Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Premiere Recap

Tonight was the (pre-) premiere of Teen Mom Young and Pregnant.  The new show follows a set of new moms, much like TLC's Unexpected.  On this episode, we got to learn about the moms and their lives.

So let's introduce the new moms (some of the names are H/T Starcasm):

Ashley Jones, 20 and her baby daddy Bariki "Bar" Smith.

Bar and Ashley started dating in 2016, and by 2017 they moved to Vegas (apparently, purely to drink and have sex). Ashley's mom is a preacher, who was strict and made her do all kinds of extracurriculars.

She says she was groomed to bring home a doctor or a lawyer, so bringing home Bar was a disappointment to them.

But she says, "they don't know what he's capable of..."  Well, they do now!

Bar's mom and Ashley don't get along.  At the baby shower, there is a big fight and Bar's mom drives off with her middle finger up at Ashley and her family.  Ashley and Bar fight about his mom.

Brianna Jamilo, 17 and Danae

Brianna (there appears to be some sort of law that all Teen Moms are named Brianna) is from Chicago and looks like she's 11.  She used to ditch school in freshman year, but then became the "relationship girl" sophomore year.  

Brianna has a transgender boyfriend named Danae -- but he wasn't the one that got her pregnant. She says she is attracted to people purely based on their personality -- not their looks.

Danae cheated on Brianna, and at the same time Brianna got pregnant with another guy. But Danae decided to take the role of the father.

We don't find out who the biological father is.

Danae's mom is close to Brianna, and she sides with her during fights.  Danae doesn't like that too much.  

Kayla Sessler, 19 and baby daddy Stephan Alexander (baby Isaiah)

Kayla is "a hopeless romantic." Kayla was a good student, and she met Stephan in Spanish class. She says Stephan was sincere -- not like other guys who just wanted to have sex with her.

Stephan wanted her to get an abortion originally, but he changed his mind when he saw the ultrasound.

Kayla is wise beyond her years: "I would definitely not recommend 18 year olds to have a baby."  

We find out that Kayla and Stephan fight a lot.  In one scene, we see Stephan screaming swears at Kayla's mom (in front of the baby).  He seems somewhat violent, getting in Kayla's mom's face and screaming. 

Stephan says he needs to move out and be on his own; he doesn't plan on being together forever. 

Lexi Tatman, 17 and baby daddy Kyler Lopez

Lexi is a cheerleader from Colorado. She met her man, Kyler at 16.

She liked that he was the bad boy, although now he looks like a an overweight Mike Myers from Wayne's World (yeah, I know most of you were too young to know what that is).

She makes it a point to tell us he's not a "dick".

Lexi's mom, Amber (yes of course she's named Amber) had been giving her condoms, but she managed to not use them.  They broke up and then Lexi found out she was pregnant.   Lexi says she feels very alone now.

They had previously talked about getting married, and Lexi had a promise ring.

Kyler says he doesn't want to be locked down, and he wants to date other people (any girls out there looking for a teenage guy who looks like an out of shape 45 year old contractor?).

Jade Cline, 20 and baby daddy Sean Luke Austin

Jade grew up in a "run-down" place in Indiana. She was popular and a partier, but she says she did well in school too.

Her baby daddy is Sean. On the douche-o-meter, he fits in somewhere between Kanye and Kevin Federline.

Jade had planned to go to college and party in her 20s (it's great to know she had plans...), but the baby changed all that.

Sean decides to quit his job without telling Jade (he says it's in order to help with the baby), but that pisses Jade off.

Jade's mom, Christy, was in and out of jail when she was a kid.  Christy is basically acting like Jade's child now, and Jade has to balance her own needs with the needs of her mom.


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