Teen Mom OG Season 7, Episode 7: Catelynn and Andrew Glennon Face Off

andrew glennon


Catelynn is in LA for the VMAs and for some bizarre reason, Tyler didn't want to come.

We're confused as to why Tyler feels perfectly comfortable blasting his life on national TV but feels that a live awards show "just isn't his thing," but hey, that's just us.

Tyler, does however, have time to lunch with family and explain the mind numbing details of the fencing that's going up around his home. Tyler is also suspicious that his father is using again.

So, basically, if look like Tyler's dad with all of that sketchy facial hair and walk around with a wife beater all of the time - there are really only two things you're qualified for: drug abuse and petty crime.

We're gonna give his dad some credit for choosing the more honorable of those two activities.

Back on Tyler and Catelynn's farm, Catelynn reflects on the VMAs.

Later, Tyler calls his dad and based on his voicemail message, we're not sure how Butch could POSSIBLY do anything other than lead a life of crime.

Tyler and Catelynn do eventually find Butch at their home. Tyler is looking for a rehab program for his father.

Tyler's dad definitely sounds high during this conversation. Either that or Butch's momma definitely drank when she was pregnant with him.


Amber is excited to show off Andrew Glennon at the VMAs. Yes, that's what she said.

She's excited to show off her overweight, burly jellyfish of a boyfriend.

Catelynn and her friend Haley meet Andrew and in under one minute, even Catelynn is able to deduce that Andrew has no real career prospects of his own, and lives in a "family home" in Malibu.

We are also very confused when Andrew points out the home is an investment since he clearly did not purchase it on his own but, sadly, it takes this little to pull the wool over Amber and Catelynn's eyes.

Only at the VMAs, would fans be screaming for Gary and all of his chins. Gary and his chins also wax poetic about Amber's having a new boyfriend. Once Amber comes in, Andrew looks mildly uncomfortable being her purse man.

Later, like the good borderline that she is, Amber has Andrew meet Leah waaaaaay too early just so she can be sure to violate all of her boundaries.

Is it just us, or does Gary ALWAYS wear his "dad bod" shirt on every single taping?!

Amber and Andrew then go out drinking and we get really confused about whether Andrew has a British accent or just a speech impediment.

Amber talks about how perfect Leah is and how much she does to show her she loves her. Yeah, that one time you see her every week for all of 10 minutes, you do everything you can!


Farrah is in New York with Sophia where she plans to violate all kinds of child labor laws and put Sophia to work so that Sophia can very shortly pen a "Mommy Dearest" narrative that we believe is someday going to be the Abrahams' most lucrative ventures. However, Farrah dares to speak common sense when she points out how dumb it is that her mother has put "eMBA" next to her name on her wedding invite. We're guessing the real reason Debs went for this designation was that she felt left out since Dr.

David got to put "MD" next to his name. Debs continues to bumble her way into more Farrah fury when she points out that Amber is coming to her wedding and is the "most compassionate person." Oh boy.

Hell hath no fury like a daughter scorned.

Meanwhile, Sophia has a minor breakdown while her mom and grandma go at it, making it very clear that the final recipient of Farrah's anal lube earnings is going to be a very expensive child therapist.

Later, Farrah has a drag queen come in and give Sophia tips to walk a runway. In the car on the way to the show, Debs sends Farrah an article that we're not sure why, pisses Farrah off once again.

Backstage, Farrah, the stage moms of all stage moms, feels embarrassed by her mother trying to out-stagemom her.

Back in their hotel room, Farrah complains about her mom but manages to quickly lose all credibility with her English since she's "broughten it up with her mom before."


Maci and Taylor have to start up their inane drivel about well their company is doing.


Can we all just take a deep breath for a moment and exclaim over the fact that if Maci and Taylor hadn't been able to launch a successful clothing company out of the amount of publicity they've gotten out of the show, we probably would have had to declare them brain dead?

We have a strong feeling MTV's lawyers told them NOT to film Ryan driving anymore 'cause all of this season's car scenes with these two have only been filmed with Mackenzie at the wheel. Later, Mackenzie complains to a friend about how Ryan has been irritable.

That's 'cause Ryan's NOT ON OPIATES ANYMORE, HONEY. Apparently, Mackenzie preferred opiate Ryan.

Later, Taylor and Maci talk about their need for an office since having 3 children crawling all over you does not a good work environment make. The conversation derails, however, when Maci announces that they have a "big problem." We're thinking that based on the way Maci says this we're about the find out that Ryan kidnapped Bentley, but no, it turns out Maci and Taylor spelled their "Los Angeles" t-shirts incorrectly, which is pretty much par for the course when you're high school dropouts.

Maci and Taylor then visit a communal workspace site where they get a private our. We thought this startup-y bullshit was a little hipster-y for these two, but looks like the space is an easy sell for Maci and Taylor.

Ryan and Mackenzie go out for lunch and pontificate on some really philosophical topics like how Ryan feels his ring now fits him since "de swelling in ma body has gone down fin-a-lly." Is it just us, or does Ryan not sound much different off drugs than on them? Ryan asks Mackenzie if there is anything he can do for her and she gets that anally retentive look on her face and lies, right to his face, again. "Naw," she says at first.

Mackenzie says she's lost a bit of who she is. Boo hoo. What parts, exactly, did she lose? Part of her brain?

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