Teen Mom, Season 9, Episode 4: What Happened in Jenelle's 911 Phone Call


Leah's boyfriend has now decided to pretend he's a doctor since he pals around with her and her kids wearing scrubs. Leah discusses Ali's upcoming medical appointment with him and Jason does his best to feign concern. 

Later, Leah takes Ali to her doctor's appointments. At her appointments, it appears that Ali is doing a little better. 

After, Leah decompresses about the appointment with Jason, who is doing some serious texting when she comes in to talk to him. Jason waxes poetic on nothing to Leah so he can nab some screen time. 


Naturally, Jenelle's sequence requires some printed narration telling us that the text of her 911 phone call was posted online and after that, she refused to film.

How many times have we seen this before? A producer then decompresses with Barb who notes that what she wants is to have Jenelle feel comfortable confiding in her so she's not going to push her.

Later, Nathan tells his girlfriend about how he went to go drop-off Kaiser and found out from Jenelle that during the 911 incident, nobody was really watching the kids.

Even Nathan's girlfriend, the woman who's dating the man who's tried to choke his girlfriends, seems to feel sorry for Jenelle.

We do see Jenelle a little bit on, and she tells Babs what the story is with the 911 call.

Of course, her narrative is punctuated by an account of how Nathan went hunting for deer.

Jenelle sums up the whole event as a "big drunk misunderstanding," in which "David fell on top of me." Babs aptly asks why Jenelle called the police and Jenelle notes that she was "angry and drunk."


Bri has found herself a new baby daddy but decides to make a big fuss about how her girls have not met him yet (someone new she's dating). 

Bri goes out with her boyfriend John, who introduces her to his friends. It turn's out that John and Bri met in a fried chicken restaurant. Sheesh, are these two classy or what? 

Later, John surprises Bri with a trip to Coney Island. 


At Jo's house, Isaac is playing cards with Jo's friend. Later, we see Kail hanging with Lincoln and Lux and talking about how she plans to reach out to her mom. Kail notes her mom does know where she lives.

As for her dad, Kail doesn't have a relationship with him either. However, Kail does have a real relationship with her half-sister.

Since Kail will be going to Dallas for her hairline, she plans to meet up with her sister there.

Next, Kail has a gratuitous product placement meeting with the marketing/distributing team for her pothead hairline. Kail notes to her friend that she wants to maintain the relationship with her sister but is 100% done with her mom. 

Kail then goes out for dinner with her sister and finds out that she's pregnant. Huh. We thought she was A LOT farther along.

Kail talks about what her meeting with her dad was like. When Kail is making fun of her dad for being declasse, you know he must be pretty hillbilly.


Chelsea has an absolutely BORING dropp-off of Chelsea at school and an even more BORING pick-up. 


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