Teen Mom OG Season 7 Reunion Part II, Recap: Did Maci Talk Trash About Ryan

We're back with the recap of Teen Mom OG and the second part of the reunion episode. 

We start off with Amber. 


Dr. Drew has the condescension to tell Andrew how "great" he was with Amber. Andrew also waxes poetic about having a kid. Things gets interesting when Gary comes on and gets a question about whether he wanted to tell Leah about the birds and the bees.

Hmm, I think she figured it out by now considering that her parents were teen mom. Amber tries to get in on Kristina's heartache about her miscarriage and then gets congratulated by Dr.

Drew for being such a narcissist. Later, we also get to meet Gary's father who makes up some serious bullshit about how he lost "touch" with Gary's mom.


Dakota comes on to tell his side of the story and for some reason, looks A LOT better than he did on the show. He and Bristol exchange a few barbs. 



Maci gets asked a lot of questions about Ryan, since it's pretty much the only reason she's still on the show. Dr. Drew asks how Maci pictures Ryan's recovery and all she can muster is "being alive." Um, yes. 



Cory and Cheyenne talk about how Cory isn't "ready" to be in a relationship. Well, yeah, we're guessing women are throwing themselves at you and it just isn't worth it to be with someone.

Dr. Drew points how "alone" Cheyenne is now going to be.



Butch makes an appearance and talks about his sobriety Then Tyler's sister also comes on and discusses her sobriety. All of this seems to incite Ty who talks about how everyone else seems to have the ability to break down and he doesn't.

He gets a label of "codependent' from Dr. Drew for this.

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