Teen Mom OG Season 7 Episode 1 Recap: Dr. David Takes Michael

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Tonight was the first episode of Season 7 of Teen Mom OG. This season seems less exciting than previous ones, although that's kind of expected.

This episode starts with the behind the scenes of last season's reunion.

Anyway, here's the recap:


We return to Maci -- again talking about Ryan. For whatever reason we're treated to more of Dr. Drew (ugh) as he taunts Maci and Mackenzie to get them to fight.

Mackenzie is pissed and walks out, and Amber decides to get involved. Amber threatens to hit her. After they return to the green room, Catelynn, Maci and Amber discuss the driving incident.

In Dallas, Mackenzie is on her way to see Ryan in rehab. Back at her apartment, Mackenzie tells us that he was spending $10,000 a week.

He was using 3x per day. She's blaming Maci for everything. She says that at the therapist, she mentioned her name, and Ryan flew off the handle.

We get the obligatory "Ryan is not a bad guy" BS before she launches into a tirade about Maci.


Farrah is having a birthday party after teh reunion. She didn't invite our old buddy Dr. David, but Deb was invited. As he conks out, Dr. David tells Deb something or other.

In the next scene, Farrah is doing Sophia's makeup. She is pissed that Dr.

David didn't sign her birthday card.

She decides to approach him at the birthday and ask him if he's really wishing her a happy birthday -- or if he's being fake. He assures her he's being real, and we move on.

Dr. David and Michael start talking. Michael offers "advice", which angers Dr. David.

The two escalate, and start to put hands on each other. They go outside, and Dr. David tells Michael that Farrah needs therapy. He starts asking Michael about his past, and things escalate further.

At her froyo place, Michael tells Farrah about the Dr. David incident.


Catelynn and Tyler head to their new house.

Tyler explains that Butch is out and off parole, and he's having "panic attacks". He texts Tyler to meet up. Butch shows up and admits he hasn't been clean.

Catelynn goes over to the stables with a fat check to buy her horse, Callie.


We're again treated to Matt and Amber fighting about money at the reunion. Back at the hotel, Amber is crying and has to be consoled.

Amber decides to go on a podcast with psychics, who guess that he has a daughter -- WOW! She talks about Matt, and they give her advice. They tell her she's gonna marry Matt...


Gary reveals that Leah was asking about being beaten by Amber.

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