Teen Mom OG Recap: Meet Bristol and Cheyenne

Here's to hoping MTV made a good choice with Cheyenne and Bristol, 'cause so far, we're not really feelin' thee two choices for Teen Mom OG. Is it just us, or does feel like MTV is moving into political waters with the choice of these two. 

In any case, here's our recap of "Meet Cheyenne and Bristol." 


Bristol begins her story by reminding all of us about how her mom ran for Veep while she walked around on a soapbox preaching against premarital sex - all the while that Bristol was clearly making sure NOT to use condoms while she fornicated. Bristol's son Tripp is now 9.

She goes on to explain that she didn't remain with her baby daddy but instead went on to marry her husband Dakota. While they were "on and off for a while" they did get married and relocate to Austin.

Bristol gets together with the Palins at a bachelorette party for her sister Willow and ponders what the other girls on Teen Mom OG will think of her. Even Sarah Palin has some thoughts about this. 

In the next scene, Bristol decides to boo-hoo about being a teen mom and complains about how she worked through her pregnancies and afterward.

Um, yeah, and your mom isn't a famous politician who's probably made some serious bank from lobbyists.

Next, we get to see Sarah Palin commenting on Bristol getting married so young - Sarah looks strikingly similar to Ozzy Osbourne with her out-to-lunch look, her winged hair and her highly reflective glasses. Bristol tells us all about her relationship with Dakota, emphasizing how quickly they got engaged but then for some reason, dropping a notable detail about her getting pregnant the night they got engaged. We think she decided to re-write history with that one.

Bristol doesn't give us quite as much detail on why she and Dakote broke up (we're thinking cheating much?) but we find out that they did get back together and elope and move to Texas.

Bristol seems proud of her fertility because she makes sure to tell us that 2 weeks after Dakota got a vasectomy, she found out she was pregnant with her third child.

Bristol points out to a friend that it's been hard for her to live in Texas and leave her family.

She claims a lot of people think of the name Palin as being associated with "stuck up." Hmmm, not so sure that the name Palin is associated with this...

Bristol also reveals that Dakota has PTSD which puts a strain on their marriage. 

We later learn that Bristol looks back on her teenager pregnancy and feels good about having been so tough - hmmm, so that's what they call it when your family is revealed to be major hypocrites? 

Bristol notes that Levi now spends time with Tripp but they don't have a formal arrangement set up by court. Levi actually has gotten remarried to a woman named Sunny and it's clear there's some animosity there with Bristol. 

Later, Bristol gives a friend and the camera a fairly sad defense of Tripp using homophobic slurs as a toddler. Bristol seems upset that media has focused on misrepresenting her and 'conservative' views. 


Cheyenne hails from other MTV reality shows. Cheyenne met Cory on MTV. Cheyenne is no longer with Cory since she lives with Zach, her boyfriend.

In one scene, Cory gets real with the camera although the question we're wondering is why Cory isn't wearing pants. According to Cheyenne, society tells her to hate her baby-daddy but she gets along really well with him.

In one preview of Cheyenne's part in this season of Teen Mom OG, Cheyenne is seeing getting upset with her dad.

She'll really fit in with the rest of the teen moms quite nicely since her statement of frustration is "I'm so over it."

Cheyenne points out that Cory is a great dad and when she sees him with Ryder, she does find him sexy.

Cory makes a BIG deal about how he feels he needs to be a good father to Ryder and how the first time he met her, he was moved 'cause he knew "that's my baby." Hmmm, is that what all dads who find out about their paternity through genetic testing say? 'Cause we have a strong feeling that Cory was in denial the whole time Cheyenne was pregnant about being a dad.

We see Cheyenne with her dad and her family and it's clear they're pretty close. Bizarre, however, is that Cheyenne says she told her dad when she lost her virginity. 

Cheyenne also discusses the stress of Ryder having a major metabolic disease called VLCAD.