Teen Mom OG Season 7, Episode 25 Recap: Maci Throws Farrah Under the Bus

We're back with all of the deets on the latest Teen Mom OG episode. Let's check out what's been happening with these dramatic ladies lately...


Cheyenne is a little nervous about meeting all of the new Teen Mom OG cast. She feels like the odd one out considering she's new. Cory consoles her by noting that Bristol is new too. 

Later, backstage, Cheyenne has a chance to meet Bristol and their conversation is seriously awkward considering these two definitely are 180 degrees apart in term of certain political beliefs. 

Cheyenne and Birstol have a chance to meet the "regulars" before they go on stage. Cheyenne feels the needs to push the fact that she's an MTV veteran. Everyone does bond over hating Farrah. 


Bristol is on her way to press week as well. In her case, her ex, Dakota is busy culling favor with the producers.

He says that Bristol tried to put him in jail for 18 months over their issues with their property division.

Later, Bristol has a chance to chat with her friend who looks like either a trainer or a porn star. 

Bristol is now escalating her divorce battle with Dakota about the fact that he "stole" some money from her. Hmmm, we're guessing she's talking about the money he "stole" from her mom.

Bristol's friend points out that she "respected" Dakota for a long time but now she's "lost all respect." Ummmmmmm.

Bristol's friend also vies to be a season regular with some crocodile tears which Bristol admonishes her for. You can tell Bristol is thinking, "Ummmm, it's part of my job to fake tears, not yours!"


Maci gets on the phone with Catelynn and dishes dirt over Farrah and feeling like anyone new is a better bet than Farrah.

Ooooh, girl, them's fighting words! Maci says that she feels most comfortable with Amber and Catelynn. Is this high school, or what?

Meanwhile, Jen and Larry are getting waaaay more screen time now that Ryan is no longer on the show. Apparently, however, his dog did not get the boot.

Larry gets all sentimental about how Ryan is doing. We think these are crocodile tears considering these two were probably in denial for a looong time about Ryan's issues.

Later, Maci, Amber and Catelynn get their makeup done and question why they weren't informed about the arrival of Bristol and Cheyenne.

Um, we're guessing MTV wanted to keep the identity of their new additions a secret and felt they couldn't count on you three for secrecy.

After her return home, Maci talks to her friend about how Ryan is going to a 90 day program and he's going to miss Bentley's birthday AND the birth of his new child. Ummm, we're thinking one is a slightly bigger deal here than the other.

Maci wants to emphasize how little patience she has for Ryan at this point. Yep, when your baby daddy is Ryan, the world is pretty much on Maci's side on this one.


Amber and Catelynn get to the set of the MTV press junket and talk to Larry, the producer about how they want an intro to Bristol and Cheyenne before they go on camera with them. Um, this is dramatic much and Larry looks EXHAUSTED by all of these two-bit reality stars without college degrees making demands of him whilst also possibly feigning the entire reaction considering this whole bit may have actually been scripted.

Larry decides to agree with absolutely everything Amber says even though she's SREIOUSLY being entitled with her statement about she'd "like some respect back." Umm, honey, that's called a paycheck.

In between Amber's scenes, we find out that "dad-bod" Gary isn't making much progress with his search for his father, courtesy of his mother, it turns out. There's actually a possibility that Gary's brother might be his full-blooded dad. 

When Amber gets home, she has to take a pregnancy test just to drum up a little extra drama. What the....? Seriously, what's with these girls and their lack of birth control. Amber finds out that she's not pregnant. 



Tyler and his mom have a lot of dirt to dish about the fact that just about EVERYONE in their family is getting detoxed.

Tyler's mom has a lengthy list of drugs to tell Tyler his sister is taking - we're not sure why this is supposed to make Tyler feel more empathy for his sister.

Meanwhile, in New York, Catelynn, calls Tyler and finds out that Amber had been doing opiates. In response, Catelynn sounds highly inconvenienced considering she's resentful about how Amber has left all of her dogs at their house 

Tyler later visits his father and wonders how his dad is affording everything that he is considering he seems to be residing in a lovely neighborhood. You can tell Tyler is thinking, "Um, Catelynn and I NEED to stop footing the bill for your life, dude.' Tyler then has a chance to congratulate his dad for getting his driver's license back. Tyler's dad did see Amber and makes a point to note that her skin looks really bad.

Oh, how sad. You've got a drug addiction and your dad has to make a remark on national TV about how your skin sucks. Tyler vents about his sister and how he feels Amber has exhausted his supply of empathy.

When Catelynn gets back, she points out that she liked Cheyenne but she doesn't really "vibe" with Bristol in a REALLY nice way. Catelynn points out that she, Maci and Amber "built' the teen mom franchise.

Ummm, that's going REALLY far, honey.



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