Teen Mom OG Season 7 Episode 17 Recap: Adoptions, Rehab

Tonight was the 17th episode of this season of Teen Mom OG.  Here goes the recap:


Tonight's episode begins with Amber vomiting into a trash bag and talking about her pregnancy.  Amber tells Andrew a long story about her friend, as Andrew tries to point out sloths on the wallpaper.

Later Amber picks up Leah at Gary's. They go to some sort of train store, where they are looking for a "shelf train" for below the ceiling -- of course.

They walk out with some soft of Back to the Future set.

MTV appears to have added Amber's cousin Krystal into the mix, because we go off on a tangent with her and her kids, Leightyn, Landyn, and Logyn, as she visits the father of her son. She goes off on a profanity laden rant to her kids about her brakes.

She then gets out of the car and starts screaming at the producer about her brakes. And of course, she takes the opportunity to have a smoke.

In the next scene, Amber and Krystal continue to discuss the brakes.

She continues to complain about her baby daddy and the breaks for another 10 minutes. Amber uses the opportunity to tell us how great Andrew is, and how his past is irrelevant.


Tyler has left Arizona, and now he's in Austin with his sister to see Butch. For some reason they need to leave to meet their dad at 4am in the facility.

Tyler recounts how maaam was upset that she messed him up, but his sister says she thinks maaam is great.

The counselor tells Amber and Tyler that Butch has been doing "a lot of writing." Unfortunately, we don't get to see it.

But he does read a bit from his third grade composition book. He says it's "kind of cool going through this" (uh...), and then he tells them he's grateful.


Maci is talking adoption. She and Bentley have an absurdly staged conversation about it, and Bentley explains that he wants someone to play with. He convinced Jayde to agree. 

In the next scene, Taylor and Maci call an adoption agent.  In preparation for what may be one of the most important calls in her life, Maci props herself up on the kitchen counter, and Taylor scratches his ass.

They decide they want to adopt someone 4+, and the agent tells them that the child would come "damaged."  They learn that the child would start by living a few nights a week with them, and the rest of the time the child would be in foster care.


Ryan and Mackenzie are washing the cavalier. Mackenzie lets us know that she's not taking birth control, so we're ready for what comes next: she ain't feeling good, Ryyyyyn.

Of course, Ryan takes that with the seriousness and mental clarity that he takes all things, and he manages to look up at her from his phone.

Mackenzie shows us the pee stick, and tells us Ryan was so excited he couldn't contain himself.

In the next scene, we see Ryan, who has apparently changed positions on the couch.  He tells Mackenzie to call him when the kid is three...that pisses her off.

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