Teen Mom 3 - Alex Sekella's Ex, Matt McCann Is In ICU

If you don't remember this season on 16 and Pregnant, Alexandria Sekella was the small town girl who tried to deal with a boyfriend who had some major drug issues throughout the episode.

It was sad to see it unfold the way it did, and it appears that life caught up with Matt McCann as he was involved in a life changing accident last night.

Alex Sekella, who will appear on Teen Mom 3, announced to twitter that her ex boyfriend was involved in an accident and is in ICU. "The Ashley" followed up the story and confirmed he is indeed at Lehigh Valley Hospital with a broken neck and broken bones in his spine. I would naturally assume this is going to leave him with some sort of paralysis, but that has not been confirmed yet.

In a tragic turn of the story, his friends were apparently racing to get help, but were allegedly driving drunk and ended up hitting a tree, killing one and injuring two others.

I did digging on the friends, and the one who passed away appears to also be a young mother, and the two injured just started dating recently.

This is incredibly sad part of the story if indeed they are linked, which they appear to be.

This is a truly unfortunate event for everyone involved. I know Matt was considered a lousy father, and rightfully so, but he had/has a chance to change his ways and end up back in his daughters life.

No father starts out perfect, especially when they were completely unprepared for fatherhood. Hopefully he pulls through and is able to be in Arabella's life in the future.


You left out the "WTF" of the whole incident about him walking off the cliff and that being the reason he ended up in ICU.

It's not everyday you hear of someone walking off a freakin cliff, falling sure, but WALKING OFF A CLIFF?!?

Actually I am from Santa Barbara,ca and UCSB is one of the biggest party schools...there are cliffs by the ocean and there are always at least 3 drunk idiots a year that accidently kill themselves this way. It's ridiculous!

She called it karma 5 minutes later :/

>Alexandria Sekella ‏@OfficialSekella
@6andPregnantTee don't be sorry it's karma (5:07 pm)


Ooooo..seriously? Ouch. Despite the shitty druggy father status, he is still the father of her baby...

I know their relationship didn't work out but this is someone son,friend and family member. And for Alex to be that cold and heartless to tweet it's karma is wrong not only is Matt hurt. But one of friend is dead two are injury this is a sad situation. I don't understand how any human being can be that cold my gosh the relationship didn't work out that's life but for her to be that heartless is just cruel I wish she was not teen mom 3.

I feel sorry for the people who thumbed down that comment.

Ugh I hate this girl. The boy didn't want to be a father, he was so aware he was a drug addict and not dad material and this dumb girl still acts so surprised he isn't around. It's definitely not "karma", it's a tragedy, people lost their lives that night. Anyways, hoping for the best for him and his friends...

I completely agree. Through that entire 90 minutes (seriously MTV?) all I kept thinking was "wow this kid is completely strung out on something and yet he still seems to grasp the level of maturity and sacrifice it takes to raise a child more than his brat of a girlfriend does".

Like you said, hoping the best for all those affected.

Alexandria is a seriously dumb bitch. Karma? How about trying to have a little bit of respect for people that died/got injured trying to help their friend. Matt told her from the very beginning that he wasn't ready to be a father, and the fact that she keeps trying to bash him for doing exactly what he told her he was going to do is ridiculous. One day that baby will find out what a crappy person her mom is.

What I can't believe is how she basically says he deserves this and did something to bring it about, when I would be shitting myself scared that someone so close to my baby was seriously injured in a FATAL CAR WRECK. This is the dumb bitch who forward faced her baby at 5 months old! If I was her I'd be freaking out that I put my daughter at risk when car crashes are too damn common these days. I'm not expressing this all right, but seriously, take this as a reality check that just because you're young you're not invincible or infallible, and LEARN TO BETTER YOURSELF FOR YOUR KID! Fucking shit!

Completely 1000% agree. My husband literally tried to murder me when I was pregnant. He died 3 years later. I would NEVER EVER say it was "karma", no matter how horrible he was to me an how little he saw our son. Just awful.

I'm so sorry you and your son went through that. I wish people were more like that - sympathetic to even those who have wronged them.

again, can't believe people would actually thumb down this comment too..

Damn, I really hope that he recovers and isn't paralyzed. Girlfriend needs to quit with the karma bullshit, that's super inappropriate to say on Twitter to a fan. That's still the father of your fucking kid. Maybe this accident will be the kick in the butt he needs to stop using drugs and take an interest in being a dad.

I am feel like if he pulls through this it may be the second best thing to ever happen to him, after the birth of his child. If he isn't dead should be a wakeup call that shows him that life is short and that's you only get one life (as much as I hate YOLO it you only live once is a great saying when applied correctly) and the way you choose to spend it is very important. Even if he comes out of this paralyzed he still has a chance to be around for his child. I hope he pulls through this and gets the help he needs to be the great father that I know he can be. I will be praying for him.

I've always stood by my statement that the scariest thing about Matt wasn't his drug addiction, as much as it was that through 5 seasons of the show he is, without a doubt, the most self-aware person the show has ever featured. He seemed to be the only person that truly understood how much work a baby takes and that he was NOT ready for it. I get the whole "he shouldn't have sex with her then!" But in his defense, Alex said she was on birth control. My boyfriend and I are sexually active and monogomous so we don't use condoms. The only protection we use is my BC Pill. In that regard, the responsibility is all on me to make sure it's being used effectively. I do always feel at least a little bit bad for these guys that get stuck with girls who don't bother to use their bcp correctly and then act shocked when they end up pregnant and their boyfriend gets all pissy. I'd be pissed off too if my bf was assuring me that he was using bc correctly and ended up with a baby I was now responsible for!

Very good point that happens all the time and I don't think people take the time to put themselves in the guys shoes. That must suck.

Judging by her character on the show and since the show on twitter and FB, I would not be a bit surprised to find out she got pregnant on purpose hoping to make the show. I probably won't even watch TM3 because I can't stand her THAT MUCH. She is a rude, ignorant little brat.

As a baby nurse please allow me to advise you to ALWAYS USE a back-up to the bcp. I have lost count of the number of 'bcp babies' I have taken care of. It is not always the girl's fault either when the bcp fails. What if you were one of the thousands, who were affected recently, by a company error. The last 7 'sugar pills' in the bcp package, accidentally were places in EVERY pill slot. So women were being responsible but no pack of sugar pills will prevent pregnancy. I also would like to say that there our thousands of married people who believe they are in a monogomous relationship. They may be loyal but their partner may cheat. I am going to risk sounding like the mom and nurse that I am...it only takes one time to cheat to catch and then spread a STD. Please use condoms as back-up. One last thing, there are several over-the-counter and prescription drugs that interfere with the bcp. Please protect yourselves, an unplanned pregnancy changes your life FOREVER. Even if you abort or miscarry, it still does. I am not lecturing, I truly care!

Wow.. I am reading her Twitter right now. Okay, you don't think he is Good enough for your daughter, but dont write it on the internet to someone you don't even know. AND so everyone can read it. Ugh, cant stand people With no respect. "My family calls him sperm donor" "he Will be dead by then" ...

I hope he gets better!

I agree. I don't feel bad that he was on drugs and drunk and is a mess, but I feel bad for him as a person. He is still somebody's brother/son/father and I'm sure there is somebody who is innocent that is hurting over the incident and that makes it sad. It's clear that Matt had issues in his childhood and upbringing that led him to the path he's on, and to sit there and say that people like him deserve to be dead/hurt is medieval and immature. It doesn't take much to be the bigger person and say "He is on a very dark path and I can only hope he recovers and views this as a wake-up call to turn his life around." At least on public forum's like twitter. It's one thing if you don't care about him and vent to family and friends you know in person, it's another to say he deserved to be paralyzed or seriously injured because you let him stick his penis inside you on the reg and when you popped a little surprise family on him, you didn't like it when he didn't act according to script.

I honestly don't think I'll be able to watch TM3 solely because of Alex. Jenelle already infuriates me so much I can't get emotionally involved in another hot mess of an MTV Teenage Mother's primitive life crisis every week. I can already tell she thinks she's just the greatest ever and is always the victim in these situations she puts herself in (being with a druggie, getting pregnant by said druggie, being left by the druggie when the baby was born, not paying rent on the house you moved into, etc). You can already tell that nothing is ever Alex's fault in Alex's mind.

Seriously. I would love to meet one of the psychological profilers they use to find these girls. Just to pick their brain.

i never really liked alex. i think her decision to parent was very selfish. not only did matt tell her over and over he thought adoption was best, but she went and got that other family interested in adopting her daughter, just to back out at the last second with not much notice from what i can remember.

obviously matt's struggles with substance abuse are real and a broken neck could have been fatal. for her to say its karma one second and then to be all concerned and asking for prayers is completely contradictory. she needs to get over the blame and anger and the name calling. for all she knows its fueling his substance abuse further.

She had every right to keep her baby. She let the potential adoptive parents know clearly from the start that she was UNDECIDED. I think THEY were selfish for getting their hopes up then getting upset at her for it. That's HER child.

I do think it's a bit unfair for her to put so much blame and expectation on Matt though after he was very clear about not being ready to be a parent. If she wanted to keep her baby and embrace motherhood, she should have realized it was all on HER and can't get mad at a guy who keeps telling her he isn't willing to take on fatherhood.

watch her episode again. she kept her child when she didn't even know if she'd have a roof over her head and used to go on twitter saying she was going to live in a shelter and then eventually moved in with some old lady she barely knew and they had a big dispute over rent.

i know she has the right to keep her child, i never said she didn't. she just handled things very immaturely and was selfish and ignorant to everyone's opinions including matt's and her mother's.

She had every right to keep her baby IF she could provide for it. If she did not have the money or family support to raise the baby, then it is irresponsible, WRONG and immoral to keep the baby. Why should I be responsible for paying for her to have a baby to play with until she gets bored of it with my taxes? The government has provided me with more than enough other stupid things to pay off with my money than to have another baby born to an unintelligent and unstable parent (wars, corporate welfare, etc.). This particular girl might get some MTV money for a few years, but in the long run, that baby is going to cost me a lot of money as a taxpayer. In addition, the collective IQ of this nation is dropping with every dumbass spawning multiple times when intelligent/responsible people try to control their reproduction (I can't not think about the first scene in the movie, Idiocracy).

There are hundreds of thousands of responsible peoploe who want children and cannot have them for medical/physical reasons. It is incredibly selfish to keep a baby when you can't properly support and raise it when all of these other people woudl love to give the baby a loving, stable and supportive home. Catelynn and Tyler did the right thing. If she really and truly loved her baby, she woudl give it to someone who can properly take care of it.

I agree it was very heartless for Alex to call this karma, but I have a hard time feeling badly for people who chose to drive drunk. Yes, I understand they were trying to get help, but that's what 911 is for. You don't get behind the wheel when you're drunk. Ever. Period.

Agreed, unfortunately sometimes people do stupid things...and sometimes those stupid things result in death. The only bright part of this story is that no innocent bystanders were injured. I can feel pity because my uncle was killed in a drunk driving(he was the driver) accident when he was sixteen and I've seen the impact it has had on my whole family. Regardless of whether or not they had it coming, the effects of this will be long-reaching.

Yeah, I absolutely have sympathy for the grieving families. And you're right -- the silver lining is that they didn't crash into anyone else. I'm sorry you lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident. I've volunteered with MADD and I know the horrible impact drunk driving has on families...that's why I have a hard time feeling badly for drunk drivers. It's totally thoughtless, irresponsible thing to do.

I have read enough bullcrap on here to last me a lifetime.....please know that Matt is fine...he did NOT break his Back Nor his spine....the friends that went for help were NOT drunk...they were never in a crash..that was a whole other accident in a whole other town, not related to this at all,prayers going out to those involved in that one. Matt is clean and sober and doing very well for a long time now and he wasnt drunk nor using drugs when he slipped off the knob.He has people who love him and have kept his spirits up..This chic just wants the drama so she stays popular on MTV if you ask me she needs to be shut down and taken off the show cause 97 % of what she posts and tweets are DAMN LIES.!!

I am from the same area in PA and had this been true an accident like that followed with a car crash would of been on the news and it hasn't been. So I'm calling her story false.

I'm from Maryland and haven't heard anything about it either...fishy. It's such an extraordinary story, and with her involvement with teen mom 3, I would think it would be a big story. Weird...

Where I live (in VA) these things are initially kept out of the media when the situation involves minors, alcohol, and fatalities.

That's what I was thinking right after I posted my comment...maybe because their minors...

if she is lying about it then that is a whole new level of low. i don't know if anyone watches mtv's new show catfish, but in the first episode the girl said she was talking to a guy who said he had 3 sisters die in a horrific accident. the star of the show nev is like "didn't you find it hard to believe that all three sisters would die in an accident." and the girl goes "no, because who lies about that?"

that's exactly how i feel. why would someone lie about that for attention? smh.

I would but that's not the same crash. Feel like an idiot yet? Also the morning call isn't the best source. Try Lehigh valley live or wfmz. I'll give you props though for trying.

The same exact crash is on WFMZ and LVL. That is the same crash, because my sister is friends with Karisa. Don't talk about why you don't know, because the media doesn't report (or need to report) on everything.



Neither article mentions that alcohol was a factor, and there's no mention of Matt either...but there's no denying it's the same crash.

The Knob is in Lehigh Valley near Slatington, this crash is in a whole other county and town....duh....it is NOT reat NOT the same crash......

Um, I personally know Matt, and was actually at the hospital with him today, and the car crash was completely unrelated to what happened to Matt. And he isn't a bad resonance like Alex makes him out to be, and she just does all of this for attention.

How is he doing? Any update on his condition?

Matt is perfectly fine, he's walking and talking. He wasn't drunk or under the influence of any drugs.. He tripped over his shoe and fell off.. No one died in a car accident, nor did they get into one. This is all a bullshit lie. Alex showed up at the hospital screaming at him cause she's still OBSESSED with him, she even sent him a card saying how she still loves him. Just so ya'll know, he plans on suing cause this is all liable and defamation of character, so have fun with that ;)

Someone died in a car accident nearby on either the same night or close to it. I posted a link to that story. Alex said his friends got into an accident and hit a tree going for help.

Based on what you're saying, it was likely unrelated, but tragic nonetheless.

Lol he's going to sue teen mom junkies for reporting a story his crazy baby mama has been tweeting about all day?! Best of luck with that! No offense to Steve and Melinda, but it's not like this site has much to sue for. I don't think you get into reality tv show blogs for the money....lol

lol koda, he can't sue. Stop posting this everywhere.

I didnt mean this website per se, but yes, he can. Lol. He already talked to the hospital and MTV.

LOL He can't sue any of us or TMJ. He might be able to sue Alex though.

And I honestly would love to see that happen and for him to win.

Side note, it's called libel, not liable. Secondly, I haven't seen any of that except *maybe* from Alex, but even then it was indeed true he fell off a cliff and hurt himself.

That isn't a lie to defame his character. The closest thing he'd have to a case was those speculating he was on drugs at the time, but considering he appeared on national TV and admitted using drugs, that's not a far stretch of a speculation so I doubt that would go anywhere in court.

Finally, he definitely wouldn't have a case here. If anything, I tried to put him in a positive light. I know other blogs have been a bit different on that, but I still don't see a case against any of them. I'm just a blogger though, not a lawyer.

I'm a law student, and I laughed. One of my favourite things about studying law, and (hopefully!) going on to practise is getting to look at instances of people threatening to sue and knowing that they haven't got a leg to stand on.

I practice law and promise you that you will soon get bored with hearing people ask you if they can sue someone after you have heard the 17 millionth dumbass ask you if they can sue for some incident that caused them to be butthurt.

I am sure he would much rather spend money on drugs rather than a lawyer lol

Lekota Matthew ex girlfriend cant even be a creditable source she wasnt even with matt and Alex knew about matt's accident hours before lekota did and alex did tell matt she loved him she wrote stay strong for our baby and she screamed at matt because she asked him if he was using when it happened and he then never answered and asked her to leave sounds like hes guilty to me and i saw a fight between matt and alex on facebook regarding alex having a boyfriend matt is still in love with alex and i i remember seeing you lekota admitting to alex being right about matt not letting alex go so lekota leave your drama somewhere else because its consuming you

You dont know me and I dont know you. Believe me, the Matt mtv shows you isnt the real one and that fight was because she was flirting with his best friend and he was joking till she had to be a bitch. Did you happen to catch the part where I told her I would talk to Matt and try to help her out and what did she do? Thats right she acted like a five year old. Seriously girl you need to back off because you dont know my life or Matts. Thanks.

You, lil lizzie dont know wth youre speaking of...get your facts and the drama straight before making yourself look so dang dingy...

Lol what the heck is going on with the above comments?! This is weird

LOL at the "I'm going to sue!!!" comments. It's hilarious when someone brings that out, it just shows how immature and uneducated they are. In all seriousness though, Matt should probably get a restraining order on Alex. Judging from her behavior on the show and since, she's not stable.

I have to say i actually respected Matt in the episode of 16 & Pregnant because even though he had a substance abuse problem he knew he would not be able to be a good father and made it known and told Alex to give the baby up for adoption, because he knew they would not be able to cut it. She then ends up keeping the baby and then starts talking shit and putting him down constantly about him not being a good dad, even though he made it perfectly clear before the baby even came that he wouldnt be able to do it. GOD, girls like her make me so mad!!! And about her always playing victim, soooo true! Like with the whole carseat issue, she kept saying that the doctor said she was the right weight for the seat to be facing forward. BULLSHIT!!!! No doctor is going to okay a baby in a front facing seat at 5 months, and she was not even able to hold her head up yet...that should have been a major sign that she wasnt ready for that seat.. I too will probobly not watch TM3 because i know i will probobly want to punch this chick in the face everytime i watch it

I hope Matt is ok though. nobody deserves for that to happen, considering what a broken neck usually indicates. And as For Alex saying what she said on Twitter, that is just cruel, he is still the father of her baby and a human being, even if he has made some mistakes.When i heard what his injuries were my heart jumped up into my throat for a second and i dont even know the guy. Alex needs to learn to have compassion for others. you can tell shes all about the fame and money now.

This is from a 62 year old grandma. She is a lying, coniving, selfish bitch. Although he was obviously under the influence of something, he was smart enough to know adoption was the best option. She wanted to be on teen mom so she aced him out of that decision. She isnt attactive and now with all the drama, along with a child, and her record on mtv of showing what a bitch she is, she will never find a good man to marry her and give a rats ass about her or her kid other than for the mtv exposure and money. Thats your Karma bitch!!

I have had a hard time hearing about Matt and his accident because during the show he reminded me so much of my brother, both in appearance and in drug addiction. My brother became addicted to drugs when he was only 15 and tried to commit suicide this April at the age of 18.
He had a one night and was possibly the father of some girls baby who was born in May. After he was released from the hospital he stepped up and began taking care of his little girl and wants to be her daddy whether he is paternally her father or not. He has gotten a full time job and recently graduated from his HVAC program. The baby mother is just like Alex, a loud mouth, know it all, one upper bitch, who is a terrible mother, and a shitty person all around. Hopefully Matt will have the same turn around that my brother did and steps up for his daughter.

I had a bit of respect for Matt in alex's episode, even though he was off his face most of the time, he was realistic. Realistic about all it takes to raise a child and realistic about the fact he wasn't ready, which is so obvious because he has a drug addiction (or at least did then). I hope he sorts his life out, but lets be honest here, he could turn his life around, get off the drugs, get a good job, stable home & all of that & try to be involved in his daughters life and Alex will be the type of vindictive, evil bitch who will STOP him from seeing her, won't allow it. Because he didn't bend down & do what she said so she will do whatever she can to make his life hell. Evil bitch! Good luck to him though, hope he's ok.

Prayers and positive thoughts for this young man and his recovery from this dreadful accident..and of course, his addiction.
I too, believe he was honest and told this silly young woman, he was not cut out to be a Father, with his problems and his age...and there she was/is bashing him while he is at his lowest.