Teen Mom OG Recap, Season 7 Episode 26:

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Amber started going back to the gym to help her cope with her bipolar depression. Andrew explains to Amber why she needs to start boxing in order to raise money for a nonprofit. Amber and Andrew have an extremely boring conversation about how they need to help out with the cause because they're fat themselves.

Amber then meets a trainer to decide how she can get in shape for the event.

We love Amber's explanation of how she has borderline personality and krav maga helped her "get her agression out." We're thinking that being trained in martial arts could also potentially make it scarier for her boyfriends too, buuuuuut, that's just us.

Meanwhile, dad-bod Gary is sitting out on his lawn playing with his daughter. He sure is putting a LOT of energy into the search for his bio-dad. 

Later, Amber gets in the ring for her match. We're sure Amber is going to unleash a LOT of anger out there. We're actually pretty impressed with Amber. Of course, she gets overly emotional after the match. 


Bristol is still fighting with Levi over money. Wow. Don't keep choosing baby daddies who are money grubbing if you don't want to deal with this. Levi won't sign a contract that says he doesn't have an interest in the money that Tripp makes from his reality show.

So sad. Bristol wonders if there's something she can "do better.' Yes, yes, there is something you can do better, honey. And it's obvious to the WHOLE world.

Bristol and Tripp are headed out to Alaska. For some reason, Bristol wants to see how many "camo" clothes Tripp wants to take with him.

He is going hunting but SERIOUSLY why is he going on a moose hunt? Whyyyyyyyyy? Bristol asks Levi why he hasn't signed the paperwork she sent over. Levi claims that he's only had the paperwork for 4 days.

Bristol takes Tripp to Alaska where it seems there's one house for every 100 acres of land. Sarah Palin makes sure to occupy plenty of screen time when Bristol gets home. When Bristol drops Tripp of she sees that Levi has a present for Tripp which is their "caribou." Um, we guess this is how Alaskans operate.

They certainly appreciate their meat. Levi claims he "will sign the paperwork" for Tripp.


Nova has been attached to Catelynn since she returned from rehab and now Catelynn's worried about another event she needs to attend. Tyler's worried about how Nova will react considering how she gets upset when Catelynn leaves.

Tyler continues to push Catelynn on trying to do the work she needs to for them to attend couples' counseling.

Tyler explains the process of couples' counseling to his mom. We're wondering why SHE is an increasing presence on the show and often Tyler's confidant.

Consider how many of her family members have been addicted to meth, we're not really sure what makes her an apt listener.

While she's away, Catelynn calls Tyler and asks how Nova's been. She seems disappointed when she hears that Nova has been behaving herself. Catelynn acknowledges to the producers that she has a tendency to "shut down." 

Back at home, Catelynn 


Cheyenne talks over the fallout with Zach with her family. Zach always felt that Cory came before him. Hmmm, we're thinking he always knew that Cheyenne secretly wanted to bone Cory. 

Later, Cheyenne meets up with Zach and verbalizes how she and he "aren't on the same page." Zach feels Cheyenne prioritizes Cory more than him. Cheyenne doesn't feel she can rank the people in her life.

We think Cheyenne is in some serious denial here.


Macy and Taylor take their kids to see Taylor's parents. The producers then try to get Jen and Larry to talk smack about Maci. We're impressed that Jen and Larry don't go all out on Maci.

Taylor's dad definitely seems like he owns more than a few guns.

Taylor's parents talk about how they had a tough time coping with Taylor's move to Tennessee.

We're guessing, however, they're also thinking, "We never thought Taylor would have a viable chance at a sustainable income." Later, Taylor's mom confirms our suspicions when she tells us how Taylor was living out his teenage years and she never expected him to be such a "good dad."

Taylor and Maci get some time with their friends and talk about "old times." Maci makes sure to get in some digs about Ryan. Maci makes sure to senselessly promote Taylor and his ability to deal with her "fame." 






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