Teen Mom OG Season 7, Episode 19 Recap Part II: Why Cheyenne Will Get Back with Cory


Cheyenne heads to a toddler class with Cory and Ryder. Ryder causes quite a stir with her dancing. Back at Cheyenne's house, Cheyenne discusses the class with Zach.

She felt that it would be awkward to attend the class and Zach insists that he's not trying to tear Ryder apart from Cory. Zach seems WAAAY too reasonable.



Bristol and Dakota watch their kids play soccer. Tripp looks bored out of his mind. Bristol has this feeling that something is bothering Dakota which much excite her since now she can up the drama.

As soon as they're in the car, Bristol and Dakota begin arguing. Dakota says he's been "trying to tell Bristol all week about my anxiety" and Bristol has basically been ignoring him.

Once at home, Bristol and Dakota go nuts on each other. Bristol is unsure if Dakote has psychiatric issues or whether he's a jerk.

Dakota defends himself because he points out that he doesn't cope in destructive ways. However, Bristol is concerned about how Dakota treats her in front of the kids.


Maci discusses the court order she got and feels good about it since it makes her "feel safe" but is insistent that she's not getting in the way of Ryan showing up and being a dad. 


Tyler calls up his therapist to make an appointment. He goes to see Joelle the next day about his feeling about Catelynn.

Tyler articulates his feelings of resentment about always being in the caretaking position. Tyler feels frustrated about his relationship and talks about how he doesn't feel happy.


Amber waxes poetic about how happy she is with Andrew and doesn't care about marriage for the moment with him. 


EJ Johnson Sit Down

Bristol, Cheyenne and Catelynn sit down with EJ Johnson to talk about the experience of filming this season. Bristol, of course, talks about God's intent for us. We cannot believe she is still using this uber religious language.

Bristol responds to Farrah's comment that Bristol wants to "be her." Bristol points out she'd never want to be Farrah or have her kids look up to Farrah. Wow. Bristol acting better than Farrah? That's rich.

Bristol defends herself based on the fact that she grew up better off than the other OG's. Bristol gets really loud about having a "normal job" for several years. 

Cheyenne gets grilled about her tweet about white people - she points out that Corey's mother is Caucasian and she regrets what she said.

Cheyenne also gives out some pretty patronizing advice about how she and Cory always "put Ryder first." Still, adding to the complexity, Cheyenne does tell Cory that the "door isn't shut on their relationship."

Meanwhile, Bristol says that "homophobia" is not who she is, despite having said something to this effect on a blog post. 

Catelynn also clarifies that she's not breaking up with Tyler and that she's pregnant with his child.

Catelynn believes that it's hard for people to believe that she and Tyler would be together for so long.

Catelynn also responds to the footage of Tyler's mom saying she "wasn't doing anything at her rehab stay." Catelynn points out getting treatment is "doing something."





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