The Battle Between Alex and Matt

Alexandria Sekella


About a week ago, news got around that Alex may have a boyfriend.

Now, normally people would be happy for a single mother to find someone who can treat her and her child like they deserve, but people began getting a little hesitant when they found out that the guy Alex was allegedly dating has a colorful criminal record, and a past that isn't squeaky clean.

The guy's name is Peter Gruppo, and he's from Pennsylvania, where Alex and her daughter Arabella live. When Peter was a senior in high school, he committed some vandalism crimes that still appear on his criminal record, since he was 18.

He ended up being charged with a laundry list of things, including institutional vandalism, criminal trespass, and criminal mischief, he was charged with possessing instruments of a crime and corruption of minors.

He was kicked off his high school football team, and has since acquired some speeding tickets as well. Please note that this all happened in 2007, and a lot can change in 6 years.

Alex took to Twitter to clarify what's going on with this Peter guy, and she stated that they're basically good friends that flirt a lot, but that they aren't dating. In true Alex fashion, she couldn't leave it at just that.

Instead she decided to add more comments about the situation which weren't necessarily helping her case any, including the fact that she flirts with a lot of people.

She talked about flirting as if it was a basic human right in responses to many of her followers.



Matt got ahold of this information, and he was less than pleased. Alex won't let Matt around Arabella because he has a history of addiction, and Matt doesn't want his daughter to be around someone with a criminal record like Peter's.

Matt takes to Twitter quite frequently to talk about his current struggles with seeing his daughter and the inability to co-parent, which he routinely blames on Alex.

This time though, he took things a step past what was expected.

After Alex tweeted that Matt has a charge on his record for distributing drugs, Matt decided to tweet a picture of his criminal record to show people that Alex was lying.


Matt didn't stop there, and instead tweeted a picture of Alex's criminal record with the caption "You're not perfect. Stop lying".

We haven't heard anything about Alex having a past, but because of this picture, we now know differently. The picture, which is below, shows that Alex has several harassment charges on her record, as well as a speeding ticket.


While I would say that neither Matt nor Alex are doing the right thing in this situation, I would say that both have taken things too far a few too many times now.

I'm not sure that these two would ever work out their differences if they didn't have a child, but with Arabella being thrown into the middle of all these online arguments, it seems like a constant downward spiral.


Oh these two have always acted like children on twitter... Find a way to resolve your issues in private like adults if you truly care what's best for your daughter...
That being said, Matt has surely acted like a turd but Alex has a definite holier-than-thou attitude, constantly throwing people addictions in their faces and acting like she's the best mother to ever walk earth. It wouldnt be surprising if she dated criminal dudes for a while, as it gives her someone to compare herself to and make her feel superior, as opposed to a normal well accomplished man that in comparison would make her look less than perfect

She seems like someone with SO MUC anger and so few coping mechanisms or ways to relieve her anger, that she just keeps putting herself (and now unfortunately her daughter) in shitty situations so she can rage about how unfair it all was. She knew before she even had her daughter that Matt didn't want a kid. She had an adoptive family lined up. She had a place NEXT DOOR to visit the family with which she had the open adoption tentatively arranged. She decided a) not to pay that woman rent and then rage when the woman threw all her shit on the curb (as promised), b) not go through with the adoption (which is completely her right as the bio mom) but then to act all shocked when her heroin addicted sperm donor didn't suddenly man up and become father of the year. Then, she and her permissive mother let a fresh-out-of-rehab addict live in their home with them (as well as Alex's younger siblings who seem more mature than both Alex and her mom because they HAVE to be which is really unfortunate.) Then, Alex waited for him to inevitably fuck up enough for her mom to kick him out and then act angry and heartbroken. I'm making zero excuses for Matt. All the footage we've seen of him makes him look like a gigantic asshole and horrible father. But Alex brings a lot of the "injustices" she bitches about upon herself. I hope for the sake of their daughter they can both grow the hell up.

Lol, he was fresh out of jail not rehab.

Well...a rose by any other name is still a crackhead.

They both need to go to counseling(preferably together) and learn to co-parent. And for God's Sake, keep their drama off of Twitter!

I've said it before, but these two shouldn't be allowed to raise a goldfish, let alone a child.

Alex is so desperate for attention, I'm surprised she doesn't post Keeks of herself peeing. And Matt hasn't learned when to just ignore her and realize she's baiting him.


I date I date a lot

That comment she made reminded me of this girl I knew in high school. We were at a party and a few friends and I were smoking pot. I offered this girl, an acquaintance who had the hots for my best friend, if she'd like to join us to kind of get her an in and a reason to talk to the guy she liked. She said, "no I don't smoke pot" and before I could say "that's cool, no worries, wanna hang out anyway," she went on to explain "I don't smoke pot. I do other things. Like...with boys." I was just kind of dumbfounded as to how pot and getting laid are mutually exclusive. It was such a weird conversation.

Now I hear Alex is going to write a book. I wonder if she is doing all this to get attention. Both of them act so immature on Twitter and always try and get back at one another which is why immature kids shouldn't be having kids. Not saying all teen moms are bad but people likee this give them a bad name. One day Arabella is going to learn to use the internet and see all this crap and just realize BOTH of her parents are acting like idiots. Don't they realize that? Also I think bringing up anyones past is stupid but a speeding ticket REALLY?

I hope it's like one of those musical computer chipped birthday cards and every time you turn a page, Alex SCREAMS the entire page text to you. Oh and occasionally, a boxing glove comes out and punches you in the sternum. Multimedia experience.

I doubt Alex knows enough English to be able to write a book. We thought Farrah's book was bad, I can't imagine Alex's being much better. Alex's knowledge of english is on roughly the same level as a Dora watching toddlers Spanish.

"Arabella was a stupid mistake" "I flirt with tons of guys" "I"m pro-lift except for rape and Jenelle Evans". Please. This girl is so uneducated and I am glad she's off the show. She's just trying to stay relevant and it sounds like Matt is too otherwise he wouldn't engage in the drama.


Lol. Hey bro do you even lift?

"Unknown or completely bald" Lmao.

These two are like a younger version of Jon & Kate Gosselin. Can't stay out of the public eye or keep their mouths shut.

Why does Matt think that bad-mouthing Alex on the net all the time is going to help him get rights to see his daughter? She's incredibly immature and annoying, we get it! If he had a brain, he'd shut up, stay off twitter, make some real changes in his life and then file a petition for shared custody.

Does everyone in america have a criminal record, or just everyone on Teen Mom?

I have *gasp* five speeding tickets all from over five years ago!!! Whew! I'm glad I got that off my chest before anyone posted it on twitter.

I cannot stand Alex and her attitude. She thinks she's hot shit and the best mom alive. To be honest I find her as arrogant as Farrah.

I unfollowed her on twitter and instagram after she kept bragging about all the presents she bought Arabella. It made me so mad. Who does that??

I have no idea how to decipher twitter so maybe you can explain: was she just bragging about getting presets for her daughter or was she doing that AND trying to rub it in Matt's face?

Everything she does is to rub it in Matt's face. She should be THRILLED the father of her child WANTS to be in his daughter's life! From what I've seen he's got his shit together now. Instead she starts any kind of drama she can with him to try and make him look like a horrible guy and her look like little miss perfect.

Alex says she works at a college..does anyone know what she does there? Besides flirt lol.

Yells at people. She's probably the most effective hall monitor they've ever had.

Rae, that may be the best comment I have ever read. Hats off to you, my dear.

That's the funniest thing I've read all day.

HAHAH I would thumbs up over and over and over if I could

Hahah best answer ever!

I've always been incredibly annoyed with Alex (and Matt as well, but more so with Alex). Her holier than thou attitude that she projects on everyone shines exceedingly bright, and I've always wondered what made her think she was so damn special.

I mean, if you compare her to Matt, she's not... AWFUL. But she's not that far behind him, and a lot of that has to do with her sh*tty attitudes and how controlling she is.

She's just a more blunt and aggressive version of Farrah in terms of her attitude, so of course she's going to say that she "flirts with a ton of guys" because nobody wants to commit.

Both of them are stupid.

That said, people get bent out of shape about nothing. So she said she flirts with guys? So what? Matt doesn't want his daughter around someone with a criminal history? Then that means he and Alex shouldn't be around her in his opinion. This particular thing is him making a mountain out of a molehill.

Alex is an instigator, but Matt is very easily instigated.

Just talk privately, it's not that hard.

did anyone ever get her "dance" on teen mom 3? i had no idea what she was doing or dancing in those "expensive costumes"

Oh please, I've seen better Tai-Chi dance movements by the little old ladies at the Sunshine Nursing Home down the street. I also noticed that as the teacher of the group, when they performed their dance, it was interesting that Alex missed several movements in the choreography while everyone else was on cue. Who knows what they were attempting to "portray" with their strange dance and ugly costumes...

Those costumes were a little racy for a teen dance competition. They looked like she bought them at Victoria secret. I didn't want to comment on her "dancing" because a) I cannot dance at all so who am I to judge (and yes I see the irony in that) and b) she may be really good and I just don't "get it" so I kept my mouth shut. Good to know I wasn't too far off base.

Aren't Matt's eyes blue? It says they are brown on the record.

oh weird, they are blue. Both him and Arabella have blue eyes. Amusingly she also said she's so happy that Arabella looks,just like her and not Matt, when Arabella is the spitting image of matt

Matt has pretty eyes and so does Arabella. The rest of Matt, I could do without. And Alex certainly isn't an ugly girl. She's a lot better looking when she smiles which is rare. She's just got some...odd facial proportions going on. But that baby looks JUST like Matt and she's adorable.

It's like when I hear someone say Sophia looks so much like Farrah. Are you kidding me? She is an exact clone in toddler size of her father. If Farrah weren't so effing stupid, I'd wonder if she had made a clone embryo of Derek and then pretended she'd gotten pregnant naturally just to rope him into child support for 18 years. She looks nothing like Farrah. Especially now that Farrah looks like a duck who does side work as a moderately priced escort. Paid in fake eyelashes and Botox, of course.

Seriously, you should write your own blog.

@E thanks but I just really love reading this one and I hardly think I could do as well as stevebeans and Megan do!!

Honestly you are being harsh on Peter. I graduated with him from high school. He doesnt have THAT much of a criminal past. So why people are so nasty about it I dont know. Hell we were far from friends but we did get along from time to time.

He made a stupid choice - defacing our rivals field before our rivalry game.

He is a bright guy. If you knew him he is half decent now that we are out of high school.

Honestly if you are gonna bring someone into a post like this dont claim they have more of a criminal history then they actually do. Heck you probably should of made contact with Peter first.

Sorry I never comment on articles nor do I read any about any of these things. However a friend is a fan of your blog and sent me this when they saw he graduated from Pen Argyl in 2008 and thought I would know him.

A lot has changed in 6 years.

Hi CV,

I don't know Peter, and I was strictly stating what was posted in the articles that are linked in the post. One is a news article from the time of the vandalism, which states what he was charged with in 2007. I also stated that a lot can change in 6 years, just as you did. I am not judging Peter in any way, as I'm far from a perfect person. I did stupid things when I was 18, and now that I'm a bit older, I realize just how dumb they were. I'm sure Peter's situation is the same, and I'm certainly glad that Peter has changed since high school. We would love to hear from Peter, so if he would like to contact us regarding this post, feel free to send him our way.


Then reach out to him. The 2007 incident is quite hilarious to look back on.

Thanks for explaining what the vandalism actually was! A rival team poured gasoline on our field so when the grass grew in, the gassed parts spelled out our stupid school motto and our losing score to them, our biggest rival, in dead, brown grass. It was hilarious! The higher ups at my school wanted to press charges but the general concencus was that it was funny as hell, our football team sucked, knew they sucked, yet strut around telling the other school's team how badly we were going to beat them. Silly thing to press charges over.

It really was a good prank. I gotta hand it to them. Me saying he is a good guy now is really saying something. We never got along until the end of our senior year. Now he is a nice person. The charges would of been worse had they of gotten paint on the new track field they had just put in.

I'm glad he's changed a lot. And it's actually nice to see someone who KNOWS the guy who got roped into teen mom blogs come and explain him/defend him. I just like to snark on the teen moms but hunting down someone's old vandalism charges because he happens to be one of the "many" guys Alex Sekella flirts with is probably not something he was too thrilled about. (I'm not bashing Megan for writing this. She's just going on research that other people looked up and I think she's been a hilarious addition to this blog!) It's just nice to hear both sides from someone other than a bitter ex-junkie and the she-hulk of the teen mom franchise.

I don't think Arabella has genetics on her side with these two emotionally unstable idiots as parents. Her and Sophia should start a 'gonna be seriously jacked up due to my parents bad choices' teen mom baby club

And I think we should all start a small fund for Sophia here now because speaking of jacked up, she will certainly need braces. That's part genetics and (more so) part shitty parenting.

Maybe Steve beans can put a link where we can donate to the funds for the psychotherapy bills for these poor children?

I think they're both immature. Alex is a know it all and is incredibly entitled. Until she sits down with a therapist and realizes her destructive patterns, she will not learn. She is very angry, very aggressive.

Still, Matt is held up in some love shack with his new girl. He is incredibly dependent on Lakota. If anything happens to her, he is back to drugs. That is unhealthy. Matt and Alex both need to sit down in a therapist's office, for together and individual counseling. Plus, did anyone else hear Lakota brag about fighting a lawyer? Yeah, all these kids are friggin' stupid.

I've noticed a pattern with all of the teen moms/16 & pregnant girls where they go to one or two therapy sessions and then talk about how they're really glad they went and it really helped and then NEVER GO AGAIN. Therapy takes a long time, people. Especially when your therapist is basically charging you to kiss your ass for an hour once a month (I'm looking at you, Farrah.)

Every article about these two loses its relevance as soon as they mention Lakota. Because I stop reading and youtube informations for Lakota and they make me laugh.

I just want to know why Matt is letting himself get so fat and sloppy looking.