Teen Mom OG Recap, Season 7, Episode 27: Are Catelynn and Tyler Separating?

How many of these ladies are still with their baby daddies? How many will be by the end of this season? Read on to find out...


Maci heads over to visit a friend who's been renting out her home. Is Maci having a drink in the middle of the day? Maci talks about moving with her friend.

Now you see, this is why Ryan is necessary to the show. Maci has nothing to talk about if it isn't Ryan.

Later, Maci and Ryan take a look at their dream home and love it. Later, they get absurdly sentimental about moving in to their new place. 



Amber is continuing to box - she must have A LOT of anger to productively challenge. Dad-bod Gary heads to a vasectomy consultation and a doctor who looks like he walked out of a diner educates him on the risks and benefits.

What? Doctors can't dress appropriately for the job anymore. Anyway, dad-bod Gary must have gotten tired of being known as "dad-bod Gary" because his shirt says something about sarcasm.

The producers must consider Amber really boring now 'cause way too much is made in this episode of Gary's vasectomy. When Gary comes home, we again, have to hear about the vasectomy.

Gary then proceeds to discuss all of the salty details of the procedure.



For some reason, Catelynn is "fine" with living separately from Tyler for a month, Um, is this just for the cameras because this girl is waaaaay to easygoing about a trial living separation. Meanwhile, the producers decide to instigate conflict between Tyler and Catelynn by asking as many agitating questions as possible.

However, this does little to rouse either Catelynn or Tyler.

Catelynn is pregnant y'all and getting ready for her gender reveal party - despite the fact that she and Tyler aren't exactly in a good place. Catelynn's friend is wondering what the deal is with the separation.

Catelynn clarifies that she and Tyler aren't going to be seeing other people.

At her gender reveal party, Catelynn talks to her grandma about her new therapist. The miscarriage was tough on her and tells her grandma about the plans to live separately.

The separation is all anyone can talk about. It really is not clear why these two are living apart unless this is just for the cameras.



Over in bumpkin-land (aka Alaska) Bristol decides to go salmon-fishing with her girlz. Bristol is psyched to be divorced.

Of course, she is. Now she can move onto her next baby-daddy and keep preaching about the merits of marriage and virginity!

Later, Dakota chats up the producers on how salty things have gotten with Bristol. Bristol, on the other hand, doesn't seem so stressed although she insists she's "sooooo stressed" too. Bristol regrets moving to Texas. 



Cheyenne goes apply-picking with Ryder. Later, we find out that Cory is having his ex-girlfriend come to his house to drop a gift off to the baby.

Cheyenne knows right away that Lauren is coming to seek drama. Cheyenne meets Lauren and the moment is pretty anti-climatic.

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