Alex Sekella Claims to be Pro-Life

Alexandria Sekella


Alex, who might be Teen Mom 3's most outspoken cast mate, made some comments yesterday on her twitter that set off some of her followers.

Alex, mother to Arabella, tweeted about her stance on abortion by saying, "Today is pro-life day and I am pro-life all the way except in the case of rape or life threatening"


Some fans pointed out that pro-lifers are normally the people who think that abortion should ever be used, but Alex states that there are circumstances where it's acceptable.

When this came up, she responded with, "obviously I'm pro-life I have bellie when u say pro-choice I think of the ppl who use it [abortion] as birth control." She even added the statistic in about how only 1% of abortions occur due to rape.

My main issue with this is that the world just saw Jenelle get an abortion on national television, and now Alex, who has had problems with Jenelle on and off for as long as I can remember, is chiming in and stating how abortion is wrong.

Although there isn't a single tweet directed at Jenelle specifically, I feel like this very easily could have been one little remark to throw her under the bus more than she already was.

In the wake of Jenelle's abortion, we have seen support from one of her fellow cast mates. Kailyn took to twitter to share that she is pro-choice and wasn't in Jenelle's shoes.

It's the little things that count in a situation like this.

Jenelle has received a ton of backlash because of airing her abortion on Teen Mom 2, but it obviously made an impact on a lot of people either way.

One of the main goals for the Teen Mom franchise is to get conversations started with viewers at home, and after watching this week's episode, I wouldn't doubt that a majority of those conversations included the topic of abortion.


God, this girl... She just keeps getting dumber by the minute.
Pro-life except in cases of rape or if it endangers the mothers life... That makes you pro-choice, Alex. Now STFU and stop talking about things you are HIGHLY uneducated about.

Pro-life does not necessarily mean "anti-abortion"

Her reasoning sounds like that of a child, or maybe it's her wording. I wish these girls would learn that it's best to just stay quiet about controversial issues or be prepared for a debate that is going to require thought, not just flipping out on people who disagree.

Yeah, but it's Alex we're talking about - she has anger issues!

Forgive me; where is the "reply" button?

I think this should be the new phrase from pro-life supporters:

"I am pro-life except when it comes to rape, life threatening situations, and Jenelle Evans".

Ha! I just wrote basically the same thing.

But Jenelle Evans IS a life threatening situation!

I can't stand Alex. That is all.

Jennelle is a ho-bag - she should get bashed for pretty much everything she does. And people who use abortions as birth control deserve to feel bad about themselves. Kill a baby because you couldn't plan ahead? F^&*ing disgusting.

It's not a baby though actually. It's usually a zygote, embryo, or fetus. Babies are different.

Do you think babies come from storks?

Science is hard =[

Butterflies come from caterpillars. But a butterfly and a caterpillar are still two different things.

A baby and an embryo are trapped inside a burning building. You can only save one. Which do you choose?

If I kill a caterpillar because Ew, Worm! then the butterfly is just as dead.

@Candace, wrong. The butterfly is not just as dead, because there was no butterfly to begin with

Shittiest Logic ever lol. Why do you care what people do with their uterus? The world is overpopulated anyway and most babies that get out up with adoption end up in foster homes, and foster homes aren't always that safe :/ pro life my ass, you're just pro fetus (which is not a person)

@High - I care because once the egg is fertilized it isn't just about the mother anymore, it is about the child who will be born if allowed to grow.

And I am pro-choice, not pro-life. A woman has a right to choose but if she chooses to not plan ahead before sex, gets knocked up and then aborts the baby because she is too selfish to make changes, then I have the right to call her what she is - a disgusting selfish ho-bag.

haha candace you truly are a funny person! mind your own business! i mean i know you cant get anything but that doesnt mean you have to shame me for doing normal human things! ;) I'm against murder, so does that make make me a murderer now? I dont say this stuff to make me sound cool, i say it because its the damn truth and people like you need to realize its not the 50s anymore. Thanks for the laugh though. and ps. you are still a misogynist.

It's not your body though. It's not a baby until its born. Why is a woman a "ho bag" for choosing abortion? Wouldn't that be better than providing an unstable home like *cough* jenelle, or putting it up for adoption and not knowing where the hell the kid will end up? Not all adoption stories are happy endings like *cough* catelynn wants you to think. It takes two to get pregnant, so what does that make the guy who got the girl pregnant who abandons her because he is selfish and doesn't want to take responsibility? Why the woman blaming here? In that case Ill call you what you are; a close minded misogynist that does not know how to mind their own business.

I care what others do with their bodies because people should have a little respect for themselves and the people who their actions may impact. I do not believe abortion should be used as a form of birth control and I'm entitled to those beliefs which obviously differ from yours.

And since you want to call me a misogynist (which I am not)... You are always on here talking about slut shaming so I guess I can call you what you seem to be - a disgusting piece of trash who can't keep their legs closed and thinks that is cool and makes you attractive and a good person. It doesn't.

Her thought makes sense and I understand what she means. The problem is she's not bright enough to formulate articulate thoughts or sentences and ends up sounding like the idiot that she is.

She's a child.

“Today is pro-life day and I am pro-life all the way except in the case of rape or life threatening, or if Jenelle Evans is pregnant.”

I understand what she's saying, I have similar views. I think abortion is too common these days, and generally disagree with it except in extreme circumstances such as rape, health issues, or things of that nature. The difference is I also understand that's not everyone's opinion and I don't think it's right to force my opinion on someone else. It took me some time to understand this, and when I was her age, I felt the same (I'm only a few years older at 21). As she gets older and more mature she will hopefully see that while she is entitled to her opinion and there is nothing wrong with it, others are entitled to a different opinion.

As far as jenelle, I don't think it's fair to assume her statement was an attack. She doesn't have to support a cast mates decision just because they are part of the same reality show.

JUST BECAUSE I AM PRO-CHOICE DOES NOT MEAN I SUPPORT ABORTION! Little shits like Alex need to learn what Pro-Choice means before she sets off her mouth. The opposite of Pro-Life would be Pro-Death.
Pro-Choicers believe women should have as many options as possible when it comes to their reproductive health, most importantly the many preventative measures available to avoid unwanted pregnancies and thus, abortion. However, if an unwanted pregnancy occurs we want to ensure that if a woman chooses to terminate her pregnancy, that she has access to a safe and legal procedure.
Alex needs to open a goddamn book.
Rant over.

What pisses me off so much about people who shout out that it should only be used for rape or cases where the mothers life is in danger... How do you plan on going about that... Most rapes aren't reported for a variety of reasons. I don't believe anyone ever wants a woman to have to face this situation, but it unfortunately happens. A woman just died in Ireland because doctors wouldn't perform a life saving abortion because the doctors were too afraid of the consequences. The father didn't just loose his wife, he lost his child as well. Without safe options, we go back to the ways of dangerous back alley abortions. If it became illegal. Than what would the consequences be if it was found out that a woman had one? Jail?

Precisely. Taking away legal and safe abortions just means women are going to go back to the wire hangers and shady doctors like Kermit Gosnell performing illegal abortions and having women die under the knife.
I've counseled young women trying to make decisions about their pregnancies, and I always ask them to reconsider abortion, especially if they are young. It is so physically and emotionally taxing that it can result in PTSD and a slew of other issues. If they did end up choosing it, I was obviously supportive. It is a heartbreaking process, but extreme Pro-Lifers would have everyone believe that any woman who gets an abortion is unfeeling and cold, lacking in motherly instinct, and a sexual deviant. That is absolutely NOT the case. The people I know who've had the procedure are amazing women who knew they couldn't bear a child at that point in their lives. It's absolutely not as black and white as people like Alex think it is.

Exactly. If they just took women's word for it, everyone who wanted an abortion would just lie. And when rape does occur, it's often not taken to trial due to lack of evidence, and when it is taken to trial, rapists often aren't convicted. Not to mention an investigation and trial can take so long, the woman may have already had the baby or be close to having it by that time, would that work? There's no way.

“obviously I’m pro-life I have Bellie" ... No you could make NO CHOICE that is why you have Bellie so you are Pro-Indecisiveness...

The end of life is when the heart stops beating. The beginning of life should therefore begin when the heart starts beating. This occurs around week 5 of pregnancy. Therefore any abortion occurring after week 5, the baby is very much alive in the scientific sense.

No, life can end before a person's heart stops beating. Google Jahi McMath. Brain death is true death.

It's not this black and white, sorry.

Nope. Try again, sweetie.

I'm going to reference The Walking Dead here... They made an excellent case in the first season when displaying what the brain looks like when a person is fully and completely alive, and then once they're dead, and again when reanimated. A fetus's brain is not active in the same way a newborn baby's is, just as a Walker's brain is not as active as a living human's is.

It's a highly complex and multidimensional issue and I'm sorry, you can't just put a little flag when 'life starts' on the grand timeline of a human life. Abortion is never a simple, cut and dry event. It is not a choice only made by cold and unfeeling women.

The walking dead is a fictional show. Zombies are not real. Give me a credible source that shows the difference between life and death.

For the record, I am also pro choice for others. It's not for me, but it's not my business what others do with their bodies. I hope those that choose this route know that it is horrible for their bodies and they risk infertility with every abortion. I hope they know it is not meant to be used as birth control. I know it is no easy decision. But my point is- anything that has its own heartbeat and body movements is its own separate life.

I am pro-I don't give a shit what you do with your uterus. Can Alex please just shut her fucking mouth already?

I will call myself pro-life because I support women making the decision that is best for their own lives as well as for the lives of their unborn children. I believe this all the way, even if it means a woman chooses to get an abortion. At three months the pregnancy consists of bunch of cells, not a human. Why do we care more about an embryo than a child growing up in poverty? That is what society is saying when it chooses to prevent access to abortion and get rid of food stamps (which fight child hunger).

Also what about pregnancies in addicts? Is it right to force someone to carry a child while they continue to use drugs (or are trying to quit but relapse)? Is it right to make a person feel morally obliged to carry a child that they will not take care of? You can try all you want, but you can't control how other people raise their children, but you can at least present abortion as an option.

In a perfect society, abortions would never need to happen. But just taking a look outside your window makes it obvious that our society is very far from this.

That is the literal definition of pro-choice.

A pregnancy at 3 months is NOT a bunch of cells. It is a body, with a head, arms, legs, and a beating heart.

Wasn't Alex going to get an abortion in her episode, but then changed her mind?

She was pretty indecisive the whole time if I remember correctly. She was going to get an abortion, didn't. Found a suitable family to adopt her, couldn't go through with it. And now she has the balls to say that her daughter was a mistake.

Most likely Alex is only even saying things like that cause her 15 minutes of fame are over and she is just trying to get a 16th minute. Remember controversy=publicity!

1.Fuck Jenelle and Alex. 2. Have you seen Heather clouse's baby? People keep asking if he's mixed and he clearly is. lol I'm mixed and that baby is. Anyways I wonder why she's lying. Go check her ig out. haha

It's possible that she or the dad or both of them have black ancestry....

Everyone is ridiculous with the HC nonsense. Greyson looks just like Cody.

This girl is truly a moron. I can't even tell you how unbelievably happy I am they cancelled TM3. Hoping they cancel TM2 after this season, too!

I had my daughter when I found out I was pregnant with her at 17, but that doesn't mean I'm pro-life. I am very much pro-choice, but that's just it. pro-CHOICE and it was my choice not to get an abortion That does not mean I am for abortions, but I am all for not forcing someone who doesn't want to be a mother become a mother, or go through pregnancy and give up her baby. I know a girl who is very into going to raves and doing molly and drugs, she reached out to me when she found out she was pregnant. She told me that she was planning on getting an abortion, because she didn't have a stable living environment, her boyfriend didn't want to be a father, she doesn't have a job and she also just didn't want to grow up and stop partying yet. She wants to act like an 18 year old. I completely supported this decision because I do believe it was the best choice for her. She then went on to continue going to raves and doing drugs before she got her abortion, because she couldn't "afford" it yet, which is absolutely disgusting to me that she would do that while pregnant, but it just proved even more that she should not bring this child into the world. It was still a very hard decision for her and she had a really hard time with it. It's a hard decision for anyone and nobody really wants to get an abortion, but it is the best decision for some people.

Having a kid doesn't make you pro-life, Alex. I had a child at 19 and I am 100% pro-choice. It was my CHOICE to have him and I'm glad that there were alternative options had I not wanted to have him.

And I don't understand being pro-life except for rape. Even ignoring the fact that there's no conceivable way to enforce that, do you think a rape baby isn't just as valuable a life as a non-rape baby? If abortion is killing a baby, why should rape babies be aborted? It just blatantly shows it's not about life, it's about attacking women for having consensual sex.


It was not my choice per se to get pregnant at 22, but I did. And, if given an option (I miscarried,) I'd have had an abortion because I could not have brought an innocent child into my horrific life at that age.

I'm 31 now, pregnant, and in a much more stable environment. Sometimes I wonder what would've happened if I had an almost eight-year-old - would I have finished college? Would I have gotten out of that abusive relationship? Would I have moved across the country, gotten a better life, and found myself? Who knows?

I'm no religious person but I do think there's a reason for everything... no need to judge anyone else. Live your own life and let everyone else worry about theirs. Just because someone's choice is different than yours doesn't mean they're some awful person.

Who cares how Jenelle feels. Alex can post whatever she pleases on her twitter. I, for one, am pro life. I think Jenelle should feel guilty for the rest of her life. If she couldn't keep the baby? That's what adoption is for.