Teen Mom OG Recap, Season 7, Episode 30: Tyler Leaves

This week on Teen Mom OG, we got to learn a little more about the bizarre separation that Tyler is effecting with Catelynn. Read on to find out more. 


Catelynn and Ty head out to what appear to be the only posh restaurant around where they live and Ty gets snippy about letting Catelynn push him into cutting their "separation" short. 

Catelynn and Amber talk and Tyler advises Catelynn to go out to visit Amber to lend her some support. 

When Catelynn gets back from visiting Amber she finds out that Tyler hasn't moved into their new home and she's upset that he's putting a hold on their "separation." Ty seems indifferent to their conversation and he and Cate then proceed to have a high-level squabble.

Basically, it's clear Ty is just tired of having to be the stronger member of the partnership.


Cheyenne and Corey have dinner and he tells her "to do her...'cause I'm not ready for that yet." Hmm, the two of you have had a child together and yet, Corey, you're not ready for "these feelings" yet.

Later, at her Halloween party, Cheyenne gives an overly histrionic speech about Corey coming into her and Ryder's life.

After the party, we find ot


Amber sheds a lot of tears on this episode about her depression and how tough things have been. She even apparently thought of killing herself. Catelynn and Nova do wind up making the trip out to see Amber and Catelynn finds out more about how Amber has been feeling.

They also commiserate about how Teen Mom has ruined Amber's "name." Amber feels she's only been portrayed a bad mom. Um, honey, that's 'cause you have been a bad mom.

Shortly thereafter, Amber refused to film.

Her conversation with producers was recorded for the episode and like the diva she is, managed to drop a whole bunch of f-bombs and refuse to film because she needs "time to think." Hmm, yes, this is really making your "story" that much better...we're think you seem more self-involved than ever.


Bristol heads off to a therapist who tells her how to better handle her breakup with Dakota. As usual, any therapist featured on Teen Mom OG is full of cliches and a lot of needless self-promotion. 

Later, Bristol and Dakota sit down and talk about how they can be better "co-parents." Dakota tells Bristol that she's "fake," and calls her on her shit.

We have to say, we're thrilled to see someone finally telling Bristol how full of it she is.


Maci meets with Jen and Larry and hears that Ryan wants to sit down with her and apologize to her.

Meanwhile, Jen and Larry cough up a lot of crocodile tears about how they set limits with Ryan and got him to seek limits while Maci looks on with a smirk on her face that clearly indicates she knows how full of it they are.



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