Teen Mom OG Season 7 Reunion Part 1 Recap: Ryan won't talk, Farrah is back

farrah abraham

Tonight was the Teen Mom OG reunion special.  This reunion featured Catelynn and Maci on stage, Farrah separately, and Amber via Skype.


Catelynn and Maci appear first, and they both agree that this was the hardest year so far.  


Drew asked about Farrah, and Catelynn said that she always wanted to what she's doing (porn), and they're happy that she's gone.

Maci and Catelynn said that they couldn't keep in touch with Sophia, even though they would have wanted to because of Farrah.

Catelynn then discussed Matt: she was not happy to see Amber isolate herself, and she's happy that it's over.  Maci put in a few good words about Andrew.  

Maci then left the stage, and Dr. Drew spoke with Catelynn alone.

She broke down and started crying after seeing herself go off to rehab. She's afraid she's doing the same thing to her daughter that her parents did to her.

Then, Catelynn explained a bit more about the trauma she faced when young than she has in the past.  She discussed her alcoholic mother, and her father abandoning her.  She then talked about PTSD resulting from the adoption.

Catelynn says she's totally drug free -- although when Dr. Drew asked about Tyler, she wouldn't answer.  She has changed her meds and that appears to be working better.


After a few Naked and Afraid questions, Dr. Drew jumps right into the questioning about Ryan.

Taylor says he is upset about the threatening text messages (which we wrote about previously). He says that Maci is going about solving the situation the right way.

Dr. Drew then brings out Ryan and Mackenzie.

Ryan says that he didn't mind giving Maci a pee test, but he refused to give her a hair test. He says he spends every other weekend with Bentley, and he's now going to go back to court for Bentley.

Then, Ryan says something amazing.

Apparently, he's been under court obligated drug testing for three months because of the possession charge (which we wrote about in the past).

But he didn't bother to tell Maci because he's "tired of texting someone who doesn't text me back."

Ryan reveals that he had been hiding his drug addiction for years. It started with prescription drugs, and he claims that the doctors who gave him prescriptions are now all in jail.

Ryan says he has trouble finding a therapist because of the TV show. He seems like he has no intention to look...

Later, Mackenzie complains about how MTV showed her and Ryan's wedding.  

In the last scene, we see Ryan and Mackenzie backstage.  Ryan is angry, and he refuses to go out and talk to Maci. 


A montage of Gary talking about Amber is played before she appears on screen. She tells us that she's angry and that "90% of what Gary said is not true." She claims she's never been away from Leah for a month.

She then goes on to explaining how bad Matt was.

Amber admits that she was drinking a lot during that time, but she "might not have been doing a lot of drugs." Well, that's interesting.

She says she stopped taking her meds, and she didn't want Leah to see her in that light.

Dr. Drew asks about Andrew, and Amber gloats about him being one of the sweetest men she's ever met.

Andrew says that he's happy to be at the reunion. He says he originally met Amber because he was in her first Marriage Boot Camp interview.

Andrew then takes a few shots at Gary, saying that he "likes to manipulate," and he calls Amber just to upset her.  Andrew also reveals that he's been thinking about marriage -- and Amber looks shocked. 

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