah, they're seeking out her genitalia because she's just that hot.

Aka Mycole

That shit just screams SERIAL KILLER to me :-0 I like to masturbate with disembodied pelvises, nothing to see here!

Wtf is on her legs? Powdered sugar? Why couldn't she wear white fishnets like every other slutty Elsa at Halloween?

She looks slower than Kyle in those pics.

That white stuff is not powdered sugar

WTF is it then, white clown makeup? WHY DIDN'T SHE GET SOME DAMN WHITE TIGHTS OR SOMETHING? Maybe she accidentally left them at home and had to improvise with her face powder. Seriously, though, I can't with this chick.

Maybe it's the dust that fell out of her vagina.

farrah's vag...along with other bits...see too much dick to ever have a chance to get dusty

I was SO not ready for that! She makes me SO sick. She looks pathetic and her face is starting to resemble Big Mouth Billy Bass, aka the singing fish.

Why did she do that to her face? She used to be so pretty.

Leave it to Farrah to pick Halloween for the day to wear more clothes than usual. Is moderately provocative Disney Princess the best controversy she could come up with? Girl's slipping.

omg lmao, the title of that article fucking kills me

my first thought was that this was an old photo from her first pregnancy because wasn't her hair like this? oh well i dont keep up with her and care enough really

She's a moron. Probably wants everyone to think she's pg. We've got another Nikkole..

Off topic but Jaime just had her second baby, it's a boy named mason http://theashleysrealityroundup.com/2014/10/30/exclusive-interview-16-an...

What the hell did I just look at? Lmfao at Cheeto Leah!!

[…] to her man as her “baby daddy” and talking about food cravings and babies according to Teen Mom Junkies, but it looks like those tweets have also been […]