EXCLUSIVE: Meet Matthew Milton McCann Jr.

matt mccann

Happy Friday, you guys - and happy start to a long weekend for me!

Teen Mom Junkies exclusively announced back in September that Teen Mom 3 star Matt McCann was going to be welcoming a second child into the world with then fiance, Lekota Koch.

Things between the two seemed to be going well, and recent updates show that the couple is stronger than ever.

After being together for over three years and overcoming more obstacles than most couple endure, Matt and Lekota ended up getting married in a small ceremony just before Christmas.matt lekota wedding

Less than one month after exchanging vows, the couple welcomed their first child together.

Matthew Milton McCann Jr. was born on January 15th at 2:24 in the morning. The newest Teen Mom baby weighed in at 7 pounds and 12 ounces, and was 20.5 inches long.

Lekota commented that his birth was as easy as a first time mom could have asked for.

Through 21 hours of labor, Matt was by her side, and he was Lekota's most supportive labor coach. Matt was even able to cut the umbilical cord after Matty was born.

Matthew Milton McCann Jr. Matthew Milton McCann Jr.

Lekota was due on January 19th, so Matty was just a few days early, but he is healthy nonetheless.

Both baby and mom are doing well and are recovering from the strains of labor and delivery like champs. The new family plans to leave the hospital tomorrow.

Matt and Lekota both think that their son is absolutely perfect, and I have to say that he's a pretty good looking baby.

The couple plans to return back home to Pennsylvania within the next year in order to be closer to Matt's first child, Arabella, and would like both kids to have a relationship growing up.

Congratulations to Matt, Lekota, and big sister Arabella on the birth of Matty.


Congratulations, guys!!

Who are these ugly people?

I wonder how badly Alex is freaking out right now. Is she still a psycho bitch?

I'm sure she is. Can you imagine? Oh my....

Hello fellow monkey ;)

I can hear her hulk roaring like Kail from Australia.

I'm waiting for her to publicly declare that Matt Jr. isn't Arabella's ~real sibling~ a la Chelsea.

She can't right now. She's too busy down voting us.

In other random kail news issac is calling javi dad on snap chat, she would literally rip the world in half if issac publicly called Vee mommy.

Kail and Javi are sooo awful! Just keep confusing that poor kid because its not like once they divorce she's ever gonna let him see Isaac again. I would be laughing at him getting the Kail toward Jo treatment but then Lincoln loses out. :(

Alex actually has her own boyfriend now so she may not be so venomous towards them anymore.

Not a fan of the bushy beard on Matt Sr.
Then again, I'm not a fan of these scraggly lumber jack beards in general. I know it's like...the look right now, but it's like the Ron Jeremy (it took me like three tries to spell that right thanks to Leah and Jermy) mustaches of the 70's or something. Bleh.

However, a little bit of facial hair or well trimmed, not larger than their head beard, yes!

Anyway, that looks like a healthy little baby. Congrats to them, I hope Matt and Lekota continue to have a better life than what we saw on TM3. Things seem to be a lot better. I also hope they don't get killed by Alex, lol.

I agree. I know beards are "in" right now. But yuck. Trimmed against the face-yes. But big bushy ones, I'm like, what are you hiding in there/behind there? And it seems lazy. Too lazy to shave or trim or keep it neat. I think Matt (in all
His sweaty junkieness) looked better without the beard.

I've seen it on so many guys who are probably like...27 and under.
And the beard looks like it's growing out of their face and beyond to take over the world as we know it, lol. I had a friend who was a really attractive guy, and started growing out his beard. It looked good for awhile, but it became bushy and the beard itself was like...twice the size of his face, and I was like...blegh
He was totally into it, so that's really all that matters.
But if my opinion did matter, a can of shaving cream would be involved, lolol.

Nah, me neither. These guys look like they have a big underarm for a face. That's not a good look. At all. Not to mention the sweat and food and soup getting all encrusted up in there. I'm sure their faces smell like armpits too. SHAVE YOUR FACE. That goes for Taylor and Corey too.

My boyfriend talks about wanting a beard..no.

My husband didnt shave for like 3 weeks while he was on pcs leave and he was getting really scratchy and scraggly faced, making out was giving me rug burn. He tried to give himself a gotee but it made him look like an evil villain to me so he shaved it all off. I'm not a fan of the new face fro fad. One of the few things I like about the army is a smooth faced man.

I agree with you all about the beards. They can look really good on certain people as long as they're still within the general confines of their face. I hate the "puffy" beard look and I feel like it would get in the way when eating.

Also, I know it's just a posed photo, but Matt looks like a completely different person.
And i mean that in terms of, he just looks like a regular guy now.
When we saw him on TM3 it was obvious he was a total mess, drugs and teen angst all rolled into one. I don't even know if I've ever seen him actually smile before, lol.
So ignoring the beard, he looks very happy.

He looks like a regular old Quaker guy. He looks like the guy on the oatmeal package.

Matt looks more pregnant than Lekota.

Lol. It's actually good that he's gained a lot of weight. He was so scary skinny a few years ago. Plus, I think most recovering heroin addicts gain a ton of weight after they get sober because they're eating regularly again.

Congrats! I have to say, that is one bundle of cuteness!

I can hear Alex screaming from here.

Out of all the people in the TM franchise I think it's safe to say Matt would have been voted "Least Likely to Get Your Shit Together". Way to beat the odds - I'd rather see him with a grizzly beard than his sweaty meth face. He looks healthy.

Longtime lurker, firsttime poster here. You guys are my favorite. :)

Cool story.

I'm happy the baby is healthy and everything is going well so far for them but what I don't understand is why this site is always writing glowing articles on this guy.
In every single article, after getting praise, there's a little blurb about Matt looking for a job to pay back tons of child support he's behind on and/or something about him moving back to PA to be closer to his first daughter. In every single article there's something like this, at least twice a year, but those things have yet to happen. Actually maybe he's up to date with child support right now (I hope) but an unbiased update would have been nice.

Because right now, it looks like he's being a good partner/father to Lakota and that new baby but apart from a few phone calls, he's still the same shitty father to A that he's always been.
I'm hoping I'm wrong though.

I noticed that too. Some people on Twitter ride their asses too. Waiting for down votes. Lmao truth hurts. There just average people. They all are, but these ones barely were on tv so it's pretty irrelevant.

Yep, they always suck up to him, but I think it's just because by staying on his good side he gives them info, like how this is an exclusive! What baffles me more is the tons of positive comments about him and bitchy ones about Alex... She didn't have the most likeable personality to watch, but she seems to be raising her baby herself and hasn't gone off the rails. I hate this bullshit that she wanted to keep Arabella so it's on her, nope, Matt shouldn't have had unsafe sex with her. You can't get someone pregnant then have no obligations to the child because you suggested giving it up for adoption. Alex was clearly already very attached to her baby and decided to work hard in order to keep her. Remember her going to school, then working at Mcdonalds, then walking home!? All when she was pregnant! Whilst Matt did nothing to help.
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he's doing better, but I've seen a loooot of drama on his and his girlfriend's twitters, and he was a fucking heroin addict. He's hardly Saint Matt whilst Alex is this terrible devil.

I agree, I quite liked Alex during her 16&p episode, never watched TM3

Interesting. I haven't kept up with him or Alex at all, so occasional articles on here are about the only time I care he does anything, usually improvement from the mess he was on teen mom 3 is all I see. I couldn't stand Alex or Matt in their TM3 days honestly. I think Alex was a much better parent to Arabella than Matt, and their relationship or lack there of was a nightmare. I hope for the sake of his daughter he's up to date with child support and actually making an effort then.

I thought Alex was a raging bitch. I also thought she was an idiot for purposely getting pregnant by a drug addict and then thinking she could change him by keeping their daughter. She was an idiot through and through and I just can't find her sympathetic, no matter how hard she works. She willingly and knowingly put her kid in a shitty situation.

Hey - I understand your concern for this issue and wanted to straighten some things out.
I know that Matt is caught up on child support and is still sending money to Alex to cover expenses for Arabella. I do think that Alex is a good mother to her child and always attempts to put her child first. However, I like to give credit where credit is due.
It takes a lot for an addict to turn their life around. There are two people from this whole franchise that have seemingly gotten their shit together after admitting that they had an addiction problem: Amber Portwood and Matt McCann. I will always respect someone who is trying to better themselves and get clean - especially when they are doing so to give their children a better future.
I write up posts about second/third children every time they are born. Sometimes I will admit that I don't think the mothers are in any position to bring another child into the world (i.e. Nikkole or Kristina) but we write posts nonetheless. Both Matt and Lekota work full time jobs and support the kids. They've been together for more than most couples, and they're showing that they can handle this.
You can down vote this all you want...but I'm just giving my honest opinion on things.
As always, I am happy to have you read and comment on the articles and I love the engagement on the posts.

Alex was pretty shitty. She had no intent on giving her daughter up for adoption but she told her friends parents she was going to give her baby to them so she would get a free place to live. Then she seemed surprised when they kicked her out.

Remember when she stopped paying rent at her temporary apartment and was so pissed off when the landlady put all her stuff out on the curb? Good stuff. Good, trashy stuff.

If he can't pay his child support now, how's he gonna take care of this second child? I don't understand the fanfare for a teen dad who still can't get his life together to make responsible choices for the spawn he created.

Sure, getting sober deserves a round of applause but this kid wasn't on intervention, he was on teen mom. The moral of his story was he was supposed to learn and grow up and be a good dad to his kid. Instead, he had another one and fails to take care of the one he already has.

Pardon me for not being "over the moon" about this guy. There is nothing special to me about being able to get pregnant and have a baby. Get your college degree and a good job and take care of your kid....now that's something special (sadly).

Thank you! Call me when he's back in his first child's life and doing everything he can for her.

ppl like them because they 1- hate alex 2- she's nice 3-they give interviews and exclusives to websites

Maybe Alex will express her feelings through an interpretive dance we can all somehow see.

Oh god! Let's hope not!

I've always been very good about vacuuming out my couches 3 times a week in fact i guess you can say I'm a little grossed out by people who never and i mean ever vacuum theirs. No I'm not judging just saying it grosses me out.

Well as of now I AM NOT eating in my living room or on my couches.
I NEVER eat full meals on them just kids snack time from time to time....

But afyer what i just saw, NOPE no more eating on them at all.... I kinda feel like a really strict parent with this new rule but i guess that's what I'll have to be.

AMBER you are GROSS. The end.


Yeah....Matt is looking like he don't give a damn anymore. I love how Lekota makes sure we have periodic updates on their life. Eyeroll..

Gotta try and stay #relevant
She tries to talk to Adumb on IG all the time too. Like seriously?? Bitch, you weren't even on TM. Adumb just ignores her ? #notrelevantatall

Yeah #whocares

im actually shocked she hasnt commented on this post yet.

Out of all the people in the TM franchise I think it’s safe to say Matt would have been voted “Least Likely to Get Your Shit Together”. Way to beat the odds – I’d rather see him with a grizzly beard than his sweaty meth face. He looks healthy.

Longtime lurker, firsttime poster here. You guys are my favorite. :)

So Kailyn is getting liposuction and a BBL. There are videos of her surgey on the lastweekonteenmom blog. Yeah, I wasn't expecting to see Kailyn's naked body today. Lol, I can't believe that she is ok with the world seeing her naked pictures. All in the name of free surgery I guess? I am disappointed that she is resorting to surgery versus healthy eating and exercise.

Yea I saw that!! Dam that during/after picture looked painful. I always get second hand pain seeing those plastic surgery pictures :P

TMJ really needs to do an article on this because it's too insane. Kail's a fucking hypocrite through and through. I was skimming through lastweekonteenmom just to find the video you were talking about, and the blog owner posted a professional photo Kail had taken of herself which had the words BEAUTY IS SIZELESS written on her side. Orly, Kail? If beauty were sizeless, then why are you getting a tummy tuck AND publicly broadcasting it for all the world to see?

She tried to justify it with a tweet in which she said she wanted to remain skinny and still eat as much junk food as she can. Bitch has never heard of self-control ever. She's full of it.

I wonder if these means she is done having kids? I wouldn't you go through all that plastic surgery to risk putting the weight back on with another baby.

I agree @CCB. TMJ must do an article - I feel I am owed one after watching Brianna's labiaplasty! Also, where is Javi while Kail is recovering? I know he is being deployed at some point, but why is he not around to help with her recovery? If I had any surgery, elective or not, I would want my bf there. Also, I wonder what Jo must think about all this.

I was a bit surprised to see Kails naked pics too.
Javi is not okay with her meeting her son's father in their house when he is not there but everything is allowed for money and freebies.
Why are there markings under her boobs I was wondering, did she get them done too?

from what the video showed she didn't get her boobs done. Why go through a butt lift, tummy tuck, chin tuck and not even get your boobs done? Maybe it's just me but I can see her back in a month or so to get her boobs done now

omg yes I have seen waaaay too much of Kail today. She got a butt lift, tummy tuck and a chin tuck?? Also, not to be rude but seeing the pics i thought she would be getting a breast lift, but she didn't.

Also Karl said she wanted the "fattest butt at Delaware State" or something. Ew. I honestly can't believe Kail let all of that be videotaped for snapchat. I had never heard about this doctor until yesterday, but if I was going to get surgery it wouldn't be posted on snapchat.

I'd love to know just how much Kail made with her waist trainers, fittea, beauty is sizeless campaign. I don't think Farrah doing "porn on TV" is any worse than Kail doing plastic surgery on snapchat and then having another Teen Mom get her vagina worked on right after.

Those waist trainers really don't work. I read that Kail was Photoshopping her stomach when she was wearing them to make it seem like they were helping her slim down.

This seals it for me - Kail is hypomanic. First it was the ridiculous snap chats showcasing some very questionable parenting (especially the heavy drinking on Isaac's birthday), now plastic surgery made public. These are crazy impulsive decisions, which is a hallmark of hypomania. Poor impulse control, spending sprees, she's exhibiting a lot of the behaviours.
I know her diagnosis of bipolar was rescinded on The Doctors or whatever (now there's a reputable source for medical diagnoses), but it wouldn't surprise me if she were Bipolar II/dysthymic. She seems to rapidly cycle.
And I know she's young, entitled and immature, but showing your naked body being operated on to total strangers just seems beyond that. I think her temper and entitlement is mostly her personality, but this? This just seems too bizarre.

Why would she get a breast lift .. I thought they looked nice. People are nuts.

I view Matt as how Tyler would of acted if if cate would of kept Carly

Nah. Tyler is too much of a pussy to shot up herion.

Lol. He probably would have picked up coke like his old man. Butch loves his cocaine, after all.

Did you guys watch Kailyn's surgery? Dr. Miami, who broadcast it on snapchat? She got a brazilian butt lift, lipo, and tummy tuck. She has marks on her chin, so I suppose her double chin will be history...

you can watch it here (*graphic*):

And a pic of her naked body (no face): http://56.media.tumblr.com/fd44937fda800af4944538299fd727b4/tumblr_o13ua...

What do you guys think about this?

@I saw it was mentioned after I clicked send. Still, in case someone wants to see the videos/photo . . .

As glad as I am that their baby is here healthy and Matt is sober, I'm over this couple calling in updates about their lives for attention (and then complaining when it's not all sunshine and roses and OMG! You guys rock!). No other dad gets this many updates and hopefully with the new baby here Lekota and Matt will have less time sending updates. Just live your life already.

she also comments on every single post about them on starcasm/radar

Starcasm and Radar do stories on them? About what? They are trying hard to cling onto that 15mins. Maybe this baby is like Nova and Jayde. And they are hoping it will revive TM3.

Lekota also always comments on TM stuff that have nothing that pertains to them butting in with "facts". Like contract negotiations and editing, etc. SHE was never on the show and Matt was only on for a season! They can't compare their experience to the other casts...
I feel like they have a holier than thou attitude because Matt overcame his addiction - but yet doesn't seem to be stable...

Yeah she always says I know from experience about teen mom 3. Uh, you were never on there. Matt was and he was high the whole time and lived in the woods can't trust what he says.