Teen Mom Season 8 Episode 27: The Big Breakup Between Javi and Bri

Jenelle Evans

Birthday parties, firings, fight and more. What's up with the teen moms tonight? Read on to find out. 


Javi comes over for a birthday party for Isaac to Kail's and Javi takes Kail aside to talk to her. They talk off camera and then we find out from Kail after Javi leaves that Javi told Kail, "You were right." Apparently, Briana doesn't want kids while Javi does (WHAAATTT???) and Briana doesn't really want to move to Delaware either.

What exactly was Kail right about, 'cause so far, we're not seeing it. Kail looks INCREDIBLY triumphant.

Later, Javi comes on Kail's podcast, we're guessing so he can get the first word out on his breakup with Bri. There are some really freaky paintings of Isaac and Lincoln in the background. Of course, Kail goes straight for the jugular and asks Javi about his breakup.

Javi admits that it would have been wise to have Kail and Bri speak before he started a relationship with Bri. Kail is really bitter about how Javi behaved in defending Bri from her rather than the other way around.


Briana is in Delaware to see Javi. Javi and Briana had a long talk and Briana gives Shirley the lowdown on what happened. Javi wants Briana to move to Delaware and she's not sure if she should be making the move considering how big a sacrifice it would be.

For some reason, the discussion brings Briana to tears. Uh oh, she's feeling the burn about making all of the sacrifices.

Back in Florida, Briana gives the producers the story on how she and Javi broke up. Briana is upset that she refused Javi's offer to move and as a result, he wanted to break up with her. Javi also got upset about Briana planning on posting her surgeries on social media and receiving publicity about it Apparently, Javi cares too much about his "image" for Briana to do this. Oh boy. Everyone on this show has a serious delusional disorder.

We also learn from Brit, who starts talking morning pastries for some reason that Briana isn't "white bread" but rather is a "multigrain bagel." Mhhhm, okay. Briana felt controlled by Javi.

Uh oh. We also learn from Bri that she's be pretty upset if Javi were to talk to Kail about their relationship.

We find out when Javi decompresses with his sister about why he broke up with Briana, that staying "classy" was important to him. Apparently, Javi is concerned about the fact that Bri's surgery could impact his employment opportunities.

Um, yeah, 'cause that's the thing that's going to SINK you.

When Bri finds out about Javi's podcast with Kail, first, she lets loose on Twitter and LOW too, going after Kail's weight. 


Jeremy and Leah accompany Addie to a pottery shop where they paint pottery. Leah looks thrilled to be spending time with this ridiculous excuse for a man who cannot for the life of him enunciate. 

Later, Leah dishes to her sister Victoria about her outing with Jeremy. She recognizes that Jeremy wants to get back together but she feels upset about how Jeremy can go 2 weeks without talking to Addie.

Leah's also been worried about how sleepy Ali has been.

For some reason, Leah always has to meet up with her baby daddies in random parking lots and she follows suite with Corey to have a conversation about Ali.

From what we can gather (it's really hard to understand Corey talking) Leah and Corey commiserate.


Jenelle, of course, is on the serious defensive about David's firing. For some reason, she has to deny the fact that David got fired despite the fact that MTV aired their statement about firing David on the last episode. As if that isn't enough drama, Jenelle talks about how she had a run-in with Babs, who told her that she's going to get on the phone with her lawyer.

It turns out that Jace can choose for himself where he wants to live once he's 10. Wow. Jenelle is seriously delusional if she thinks Jace is going to choose her home.

At her dropoff of Jace with Babs, Jenelle refuses a friendly overture from Babs to have lunch. We also find out that on his way home, Jace wasn't allowed to call Babs 'cause "Mommy was being mean." Hmmm, sound suspicious. 

In a dramatic finish, Jace tells Babs about David and Jenelle didn't let Kaiser out on their boat trip which according to Jace makes David and Jenelle, "pieces of shit." 


Chelsea goes to find out the gender of her new baby and she and Cole manage to keep up a steady blither about it. Gawd, Chelsea is so boring.

Why do they keep her on? Of course, Chelsea has to "surprise the crew" with her announcement that she's having a girl. Um, NOBODY cares, least of all, the crew.

Later, Chelsea goes on an incredibly BORING jaunt to get stuff to surprise Cole about the baby. We think everyone should sign a petition to uproot this woman off this show. Chelsea acts like her life is just soooo perfect, but guess what, you're a teen mom, that's not an attainable goal for her.

In the next scene, we have the obligatory triumph about Chelsea being prego with a girl. OH BOY.



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