Tyler Baltierra's Post Of Nova Meeting Carly For The First Time Is Adorable

catelynn lowell

Just when you thought Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell were having some trouble using their social media accounts, they share this cute photo that melts your heart.

That's right, Baltierra, instead of throwing jokes on social media, posted a photo of the first time baby Nova met her birth sister Carly.

Throwback to when Nova met her birth sister Carly for the very first time! #MyGirls ?

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The caption gave away what was going on in the photo and you can just see how much love and cuteness shines through it.

Both Baltierra and Lowell have been using their social media accounts to make a couple of jokes including cheating rumors and a fake pregnancy. However, it was the fans that sparked the joke idea.

"I posted it because ... people don't see what I see on Twitter all the time," she said according to People.

"People kept asking and saying, 'Oh, she's pregnant. She's definitely pregnant.' If you see the picture that I posted, it's a fake baby in a uterus picture."

The Teen Mom stars seemed to have given up on the hijinks through social media and instead gave fans this incredible touching photograph, which happened to be a big hit with fans.