Teen Mom OG Season 7, Episode 22 Recap: Cheyenne Breaks up with Zach, Yay!

We're finally starting to understand why the teen moms are such suckers for having babies as soon as they meet someone. We literally think that they feel that a baby is the symbol of their love and a way to seal their tenuous bonds with their baby daddies.

Seeing Amber so peaceful made us realize it. For more on how Amber's been doing, scroll on!


Bristol is still in LA for Tripp's dance competition show. Sarah Palin certainly has a lot of screen time on Teen Mom OG. Bristol complains to her about how Dakota moved all of her stuff into the guest bedroom.

Bristol is upset that Dakota did this and feels it would be jarring for Tripp to see. Um, we think the divorce might be a little more jarring than the move of some furniture.

Sarah Palin wears her insane sunglasses (indoors, nach!) and validates Bristol.

Later, Bristol has a conversation with one of her sisters about what a terrible baby daddy Levi was. Seems like a really redundant conversation to us. 

Bristol and Tripp then meet up with Levi and his wife, who themselves have two girls and will be caring for Tripp over the next few days. 

Bristol then has a very awkward conversation with Dakota about how they're going to handle their living situation when she gets back to 


Amber and Andrew are still in bliss and get a visit from dad-bod Gary and his fam, which includes Leah. Leah is excited to see Amber's place in LA. 

Dad-bod Gary is generous enough to baby-sit James. The next day, Gary looks crushed at the idea that Amber is going to spend one on one time with Leah parasailing rather than getting mani-pedis. Not sure what that's about. 



At Bentley's baseball game, he gets to throw out the first pitch (hmmm, we wonder why). In the next scene, Maci flashes to the Ashley's exclusive on Ryan getting arrested since he was booked on violating probation.

Maci is troubled about how Bentley might take the news but seems to have honed an approach. Maci had thought that Ryan was still sober.

The producers decide to draw out Ryan's parents about his recent arrest and they manage to wax poetic and pathetic at the same time with a whole bunch of cliches. 

Next, Maci throws herself a party and tries to avoid thinking about how Bentley's got a dad with terrible drug issues. Awwwwwww. Poor Maci. 


Catelynn feels things are tense between her and Tyler but she's not ready to start couples' counseling yet. She is however to start traipsing across the country since she and Tyler are visiting Butch at his rehab facility in Texas.

The place looks nice which we guess means Tyler is footing this bill. Or maybe MTV.

Tyler and Butch get a chance to talk about Tyler's suicide attempt and how Butch tried to ignore it. 


Cheyenne and Cory talk about how Zach does get in the way of their coparenting. Later, Cheyenne gets home and finds Zach drunk which throws her over the edge and caused her to pack up his stuff. 

When Cory comes over Cheyenne tells him what happened and he seems delighted to hear that Zach may be out of the picture and jokes about when he can move in. 



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