Teen Mom Season 9 Episode 12: Luis Gets Rejected by Stella

What's happening with the moms this week?

Check it out below.  Ps Seems like Jenelle is missing!


Leah is having dinner with her kids and Jason and we see all of them bowing their heads in a prayer.

Yeah, there's some real room for religion there from a woman who's a teenager mother and who's also been divorced.

Alleah and Ali go out with their dad Corey who apparently came out from his hole in the woods to go out with his kids (and we're guessing MTV totally footed that bill).

Later, we see Leah shopping for Alleah and Ali's party and talking up Jason and how connected he is to her daughters. 

The day of her girls' party, we see Leah and Jason heading to the party place. It seems curious that 



Kail is working sooooo hard on her company. She also can't stop promoting her company ALL the time - yep, we bet Kail is working really hard on her "pothead" line.

We soon see her in New York meeting up with her sister for her haircare line launch.

We feel like the real reason Kail wants her sister around her so much is that she's the only person she knows bigger than her.

Kail goes out with her sister who asks her some well placed questions so that Kail can basically complain about all of her baby daddies. 

Later, Kail and her sister head out to her launch party where Chris does turn up. The camera does manage to catch Kail telling Chris that he can stay in her hotel room.

Maybe Kail is trying to get another baby started for Season 10.

The next day, Kail reflects on having seen Chris at the party and how vulnerable she is to forgiving him for all of his sins.

Kail and her sister talk about how they need to stay in better touch with each other.


Chelsea gives us the understatement of the year - with three kids, our family is a bit more work than it used to be.

For some reason, Chelsea feels compelled to breastfeed her daughter in the car, aptly calling it "the dangle."

Later, Chelsea does some more driving and breastfeeding. BORING. 


Luis went back to Orlando but it looks like Bri is still pushing his being dad 'cause Stella is going to be meeting up with him.

We see Bri calling her boyfriend John and telling him about her plans to meet up with Luis.

Later, Bri talks to Britanny about what a terrible person Luis is since he pulls out of seeing Stella. Naturally, Brittany offers us up all of the snark we're looking for calling Luis, "stupid, stupid, stupid." 

Sadly, when Stella finally meets Luis it's clear that Luis is a total DEADBEAT dad because Stell has some serious stranger anxiety when she sees him. 


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