Teen Mom OG Season 7, Episode 23:Is Cheyenne Getting Back Together With Corey?


While Maci goes shopping with Bentley for clothes for school Jen and Larry talk to Mackenzie about how Bentley should go to a private school in their area. For some reason, Jen thinks she knows how Bentley should be raised. Ryan, deadbeat dad of the year, thinks he knows that Bentley really needs to go to private school.

Oh boy. We think y'all should keep your opinions to yourself considering you've demonstrated such an outstanding capacity to parent one child. Those mug shots really back that up.

Later, while Bentley is over at Jen and Larry's home, they decide to brainwash him into considering a private school. Why are they pushing this so hard? Do they think it's a way to avoid their grandson posing for his own future mugshot?Bentley then decompresses with Maci who's head seems to snap right off her neck when she hears Bentley has already been successfully brainwashed.

Now, you see. There's a clear sign

As we suspected, Maci is upset about Jen and Larry's efforts to brainwash Bentley. Maci talks to Taylor about the issue while they're folding laundry.

Taylor wonders what's wrong with public school. Maci and Taylor are concerned about the cost of private school.


Leah is busy testing out the toys that dad-bod Gary has overspent on. Clearly these teenage parents know how to invest their money wisely.

Meanwhile, Amber is having her brother Shawn visit. Apparently, she's "really close to him." We wonder if Amber has actually checked out her brother's twitter - she might not want him around James so much.

Amber's brother makes it to see her and she comes clean about how she and Andrew stopped drinking for each other. Amber's brother decides to stir things up with bringing up the issue with custody of Leah.

Amber tries to understand the issue with Leah through her brother - which to us, seems like a mistake considering he's no child development expert.


Tyler's sister Amber has been struggling with addiction and wrecking Catelynn and Tyler's first home. Apparently, they've set a boundary with her. Tyler enjoys some shifty food in a weird container with his mom to discuss the situation with his sister.

We feel sorry for Tyler constantly having to foot the bill for the problems of his sad, desperate family. Luckily he has a wife who can empathize.

Tyler then talks to his mom about the need to set boundaries with his sister.

Catelynn and Tyler roll up to their old house to find a LIVE PD situation going on with the cops but things actually get worse when they go into the home. 

Catelynn and Tyler sit down with his mother and discuss who's going to be watching Amber's kids while it seems all three of look vacantly at each other. 


Bristol is packing up her stuff so she can move out.

The producers want to know the details of how Bristol and Dakota are splitting up their stuff.

Bristol also manages to insert a jab about how Dakota has not reached out to Tripp which has "crushed him but his dad is doing great." Is she really referring to Levi? Bristol is relieved to "not walk on eggshells."

In the next scene, Dakota and Bristol bicker over the schedule for custody of their daughters. We do have to say, Bristol comes off looking a look more angry and uncompromising. 

We then get to see Dakota throwing the first pitch at a baseball game, after which he decompresses with a guy named Tank. We have a strong feeling that someone like Tank is not the person to open up to. 


Cheyenne says that she misses Zack but does take the time to put her cousin up on TV so that she can generate some extra dramz. Cheyenne gives her cousin the lowdown on Ryder's medical issues. The next day, Cheyenne takes Ryder to her medical appointment where she'll find out if not being on medication has gone okay for her.

Cheyenne and her family then decompress about what a great job Ryder did at the appointment. We do find out that Cheyenne is doing well and can stay off of her meds.


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