Teen Mom OG Season 7 Episode 16 Recap: Amber Blows Up, Mackenzie Pregnant

Tonight was the 16th episode of the season.  Here's our recap:


This episode begins with Tyler visiting Catelynn in rehab.  We learn that Butch is on his third step (for rehab).  The staff at the rehab place think Catelynn is doing a lot better.  

Tyler gets a call from his dad, who talks about how hard the 12 steps... because "you've got to learn em."  Then he starts talking about how the rehab is full of "high class dudes" who come from "big money"... 


Bentley's going to the Edwards'.  Jen and Larry are coming to pick him up.  Maci is deciding whether to go to visit Catelynn.  Taylor tells her to go.

Maci flies to Arizona and meets up with Tyler. They drive together to see Catelynn.

Catelynn tells Maci about the pregnancy and miscarriage. Maci reveals that she also ha da miscarriage this year. She says she thought it was PCOS, and she didn't tell Taylor for two months.


On the talking couch, Ryan and Mackenzie talk about sending Hudson to his dad's house. We learn some of Ryan's wisdom: "it's not a perfect world."

Bentley is bowling with Ryan, Mackenzie, Jen, and Larry. Hudson is also there, and he looks angry.

They talk about starting a family (what exactly do they have now?), and we see a teaser for a pregnancy test showing Mackenzie pregnant. People confirmed that she is, in fact, pregnant.


Amber begins this episode steaming about Gary, and what he said about her.

In case you don't remember, there was a huge fight on Twitter (we wrote about it back then) between Amber, Gary, and Kristina over what Gary and Kristina said about Amber's parenting.

Gary and Kristina had questioned why Amber couldn't make time for her daughter, but she could make time to run around and cavort with Andrew Glennon.

Amber found out about it (they get the video before it airs), and went ballistic at MTV and at Gary.

Here are selected excerpts of what was said:

Amber: MTV has turned my pregnancy and this relationship into a joke in one of the happiest times of my life.

Apparently my life is just for people to tell me how horrible I am as a mother because I went through depression!


Make sure to watch Gary and Kristina tonight talking sh!t about me! It must be hard making money off of me! Being such a bad mom and all.

Where would they be? Wait..in a 1 bedroom shack in the ghetto of Anderson where he was before I got out and the show came back on!! Ignorant!

Amber goes on on Twitter to say all kinds of things about Kristina and Gary, and make several allegations.  

Returning to the recap, we are now at Gary's house, and dad bod walks in after talking to Amber on the phone. Gary says Amber wants a "break", but he says other parents, including him, can't take a break.

He goes off on all of the bad decisions Amber made.

Amber arrives at Gary's house in her giant motorhome, but she won't get out of the vehicle. Gary keeps knocking on the door, but the truck just sits there in his driveway.

After a long time, Leah emerges. Andrew gets Leah's stuff out of the storage hold, and then Amber and Andrew leave without saying anything to Gary.

The Twitter fights continue between Amber and Kristina and Gary.  Kristina is very angry about the accusations Amber made about her, which included cheating with multiple guys, and being with Gary just to get on TV.



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