Teen Mom Season 9, Episode 13: Kail's Shocking Meeting With Jo

Uh oh. The moms are all definitely careening toward ultimatums with their baby daddies this week. Read on to find out more. 


Kail talks to Vee on the phone - looks like Vee wants to have a sit down with Kail. 

Later, Kail talks a whole bunch of trash about the upcoming meetup with one of her producers. Kail thinks she should bring Chris with her to the meeting.  

Before we see Kail heading into her meeting with Jo, we find out from her narration that Jo's been putting a lot of his money into a real estate business. 

Kail tells the producers that in the meeting, she realized she needed to let Jo talk. When he does, she finds out that Jo needs help because of his issues with his business. 


Chelsea is in the midst of her picture of domestic felicity but making sure to put her first baby to work taking care of all of her other babies.

We do, however, have to give Chelsea some credit for getting things right with her second baby daddy.


Briana talks to Nova about the need to do homework so that she can remember what she learned in school. We have a strong feeling that Nova is not paying attention, to you Bri.

In any case, Bri tries to tell Nova how it's not her fault that she's got a deadbeat dad. No, that's your fault, Bri.

Later, Bri's mom advises her to push further with her baby daddies. 

Luis is supposed to come over to see Stella and we see a producer's mouth drop when he actually makes good on a promise. 


Leah is staying with her kids at Jason's while her home is being repaired for flood damage.

Is it us, or is Leah waaaay too appreciative that Jason's letting her stay at his house? Leah thinks that her girls enjoy staying at Jason's a little too much.

Leah drives her daughters to their home now renovated and tries to convince them out of getting too attached to Jason's home. 


Nathan is sure work out waaaay more than he needs to. Nathan seems awfully worried about Kaiser now that he's taken some time off from strangling his ex-girlfriends.

Nathan explains to another gym-rat that his mom may be able to step up and intervene more legally on Kaiser's behalf.

Is it just us, or did MTV really not film Jenelle at all! Jenelle went to court to with Nathan's mom to determine visitation rights for Kaiser.

For some reason, Babs is in the background cleaning a pot with paper towels.

Later, we find out that Nathan did in fact win with his mom becoming an intervener.

We're wondering who that dude is that Nathan is talking to in the dog park. Also, who's the dog that he seems to be playing with?





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