Teen Mom's Amber Portwood Suicide Attempt?

Amber Portwood

Stop the presses! Star magazine said something happened, so it must be true! Wait, what? According to a few different sources, Teen Mom's Amber Portwood attemped suicide today. She was reportedly found on the couch with a rope around her neck and appeared to have overdosed on pills.

It's no secret that she's on medication for anxiety and depression, but could she have taken it too far? The optimist in me says that this is all a fabrication.

It was reported by a representative of Star after all, but with her history, who knows. I only hope it's a fake, for her sake and her daughter, Leah's sake.

A quick follow-up story states:

Although there are reports about a possible overdose of pills and a noose around her neck, Mitch Carroll of the police department tells us "There were no visible signs of injury." And he also said, "There was nothing to indicate that she had taken pills at the scene." She was taken to the hospital for observation.

Obviously, everyone knows just about as much as I do, which is nothing.

I wish Amber a quick recovery and hope she gets the help she needs.


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