Teen Mom OG Season 7 Reunion Part 2 Recap: What Farrah Refuses To Answer

Tyler Mckinney

Last night was the second part of the Teen Mom OG reunion.  Here's the recap:

Maci, Ryan, and Mackenzie

This episode starts with Ryan whining about having to talk to Maci.  Larry and Jen blame Maci for Ryan's problems, calling her a 'trigger.'  

Mackenzie starts getting pissed off at Dr. Drew (who doesn't?) and gives her excuuuuse me response.

She continues to keep defending him, even though there are sources who have said that their marriage is in a lot of trouble.

Mackenzie continues, saying she's not Ryan's mom (uh, okay..Jen is there too) so she can't do anything about his issues.

After saying little for the whole segment, Ryan says that he just wants to avoid fights with Maci.  Finally, a smart decision.

Maci is then brought on, and Ryan leaves. Jen and Larry remain on stage to talk with Maci.

Maci tells us that she was not aware that Ryan was getting court mandated urine tests. She agrees that those may satisfy her requirements.

Amber and Gary

Gary appears first in this episode, with Kristina. Gary is hurting a bit about the whole DNA fiasco, but he's more concerned about what's happening with Amber.

In response to Amber's accusations, Kristina defends herself. Gary doesn't really have anything bad to say about Andrew.

Amber is brought on and starts complaining about how everyone blasts her.  She breaks down and starts crying, "the last thing I wanted is for people to look at me like that person, cuz it's not me."  

As Gary looks on expressionless, Amber sobs and says she can't keep defending herself as a mom.  Nevertheless, Amber and Kristina apologize to each other.  

Tyler and Catelynn

Tyler and Catelynn's segment starts with a heartwarming moment when Tyler talks about how beautiful Catelynn is.

Catelynn feels guilty about her depression, and she breaks down talking about how she wanted to crash into a telephone and kill herself. Tyler says he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Butch is brought in via Skype, and he talks about his thoughts on suicide.  He says he's still sober at the time of taping, and everyone is proud of him.


First up is Debra, who talks about her wedding. She says that Farrah and David still don't talk at all, and she's very sad that communications have broken down between herself and Farrah.

Debra says she's scared for Farrah, because of her 'human frailty', and she's concerned about the people she's working with and the 'choices she's made'.

She claims she's not referring to the porn, so it's unclear what exactly she's talking about.

After Debra, Dr. Drew interviews Farrah in LA.  Farrah starts off by complaining about what Debra has said about her in the tabloids.  She basically refuses to talk about anything, except how bad MTV is.  She even won't tell us what she's doing, because everyone sabotages her.

Dr. Drew asks if Sophia knows what she does for a living, and Farrah goes off, saying she knows everything and suggesting Dr.

Drew is insinuating something bad. She says she's proud of herself, and again compares herself to LGBT people and others who suffer bigotry.

After the taping, here's what she said on social media:

I’m so proud of all the disrupters who want to rid the world of negative stigmas, who want better for our world, our kids, end hate, better work conditions, end discrimination, sexism, end stereotypes, bigotry, power trips, it’s not just about one women’s sexuality it’s about all negative stigmas that come along with sexuality. I wish Viacom will catch up one day with what the people want & were society is going and need to stop all the negatives as I sit here I know my words fall on deaf ears as this company isn’t apart of the future and where we’re all going yet and this saddens me for the family’s and children stuck in this toxic old world cycle. I’ll never regret reality tv it was a joy to share one of my biggest decades of my life , loss, birth, joy, many firsts, many new me’s I discovered and wow with out my haters in the world, in productions, and in my family I would of never over come you all to be the leader and success I am today so thank you and I’m so blessed to have my personality that God gave me to be the international celebrity I am -who would of thought to thank God for all the international success that the franchise became beyond the networks control power trips, it’s really been one of the best overcoming experiences of my life in the midst of evil let God take over and it turns into magic.

Thank you to my supporters your truly amazing from Facebook, Twitter, instagram , Snapchat I love hearing your success stories and about your lives as much as you’ve watched mine! I look forward to the next decade on higher levels then I ever could of imaged.

Thank you to MTV for admitting you need to improve upon your entire process and network it’s been a joy to make a dent in your realizations.


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