Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Episode 1 Recap: Meet the Moms

Tonight was the first episode of Teen Mom Young and Pregnant. The show follows several new young women on their journey through pregnancy.

Although this is the first episode of the show, there was a preview episode last week, which we recapped. That episode introduced the women, and you can view our recap in the links below.

Since this is technically the first episode, the women are reintroduced in this episode.  So here goes the recap...

Brianna and Danae

Brianna is 17 and has a boyfriend named Danae (who isn't the father). Danae is trans, and he moved to Milwaukee to be with Brianna and raise her child (Braeson).

Brianna got pregnant after she was on break from Danae, but Danae decided to help her raise the child. The biological father is not involved.

We first meet Brianna at 33 weeks. Brianna and Danae seem really happy together at times, but they fight a lot. Interestingly enough, they seem to know that their child has a birth issue and is missing an arm. 

Danae wants to move in with Brianna and her mother, but the mother doesn't necessarily want that.   

Jade and Sean

ard life.  She has moved in with Sean and the couple has a dog.  Their child is named Kloie. According to Jade, Sean works all day moving appliances, and he plays video games at night.

In Indiana we meet Jade and Sean. Jade is 21, and had a hard life.

Jade also has an issue with her mom (and dad), who was in and out of rehab her whole life. She's not sure how much support she will get from her parents.

She finds out that her dad got fired for failing a drug test.  So she is worried that her mom is back into drugs as well.  She's concerned about her mom being around Kloie.

Ashley and Bar

Bar and Ashley are married.  For some reason, the couple was living in Vegas and partying for the last year, when they got pregnant.  It appears Ashley was dancing, although now she's training to become a medical assistant.  

They moved back from Vegas to California to live with her mom, who is a preacher named Pastor Tea.   Bar's mom hates Ashley, and things have just gotten worse and worse between them over time. 

The couple is planning a baby shower, and Bar's mom becomes an issue. Bar talks to his mom, but it doesn't work.

So then Ashley's mom gets involved. Things get heated with all of them, resulting in Bar calling Ashley a "bitch".

Kayla and Stephan

Kayla had just graduated high school and was planning college. But then the pregnancy came, and she and Stephan have had a rocky relationship.   Their child's name is Izaiah.

Stephan has cheated on Kayla multiple times, and they have broken up many times.  But Kayla still takes Stephan back.  When we meet Stephan, he's apologizing for cheating. And Kayla is pondering whether to take him back again.

Kayla asks Stephan what he wants, but he's not very committal.  He keeps saying "I guess", but he says they have major problems.  

Lexi and Kyler

Lexi and Kyler got together in 7th grade. They were looking forward to senior year, but then Lexi found out she was pregnant.

And Kyler, who had just broken up with Lexi, was extremely unhappy. The current state of their relationship is questionable.

Lexi is very embarrassed by her pregnancy, and she worries what people will think about her.

Some of the girls on her cheerleading team are saying bad stuff about her, and they don't want her to be a part of the squad anymore.

In the next scene, Lexi does an interview with her high school newspaper to "set the record straight."  She says she's been with the baby's father since 8th grade, but people still call her a "whore."  

Lexi attends her first football game pregnant and she feels like everyone is looking at her and talking.   

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