Teen Mom 2: The REAL, REAL Dish On The Premiere

Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom 2 premiered just a couple of days ago and despite all of the publicity that Kail, and her peeps have been pumping up for the show, we have to say, the show sort of disappointed.

Let's go over the reasons why.


The Kail-hates-Javi's-Girlfriend storyline is so tired out and we have to say, we don't think Lauren did a great job in the role.

Bri on the other hand pulled out thr crazy but Lauren seemed, well, too pregnant to really pull anything interesting

2. Devoin didn't seem as deadbeat as usual.

Deadbeat dads are a staple of teen mom, but was it just us or did it seem as if Devoin wasn't up to snuff? In fact, Nova and he seemed pretty tight.

Also, Bri didn't look as upset as she should have if Devoin really were that bad.

3. Kail is getting along with Chris. Um, Kail is supposed to hate her baby-daddy, right? When she's not spewing hate, Kail just seems reaaaaallly boring. 

4. the OMG moment - Jenelle! First of all, Jenelle getting along with Babs is just a ploy on MTV's part to either get us to watch OR to get Jenelle to film with somebody, ANYBODY. Also, there just didn't seem to be that much footage of Jenelle.

Her mediation with Nathan didn't get filmed and she didn't seem as indignant as she should have, either. Also, there was something a little disappointing about watching all of this drama go down well after it was already reported in the press several months ago.

In fact, on an editorial note, we'd suggest that in the future, MTV do a better job keeping these tidbits from making it into the press.


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