Teen Mom OG Finale Special: Huge Explosions With Maci, Amber and Matt

On tonight's finale special of Teen Mom OG, all of the OG teen mom got together with Dr. Drew to reflect, and of course, brawl about what happened this season.

Of course, Farrah refused to share the stage with Maci, Ambber and Catelynn but also managed to cause some trouble backstage considering she'd already decided to walk off stage by the time Dr.

Drew even introduced the show. Here's what happened on tonight's episode.

First off, Dr. Drew opened it up to the other Teen Moms to talk about why Farrah wouldn't share the stage with them.

Amber remarks that Farrah thinks she's better than the other teen moms and is afraid to face her fears. Catelynn notes that if she treated her mom the way that Farrah does, her mom would knock her out.

Dr. Drew then shows everyone critical scenes from the most recent season. Catelynn notes that she relates to Amber's struggle with mental illness.


Drr. Drew highlights the conflict between Matt and Amber which ends in Amber finding out that Matt did try to come on to someone else. Amber talks about the fact that she continues to live with Matt but they're not together. Still, Matt's name is on the deed to the house.

Amber thinks that because she earns the money she owns the house, but Dr. Drew points out that's not quite true.

Amber gets tearful when talking about how she's been through so much. Matt is brought onto the show by phone and notes that he hasn't had a good month.


Drew questions Matt about his tendency to withdraw large sums of cash from their joint account.

Matt admits to putting back less money than he's taken out but refuses to admit that he has a gambling issue, which Amber does back him up on.

Still, Amber is upset about an amount of $120,000 that is missing but Matt continues to play dumb on this issue and accuse Amber of being angry. Things take an interesting turn, however, when Amber gets so riled up that she starts to turn on Dr.

Drew and accuses him of setting her up to lose her cool by brining Matt on. "You knew this was going to happen, cut it out," she cries at Dr. Drew.

Dr. Drew brings things back to their relationship and Amber says that she is open to therapy with Matt.

Next, Gary and Christina come on. Gary talks about how he's concerned about Matt driving Leah because of the "pills" but he doesn't clarify what he means by this.

Gary says that given his priority is Leah, he recognizes that if Amber is unhappy, Leah will be unhappy. Amber and Gary also reflect on how far their relationship has come over time.


Dr. Drew revisits Maci's drama with Ryan and MacKenzie. Maci talks about how she realized that there was something really wrong with Ryan when she saw episodes of the show.

She says that she talked to Jen about her concerns about Ryan but she got shut down. Maci says she didn't express her concerns about Ryan with MacKenzie. because she didn't want to disrupt her relationship with Ryan.

MacKenzie then comes on to give everyone an update on Ryan and says that he's now getting treatment.

MacKenzie says that she finally went to Ryan and asked him to get treatment. Maci says that she'd seen Ryan like this before and had helped him get treatment, but he relapsed.

Interestingly, Dr.

Drew informs everyone, just before showing the scene in which Ryan is nodding off while driving next to MacKenzie, that MTV did not know Ryan was under the influence and has not expected him to nod off the way that he did while driving on the freeway.

Next, in an explosive scene, MacKenzie is given the chance to read an "open letter" that she penned to Maci.

In it, she accuses Maci of letting Ryan go on abusing drugs without getting him help for months at a time and says that Maci did so to exploit him for the sake of reality TV. Maci points out that MacKenzie is trying to turn the heat away from Ryan onto her.

She notes that she didn't humiliate Ryan, Ryan humiliated Ryan. For some reason, Maci doesn't counter MacKenzie with the accusation that MacKenzie knew about Ryan's addiction but didn't do anything about it.

So what's the verdict on this installment of the Teen Mom OG Finale Special? Clearly there was a lot of drama packed in, so we're eager to see what happens next time!

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The trio of holier-than-thous are coming off as trashy, uneducated, and I'm so over them. I hate Farrah's constantly combative and abusive nature, and the way she treats her parents is sick in the head. But I'm starting to feel like she is putting the others to shame. Evil, narcisstic, most definitely, but the girl's got degrees and successful businesses opening one after the other. I admire her drive and work ethic.

Maci is so boring and wasn't getting enough camera time, so it benefitted her to out Ryan the way she did. No excuses for him. But her timing is peculiar. She has a beautiful family that she's neglecting because she's SO concerned about her ex, who's got a woman/new babysitter of his own? Mackenzie's letter was intelligently written, and I feel it hit the nail on the head. Maci couldn't even respond. Shut her right up.

Still, Mackenzie is missing a few screws of her own, allowing her altered fiancee to drive. A little too lax of an attitude about it when she has a toddler son to live for...supposedly. That was really, REALLY screwed up and quite shocking.

Amber acts like she is the only person in history that's been through shit. Life can be a bitch sometimes, but you cry for a little bit, then pull yourself up, and carry on. A lot of times, the bitchiest parts of life are our own doing. Our choices bring bad or good results. Nobody is putting you through anything but you. And please go to a community college and study design. Hone your craft. The clothes are insanely bad.

Speaking of tasteless clothing....I am fed up with Tyler and Catelynn. Fed up. From putting their 2 year-old in school while they are at home, to leaving her with her cocaine addicted, felon grandfather, to needing a "kid-free" trip to Puerto Rico so Catelynn could indulge in "Spanish food", like tortillas and rice.....OMG. Embarrassing. Then blowing their hundreds of thousands of dollars "earned" from the show on weed, cigarettes, and buying farmhouses sight unseen......just....OMG.

I think the world could agree that Farrah is evil, narcissistic, cruel, and abusive, and the way she treats her parents is sickening, but I still like her better than the others.

MTV, can you stop paying these people? Can you stop rewarding crappy parenting and poor choices? Can you stop making them all look like they're amazing parents? Where are the kids most of the time!?!?! Can you stop putting these people on a pedestal and hanging onto their every word!?!?!?

Now, we wait for Briana to take Teen Mom 2 by storm. Yuck. Just yuck. I loved the sneak peek of her upcoming shit saga. She laughs that she was twerking in a club and that's where she met her current baby daddy. Let's hand this chick a fat check. I also love how she has this team of 2 built-in nannies/enablers, and talks about how she does it all on her own. I don't think most of these girls could wipe their asses without a team of worshippers and enablers surrounding them.

Hate this damn show. It's done.