Teen Mom OG Season 7 Episode 15 Recap: Ryan Talks Babies, Amber Reveals Name

Tonight was episode 15 of Teen Mom OG, and there were some surprises, including Amber's baby's name.  So what happens? Read on...


Great, we get to hear more about her clothing line and how they're ramping up production.  Taylor is trying to get Bentley to work for him...more Teen Mom child labor.

At home, Maci and Taylor are trying to get Jayde out of their bed at night, so Maci takes her to buy a new bed.  She picks out a bunk bed, which we all know she'll never use.

At the TTM Lifestyle office, Taylor talks about how great the clothes are.

Ryan and Mackenzie

Ryan and Mackenzie start the show by talking about Mackenzie's studies. Ryan finds out that Mackenzie is not currently in the nursing program, and then they turn to discussing having a baby.

They return to Cavalier couch, where we are regaled with Mackenzie's life story. MTV is clearly trying to ease her in as Farrah's replacement.

Mackenzie later talks with her friend about Ryan and Maci, calling their relationship a "hot mess express".  

Over dinner, Ryan and Mackenzie talk about addiction counseling.  

Later, Taylor tweeted this:

Catelynn and Tyler

Tyler is trying to hold down the fort while Catelynn is in rehab.  He takes the whole family to see Catelynn in the facility, but Tyler can't help but focus on the important things -- processing clothing orders.  

The family talks about the miscarriage, and how that  was the trigger for Catelynn's depression.  Tyler says that was probably one of the most traumatic things she's ever dealt with.


We start at Gary's house, where he has shifted positions in his chair.  

Back at Amber's house, she and Andrew are visiting Shawn. As Andrew watches, the whole family shoots each other with Nerf guns.

Shawn asks what Andrew does for a living. His response, "uh..." He eventually spits out that he's now writing for TV.

Shawn then starts asking Andrew if he tried to hook up with Jenelle or Farrah or someone before Amber. Later, Shawn asks how long before Andrew pops the question.

He says it's time now. He then asks about a prenup, and Amber says she won't sign one with Andrew. Andrew, meanwhile, looks extremely uncomfortable.

Amber tells Shawn that everything was hard before she met Andrew, and that there are no more lies (ugh).

After the show, Amber revealed that the new baby's name is going to be James Andrew Glennon, after Andrew's father.

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