Teen Mom OG Season 7, Episode 11: Ryan's King Charles Cavalier Trumps Bentley

Tyler Mckinney

It's that time again, y'all.

Time to see just how much Ryan prefers his King Charles Cavalier to Bentley (don't call him a deadbeat dog owner) and check in on how Starburst has been doing lately. Read on to find out more.


In this episode, Maci starts us off with her "bored as hell" voice-over about what the setup is for this year's Halloween and how Ryan continues to disappoint on the matter of Bentley's visitation rights with him. Maci and Ryan engage in another redundant conversation about how Maci needs to keep up a co-parenting relationship with Ryan but how that's all there really is, and she's trying to keep the dramz out.

Meanwhile, Bentley seems to be jumping on his trampoline out to nowhere while his parents continue to ignore him. Watch out Bentley!

At Mackenzie's house, Mackenzie breaks down the visitation rights to Bentley for one of the MTV producers while Hudson runs into walls in the background in his teenage mutant ninja turtle costume. Mackenzie is ever so grateful that Bentley and her son will get to "do this together" and go trick-or-treating on Halloween together.

Yes. We bet Bentley is thrilled to be spending time with his runs-into-walls stepbrother.

Later, Ryan and Mackenzie get to Maci's and soon find out that Maci has pushed back the time of their event. Ryan is pissed, especially when he gets a call from Jen and Larry, reminding him that he need to put in an appearance with Bentley.

Ryan is, of course, righteously indignant when Jen remarks that "Bentley needs to see you." Ryan's right where he should be, y'all. Spending time with his King Charles Cavalier puppy rather than his estranged son. Meanwhile, Mackenzie is "over this."

Ryan does eventually meet up with Bentley, Maci and co but only seems to have time to give him a quick hug since Hudson needs to be returned to his father at 6 pm.

Ryan has clearly never understood the concept of the pick up and drop off since it's not clear to us why he doesn't just stay with Bentley and have Mackenzie pick him up later, but then again, that would keep him from being a deadbeat dad which he seems determined to be.

Mackenzie and Ryan then go onto discuss just how much Maci screwed them by relating to Jen and Larry that they wouldn't meet up for trick or treating until 6pm. Um, yes, keep thinking that, it's Maci who screwed you, suuuuuuure.

Meanwhile, talk about some serious misapprehensions, Mackenzie goes on to say how sad it was that Hudson just didn't understand why he couldn't be with his brother on Halloween.

Wake up, honey, he couldn't understand it because he's spending all of his time engaged in a whole lot of head-banging.


Amber casually mentions that she still hasn't seen the doctor yet (possibly she's mistaken Andrew's many talents as including that of a licensed physician) while Andrew talks about what they're going to have for dinner.

Is it just us, or is it possible that Amber does think that Andrew is just one big, dumb lug, because when he doesn't seem to understand what "po' style" means, she blows him off with a terse, "never mind babe." Meanwhile, Andrew has decided that rather than being one bug dumb lug he'd rather just be a dumb lug 'cause he's decided to go on a "cleanse." He invites Amber to eat the way he's going to be (which apparently Amber does not take offense to despite the fact that her boyfriend appears to be implying that Amber needs to ixne on the carbsne) after which Amber waxes poetic on how she really does need to see the doctor.

Next, Amber heads to a fear farm with Leah, Gary and Andrew and we get to see Gary and Andrew compete for who's bigger from the profile of their backs. Boy does Amber like her man pudge.

Meanwhile, Gary is back at his house throwing some serious shade at Amber by implying that Matt may actually be Amber's baby daddy, since, after all, there was so little time between her breakup with him, Andrew coming into the picture and then Amber getting pregnant. He follows that statement up with a vociferous avowal of good wishes to Amber since he's got "nothing bad to say about Amber or Andrew." Yes, it's the passive-aggressive life and times of Gary and his many chins.

Gary continues to "hope" that Amber knows what she's getting into with such a speedy relationship and pregnancy.

Yeah, 'cause you thought really hard about what you were getting into by having a child with a woman who almost beat you to death.

Later, Amber finds out that she's 13 weeks pregnant and talks to the producers about how Andrew decided to pull his head out of his ass long enough to ask Amber if she would be willing to have natural childbirth.

On Amber's delivery of her indignant response, we swear we caught a moment of Andrew looking, really, very scared and perhaps beginning to understand how it came to be that Gary and his chins once upon a time fell victim to Amber's death blows.

We're thinking Andrew is beginning to realize how Amber behaves off of her multiple psychotropics as do the producers.


Farrah shows up back at home, clearly in time to frighten her menagerie of animals into submission since Starburst looks just a little more downtrodden and her stuffed animal/puppy looks a wee haggard on Michael's lap. Farrah announces to Michael that Jenelle from Teen Mom 2 texted her to tell her that her ex Courtland is going to be attending Debs's wedding.

How does Jenelle keep tabs on the whereabouts of all of her ex's anyway AND take the time to text the she-devils of the Teen Mom franchise and pump out so many children AND have explosive fights with David all of the time AND promote her mummy tea on her Instagram? Well, she's a mom and she's clearly on top of ALL of that and more 'cause now, Farrah knows about this strange coincidence.

Farrah and Michael proceed to disparage Debs's wedding while Sophia creeps up on Michael, grabs the stuffed animal/puppy and cuddles him.

It seems all Sophia has really done in the past several years of her life is creep up on Farrah and whoever is sharing the shot with her on this TV show all of the time.

Next, Farrah calls Debs and confronts her about Courtland's planned appearance at her wedding.

Debs being the angel that she is notes to Farrah that "we're all people in the eyes of God," which unfortunately, only seems to incite Farrah all the more.


Catelynn decides to get out there and advertise the fact that she's now pregnant. Tyler doesn't have to go far to let Butch know about this since Butch appears to be spending all of his time now hanging out at their property's fence.

Tyler and Butch then proceed to discuss Butch's impending rehab while Tyler tells him how good it's going to be for him to be there.

Um, Butch seems high right now, so yeah, we're guessing he'll agree with pretty much anything you say, Tyler.

Butch then comes into the house and finds out that Catelynn is pregnant.

Is it just us, or does it seem that Tyler's raucous laughter whenever Catelynn talks about the new baby is a tad nervous and a whole lot panicky?

Later, Tyler calls a rehab and confirms that he's spending $16,000/month on Butch's rehab. Yes, $16,000 on a dad who looks like he was on crack most of Tyler's childhood.

Catelynn offers up quite a bit of emotional support despite the fact that this expenditure is likely standing in the way of Nova's college education. Who are we kidding? Nova going to college? Hahahahahhahhahaha.

Tyler goes to pick up Butch for rehab and seems to have suffer what is clearly a triggering episode upon reentering his childhood home.

We can see that considering Butch is walking around, waving a lit candalabra and there is a child walking on the kitchen countertop as if it's a tightrope in the background. Tyler chooses to call it "the chaos."

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