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briana dejesus


It seems like life has been a whirlwind of trouble since Briana Dejesus stepped away from MTV after one season of Teen Mom 3.

She's had a couple of dating scandals, her baby's father was arrested a time or two, she's been criticized for explicit online postings, and then she started dating this guy named Shoc.

If you remember, Shoc was arrested with Nova's father, Devoin Austin III, for some drug related charges a while ago, and the guy has just been bad news ever since.

Shoc had a daughter from a previous relationship, he had another girl pregnant with his child, and rumors were swirling that Briana was expecting a child also.

To make things even more intense, the couple decided to tattoo each other's names on their bodies, which seems like a pretty poor decision considering they're no longer together.

Apparently, Shoc found out that Briana had cheated on him. While this would be a poor choice in any relationship, messing with Shoc has proved to be something that people should avoid at all costs.

Shoc took offense to some things Briana posted about their relationship online and instantly retaliated by posting a video of Briana performing oral sex on his Instagram account.

I'm not going to post the video, screen shots, or link, because if you really want to find it, you can do it on your own.

Briana has allegedly taken the incident to the police, but Shoc claims that he isn't afraid to go to jail and that he has enough money for bail even if he was to get arrested. Shoc also didn't stop at simply posting a video of Briana.

It turns out he posted naked photos of one of her best friends as well.

While the posts have been deleted, he's promised to post more in the next couple days, and you can bet this guy will follow through until something actually happens to him.

I'm not very knowledgeable on revenge porn, but I know that there are certain states where it's illegal.

After a little searching, I found that Florida, where Briana and Shoc live, just happens to be one of those states where it's being decided upon what should really happen in cases of revenge porn.

It's been something that's popped up in Florida legislature on three separate occasions, and there have been cases where the person who was posting the explicit photos or videos can face up to 5 years in prison.

With all of these nudes being posted lately, it had me wondering just how many of these 16 & Pregnant starlets have been in situations that are similar to Briana's.

Here's a PSA for everyone: If you wouldn't want your mom, boss, children, or friends to see the pictures you're yourself a favor and don't take them in the first place.

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Trash boat. Douchecanoe.

Does anyone know if she is pregnant?

I doubt it that would've come out by now. With hw long ago that came out either she'd have ccome out and told everyone by selling the story or she'd be showing and someone would've got pictures of hte bump.

Yeah I'm sure if she was actually pregnant she would have sold that story ASAP!

Oh Brianna..... I was wrong about Alex being the Jenelle/Amber of TM3 it was Brianna... Although I guess we could even call her the Farrah of TM3... What is the matter with these girls? You think getting on a tv show for being teen parents would be embarassing. But no the rest of them go to porn and nudes... I'm willing to bet that all of them have secret sex videos.

They all seem to have the same standards in men: gross ones.

They all have NO standards in these "men".

Here's an idea, if you don't want any pictures or videos that are inappropriate posted of you online, then don't allow someone to do it to you! Not saying that she deserves that video to be posted online, but she is seriously dumber than a box of rocks.


Why am I not surprised! I just don't understand why you would allow someone to record you or take nude pictures.
Are you sitting round one Tuesday night like "I'm bored, I know lets watch that video we took of me giving you head the other night, that will be fun".
The last thing I want to see is myself doing that, its gross enough having it in your mouth, I don't want to see a video of it!!!

Maybe they're kinky?

I honestly don't see the appeal. I would be too scared to do that stuff off camera--let alone on camera!

Am I to understand that you are afraid of penises? I'm genuinely curious

Um I think she means she just doesn't want it on camera.... which is wise...considering the article.

I used to be really scared of hurting the penis, until I was with one guy who liked it really rough, like squeezing till my hand hurt (ouch!!)

Its like everything with sex, if you are with someone you are comfortable with and have a connection, its so much less scary and stressful.
Sex is supposed to be fun!

I meant that sex stuff on camera freaks me out; considering that the repercussions are way worse for girls than they are for boys.

Word, I was just confused by the way you phrased it. I come here to hear other people's point of view

Maybe not everybody likes to give/receive oral sex. And it's nothing wrong with that.

"The last thing I want to see is myself doing that, its gross enough having it in your mouth, I don’t want to see a video of it!!!"

WHAT, are there girls who actually think like this? I don't even have a funny comment about this, this is the saddest thing I have ever read here. Thank god these girls don't go to my school. Don't fear the D, love the D.

Sir Nibs. Penises are ugly. I'm sorry. I know you think yours is amazing and beautiful. But if isnt. Vaginas are ugly too. I'm not discriminating. The sex is fab. But the genitals are ugly.

To me, the d is beautiful. The v, though...not so much. Blech.

#bodyissues I'll tell you what pipe, shoot me your number and I'll snap a dickie and send it to you.

We hate them but we love them.

I agree it is not the smartest idea to post those kind of things / have them digitally.

HOWEVER, I also think that is is seriously wrong for people to post that. With that kind of material comes a kind of trust. When someone sends you that kind of material (if you have a mutual agreement about those kind of things; if some random person is texting you their goods that you didn't ask for, I'd go straight to their parents if I could and be like "yo, this happened" or report that shit somehow), you are to keep it between you.

When someone breaks that trust and shares that without another's consent, that's messed up. REALLY messed up. I'm not a fan of Briana, but I don't think she deserved to have explicit pictures/videos posted without her permission. I hope this dude just goes away, if not in jail, just out of her life and for good.

I completely agree, I think that its never a good idea to send anything you would want to getting out but each to their own however publicly posting a naked image of someone else out of revenge is horrific I hope that he gets jail time.

Those images are out there forever now and even if they have been deleted I'm sure people have screen shots and Briana will never be able to take those images back.

I'm not surprised but I do feel sorry for her!

Briana is an A grade idiot, but she doesn’t deserve this.

This guy is the definition of a pathetic try hard thug and she is an idiot for letting him tape her. I’ve seen the video and she knows what’s going on. When she got that tattoo of his name and they were supposedly engaged, he had already knocked up another girl (and he already has another child), and he had a new daughter the other day.

Briana clearly likes the ‘bad guys’ and I have no doubt it’s going to come and bite her on the ass again, and soon. She seriously needs to grow up.

It's all well and good to like the bad boys when you don't have a kid to worry about, but FFS she's a MOTHER....time to grow the fuck up and not have sex with idiots that are goign to treat you like shit. However I agree with you. Not a fan of briana but it's still wrong that he posted this crap. So disgusting and wrong.

... lol.

That really does say it all. Girl needs to rethink her priorities. She focuses more on her sex life than she does on Nova1. Get a job, they feed you, you'll spend the same amount of time away from your child and have less time to be thirsty.

I do feel bad for her because no one deserves a blow job video being released. I think Shop more so did it for himself as a "well she cheated, bro see where her mouth as been?" I wonder if this guy was arrested with he and Devoin too.

And get off THE DAMN COUCH! That couch seriously had her ass marks in it.

*burst in the door*
*pants heavily for several second*

Am I too late?.. Did someone already say it?

*pants more*

I guess Shoc really did fuck her face!

But yeah, I feel bad for Briana. Any guy who posts private pics/videos, reveals private texts or runs around telling all a woman's business is a bitch and a loser. But considering it's Briana, I'm not at all surprised she ended up with that type of guys.

You should know I signed in specifically to upvote this comment.

I logged in also just so I could thumbs up this also!!!
Funniest comment I have seen in awhile!!
Literally laughed out loud.

Yup totally agree!!! I started laughing really hard and the girl next to me at work was like waht's so funny and I was like uh funny meme.... LOL!!

So did I. Jenelle's 5th, you win!

Hahaha so did I! This comment just made my whole day!

Gee, thanks guys! I thought it was funny but holy moly!

I just spit my tea all over my ipad. Hilarious...but hopefully it didn't kill my tablet!!

I would give you two thumbs up if I could!!

I laughed so hard at this. Just as much as Sir Nibs "alphabet soup" comment about Leah.

Jenelles 5th baby daddy you're the real MVP lol I think this is the most up voted comment that I've seen here in a long while.

Well we can only hope this means she's figured out how to not get pregnant. Blow jobs > Baby daddies.

Um Duh... Of course he doesn't care if he goes to jail. Then he wouldn't have to take care of his kids. :O

Well I won't say she deserves this because no one does but she should have seen it coming, and not just on her face. I mean look at the dude's name and track record. Briana is a dumbass who needs to get her head off thug dicks and use it to raise her kid.

What a fucking moron. Why would she let him video tape her? SHE IS A MOTHER FOR CHRIST'S SAKE. And how the hell did he get pictures of her best friend? So many questions not enough answers. Anyway, she's trash as we all know. I'm know Roxanne is throwing her shoes at her right now. Nova's best bet is to go with Brittany forever. I'm not really for revenge but Briana is one of those people where I'm like meh maybe she deserved it. She's always running her mouth and no one bucks up to her

Seriously it's nice to know she's making sex tapes and shocfuckingherface while Nova is probably being cared for by psycho eyebrow granny and aunt brittany. FFS.

The way Bri's going Roxanne isn't going to have any more shoes to throw!!

I don't think Briana deserves this, but she is seriously one of the dumbest girls...I just think of her dumb ass buying the condoms with Britany. I can't imagine what Brittany and her mom are doing, flipping out, throwing vases. Such a stupid ass girl I can't even blame them if they throw a vase at her lol.

All the screeching and glass shattering, I can just see it now lol. Hope Briana's enjoying her eternal Shoc tattoo. What a beautiful reminder

Roxy needs a tranquilizer

It's funny that Teen Mom 3 was cancelled all the girls and their family and "fans" bitched and complained and blamed it on them being too stable and therefore boring. Now Mackenzie and her exploding uterus have tied down Josh with not one but TWO trap babies before her 21st birthday (aka explosion date), Alex is arguably the biggest train wreck of their season with her terrible parenting decisions and penchant for airing her drama online and Brianna's got her own bootleg version of a teen mom sex tape out there (Farrah would be proud). Katie is just meh - don't hear much about her lately either way. I'm guessing MTV saw the writing on the wall and knew 3/4 of these girls were a train wreck waiting to happen. That just doesn't fit the formula that's made Teen Mom & Teen Mom 2 successful. They can't all be Jenelle's and Farrah's - someone's got to be the "golden child" a la Maci and Chelsea. Part of me feels bad for Brianna then I remember that this woman is someone's mother and all that pity vanishes. Grow up, take care of your child and avoid the drama. It's embarrassing that they remain "relevant" (in the microcosm of 16&P and TM) due to poor decisions and bad behavior.

Out of all the TM3 girls I think Mackenzie annoys me the least. She's all about fitness these days and she seems to be taking care of her kids. I really hope she's grown the hell up and moved out of grangie's house. She's the least annoying on social media.
Alex still gets in fights with Matt and if what we heard about her is true and she really is letting his abusive sister and crackhead mom around Arabella and not Matt then she's still a cunt. Katie is a stuck up snotty bitch who seriously thinks she's better then everyone. Brianna well what more needs to be said about her. Mack's the only one who hasn't really annoyed me. Yeah she did that website with the clothes and she used someone else's pictures but at least she made her own stuff and didn't screw anyone over and take their money. Other then that and having another baby too young which it happened and she hasn't had another since, she's been flying below the radar and mostly keeping to herself.

Other than being dumb, she doesn't annoy people and seems like a nice girl, i kinda like her too

Dejesus God!
(Sorry, I had to).

LOool :)


I googled it and it's private, I don't have an instagram. But, if you do you can follow him

Thanks. Dam that he's private. He never used to be. I've creeped on him before. I bet he's getting loads of follow requests now.

His actual Instagram is @FukHerFaceShOc

Well, people can say whatever about Farrah, but I guess at least she got paid for it?

Amber, Jenelle, Jordan and now Briana now have all had nudes/videos leaked.

Laurie too

Oooh Ya, I forgot about her

Whose Laurie?


Brianna- keeping it classy as per usual. What's wrong with these girls?? Let's hope Nova takes after her auntie!

This might be very off topic, but I was reading the about Valerie Fairman and it said that her baby daddy Matt is trying to get custody and really bad things happen to her daughter

I'm not sure how much of this I believe since it seems to have twisted a lot of recycled information into this crazy mash up. Because last we heard from this train wreck clan -- Valerie assaulted her adoptive mother at a court trial about her brother molesting a classmate. (Not at a trial about Nevaeh, she's still in jail as far as we know) she dated Matt's Uncle (not f*cked him for a quick buck) and he was trying to help her get clean but eventually through prostitution, got Hep C, gave up trying and they broke up.

If Nevaeh really did get molested than that is really horrible for this baby. I sure hope that they are just spreading crap because no child deserves to have their childhood stolen, not to mention all the confusion that she will have while trying to navigate a healthy relationship later in life (ignore Tyler he's ridiculous, as someone who has been there I sure didn't react the way he claims maybe because it started at 4 and ended at 10, unlike his 1 interaction at 10 that he's claiming) if 5 hey are making this up or twisting all facts to have a 'good' read like it seems, when she hits the age to Google her name (let's face it, we've all done it at least once, probably more) and stumbles on this along with her parents names she will be mortified and filled with questions that a kid shouldn't have.

Wait...Valerie dated Matt's uncle?

Congratulations Briana you just got fucked in the face by shoc. This girl needs to be locked inside and tied down to that sofa of hers. I'm sure it wouldn't be to horrible for her, she has spent most of her life getting to really know the chair. I think she needs to become a bit more like crazy eyebrows and start hating on men and only using them for shoe throwing practice. Hopefully this is enough to get her to grow the fuck up and start acting like mother

I watched the video because i assumed it would just be her doing drugs or something. Man was I wrong. Briana is such an idiot too. She sees he has his phone out and she chooses to do that. With glasses on too lol.

How did you see it??

Did he delete the video?

He did. She threatened to call the cops on him. Yet, he brags he has bail money and isn't afraid about going to jail.

Djezus, are those people having a most moron-competition going on?

I'm sorry, Briana is out here making all these rookie mistakes. She should know better given the types of guys she dates, the type of ex girlfriends these guys have, the local "haters" she fights with on Twitter etc. I could see a girl of like 15,16,17, making these choices but at her age and a mother and knowing how grimey people can be and I bet she can be right back, it's just sad. I feel bad and victim blaming, but baby girl should have known better. Smh

*NOT victim blaming. (Sorry on my phone n the bus lol)

You should know better the minute a guy named fukherface wants to fuck your face

As much as I can't stand Briana, nobody deserves that. No one. What that guy did was the biggest invasion of privacy. And I'm really not down with victim blaming. While I would never ever let myself get filmed during those very private times, it doesn't mean that briana is also at fault. It's all on shoc. Saying that it's also Brianna's fault is basically the equivalent of saying that a girl wore a short skirt/ got drunk so it's no surprise she got raped or that she's somehow to blame too.

I did not watch the video because I donnt care to and also because it was published without Brianna's consent.

Also, I'm surprised to hear that Briana did something other than seat on her couch. I did not know she knew how to do anything else.

She could have asked him to stop filming, she could have stopped mid-blow......

She didn't.

I doubt she ever intended on making the video public (though who knows, really!), but come on! She let him take the video! Every week there's a new headline about someone's nudes being leaked, or an amateur porno coming out. Why do these girls think they're immune? Why does ANYONE think they're immune?? When you LET someone film you or take pictures of you in a compromising position, or if you take them/it yourself, you KNOW that there is a chance that it could get out. Revenge, hack......whatever, the probability is there. The idea of friends/family/coworkers seeing you licking some dude's lollipop should be MORE than enough for you to just say no to video.

I wouldn't go so far as to say she deserved to have this leaked, no. But I'm not surprised and I don't really have any sympathy for her. I do hope this will be a catalyst for change in her life. I have a feeling she was sitting pretty tall before this came out......hurts worse when you fall from such heights.

Yes, she could have asked him to stop filming and she did not. I completely get that. But when this was filmed, they were together. This was a video meant for her and Shoc's eyes only. So he had no right to publicly share that just because they are no longer together.

Ugh. I can't believe I'm defending that girl.

This comment makes more sense in my head, so bear with me as I try to word my thoughts lol:

I think what's so stupid isn't her agreeing to have the whole thing videotaped---lots of people like making sex tapes with their significant others for lots of reasons. I think what's so stupid is after everything with Devoin, Briana still seeks out the "bad boys" who end up betraying her trust in the worst ways possible. Devoin abandoned Briana to raise their daughter by herself (even though it's clear she's not Nova's primary caregiver), and Shoc put up a very personal video for all the world to see after they broke up. Is he completely at fault? Yes and no. He's at fault where the video itself is concerned (revenge porn is never okay, no matter how unsympathetic the victim is), but Briana should never have given this dude the time of day, especially considering the crap Devoin put her through. Hopefully she'll learn from this experience, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Also, let's see if she'll take Shoc to court for what he did. I mean, she took Devoin to court for supposedly harassing her on Twitter. So by all means this guy should be sued for doing something so much worse. Unless, of course, he and Briana "reconcile" before she even considers it.

Haha! I totally understand where you are coming from, even if we don't totally agree.

I think when you consent to be filmed in such stupidity, you go from victi
m to idiot real quick.

I don't think this amount to victim blaming, as some here have decried. I think it's pointing out a gaping hole in someone's thinking. Look, Briana isn't brilliant by any means. If no one says to her, "you idiot, why would you let him film you?!" I think she's just as likely to go off and do the same thing with her next bad boy douchenozzle dropout.

My point is, if she wouldn't have consented to the video, we would not be having this conversation. BOTH parties were at fault here. Just because one has the upper hand with some terrific blackmail material doesnt mean the other party is free of blame. I think that's why we see the cycle of a complete lack of personal responsibility continue to perpetuate itself.....I think we ought to call a spade a spade.

But again, I hope Briana sees the light and ditches these losers. I would love to see her step up and even make a PSA about nudes/sexting/etc. She has some fans who could probably benefit from it, and it would go a long way among gaining respect from those who currently think she's the punchline of some pathetic, raunchy joke. And.....Nova deserves at least one stable parent!

I agree with u 100 percent,it's not like she was dating Corey or Jeff, it was a guy whose name is fukherfaceshoc. I hope she grows up after this mess.

I, for one, am just really shocked that "FukherfaceShoc" didn't turn out to be a nice guy! I mean, that came out of nowhere!

She'll go crying to her mommy. Get her eyebrows tweezed. And all will be right with the world again.

LOL your name and that comment made my day.

Sry that was directed towards Daddy issues

Thank you!!

I know i will get downvoted but, it's not that i'm victim blaming,it's really not their fault,but i never have sympathy for celebrities that have their nudes leaked. They don't deserve it but it's hard to feel sorry for them

Me either. Don't film something you wouldn't want everyone to see. Or at least fucking delete it straight after. These bitches be dumb. By would you want to keep that??

Briana's such an idiot when it comes to her men.

Devoin was a deadbeat who convinced her to have his baby.

Shoc was a deadbeat who convinced her to get a tattoo of his name AND to videotape her pleasuring him.

This is one of the few reasons I wish "Teen Mom 3" was still on the air, and in the format of "OG". I would love to see Roxanne's reaction to Briana's stupid decisions. I bet she'd throw her high heel so hard it'd get stuck in the wall. There are probably little pockmarks in the walls and the furniture left behind by her heels lol.

I want the whole franchise to switch to the OG format. I think with them breaking the fourth wall it will be less edited. Then we can see what is the directors putting stuff in their mouths and what is actually them.

Plus, it would be a money saver for MTV, since they could stop paying "friends" of some of the girls to ask them questions, the producers can do it!

Right I wonder how much Paula and that old lady got paid to come to Farrah's taping. And then they left halfway through. They were probably mad cause they got paid less after that.

1) I would quite literally kick my friend's ass if she got me involved in a fappening scandal by pissing off her damn boyfriend. I'd also hire someone to kick my ass for sending anyone any nude photos of myself ever at anytime because that's impossibly stupid. But it still doesn't excuse a) Briana sharing them with her skeevy boyfriend and/or b) Her skeevy boyfriend posting them.
2) Briana a slag ass, racist, purposely helpless jackass who's unable to say the word "condom" without going into a giggle fit and has personally set feminism back several decades with almost everything that has ever come out of her mouth. (Penises included, evidently.) But no one and I mean NO. ONE. deserves to have leaked nudes or sex tapes posted anywhere or even shown to anyone in private without their permission and approval (which, now that I mention that, wouldn't surprise me to find out she offered permission for him to use them however he wanted at some point because Classy Mr. Fuckherface was her soul mate and Briana makes shitty decisions.) That's a violation of all kinds of personal trust, privacy and it's a cyber sex crime as far as I'm concerned and if she didn't give him permission to do this shit, I hope they throw the damn book at him becuase he's useless, petty and predatory. If she DID give him permission to post it, then I hope the three braincells she possesses manage to retain this as a hard lesson to have learned and she starts to actually respect her damn self, grow the fuck up and live for her beautiful daughter rather than some different Floridian dick strange each weekend/weekday/5 minute break between Mass and sunday school or whenenever the fuck she's making time to make all these stupid whorey decisions between whining about everything on a couch and "parenting" her daughter. (Even though, let's face it, Roxanne and Brittany are that little girl's moms. Briana is one of those overly huge stuffed animals someone won for you at the county fair that hangs out on your couch until you realized it's pretty damn pointless and you're now burdened with trying to figure out a way to get goodwill to take it off your hands without embarrassing yourself or busting it's cheaply sewn seams while cramming it into your trunk and sending static-cling-from-hell-styrofoam beads all over your shit forevermore.)

Also: giving her boyfriend head doesn't make her a whore. Getting knocked up at 16 doesn't make her a whore. It's everything else SHE does like posting graphic ejaculation photos on twitter, talking about licking Haitians, not having a molecule of self respect or class in her entire being and operating on the assumption that anyone else on the planet other than her vagina cares about who she's screwing and then incessantly divulging that information that makes her a whore.

Just as bad as Jordan Cashmyer's twitter. I think they would be good friends.

Lol yet another JE/NG twitter breakup is happening. Even though I'm pretty sure they've been living apart for a few weeks now.

Again. Good lord.

I went to look, and just have to say two things:
1) She has a "PR page" does she really think she is THAT important?
2) She got a bird, wtf, poor bird doesn't stand a chance.

I was going to say Jenelle's cat would probably eat it, but I don't think she even has it anymore or has had it for a long time. It probably went to go live with Moogan on the farm... What is up with this girl getting animals and then getting rid of them? It makes me sad :(

Poor Kaiser. He has two idiots for parents.

Yeah I noticed but I will say I have been a little impressed with JE just because she hasn't started her typical I thought you loved me why did you beat me shit she normally does. She's been keepig it off twitter. Nathan is the one that has been putting it on twitter. Now I highly doubt it's because she's matured. It probably more like she doesn't want it on twitter because she doesn't want all the I told you sos. Still though that's a step up for Jenelle not airing out her dirty laundry on twitter. We'll see how long this continues for.

MTV paycheck in, Jenelle out.
Bye, Nathan!

What is his twitter? I googled it, but can't find it

It's @groundlevelup

I guess he deleted whatever he posted, because there's nothing on there anymore about it

Screen shots?


Also, Jenelle tweeted that relationship Twitter wars are ridiculous, then went on to tweet this:
and then "new phone, fresh start." Gary also tweeted to Nathan that he warned him. LOL

Thank you!!!

Aaaand in true classic Jenelle breakup fashion, Nathan's been arrested for domestic violence charges. "She's changed" my ass.

The only thing better than a twitter break up is one caught on film and involving arrests! Hmmmmm.... the usernames that could come from this...

I just looked through the photos that website had of them and one of them should be used as a how not to tan add. They look so orange and old

Guys, we're all glossing over the important question: what will happen to Briana's tattoo that she cried about?

I hope it becomes a portrait of Shaq personally.

Cover up tattoo idea: her one true love the couch


Plus he needs to get his covered now too! So how long did their engagement last? A couple months?

I'm split minded about this. In a way I'm like you idiot, this dude is clearly not one to be trusted but then I'm like she shouldn't have to have this happen to her. It may have been taped but it was something done for just the two of them to watch, not to be put out there like farrahs porn. I hope he gets some shit from the law for posting it.

Non-Briana related, but trashy-teen mom related: I just logged into Facebook and a girl I grew up with just posted "Tynlee's gonna be a big sister! Can't wait to meet baby Tor!"

Tor. She is naming her child Tor. Someone asked if she meant Tori. Nope. Tor.

It should be a hint if someone thinks you spelled your kids name wrong that you should probably change it

Like the private browser for the deep internet?

Trust me, she's not smart enough to know that even exists.

Its the german for "door", you know a door you can open and close.

Ha! That's awesome, and the mom does enjoy getting banged like an old screen door...

The comments on this post are really disheartening to me, to be honest. I'll admit that my boyfriend at the time and I have filmed some of our intimate moments before. It was for OUR eyes only and we made that clear. Even though we ended on bad terms, I still trust him enough to know nothing will be done with the videos/photos. If anything, they'll just be deleted.
My point is...... there is nothing wrong with wanting to film yourself or take pictures. As two consenting adults, that's just fine. And if you don't want to do that, that's fine too, but to look down on people for doing that isn't fair. Also to blame her or say you have no sympathy because it was stupid to record in the first place also isn't fair. It's not HER fault they were leaked. It's an invasion of privacy, and it's wrong. Point blank period.
I still hate her though.

I agree. It's a really sucky situation. Just because I don't like Briana doesn't mean she deserves to have that video out for everyone to see

I completely agree with you. I also have pictures/videos and I think it's a healthy thing for consenting adults if they want! As annoying as she is, no one deserves that, he is 100% at fault.

I think the same. I don't really get the stigma. It's the human body. People have sex. Almost every single person on earth is a walking fuck trophy. What's the bfd?

My husband and I have stuff too, which is not really an issue for consenting adults who aren't sketchy or dumb. Briana's mistake was letting some asshole sketchy thug record her when she knew exactly what he was like and then cheated on him. It was absolutely wrong for him to do, but she should have known better and protected herself.

That's true. She probably should have had the insight to realize this could happen since he definitely doesn't seem like a trustworthy wholesome young man lol, but it's still an unfortunate situation for her.

My only criticism of this situation is that Briana actually believed that she could trust a guy whose handle is Fuck Her Face, and already had a criminal record. He's not above any of this, and this was clear from the get-go. It's not that she participated in this video, it's that she did so with HIM.

So Mongo got arrested for domestic violence today at their home. I swear you can't make this shit up.

How many mug shots is he up to these days? Jenelle has enough to fill a calendar. Maybe his and hers for xmas or something?

Hahaha! I laughed out loud at this!

Question. Did anyone see this video? I don't want to see it, I just want to know if she was aware of did she know he was filming her?

If she did, then she had to expect this...I mean the guy isn't oozing class and respect. That doesn't mean I think she deserved one does, but...I could you possibly expect better of this guy?

If she didn't, then I genuinely feel bad to the girl (something I NEVER thought I would hell frozen over?)

Curiosity got the best of me so I went to Shoc's twitter and he had a link to it. It's like 6 seconds long. At first, Briana is sitting on the bed, then she goes and pulls his pants down some and she looks at his phone and asks if he's recording it, then she proceeds to slob on his knob for like one second before the video ends.

"Slob on his knob" is now the only way I will refer to that act. I love it!

Haha, it's an old Three Six Mafia song. It's very NSFW though.

Where's the link? I can't find it.

I saw it some time yesterday. I think that instagram account he linked to has since been deleted.

I'm sorry but that last part of your post Megan made me wince.

"If you wouldn’t want your mom, boss, children, or friends to see the pictures you’re taking…do yourself a favor and don’t take them in the first place."

I'm sorry but I really dislike it when people say that. I 100% understand we are now in the digital new media age where anything you put online or even just a computer, can be easily found by anyone but in terms of sending nudes to partners, it's crap that people can't take intimate pictures like this without it biting them in the ass later.

Of course this is my opinion, and obviously neither mine or your opinion is right or wrong Megan, but I still feel like it is unfair when people say "If you didn't want people to see you should not have taken them in the first place" It's shit that we've come to a time in our lives where couples (no matter how trashy or legit they are) can't share these moments with each other without thinking "damn I hope my mum doesn't see this". I'd like to reiterate that I understand that is the world we are living in today and the risk we take, but I don't agree that people should be blamed for taking them in the first place like the whole thing is their fault.

Ok rant over, realised I probably repeated myself too many times haha. And in terms of people responding to this, I may not respond back because no matter how often I'm on this site, I cba to hardly ever write anything lol

Love all your post anyway Megan and I'll continue to read and love them in the future as well.

I get where you are coming from. I really do. But, I don't agree. The way I took it (whether Megan meant it this way or not) is if you don't want this to happen to you, this is the best way to protect yourself. Yes everything has risks, including taking intimate photos/videos but that doesn't mean that you blame them, at least I certainly don't. You wouldn't blame some one driving through a green light when some idiot runs the red light and crashes in to them. Yes, it's the risk they took getting into their car, but it's not their fault.

Again, I didn't see that comment as Megan blaming Bri, but simply telling the readers (some of them still in their teens) that the only way to safe guard yourself from such an awful invasion is to not take allow the photos/videos to be taken to begin with. No, it's not fair, no it's not right, but it's unfortunately the world we now live it.

Yeah I completely get where you are coming from too, and most people probably agree with your assessment hence the expected down votes haha, but the way I interpreted the post was 'blaming' the people who take the photos unfortunately :/ I guess it is a good way to get across to young readers the risk of taking nudes

I don't follow her much, Briana. I did go to her Instagram account after reading the above article. She has the most precious little daughter. Nova is adorable. I remember feeling sympathy for Briana because she seemed to be in a big depression after having Nova. I was glad she had started college and wasn't so gloomy anymore.

That being said though, he girl has TERRIBLE taste in men. Not that it's any of my business but WHY date Devoin's friend when you know how Devoin is? Also, isn't that weird AF for all parties included. I was rooting for Briana but this news is kind of dissapointing. Even if it's not Briana's fault that her douchebag ex shared the vid with the world.

Briana is trash for cheating (nobody on this Earth deserves to be cheated on, which is why I don't excuse hers, Chelsea's, obviously Leah's), but he stooped to her level with leaking the pics/videos. No matter what she knew about him it's still on him to either keep the video private or post them and he took the low road, and should be punished for it.

I'm pretty sure she could just report the video and pictures? Instagram usually takes those things down.

I think any guy that stoops to that level is a horrible person. I don't think the point is whether or not someone has pictures / videos of you (although it isn't necessarily "smart")..someone who would post something like that of someone who trusted them is just terrible. He said he wasn't afraid of the consequences and I hope he faces some.

What is up with this guy? I look thru his twitter and this guy seems like such a fkn lame!!!! He's talking crap online like a female and the saddest part of it all is that there are stupid ass girls complimenting him and what not, probably dying to get his attention. This is the same guy that got her name tattooed on him as well bc he was sooo in love. What a loser! I am in no way a Briana fan and she did choose this loser but no one deserves that. I saw the vid his pee pee looks a little on the tiny side lol.

Briana is a lot like Nikkole. They pick the biggest pieces of crap they can find and then proceed to whine when that POS acts like a POS. These women are masochist s.