Teen Mom OG Season 7 Finale Recap: Ryan Talks Separation, Amber Complains

Tonight was the season finale of Teen Mom OG season 7.  Here we go with the recap:

Mackenzie and Ryan

Ryan and Mackenzie are at the doctor.  Ryan's found a new chair to sit on and look dazed.  He appears to have two lollipops in his mouth while he stares aimlessly.

Larry asks Ryan for the scoop on the baby. Ryan's answer: "she's pregnant." Mackenzie tells the story that she put her pee stick in Ryan's fast food bag, and it freaked him out.

He ran around asking "what are we gonna do," until Mackenzie told him they're married. Apparently, learning that calmed him down.

In the next scene, Jen asks Ryan about being sober.  He says he feels "normal". Larry says Ryan can help a lot of people... We'll have to see about that.

On the way home, Ryan is breathing heavily and moving really strangely, and he keeps complaining that he's cold. He then passes out.

At home, he says he doesn't feel good, which pisses off Mackenzie. She snaps at him, and he says he wants to separate for the next 9 months. Things are off to a great start with this new baby!


Maci begins the episode talking to a friend about Mackenzie being pregnant.

Maci says that just because they're having a baby, nothing changes with respect to Bentley. She notes that Ryan hasn't taken a drug test, although we know that the problems go way beyond that.

Catelynn and Tyler

Tyler and Nova are decorating the Christmas tree, when Catelynn returns home from rehab.  Sadly, Nova thanks her for "coming back."

The next day, Tyler and Catelynn go to see their new house. We then sit through 5 minutes of HGTV as we learn all about what sheetrock they're using.

Tyler recounts how busy he's been shipping a few boxes a day of his clothes and then looking at his house. Meanwhile, Catelynn sits in a corner and looks depressed.

Later, Catelynn tells Tyler that she's depressed again and letting people down. She's happy that Tyler isn't divorcing her....he says he's never going anywhere.  Catelynn has to decide whether to return to rehab. 

At dinner, Tyler and his sister Amber discuss the situation. Tyler isn't happy about it, and he explains his issue so eloquently: "dude, it's our kid bro."  He starts to think Catelynn is being like Butch.

In the last scene, Nova breaks down about having to go to school, while Catelynn tries to hold herself together.

Catelynn tells Nova that Tyler will be coming to pick her up, and she starts crying. At home, she packs up to return to rehab.


Andrew is talking to some friends via Skype, and they tell him their "pizza thing" got financing, so maybe Andrew is gonna get a job after all.

He tells Amber that he's gonna start working in July (which she was bragging about on Twitter recently). Amber plans to go out to LA for two months and maybe take Leah (we'll see what Gary says about that).

In the next scene, Amber starts complaining to her cousin Krystal (who we have to assume will be replacing the next fired mom next season) about Leah and how she would rather hang out with her friends than her mom.

Amber decides she's going to force Leah to hang out with her.

Apparently, Amber wants to move to California but she's staying because she's sacrificing for her family (comment on that as you will...)   

Amber wants Gary to switch Leah weekends, but Gary refuses.  Upset, Amber starts complaining about how she should be the priority.   She and Andrew agree that Gary is controlling. 

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