Teen Mom OG Season 7 Episode 20 Recap: Will Bristol Stay in Overalls the Whole Season?

Maci and the rest of the crew is back this week, bringing back all of the old skeletons in their closets since apparently they have nothing better to talk about..

So who drummed up the most drama? Read on to find out.


Andrew has to be away and calls Amber to see how she's doing. Amber seems like a total Earth mother. 

Dad bod Gary finds he has to put Leah in her place when she's working on an art project with the family. Amber discusses how Leah doesn't really want to hang out with the new baby.

She also mentions that she has been depressed despite feeling truly fulfilled in her life. When she went back to the psychiatrist she was told the issue was bipolar disorder rather than postpartum.

Andrew and Amber have dinner together where they slobber over each other. Still, Andrew looks like a little scared when Amber points out that she "doesn't know what she's gonna do...if this doesn't last forever."


Cheyenne talks to Zach about labor with Ryder and how she wants another baby when she turns 2. Zach catches the remark and seems slightly perturbed.

Later, Cory reminds Cheyenne that she's hiding Zach from her parents and she needs to be upfront with him.

Cheyenne has a pool party bringing together her family and Zach and Cory. Cory has a tete-a-tete with Cheyenne's dad.

Cheyenne's dad points out that Cory is much higher in the totem pole than Zach since he's just a boyfriend.

Cory points out that Zach is living with Cheyenne which we think was his way of passive-aggressively getting Cheyenne in some hot water with her dad.

Cheyenne feels suspicious of Cory's discussion with her father and stepdad.

Cory does let slip that he told Cheyenne's dad about her living with Zach. Cheyenne feels her dad is disapproving which upsets her and gets particularly upset when he tells her he has "conditions for loving her."


Maci gets a text from Jen and Larry about picking up Bentley since he's technically on the protection order from Ryan. Maci is having trouble trusting even Ryan's parents. 

Later, Maci discusses Maverick's hair which is far too long and his need for a haircut from the perch of her couch - is she turning into Ryan. Later, Maci helps Bentley with his homework while Jenn and Larry wait.

Bentley leaves with Jenn while Maci looks really, really pissed.

Maci and Tyler seem like they have NOTHING to talk about anymore. Tyler mulls over the recent Bentley exchange with Jenn wihch was awkward.

Tyler considers the possibility that Jenn and Larry feel awkward because they have their own issues with Ryan. Maci won't consider that possibility at all.


Catelynn decides to leave her treatment facility a little early and plans on surprising Tyler and Nova. We do wonder why Catelynn looks pretty good with her hair dyed and everything. Catelynn has been diagnosed with PTSD and panic disorder.

We have to wonder what kind of a treatment facility keeps people for weeks on end and have to guess that there's a substance abuse component here. Anyway, Catelynn decides to keep us out of the loop on that one.

and had an nice reunion with Tyler and Nova.

Tyler goes to see his therapist at the "integrated holistic center" who suggests ideas for "more sessions" that would also include Catelynn and her therapist. We have a feeling this therapist has decided that Tyler as a client is a goldmine. For some reason, however, it appears Tyler's therapist doesn't have the money to heat her office considering she's wearing her jack.

The therapist also points out that she's done her homework by "watching the show" which even Tyler seems to think is a little weird based on his facial expression. The therapist does go on to tell Tyler that he "carries everything and everyone." To the therapist's point, Catelynn and Tyler do have a video diary that would give a truly objective sense of just who's doing how much work in the relationship.

Of course, there's also MTV's talented editing job.

Tyler comes home and delivers the output of his therapy session which only serves to antagonize Catelynn and make her feel badly about herself.  


Bristol talks about how she and Dakota have been trying to make things work with Austin for a long time.

Bristol resents Dakota for being so mean to her when it's so tough to be married to someone with PTSD. We get some serious divorce vibes when Bristol tells one of the producers that she's "exhausted all of the possibilities."

Later, Dakota points out that Bristol is someone who told him she wasn't "strong enough" for his disorder and that divorce is something that "goes against everything he believes in from the Bible." Um, we think that everything else you've done in your life has probably set the sun on being adherent to the laws of the Bible.

Bristol sits down with Dakota to have it out with him and instructs Tripp to take his sisters into the bedroom and to "turn the TV on." Sadly, Tripp seems to realize this is code for "your parents are going to be fighting, honey." Bristol and Dakota talk about how her difficulty coping with his PTSD. Bristol doesn't want to make it work with Dakota which just leaves him feeling really helpless and a quitter.

Bristol doesn't look in the least bit emotional about the decision.


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