Teen Mom Fans Have Had Enough of Matt Baier

The best was to show you just how much the Teen Mom fans are disgusted by Matt Baier would be to show you and show you we will.

This isn't exactly a surprise but these fans really went in on Baier.

"You gambling away more of Amber's money?" one fan asked according to InTouchWeekly, after Baier posted a photo of entering the 2017 World Series of Poker.

"You're disgusting and only wanted to famous. You're officially worse than Farrah in the Teen Mom saga," said another fan according to the report. Then it got even worse for Baier as fans really continued to lay into him.

"This guy is a greasy old scumbag. He thinks he's a big shot who has a gambling addiction. I'm surprised MTV actually cut this grandpa a check," said another fan.

There's a good chance that Amber Portwood is going to have the fans in her corner, especially after she posted to Twitter about Baier posting videos from someone else's home with "liquor everywhere."

The drama never ends, though, the fans have definitely made it clear whose side their on.

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