Teen Mom, Season 9 Episode 16: Does David Have Jenelle On Lockdown?


Kail is recording a podcast, and naturally, invited Amber on. Hmmm, let's guess what they're going to talk about.

Yep, Amber comes clean about her conflict with Jenelle and notes she actually felt sorry about how she handled things.

Amber and Kail talk about how they, at times, got along better with people on the show like Jenelle and Farrah.

Later, Kail has a tete-a-tete with Amber about how Babs threatened to kill her. Kail and Amber talk about how it's never okay to make death threats.

BTW, is it just us or does Amber seem high while Kail is explaining her child support situation with Jo.

Kail's jokes about all 3 of her baby daddies coming back for child support.  



Roxanne and Brit talk about John behind his back. Shockingly, Roxanne and Brit are positive. Bri is taking Nova to gymnastics tryout so Luis is going to watch Stella.

Nova aptly mentions that Stella doesn't like her dad. We have to say that Bri handles this well.

When Luis comes over, it broke our hearts to see Stella run over to Bri. But it did seem like Nova was willing to get acquainted when Bri left. However, it clear when Bri returns that Stella is not happy. 




Jenelle goes out of town to film with Babs and talks about she's planning a trip with Jace to Kentucky. Babs asks if Jenelle will be okay with the trip and of course, Jenelle has avoided talking to him about it. In the next scene with Jenelle, she tells us that David wanted to go with her to Kentucky because he has family there but MTV can't film when he's around and now all of this is putting a strain on her marriage.

In the next scene, we see the screen flashing to Jenelle's facebook page showing that her relationship status is single. We then find out that Jenelle decides not to go to Kentucky. Is david holding Jenelle hostage.

We do, however, see Nathan getting a haircut and talking about how Babs and Jenelle are threatening Kail. We love that now Nathan is being asked to comment on Jenelle's slow fall back into infamy.

This is while Nathan gets possibly the scariest haircut ever.



Leah mentions offhand that things have not been going well with Jason but now she's ready to talk aboutit. Huh, this is after Leah gave her kids a lecture about how they needed to get used to him.

Leah notes that Jason would get angry and "take things out on everyone," and she "couldn't meet his expectations and ...things got toxic." Hmmmmm. Wonder what his side of the story is.

Later, we find out that Jason called Leah's sister and told her that he wants Leah back.

We love how Leah's sister comment that she "thought Leah wuz gonna be preeeeg-nant." Yep, the idea of not having a baby before committing in a relationship is clearly outlandish to these folks.

Leah talks to her kids about Jason and Addie aptly calls Jason a "butthole." 


Chelsea built a lot of security around her home although it's totally unclear why she would need it. Later, we see Amber struggling with the kids in taking them to the doctor since Watson is sick. 


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