Teen Mom OG Recap, Season 7, Episode 29: Dad-Bod Gary Finds his Dad

Check out what happened with the teen mom OG's this week. Cheyenne def brought the glam this week. 


Cheyenne rented out a house for her birthday and brought some much needed glamour to teen mom, especially when most of the moms are usually hanging out in hicksville. Cheyennes talks about how her feelings for Corey have grown.

Um, duh. 'Cause the producers asked for your feelings to "grow."

Later, Cheyenne goes over the boooooring details of her night in the club where she attracted attention from other guys. 


Amber says she's "really depressed" although it's clear to us she seems happy as a clam. In any case, we get to see her check in with her psychiatrist.

Actually, we have to say, Andrew seems pretty sweet. He even made her a charcuterie board to cheer her.

Meanwhile, dad bod Gary is still on a quest to find his dad. Um, just look left and find the first guy who looks waaaay to meaty in the middle and you'll be all set, honey! 

Andrew then talks to his support system about Amber's issues. 

Then, Gary gets the results of his latest paternity test - wow, we thought MTV was going to keep this going until the end of the season. In any case, his reunion with his dad is boooooooring. 

Later, Andrew's desire to support Amber just elicits Amber's volatility. 


Jayde goes to the doctor and Taylor finds out that she needs her tonsils removed. Maci and Taylor proceed to act like Jayde's life is on the line. 



Bristol is still playing up the dramz with her breakup with Dakota. So she texts him to meet up so that they can stop attacking each other publicly. Bristol claims Dakota is bashing her.

Later, in her phone call with him Dakota acts really offended. Dakota accuses Bristol of doing everything she does for cameras.

Bristol claims she's calling him on camera to achieve "accountability." Is it just us, or does Dakota ALWAYS look so sweaty.



Catelynn reaches 15 weeks for her pregnancy and finds out that the baby is doing well and her weight gain is on track. Tyler seems more excited about being able to move out. Later, Catelynn and Tyler start couples' counseling but asked that it not be filmed.

Hmmm, this makes us think there's some level of authenticity in the conflict between Catelynn and Tyler. These two are planning on being separated.

Tyler and Catelynn talk about the arrangement for "space" later on and it's clear Catelynn's not happy about it.  Catelynn rightly wants to know if Ty plans on breaking up with her not. 





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