Teen Mom OG Season 7 Reunion Part I, Recap: Will Amber Quit Teen Mom OG?

We can't believe it's that time again - yep, reunion time. Did the OG teen moms do anything to top the Teen Mom 2 reunion? Read on to find out. 

First up, the girls manage to suck up to each other. Bristol starts this off by complimenting Cheyenne on and Cory on the fact that they put Ryder first. 

Second, Maci tears up (very fake by the way) about how the teen moms get mom-shamed so much.

Yeah, a cool half a million dollars each year just doesn't make up for it, does it? Bristol then manages to tear up herself and the rest of the moms then start talking about Amber's issues with post-partum disorder.


Amber talks to Dr. Drew alone first and starts off with a lot of trash-talking about the show since she always had to be revisiting her past. Drew then gets Amber to describe in detail the symptoms of her depression.

Amber describes a "eird pressure." Amber also gives herself ALOT of credit in terms of how much she's "helped people." Dr. Drew tries to vilify the trolls on social media but then undercuts Amber on the fact that she feels angry about how much time Catelynn got off as opposed to her week off.

She doesn't seem to realize if she took the time to go to treatment she would get the time.


Maci comes on and tries to create some phantom problems in a lot of really, vague language. Dr.

Drew tries to turn the conversation to Ryan since after all, it's the only interesting thing Maci has got going on.

Maci says the point she realizes they were just dealing with Ryan on drugs was when Ryan threatened to shoot Taylor. Um, that was the point? It wasn't when Ryan was about to kill someone on the road high?

Maci also says that she's getting along better with Jen and Larry. 



Bristol describes the timeline of her relationship with Dakota then goes on to complain about how much she was "judged" for her teenage pregnancy. Well, yes, that's because of the insane level of hypocrisy your family perpetuated.

Bristol agrees with Dr. Drew that she "shuts down" a lot.



Cheyenne admits that she doesn't know why she and Cory would cross boundaries with their relationship when they'd been co-parenting so well. Cheyenne admits that Cory helped her a lot with in terms of getting out of the anxiety she felt about Ryder's medical issues.

Shockingly, Cheyenne also tells her she's ready to settle down with Cory but he's not. Hmmmm.



Catelynn processes Tyler's emotional response to her psychiatric issues in the season and says she's been trying to be supportive.Ty comes on and says he felt resentful about how he had to fend for himself when Catelynn left. Dr.

Drew asks Ty his only interesting question which is whether Catelynn and Ty still have sex. Yep, that's a yes on that one folks.





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