Teen Mom OG: Season 5 Episode 1

catelynn lowell



Catelynn and Tyler recap their lives since 16 & Pregnant, and they're pretty excited to announce that they're trying for a baby.

Go figure, the instant MTV shows up the test shows a little pink plus sign, and they're trying to come up with a plan for how to handle things once their baby arrives.

Catelynn talks to her mom about her pregnancy and Farrah's erotic sex novels. April compliments Cate's boobies, and it's a little awkward.

Catelynn would like to get married soon, but reveals that Tyler is a little reluctant to the idea.

Tyler tells his mom that Catelynn is pregnant and she has a conversation with him about whether or not he's ready for it. It's a little late for that conversation, honestly!

Tyler is online and is checking things out about how the Internet actually knew about Catelynn's pregnancy before she announced it. Catelynn and Tyler wanted to wait until after the "miscarriage phase" in order to ensure that things went smoothly and wanted to have a nice story. I couldn't imagine having that much of a problem with keeping my life private.

I'm sure it's annoying.

Catelynn talks with a friend about Farrah again - so far Catelynn's the only one to mention it - and is talking about the Couples Therapy reunion.

Cate thinks Farrah is insanely mad about not being on Teen Mom this season.

Cate and friend talk about getting married before having a baby because Cate thinks she's more traditional in that sense.

Cate and Ty go to the Couples Therapy reunion and have to see Farrah for the first time in two years.

Although Farrah's not on the show yet, it's great that she made an appearance in this episode! Farrah chimes in that she's not disappointed in their choices, but claims that it's not the route that they've been preaching.

Things end with the three of them trying to save face, but I guess we'll see as the season goes on.

Catelynn and Tyler talk about their wedding plans, but Tyler is insistent that a baby doesn't have anything to do with marriage.

Catelynn is concerned that Tyler might "freak out" about the wedding when it gets close to the date again. Tyler confirms that he does want to marry Catelynn for real this time.


Amber is out of prison after 17 months, and she's bought a house! Amber talks with her cousin about adjusting to life. Amber says that once you're an addict, you're always an addict.

We view her little recap from her time on MTV, and we even get to see her slap Gary again! Amber is struggling with seeing Leah since she doesn't have custody and since Gary has a new girlfriend! Gary thinks that giving Leah antibiotics for an ear infection is the same as rocket science.

Leah is cute as ever in her pep talk about climbing trees. I can't even handle it.

Gary comes to pick up Leah, and we get to see them interact for the first time. Gary checks on Amber, and it's nice to see these two people get along for once.

Gary's implying that if he and his girlfriend break up that he might get back with Amber, and it's awkward. Even though that hand off was weird, it was kind of nice to see them be civil with each other.

Gary and his girlfriend are setting up bunk beds together. Gary kind of blows off his girlfriend's chatter about marriage.

Amber and her mother go to a pedicure with her cousin.

Amber says that it's nice to have a friendship with Gary instead of fighting, and that's nice.

Amber's mother just talks about how she can't trust Gary about things, and Amber simply doesn't want to talk about the bad things that have happened.

Amber talks to her cousin about her thoughts about getting high after the stresses at the nail salon. Amber thinks that seeing Leah will help her. Gary's girlfriend administers the rocket science medication to Leah.

Gary is "playing" with Leah while he's sitting in a recliner.

Gary tells Amber that they're all going on vacation for a week, so Leah can't come over.

Amber doesn't want to hear about Gary's new relationship, and it makes her mad, so she talks to the producer about it to get it off her chest.

Gary and clan get their stuff packed up for vacation. Amber sits down with the producer to talk about things, and even admits that she understands why Gary has done everything she's done.

They say that Gary is a great guy, but the thing that bothers her the most is that she's never going to have him back again.

Amber is still struggling with things after her prison stay, but is doing her best to adjust.


Maci is in her last year of college and has a weekly radio show through her school. Maci's boyfriend Taylor moved across the country to live with Maci and Bentley. Maci has a recap of her time on MTV and the failure of a relationship that she had with Ryan.

Ryan's dating a girl named Shelby, and Maci says that it's a serious relationship. Bentley has to get ready for bed, and he throws a fit about it and ends up sleeping in Maci's bed instead.

Maci thinks that Bentley is acting out because of his first day of filming. Ryan has Bentley for the weekend, but Bentley doesn't want to go to Nashville with him.

Ryan and Bentley go and sail a remote controlled boat. I wish Ryan had subtitles because I can hardly understand him.

Maci has a friend named Mimi, which I can only imagine being super weird.

Maci's guy friend is getting a pedicure with them as well. Maci claims that Ryan is incapable of putting Bentley ahead of himself, but seeks her friends' advice on how to talk to Ryan about this stuff.

Maci sends Ryan a text asking if they can talk when she picks up Bentley.

Ryan calls Maci and asks what they need to talk about. Ryan doesn't want to talk about things at all, and doesn't want to handle things in person at all.

Bentley gets an extra scene where he tries to pull his tooth out. Shelby suggests trying the string/doorknob theory. Has anyone ever done that before? It seems painful.

Maci stops by Ryan's parents' house to pick up Bentley.

It looks like his tooth actually came out.

Maci talks to Ryan's mother about ideas to get Ryan to communicate with her better, but Mimi Jen thinks that it's best to try and be non-confrontational about this kind of thing in order to get through to Ryan.

Maci tries to get Bentley to bed, and he seems much more well behaved this time around. Maci and Taylor talk about the co-parenting relationship between her and Ryan.

Maci is going to try and email Ryan to talk about things. Taylor is the voice of reason saying that, "As long as you have Bentley, you've got to keep trying."


I hate it when they spend so much time on recaps. We already know all of this, they show it ALL the time.

I honestly feel so stupid, ignore my comment. I am literally watching the catch up special lmao. Duhhhh.

It was pretty painful to watch. Super-corny. And it didn't even matter since they decided to bring the show back lol.

I can NOT wait for it to start!

Omg sad user name!

Would you prefer Jace's Ignored Rainbow Sobs?

Or just "Jace=ignored"

oh god, the rainbow song scene. now *i* want to cry.

Can we add Papa Larry's face to the banner though.

Will farrah be on this episode? Just curious because my TV guide just mentions catelynn, Amber and Maci.

No, next week.

They like to bring her in late with some Psycho music...just like the majestic, demented horse she is.

I imagine the theme music for Darth Vadar.

Rae my baby is dozing on my chest and I just made her jump out of her skin by laughing out loud when I read your comment. Stop being so hilarious dammit!

"You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, but there's always gonna be someone who hates peaches Farrah"

I believe I read on some website that Farrah comes back in the 2nd episode.

I hope it plays in Canada or I'll be pissed!! My TV guide says Teen mom 2 season 5 premiere is on. :(

Success, it's on! Also I hate the whole iPad beginning slate thing.

I think that was Maci with her orange old hands.

I think its maxi too. Yeah I'm already tired of seeing that same shot over and over

Where in Canada are you? I'm in Alberta and had to check my pvr to make sure It recorded! Haha

Jealous! I lived in Alberta for awhile but then I moved back to Ontario. My heart still remains in Alberta though :) (I used to be FOH MEATBALL btw haha)

YEY! I was hoping someone would make your nic! I can't believe Gary really has Amber in his phone as 6" Eyelash Portwood..lol he prob likes them but is in denial of his feelings for them too.

Amber's lashes are so big because they are full of secrets.

Gary is just jealous. He doesn't have anything that long.

Ooh are her nells filled with secrets too?

Haaaay I love seeing other Canadians on here! Especially a fellow Albertan! Nice to meet you :)

I'm in Alberta too!

Alberta too! Transplant from Ontario lol

We need a TMJ meet up/viewing party!

This needs to happen, I watch TM when my husband goes to work haha. I'm in Edmonton, anyone else?

Damn. I'm down in the south US.


Is there any way to send a pm here? Would be cool to keep up all my fellow Alberta TMJ ladies! Haha

Come up to Canada, Red!

Closer to Cowtown than Deadmonton

Do any of you ladies want to exchange an e-mail etc?

Vancouver! In the past five years I've lived in Toronto and Edinburgh (student life, y'all). Originally from rural Vancouver Island, but I love cities.

I was just about to post this. I wish I had alcohol. And cable...

They forgot a shot for Ryan yawning.

Ryan and his resting bitch face.

Yes!!! Finally got a username! Haha :)

And Ryan with dip in his mouth. Yuck!

I will be playing this game for the season. Or maybe instead of drinking I'll make it a workout game, so I can get ready for summer.

Wanna know how I know I'm a fat kid? Because I can't watch the episode until it's on the website tomorrow morning and I just figured I'd get a bowl of peanut m&ms and play the game in the morning. And then I went and got m&ms for tonight because: m&ms.

marry me?! I have Amber's old Walmart engagement ring for you, if you accept.

As long as you kept the receipt like a smart shopper, I'm yours. ;)

Mmmmmm MnMs

"So, if you’re drinking red wine and Gary Shirley hugs Amber after playing her a song on his guitar while wearing his Belden Linemen Camp shirt, you might want to call off work Tuesday."

I actually snorted, hahaha.

It's the first commercial break, anybody tipsy yet?

It's back! It's back! I can't believe this train wreck of a show is back. Me so happy :)

As much as I bitched about them bringing these boring girls back, I have to admit, I'm pumped to watch it. I'm pathetic.

I have to download to be able to watch it in Aus. So I'm at least 3/4wks behind. However today Australia got Netflix! Do you know if I can watch it on that??


The links are in the comments, it's great because there are no adverts! I'm in England and that's how I watch it. You can normally watch it the day after it airs

I'm from the UK too and use the Firefox add on to watch MTV.com but the stream quality is terrible. I'm gonna use that link from now on, thanks!

Thank you!! I'll try it this arvo after work and see if it works for me :)

It wants me to make an account and give credit card details. I don't know how comfortable I am with that? Is that what you've done? Any issues?

No meth pipe. You just click the links in the comments section. You have to click to show, the links will say vidbull or vodlocker. There will be a few fake ads which pop up before the stream appears. You don't need to sign up, definitely no card details!

Hey!! It worked. Thanks so much!! Yay, I got to watch it :)

Yaay, thanks Beth! I'm in the UK too, those links work perfectly.

Btw, I have absolutely NO idea how anyone could find Ryan cute with his bottom lip full all the time. Gross.

Yay, glad it helped you guys out! Thank God for streaming :)

A little off topic, but watching the marathon this weekend and some of today I noticed something that was just odd to me: did Catelynn and Tyler ever eat anything besides pizza? Literally, the last 3 times they were shown eating it was pizza. And Cate talks with her mouth full way too much. It's gross. Sorry, I just had to point that out and ask if anyone else noticed that about them. Lol

I watched it too, I don't think they ate anything besides pizza!

They are currently eating subway ;)

Catelynn must be going on more walks, then.

They proved you wrong, they're eating Subway in the first scene lol!

Lol yeah I saw that. I took that as a gigantic middle finger to my face with my pizza judging, but who cares, haha. I don't think I've ever seen either one of them cook or do dishes.

I saw subway. I know they have flatizzas there but I didn't see what they were eating

Well at least we won't have to endure watching Farrah this week!!!! I will watch it tonight but next week I will DVR it so I can fast forward through her bs.

I'm looking forward to Farrah's bits! Although that's probably not the best wording, considering...

I just put my son to bed so I could watch this. Hahaha. I am way too excited for this mess.

"Go to bed! I need to grab some popcorn and watch other women be shit moms." I understand the thought process and 100% approve.

He is 2 and it is 9 so it was time for bed anyway.

I'm not gonna lie. As soon as my son goes to bed and I pick up the toys I'm like he's! Snacks to myself and junk tv!

I do that too! And my kids are 15, 12 and 5. I'm like bedtime=mummy's trash tv time!

My kiddo was fighting sleep hard tonight! I was like "hurry hurry I want to watch trash tv!" Lmao

Same here, y'all! Haha.

Ugh, I have to watch after everyone has gone to sleep because my 14 year old daughter makes fun of me for watching a show about "idiots who are on tv for doing something they shouldn't have".

At least your 14 year old daughter has far more brain cells than all of the TM girls combined, haha.

You raised her right!!

C&T have upgraded from pizza to Subway.

It's part of their lifestyle changes to be "healthier" lol

I think there was still pizza involved.

Well, anything is better than Catelynn chewing off her cuticles.

Yes! Post updates away! I personally cannot stand to give them any more viewers so I won't be watching, but I am curious.

I love your username, haha.

I never realized until today how much Catelynn has April's fivehead :/

Catelynn looks SO much like April, but with baby fat and underlying facial fat that hasn't been eaten away by meth, alcohol and/or harvested, dried and snorted by Butch. If she doesn't live a healthy lifestyle consistently, she's going to wind up looking like April way sooner than I think she'd like. April looks like she's in her late 50s and I'm pretty sure she's younger than that.

She's 22. I think it stopped being baby fat ..

Ape is like 41 years old - she had Catelynn when she was 19 years old.

Jesus she's been through some stuff, then. Tending to Butch's nosebleeds and combing out his mullet properly must have added a decade onto her.

Lol Rae, I don't know about y'all but Butch's mullet never looked combed or washed to me. Is he still in the joint? I wonder if Cate & Tyler will take Nova to prison sometime to meet Grandpa Butch, and film it. I'd love to see how he's doing these days.

Oh I've noticed that! Carly has it too.

Catelynn took a pregnancy test and we didn't have to watch her pee on it. OG miracles!

Big gulp! TMOG drinking game, lol!

Nope but we got a toilet flush! Take a sip.

You can totally tell in the pregnancy test clip that A) it was rehearsed/redone, B) Catelynn is a LOT bigger, and C) the way the camera work did its best to hide her stomach before they announced it gave it away.

MTV, we know all this shit already. Just do a voice-over of, "Hey, we're pregnant!" and move along.

Yeah, Catelynn has never been a skinny girl, but she was HUGE in that scene when they just happened to find out she was pregnant. Considering how big she was at just four months (if my memory serves correctly), then she was packing on the pounds from the very beginning. Either that, or she was already a couple months pregnant. MTV needs to stop acting like we're a bunch of idiots and couldn't tell that the scene was completely staged.

What kills me is she was searching the Web to see how the Internet knew she was pregnant before she knew... Her little brother and mother announced it on facebook... COMMON MTV!

I was wondering if anyone else caught that!!! I'm pretty sure their parents already knew as well because a simple one on one with each parent saying "you're going to be a grandma again" in a nonchalant voice wasn't how they originally told them when they really found out!

Yup I know. You could tell she was so far along and even had dark spots on her face that some pregnant women get. Unless they were bruises. At least cate's eyebrows and hair are looking a lil better lately. I think all of the pregnancy announcing was reshot too except I could possibly buy Tyler's announcement to his mom. I loved her reaction "excuse me?" She called him out on now silly it was. He was like "marriage doesn't make good kids" but come on dude... Have you already forgotten how hard it is to grow up in a split home? Marriage is about two people getting on the same page and committing to helping each other with life in a very involved and sacrificial way. Are there so few people anymore that see that as a good foundation to bring children into? People really screw up what marriage is. It sounds like an excuse to have one foot in and one foot out which is. It a good example to kids, and not the healthiest way to have a relationship.

Which is not a good example to kids*

And the very first thing we see on the new show is C&T proclaiming that they're ready for a baby because...they're twenty-two! And they have their own house! I mean, I know we've all spoken about how unready they seemed to be for parenthood, but really. And they even revisited the haters going to hate tweet!

I love the way Tyler talks about what's in the media. You know they're all probably reading this right now.

One of the few that's mostly watching for Farrah. I love me some train wrecks. I feel like Farrah is perfect for the surreal life type reality TV show on VH1 when she's like 40.

I just like to play I Spy and see if I can figure out what cosmetic procedures she's had done from scene to scene.

Her lips were just scary. Like, I couldn't stop staring at them. Her teeth too, way more horse-like. I think I might have nightmares about that tonight.

Create a funny face, grab an eye and a nose, and never stop laughing. The more mixed up the combinations, the more fun. You know she’s learning facial parts and facial expressions, but sophia’ll just think she’s being silly and sharing giggles.

I'm watching as well for Farrah. She makes the show sooo much more entertaining! & even if she wasn't, I mean look how obsessed Cate & Ty are w her! They just won't drop her name!

I hadn't seen the Couples Therapy Session, and honestly those two attacked Farrah, when she had a VALID point!

I kind of hate to admit it, but I actually felt bad for Farrah there. She calmly stated a valid point, Cate and Ty kept going on and on about how they wanted to finish college and get married etc., but they haven't done any of that and now they are having another kid. Catelynn just jumped right on Farrah with nasty comments about her porn career.

I am definately no Farrah fan, but they did attack her. It came across as very high schoolish to me. All they did was bitch about the tabloids, and bitch about Farrah.

Honestly, I only really enjoyed Ambers parts. Leah is such a beautiful little girl and it was so nice to see Amber sober.

Maci part was meh, Bentley is quite whiney (spelling? Haha) if you ask me...

Lolol plans we should make BEFORE the baby. But NO ONEZ can stop meh from having a bahhaahh if wes wants one!!! Hurls.

Yeah, Tyler, way to realize you need an education AND a good job before getting your girlfriend pregnant! The idiocy these two display is just astounding.

Tyler's immediate response to the + where he laid out "the plan" literally made me want to climb through my tv and kick him in his taco.

Instead of talking about how you are ready for a baby because you own a house, maybe someone should wash their dishes.

"Babies are self cleaning, right?"

"Whatever. Who cares. We own a house. Call up Papa Butchios and order a large pepperoni!"

Wow, Gary. Looking good. Am I right?

sweet fucking christ. how is it possible for Gary to get THAT much fatter?? and he's balder than A.D.A.M!

It hurts my eyes.

I think he's gotten so fat that his body is now highly addicted to food and, in response, it's eating his own facial hair. Eyebrows and all.

That or Amber sneaks in at night to shave his entire face as revenge because she knows it makes him look like John Wayne Gacy but also that he won't notice because he hasn't been able to wedge himself into teh bathroom in months and they don't have any other accessible mirrors.

If he has no facial hair, how will he ever create a jaw line again with a chin strap beard??

ZOMG HE'S WEARING HORIZONTAL STRIPES. and what appear to be ladies house slippers.

OMG, makes him look like John Wayne Gacy. DYING. Now I want to change my name to John Wayne Gary.

fucking brilliant.

Yeah Leah looks pretty healthy to me. I don't consider her chubby at all which is a miracle considering who her parents are and what they're probably feeding her on a daily basis!

Whoops sorry! Responded to the wrong post

I wish I could like this 600 times! You win the comments for today.

I signed in just to high five Rae!!!

Gary looks disgusting!!! Like I don't understand what Amber likes about him so much. I feel bad for Leah too! They need to feed her a little healthier. Both of her parents are on the bigger side so she's got genes working against her and she's a little chubby for a kid her age. I bet that has to do with daddy playing with her while his fatass sits on the couch. She needs to join some kind of sport and eat veggies.

I don't really think Leah looks fat.

I don't think Leah looks fat but I agree with you about the genetics thing: She's got a lot going against her when it comes to packing on body fat. My family is similar. We're (historically) from what is now Northern Europe and genetically, we just pack on more fat than others because our ancestors were used to having to store up fat for winter like bears, basically, because it was so cold up there. Now that we're not in that situation anymore and we have access to processed food and sugar galore, everyone in my family really has to watch what we eat or we'll balloon up like Aunt Marge from Prisoner of Azkaban! It's DEFINITELY something her parents should address and get her into good habits early because they're tough to break once you get older. My husband was thin until he got into his 20s and now he's filled out a little but I was a chunky monkey my entire awkward, pitiful childhood and I already know that I want to teach my kids better habits than I had/have so they don't have to go through the hell of public school as a fat kid.


Everyone in my immediate family is tiny, even the men have smaller builds, although tall. So when I gain even 5 pounds, as I have recently, everyone notices and make what they THINK are subtle comments about me exercising more. I'm aware of fat shaming, but I was always skinny shamed. I've had someone offer me chips and then have a so called friend say "omg, its not like she eats" or assume I MUST be anorexic. No one is safe from body shaming.
I do hope Leah is taught better eating habits, she does have genetics working against her.

I think it is like 10% genetics and 90% learning bad habits from your parents... Poor Leah, it is sad to watch her dad "play" with her. She seems like a sweet kid though.

Yeah I don't think she's chubby. She is a gorgeous kid! She likes running around and playing too. But I think she will ultimately end up being fat

I had completely forgotten what Gary had looked like before until they showed that recap bit with him from 16 and Pregnant. The difference is staggering.

I really don't understand why Amber was getting all worked up about him. Just looking at his balding head and ginormous gut made me want to puke.

It sounds horrible, but he looks sooo much worse than a couple years ago. He looks about 40 and he's not even 30. How he hasn't keeled over yet is amazing. He would be a candidate for weight loss surgery if his heart were healthy enough. I don't know how he can move comfortably. I thought he would pass out putting that bunk bed together. He sure was breathing heavy. His clothes are STILL too small. Walmart sells 5 and 6 XL shirts.

Do you guys still air The Biggest Loser over there? Gary qualifies. In more ways than one....

Yes and Gary auditioned for it like 5 years ago!

How the hell did he not make it on? The man is a walking heart attack!!!

And we all know Gary shops at WalMart!

Exactly! Walmart doesn't sell Affliction shirts but he needs to realize that they're not going to start making his size. He might actually be a little less disgusting if he wasn't squeezing into 2XL's. He can get some bigger knockoff Affliction at "Wally."

Bless little Leah's heart. She's precious.

Can we have a little discussion about how well adjusted these kids seem considering what they've all been through? (I'm basing this on the catch ups and whatnot...Haven't seen the new episode yet.)

Original: Beeeentley is adorable and he's getting taller which is freaking me out and he seems pretty polite and well behaved which is surprising because his parents bicker like they're Old Money Maury contestants. Sophia hasn't stabbed a) her mother b) her full time Man Nanny Michael (tm) c) her own eyes out because of what her mother wears around her (probably because Farrah's changed her face so much Sophia isn't quite sure that harlot is even her mother anyway. She seems empathetic and protective in a non-damaging way and I don't know who she learned that from...certainly not any blood relatives. Leah had a raging, violent drug addict for a mom and Gar-bear for a dad and then had to spend 17 straight months with JUST Gary and yet she's not acting out or punching anyone. (Also, Carol got a makeover and I approve! She totally looks like someone I wouldn't avoid eye contact with at Walmart now! Less Aileen Wuornos, less threatening.) And Novalee hasn't packed up her shit and left quite yet and STILL isn't living inside Butch Baltierra's cavernous nasal cavity. Impressive.

Teen Mom 2: Gracie and Ali are Cat-men San Diego and FDA Mole as they hunt felines and inform their dumbass mother what is and isn't food. Ali's fighting a life long, degenerative illness but still does laps around Leah while she sits on her couch and bitches at Jerrmy about how they don't have any money and/or (mostly and, though) how he's a bad husband because he works so hard all the time. Adderall may or may not still be on the cooking pot high chair. I'm pretty sure they just throw her in a ball fit full of Cheeto balls when they're not using her as a filming prop. Jace is trying to make it his life goal to teach his little brother how to properly kick their big sister in the face but he can't because Jenelle never actually sees him so he can't get his lessons in at all. He's probably somewhere in Barb's house right now listening to a Guns n Roses cover of the Rainbow Song while looking out at the rain on the window and sobbing. Aubrey is trying to figure out how, exactly, Randy isn't her actual father while also her grandfather because her mother makes him to the disciplining and she's known what the fuck A-D-A-M spells for 3 years by now. Isaac is deathly afraid of paint shakers but doesn't know why and Lincoln is constantly having to go on interviews with his mother for his replacement father figure since she's probably already sick of Javi's shit by now. (In all honesty, Isaac and Aubrey are quite well adjusted, as well.)

Love your trademark on Mykoles name

Gotta boost the economy with Abraham Family Products. (also TM)

Your descriptions are freaking perfect. Those kids do seem pretty well-adjusted for the most part. But kids at that age are incredibly resilient. We all know some of them are going to have serious emotional scars because of their trainwreck, drug-addled parents....just wait til these kids are teenagers. I can see it now...Teen Mom: NG (Next Generation) will be a huge success.

@KB - are you a Trekkie?

Live long and prosper.

@Fame Whores - I'm the daughter of a hardcore Trekkie :) well spotted!

@KB - good to know. Too bad we can't just beam up some of these bad parents.

When she said 'Night Mommy, I love you' my heart melted!

I know! And when they were talking in the car about climbing trees and she told Amber not to be afraid, just do it! I love little Leah!

Does anybody remember the black tutu Amber wore when she was on drugs and skinny as hell? Methinks she gave it to Leah, since she's wearing the exact same skirt.

How in the world Leah is so well adjusted is a true miracle.

She is SO cute, and speaks so articulately!

That's true... partly because talking is the only activity her dad can participate in.

Maybe Jace has hope aswell....

Jace has tha bipolah.

I should not have laughed at this haha

Let's not raise the bar too high now.....
I wish Jace all the best things in the world. But......??

Tyler: Hey remember when we said we'd do all that stuff for Carly like graduate and get jobs? Well we didn't do any of that but let's plan a baby anyway.

Cate: Yeah I'd like to get married before the baby comes. No? Okay let's just get pregnant anyway.

I love how they didn't even acknowledge that they didn't keep any of the promises they made to Carly when they first gave her up. They just acted like, "Oh, we gotta do all this shit" like they hadn't spent the last few years doing nothing but talking about going to school and getting good jobs without doing anything.

Also, Tyler, you and Catelynn don't have to get married. It's not about "good marriages raising good kids" or whatever. But Catelynn clearly wants to get married whereas Tyler doesn't. The problem lies in the fact that they want different things from their relationship.

Especially since Tyler wants dudes.

What I don't understand is how these people are fine to have unprotected sex and rush into having babies, which is THE biggest commitment you can make and completely ties you together for life (even if you end up hating each other, like 90% of the parents in this franchise) but marriage is seen as a big deal and scary. It's sad but true that divorce is so common these days that marriage is much less of a commitment than kids.

They say that the two most important decisions to make in life are whether you want to have kids and whether you want to get married. In that order. Catelynn decided long ago that she wants children and she wants to get married, whereas Tyler hasn't. I mean, he's willing to father a child with her, but I just don't see him being a committed father in the end. His unwillingness to marry Catelynn and unwillingness to explain WHY he's so stubborn does not bode well for their future together. Even if they do stay together, one of them is going to be miserable whether or not they get married. The fact that they decided to have a baby before they were ready will only make things worse.

Yeah, with all the therapy they've had you'd think one of the therapists would have realized that Tyler clearly doesn't want to legally commit for life to Catelynn, as much as he might say he does. Someone needs to inform Catelynn to stop wasting her time with him if she really wants to be married one day. She's fine with a courthouse wedding, she said so to Tyler, but he demands she have a big wedding. He doesn't care about what she wants and is making everything about himself. He's a selfish douche. I think they'll never actually get married now that they cancelled their planned wedding at almost the last minute. I too don't understand the "marriage is so scary, but producing another human being together that we must raise for the next 20 years whether we like each other or not is no biggie" mentality. They are the strangest couple and I think still as immature as they were at 17.

So true. Ideally marriage is a life thing too but it's not as big and affecting as having children. If you have to y break up you move on and mostly just you and the other person are affected and you move on but having a kid involves an innocent and relieve party. Crazy to me how they take having kids much less seriously than getting married. I agree that it's an issue if care wants to get married and Tyler doesn't. Tag not agreeing on that to me is a huge reason as to why it was a horrible time to have a kid. It has to do with the nature of your relationship and that's kind of essential to being able to cop aren't together in a healthy way haha.

Ugh I can't type on an iPad *relient party

I'LL go to college and YOU stay home. I want MY child to have it's mother stay home for the first three years of it's life.

Sounded like he was talking to his surrogate.

Oh, but didn't Tyler say he was going to break up with Catelynn if she didn't go to college? He's such a jerk. I knew he was going to pull "be a stay at home mom" shit. I don't think Catelynn is college material, but she'll never amount to anything if she lets Tyler keep her underneath his boot.

I haven't even seen the episode but just from what you guys are describing, he sounds like my sister's boyfriend. He wants her to stay at home with their kid but he's still too lazy to go out and find a job. It blows my mind how they could make an entire human together but still not grow the hell up.

She is his surrogate.

I don't like Catelynn, but I feel so bad for her! Like she drops all these hints about marriage and commitment, and Tyler just decides all these things for THEM. She's a passive aggressive doormat.

I hope she watches her own show and realizes how unhealthy their relationship is.

T: "What do you want to do, Catelynn?"
C: "I wouldn't mind getting married in a courthouse."
T: "No. We're going to do this."

Except T wouldn't let C finish her sentence.

My friends and I had to rewind and pause the show when Catelynn brought up getting married to Tyler in the pregnancy test clip. His face had NO ME GUSTA written alllllllllll over it. Holy hell. He is a commitment phobe if I ever saw one.

Just run. Run away, Catelynn, and never return.

As much as Farrah is the worst, her comments on Couples Therapy were pretty much exactly what we've all been saying about Catelynn and Tyler and Catelynn went fucking apeshit, probably because she knows Farrah was exactly right. How embarrassing to be called about by TM's resident nutjob

I agree with your comment. But I upvoted it just because your name rocks! Maybe change the spelling though "Post-gel Nells" is TM speak around these parts. Lol

I thought about the spelling but as a fellow Australian I couldn't bring myself to do it lol!

Does "I'm on my last year of college" really count as an accomplishment if it's only a two year degree? Anyone? Speaking on behalf of her degree, I call no.

*January 2009-begins her 2 year degree
*Spring 2012-claims she has one year left until she graduates on reunion
*Spring 2013-again, claims she has one year left in interview
*Early 2014 tweets she is in her second to last semester

I take her "last Year" as a grain of salt since she's claimed it 3 times before and is still "working" towards it.

Well, she may be telling the truth considering she DOES enroll every semester only to eventually drop all the classes anyway. Chatt State is going to name an auditorium after her based on how much they're making in tuition.

Chatt State is going to name a study hall wing after Maci and nobody will ever be in it. Just like their patron would want.

Unless it had an open bar...

I didn't watch the show, but Maci is in her last year of her associates? or bachelors?

Associates. Chattanooga State Community College for life yall!!!!

I'm doing like a little higher than associate level just now, (UK different names for it) 2 years long, it will take me 2 years to do that, and thats while caring for 2 sick parents, having my nephew part time, working a hell of a lot to pay the bills and planning a wedding while also running a house ... I don't understand how Maci can say it's Bentleys fault that she can't do it because it's harder to do homework with a kid ... it really angers me, i wish she would just admit, "i've been lazy" .. Ryan called it in season 1.

Dauym, Bentley's accent is SOUTHERN! I've never really heard him talk before, so it was sort of surprising. He's a pretty awesome kid lol.

It's fairly typical of this area. My little boy is 18 months and he already has a strong southern drawl.

For folks who think all Southern accents sound the same, get ready for a lesson in regional differences. The difference between Taylor from Texas and Maci/Bintlee/Rhine from Tennessee is pretty notable.

I think Texas accents are a lot more...broad, if that's the word I'm looking for, whereas accents in TN, Georgia, the Appalachia area etc. are more twangy and sing-songy. I could be totally wrong, since I live on the East coast, but I've been to the South for vacations plenty of time and that's what I've noticed. I've also noticed it from "16 and Pregnant", since it's featured many of girls from different areas of the South and Southwest.

Haha I didn't move far from Texas, but here in Arkansas they make up their own damn words. Deerwoods, Warsh... I have had to ask some older men to talk slowly because I can't understand them. They tell me I sound like a "yankee" which i'm not.

The only people I know who say "warsh" are from Ohio and PA. I always figured it was a northern thing!

Both of my grandma's used to say warsh and they grew up on farms in Illinois. I always thought it was a southern/midwestern thing.

Adding to this discussion... for science. My grandma said "warsh" and she was from South Dakota. Some other members of my mom's family also say it, mostly native Wisconsinites

Warsh is only in very rural Ohio, where they say ain't! It's amazing how "southern-like" the dialect is in the rural areas of the North.

My mom says warsh when she gets together with my aunts and they are from rural Tennessee. Like, so rural my grandmother was in the process of trying to get a birth certificate when she died because everyone in their town was born at home and no one had a birth certificate.

My grandparents who were farmers in Kansas said warsh and my mother in law in Kansas says warsh. I haven't heard anyone much younger than 55 from those areas say it though.

I'm from Chattanooga. Actually, a tiny little town just south of it in north Georgia but we all collectively get lumped in the "chattanooga" region. The one and only time I've been above the Mason Dixson line was to Ohio, where the only question I heard when I spoke was "what part of Alabama are you from?" *facepalm*

Hahaha, the thickest accent I ever heard on a person was a girl I met freshman year at UT from Soddy Daisy. Holy. Shit. It sounded like someone had slowed her down 3 speeds and taught her words that don't actually exist. Like "crumpledy." As in: "My money is awwll crumpledyyy!"

Haha Soddy definitely has some accents. Lawd. You should be around for some of the little league/school ball parents.

Lmao, I'm from Louisiana and I say crumpeldy and when the dogs tear up a toy, I have to pick up the "little jiblets" off the floor.

Been following for years but this is my first comment. Yay!

I moved to Chattanooga 2 years ago from NC (Charlotte, so not the hardcore South), and the accents are definitely different here.

It's also strange seeing all these places I know on MTV.

My roommate starts Chatt State in the fall. I bet Maci will still be there.

I was telling my friend earlier I love Maci's segments because it's a game of iSpy spitting the locations lol

That'll be the new drinking game.

Tennesse has a prissiness about their accent. In South Carolina we have more of a southern drawl.

D is for Degree: I moved to TN from a town in NC near Charlotte!!

We Texans have a drawl. I used to think Texas was the South and then we moved to Savannah, GA-oh my, this is the home of the sweet tea Southern accent. When I went to university up North everyone thought that my Texas accent was the same as everyone on GWTW.

That plantation drawl. My great-grandmother always used to say, "Well I deee-claire!" She was quite the southern belle.

Well, he lives in the south and all his family have southern accents :p so it makes sense.

Don't get me wrong, I'm in NO way calling Jenelle mom of the year, or mom for that matter, but if she were to call Jace "butthead" people would call CPS, but since Maci did it she's soo funny and she's such a relatable mom because she gets on his level! There is an editing hypocrisy.

Hmm, I hate Jenelle and I think sometimes Maci's parenting techniques are pretty questionable... but the way Maci is with Bentley is totally different to the way Jenelle is with Jace. Jenelle would probably be saying it much more seriously/ angrily. And I don't think people would be calling CPS over it

I have to agree with Beth. Maci's not Mother of the Year by any standard, but I don't think her teasingly calling her son butthead is something to be taken seriously. Now if she called him a terrible name in anger and MTV completely glossed over it, then I could see the hypocrisy. But she didn't, so I don't.

I really wouldn't be mad at Jenelle for that either. That's kinda a dumb thing to get your panties in a bunch over (refering to the people who would get mad about teasing your kid a little, I don't mean you haha). That won't happen though because she doesn't react with Jace enough to have that kind of relationship with him.

I did not like that she did that. She is teaching gently to do that by calling him that. Lol iPad changed bentley's name to gently.

I say what I say because I have a nephew that imitates things like that that his parents say to him and do it a lot more to disrespect and annoy people around him. Sure you can tell them not to but the best way to teach kids is by example.

I feel like I should have an OG username. Like, Ryan's Thyroid Problem.

Gary's chin gut

Bentley Doesn't Want to Go To Nashville
Maci's Radio Show
Leah's Black Tutu
Tyler's Plan

You get the gist.

Because we are, Maci.

Taylor's ninja turtle bed lol

Amber's ticklish feet.

Rocket-Science Antibiotics

6" Eye Lash Portwood

Plain Old Amber
Bentley's Loose Tooth
Ryan's Sycophantic Parents
Maci's Cheers

They practically write themselves.

Rhine's spittoon.

April's dentures

You sold your vagina!

So sophia wouldn't have to!!

When she said she wouldn't want Sophia to do porn like she did you could see on her face (as much as you can see any emotion on her face) that that was a way more honest answer that she would have wanted to give. Bitch needed to back peddle fast.

I'm on the fence about how people say they don't want their kids to have to work hard. Struggle and suffer sure, no one should want that for your kid, but I should hope people would want their kid to build some character and work ethic and not have to get everything handed to them. They become spoiled and entitled. I know that's the tradition with Farrah's family of course but I'm talking about other people. Kids become entitled and spoiled and take stuff for granted because they're young and won't gain the perspective to recognize what their parents did or are doing until they are way older.

That made me so mad. Seriously. Catelynn has never said anything witty or clever in her life, she had that line saved up for months so she could throw it out there because she knew the audience would back her over Farrah. She literally wrote herself lines to avoid being called out on her own idiot behaviour and then sniggered about it as if she was so clever.

Bentley sounds JUST like Ryan!

I know Bentley is a cute kid and I know MTV just shows what they want us to see but wow so far he's such a whiney, bratty kid! Hard to tell if it's just editing or if he's like that in real life though.

Hope he doesn't turn out like his daddy, Rhine.

How could he not? BOTH his parents are entitled, spoiled lazy asses who parent with passive aggression prioritized above love for their child.

He's going to be Rhine 2.0! He's being raised by lazy Maci on one hand, and grandma Mimi (who produced Rhine).

Ok, THANK YOU Meatball. Just what I thought. SPOILED!

No I agree. It kinda sounds like Maci might have learned her parenting skills from Chelsea too. If you sleep in our bed will you actually sleep? Like there's no way in hell I would've pulled that crap with my parents when I was his age. When my mom said go to bed you best bet my butt was in bed. Also what's with the Ipad. I hate how kids these days are baby sat by Ipads. Also did it bother anyone else how Taylor gets a say in how Bentley is raised? Like he's not his father why would he get a say? Does Shelby get a say? No Maci would get all pissy. Neither of them are step parents they're the people his parents are dating for the time being.

When I was a kid, until I was in middle school, my bed time was 8:30 sharp. That was it. I think after that is was 9:00 or 9:30, but I would still go to bed at that time in high school since I would wake up at 6:00 everyday to do early classes (I did that so I could have more time during the day to do my homework as I had a ton in high school).

Maci should not let Bentley play with an iPad before bed. You are supposed to limit kid's exposure to technology when they are that young. I was only allowed to watch PBS (I loved Arthur) and play math, science, or reading games on the computer (although I guess technology has advanced a lot since that was over 15 years ago). Before bed I read with my parents. That's how you raise a child to be a good student. We never were told to do our homework since we just did it. I forgot my homework at home once in third grade and my parents gave me a good lecture about being responsible.

That doesn't mean I wasn't a brat at times (I have yet to meet a child who hasn't had those moments) but for the most part I was a very well behaved child and was taken to nice restaurants at a very young age.

I too hate how hooked kids seem to be on Ipads these days. Not to say that adults aren't constantly looking at their phones, tablets, etc but it's actually very bad for children's eye development to be staring at those screens all the time. Definitely not before bed. It's also so distracting and seems to give them a reason to ignore you when you talk to them while they're glued to their Ipads. It's frustrating. I also like the idea of reading books better. That gives parents and kids something to do together and bond over each night.

My son is about a month older than Bentley and his bedtime is 730pm Sunday through Thursday and 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays. If it's summertime or school vacation, it's either 730 or 8pm depending on how he's acting. But sometimes if he is really tired or in a bad mood, it's at 7pm. Like last Saturday, he was very grumpy at dinner so he went to bed at 705. And on weekdays he wakes up at 620 for school and on weekends, around 7.
He has a kindle fire but doesn't get it in bed. He doesn't get TV before or after school. He gets to watch TV after dinner for an hour. Then on the weekends, he will watch more TV. Bentley seems very spoiled and he will have a rough time when the new baby comes and life isn't all about him anymore.

Agree about all this

Not a fan of kids being babysat by iPads and TV three days either. In my expedience so far the kids who I see spending more time staring at ill screens are worse behaved

I don't want to say Bentely is a bratty kid, but Ryan is sure getting some pay back for his Douchy ways!

Who lets a kid play at the park in a skirt? Get it together Amber!

I was impressed she took her to the park to play. Leah and Amber were cute at Amber's house. I think Amber really loves Leah and wants tone a good mom.

I'm probably a minority, but I really don't think they should make flip flops for kids. I just don't think they're safe. I cringe every time one of these kids are out playing in flip flops.

What is on the side of Catelynns face?

More face?

A!!!! Please tell me your identity!! I've been loyaly waiting for 5 season now to find out. I can't take it anymore!!! Who are you?!

That's a secret I'll never tell!

xoxo, gossip girl.

Wait. wrong show!

A lot of people are saying wren is A. I haven't watched for a few seasons now, but I've been kind of keeping up online. I do know the" big A" will be revealed tonight. I think it is one of the liars, but not Aria. Or maybe Mona had a twin? But one thing for sure is, we've all seen A. He/she was in the pilot episode.

I don't think we're going to find out who A is. They say that every season finale and then they take it back half way through the next season. I think it's just going to be a bigger clue then we've gotten before. A Big A reveal can mean a big reveal about A not necessarily they're telling us who big A is. Marlene King one of the producers said that she doesn't control who the network promotes the show so she's not the one tricking people into believing that they're telling us who A is the network is.
I agree though I think it's one of the liars too. I almost wonder if it's Hannah or maybe she has a twin. They've been really emphasizing how much she looks like Ali. People keep confusing her for Ali. That's some twin hinting right?
Sorry to start this by the way I know it's a teen mom thread but PLL is my other guilty pleasure!!
Oh and A I watched GG to so I appreciated your joke!

That's who I was thinking it was. Spencer would be way to obvious. Emily... maybe.... idk.. lol but Hannah seems to have more of a motive. Sorry girls

I read the books in high school and haven't really watched the show. I know it's way off from the books in different aspects. Hopefully they stick with who the OG A is.

Old poster here. I haven't commented in a very long time!
Anyway, in the PLL books, Ali had a twin sister that was in a mental institution. I think the mental twin sister escaped from the mental institution and then Ali was sent to the m.i. in place of her evil twin sister. Of course the series has strayed from the books quite a bit, but I wouldn't be surprised if there is a twin.
I have a few theories of who A is. One being that it is Hannah. My other theory is that it is Andrew. He just seems creepy plus there seems to have been a few scenes hinting around that Andrew is at least involved with A in some way. I've always thought Wren and Melissa could be involved as well based off of past story lines. I know it's crazy but I also feel the detective lady (wth is her name??) could be A and is desperately trying to cover her tracks. Idk though, I have a million theories. I also don't think Mona is really dead. I think she is pulling an Ali. Ugh I just wish they'd hurry up and finish the series, so we can get some damn answers!!!! PLL is my 2nd guilty pleasure :)

Sorry for all the blabbering, I just love me some PLL and I haven't found a decent blog that discusses it.

Well ladies, if you do not already know... Jason has a twin named Charles and he is big A. But...... there might be a female ubber A. :) Lmao I have no idea wtf is going on! This is the reason I like tm, tm2, and LOVE this blog! You can bet your pretty little head, these ladies will fill you in! But I must admit I'm a sucker for suspense.

Yeah that was the worst reveal ever!! If they're going to have someone have a twin at least make it someone we care about!!! Jason came in randomly in the second or third season and is hardly around. Plus this Charles guy was never even hinted at until these last few episodes. They hinted at Ali having a twin several times and then they give Jason the twin??!! So dumb! I was mad about the reveal.

spoilers nooo! ag

I think either bruises or these dark spots that some pregnant women get. Don't know anything more about them.

I like how maci and her boyfriend both have drinks in styrofoam cups. Surprised it's not a red solo cup...but I guess they figured people won't think it's alcohol in that cup

Pretty sure Taylor's is a spit cup.

lol imagine Maci's is too and she thought if she isn't caught smoking her cigarettes fans wouldn't notice her getting in her tobacco fix


That's what I was thinking too.

LMAO i was thinking the same thing!! I'm wearing for the beer koozies to cover up their bud lights cans so they can say its soda pre-pregnancy.

Nah, I still figured it was alcohol.

Hot damn sober April is completely different.

She's a fresh breath of 2nd hand smoke air!!

LOL! Kim also looks great. I love her. I also LOVED the preview of her saying this isn't a career, no offense MTV

"your boobs are so huge"
"cuz U gonna be a grannnmaa"

Just how I always imagined it to be. I needed this trash to warm my cold, dead heart.

Hahaha I laughed so hard.

Such a heartwarming moment. On the bright side, April doesn't look as much like death warmed over like she used to, so that's really nice to see.

Dropping 150 lbs of melanoma and mullet via a divorce attorney will do that for ya. ;)

You can see how they've all put their teen mom money to use

With their style and clothes and hair and stuff

I WAS WONDERING. Was thaat seriously how she broke the news? Like she HAD to have known before...it was trash gold though.

Tyler said "Good people make good kids" Well Ty, you're not good people. So...

That doesn't hold up. Because Isaac and Sophia are good kids and their mothers are hags.

So I'm watching the show and it dawned on me that Tyler rationalizing stringing Catelynn along without marrying her by saying that is a lot like "all a baby needs is love" from Butch in their 16 & Pregnant episode. I'm not saying that people need to be married before they have kids, but it adds stability to a relationship with both people knowing that it's not as simple as moving out when they're fed up with each other...you have to get a divorce and you can't do this on again off again shit anymore. The fact that Catelynn obviously wants to be married like yesterday and Tyler just shuts her down constantly shows that they disagree on very fundamental parts of their lives but Tyler doesn't give a shit either way.

Marriage doesn't always mean more stability. I think it adds more security to a relationship. You can still leave and come back, leave and come back. Mom can leave. Dad can leave. I've known a few married people to have done this. A girl I know is technically still married to her husband but living with another guy.

Agree with Rae, and when I think of marriage I'm not thinking of just a paper being signed and a title, but the actual idea behind a commitment like that. The vow and the accountability. Some people sign the papers without actually having the attitude and personal investment mindset of marriage. That's more of what cate should be wanting from Ty rather than pressuring him to just sign the paper. A lot of people these days don't seem to think of marriage aspect that is outside of simply signing the papers.

My dad is really not good people. This wasn't on camera but he stole my moms makeup and dresses and wore them aroudn the house. I can't talk yet but I type.


OMG LOL when Tyler was reading off that website about the people shit talking him I almost died. I was like oh shit I wonder if he reads TMJ and sees our beautiful names. The "usual." Fuck you dad, I'm unique.

Leah and Amber make me :'(

You can tell that Amber genuinely loves Leah and has a lot of regret for how she treated her in the past and let their relationship fall apart in favor of men and drugs. I think Amber realizes she doesn't really deserve Leah after all the crap she put her through. I hope they can pull through and be the mother and daughter they should always have been, if that makes sense.

I think even though Amber and Gary have a habit of making selfish decisions, they really do 100% love Leah and none of it is forced or for show. And now that Amber's been through some proper counseling a la the Indiana Department of Corrections, she seems like she's able to put Leah first much more frequently than she did prior to gel.

I think Amber has the most potential of this bunch to be a good mom if she is able to get herself back on track. She seems to value her time with her child the most out of all the moms and is very attentive to her when she is with her. If she can translate that into a stable routine for Leah, she should do just fine. Leah seems like a pretty nice kid.

@THE FEMINIST V. MTV TEEN MOM - I agree with you, I think Amber is really trying to be a good mom. I think it would benefit Leah to see her parents have jobs. Being a person who contributes to society is important. Growing up and knowing that adults work for a living is important.

Leah is such a cutie pie! And Amber obviously loves her and can't wait to spend time with her. It's sweet. Ok, thumb me down, but I'm gonna say that I think Bentley is kinda a brat.

He is being SO bratty! It's nice to see Ryan putting his foot down.

I think he's bratty because it doesn't seem like he gets disciplined or punished all that much. Maci strikes me as that mom who totally wants to be her kid's friend and won't punish her kid or set him on the right path in case he might "turn" against her. I know she said she punishes Bentley off camera, but considering how bratty he acts, either she's lying or she doesn't discipline him as much as she should.

She spanked him on Being Maci. I bet he was putting on a show for Mimi and Papa Larry.

I'm not trying to make excuses but in all honesty, if I were any one of these girls, I would be very hesitant to discipline my child while being filmed. They have so many actually harmful people obsessed with petty revenge against them and probably get CPS called on them for really stupid things like spanking your kid for being a brat. I got spanked. I'm not a serial killer. I probably won't spank my kids but it's not abuse if you're just lightly popping the kid on the butt a few times.

I can't quote you Rae but I was spanked as a child as well. I don't have any resentment towards my parents or anything like that. I DESERVED it. If I was acting bratty or not listening, then that is what happened. I'm glad I actually had discipline in my life. I've seen too many times what happens when people dont!

I agree I'm glad he put his foot down too! I feel like Maci and Ryan's parents give Bentley the impression that Ryan doesn't really have authority so Bentley doesn't feel like he has to listen. Did you notice how he kept running to his grandparents saying he didn't want to go. Neither of them said he's your dad and you have to listen to him. Instead they were like sometimes you gotta do stuff you don't want to. He did come off as a brat in this episode though I agree. Also I'm confused about why Maci thinks Ryan is so absent? Everytime we see Bentley with him they're doing stuff together. Maci goes out and parties with her friends all the time when she has Bentley. What's the difference here?

He is absent from her vagina, duh!

Trash- I think the reason he ran to Jen & Larry is probably because Ryan is typically absent. Even though Ryan is on his own now, I bet they still do a lot of the "parenting" on his days. I mean, he still can't be around for the hand-off? That's immature and completely ridiculous. I wasn't impressed with him this episode at all- especially when he was putting his foot down. As a kid, how do you respect someone who tells you what to do when they're hardly around? Why would you listen to someone who occasionally wants to play dad? I got the distinct impression from Ryan that he was "putting his foot down" in the "like hell you aren't!" way because he has NO idea how to handle a 5 year old. The convo between Maci & Mimi was telling- I think Mimi finally realized her son isn't a saint.....hallelujah!

Just would like to note that my first impression of Shelby was that she's an idiot. Her comments after Maci's phone call....gahhhhh. And...well, she's a butter face. Lol. Ryan is usually pickier, so I was a little surprised! Just my opinion though. Hard to like a girl who picks Ryan though....I mean, he's absolutely gorgeous, but there's very little going on upstairs.....I don't think his face is worth it! Hahaha.

BTW, I am NOT a Maci fan....I probably came off that way, though. Hahaha! I think they're both morons, but I do think Bentley is better off with Maci than Ryan....unless Larry & Jen would just adopt him! I hear you all about Papa Larry and I agree- I love him!

There are ways to discipline kids that don't involve spanking. I honestly think Maci just spanks him because she's lazy and it's the easiest method. Setting up structured charts and doing time outs would involve effort. Also, what's the point in spanking him sometimes and other times just letting him chill in her bed with an iPad because he refuses to go to sleep?

I feel like it's kind of hard to say that spanking is good or bad using anecdotes. I personally was not spanked and turned out great, but so did other kids I know who were spanked. One of these kids had very old school parents so she did a lot of chores and took care of her younger siblings (and herself) from a very young age. They all became very nice and respectful people.