Teen Mom OG Recap: The One Where Farrah and Maci Argue


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All of the girls are getting ready to get together in New York City to do some press for the upcoming season.

Catelynn and Tyler talk about how they handle Farrah in person, and they're sure taht they can handle things.

Tyler asks if Cate knows what she's going to wear and Cate says she's still too big to fit into her normal clothes.


Farrah ends up in New York before the other girls to spend time with Simon.

They get all lovey in the taxi and it's weird as hell. Simon makes some comment about how once you're married, you only hear nagging from your wife and Farrah gives him the cold shoulder.

Farrah and Simon sit down and have a meal together. Farrah confronts him about his comment on marriage and he seems kind of off about everything.

They kiss and make up and start flirting all over again and it's just strange. Her lips are so big.


Amber calls Gary and talks about picking Leah up from school. The producer chats with Amber and Matt about going to New York.

Amber picks up Leah from school and takes her to Gary's house, but Leah is upset and doesn't want to go to Gary's house.

Amber promises that when she's back from New York, she and Leah will spend a lot of time together. Honestly, Amber does a good job with Leah considering she missed so much of her childhood due to being in jail.

Amber makes it to New York and meets up with the other girls for a photoshoot.

All of their stories are overlapping, and it's not going to be easy to separate all of these so I'm going to start writing one post in the bottom of this feed.


Maci and Taylor walk their dog and meet up with Kiki the producer. Maci reveals that she's not going to school this semester because she can't manage everything in her life at this point.

Maci is excited to see Catelynn and Amber again, but is not excited to see Farrah.

Maci isn't sure if Farrah knows about the fact that Maci quit the show when Farrah came back. It's been years since all 4 of them have been together, and Maci just wants everyone to keep their shit together.

All of them together:

All of the girls meet up for a photo shoot, and things seem to be going pretty well. Farrah and Catelynn hug and things are fine. Maci shows up and says hi to everyone.

Maci holds Novalee for a bit. Amber shows up and everyone hugs. They all swoon over the baby. Everyone meets Matt and people seem pretty civil.

Farrah leaves, and the trailer happens to come out showing Maci quitting the show. Until now, Farrah doesn't know that Maci quit the show upon finding out that she was back on. Drama is sure to happen soon enough.

Everyone is doing their online interviews, and Farrah's interview is last so she doesn't get to go out to supper with the rest of the cast.

Amber reveals that Vivid contacted her several years ago to do a pornographic film, and even though she was in the middle of her addiction, she chose to not go through with something like that.

Farrah's interview goes on and they show her the clip of Maci quitting the show. When asked how she feels about it, Farrah says that there are just no feelings about Maci at this point because of everything.

Farrah says that everyone has their own opinions and that someone should seek counseling if they have that strong of emotions about someone that they hardly even know.

Farrah says that she thinks she wasn't included from the start because MTV thinks that she is a porn star. Farrah says she's over the judgement and that she isn't going to waste her energy and be negative.

Maci goes out to eat with some friends and reveals that her unborn baby's name is going to be Jayde Carter. Maci tells them about Farrah's return to the show and how she's stressed because she doesn't know how much Farrah actually knows.

Maci has to see Farrah later today in interviews. Maci doesn't want confrontation, and she doesn't need an apology. Maci wants everyone to just agree to disagree about things, but knows that isn't how Farrah functions.

Farrah talks to Heather about things. Farrah says she's in a different place but that Maci has stayed in the same place.

Farrah says she's not offended by the fact that Maci quit the show, and that she simply doesn't have time to defend herself.

I don't even know how to slip Farrah's comments into this post so I'm just leaving them in random places.

"Candy Willow featuring Ryan, her ex-boyfriend, who probably looks at my back door."

Amber thinks that it's been nice to see everyone.

She doesn't have anything to argue with Farrah about any more. Amber is living her life, and she doesn't think she has any room to judge things because she was an addict at one point.

The ladies are splitting up. Maci is with Amber and Cate is with Farrah. I used to talk to Haley Longman all the time. She's the lady from OK! Magazine.

Everyone answers their interview questions and then they head to lunch in the conference room. Farrah makes small talk with Amber and Matt.

Maci shows up and shit instantly hits the fan between her and Farrah. farrah's all "Maci why are you here?" and it doesn't look like this will be ending well.

Maci and Farrah get into it. Maci doesn't feel the need to apologize, and Farrah is pissed off. Maci just keeps telling her that it's not about Farrah at all. Maci and Farrah agree to sit and talk through things, but we all know that this isn't going to end well.

Maci says that she's willing to clear things up, but that she doesn't want to argue. Farrah wants Maci to explain everything to her, but the continues to keep talking and giving attitude, so Maci gets up and leaves.

Farrah says that's a real "Maci way" to handle things. True.

Everyone eats pizza - seems like all they're doing is eating and arguing with Farrah. Everyone is just trying to figure out how to handle Farrah.

Tyler sends Catelynn a text about how Farrah tweeted that whole shenanigan about the book covers not having their kids on them.

Matt thinks that Farrah is unapologetic and mean, and that she doesn't give a shit. The girls think that Farrah cares a lot, but that she covers it up with anger and bitchiness.

Maci is supposed to go on stage with Farrah, but doesn't want to be alone with her because of everything that happened the day before. They decide to just interview all 4 girls at once instead of two at a time, and it seems like the stuff will go better, but they instantly get into shit again. Farrah says that she's willing to hear Maci out, and she doesn't really give her a chance to actually share. They all get into it about the tweet, and Amber is mad about the fact that Farrah is being passive aggressive.

Farrah just gives Amber the mom look, and it's super pathetic. Catelynn just thinks it's sad.

They shouldn't be fighting and they've all been through a lot in the past 6 years.

It's fine to agree to disagree. They're all trying to make sure that their kids are healty, educated, and stable, and each of them can do that in their own way.

Farrah walks away from the other three girls at the end of their time on this episode. Everyone goes home and handles their shit appropriately.


So I'm watching the previous episode and saw the scene where Tyler sent B&T a comparison photo of Nova and Carly and didn't hear back. Then Catelynn calls Teresa and they have this really nice chat while Kim asks Tyler and then Catelynn about the photos. Then, afterwards, Catelynn's going on about how much Teresa already loves Nova and can't wait to meet her and Kim goes, "Yeah, but what about the photos?" It's like...don't these people think of anything else but Carly's goddamn pictures? Like, why is that so important?

I remember he pouted while Cate was on the phone. He likes attention.

I think they were pressing more about how if she got the pics why didn't she reply and it's cuz they don't like Tyler lol at least not as much as cate

Corey and Marinda are having a baby!!!!!!!!!

Wow ok so Mavis only retweets are about how she's NOT fake and mtv set her up. Lol she's getting up there on being delusional.

Crap wrong section !

So im not team Farrah but i really felt bad for her at the end . I saw a girl not a woman but a hurt girl that has a wall up and this smug attitude is out of hurt. I truly wonder what happened to her .. was it Derek ..her family? I really hope she finds happiness because that's a sad way to live. To be miserable

Yeah she puts up the hard act of pretending not to care. But it must suck knowing everyone hates you and thinks you are slutty.

Farrah is totally a daughter of a narasstic and has a obvious unhealthy relationship with both her parents. I want to feel bad for her, but...I just can't get past her personality and drag queen inspired look.

I get what you're saying, I think the girls were right and she does care what everyone thinks, and she's really the fake one with her confident act. But I honestly don't feel sorry for her, she is just a nasty person with some kind of personality disorder.

I can't stand her superior attitude and down right rudeness. But, I think you hit it exactly right- she has a personality disorder ( probably BPD which is in more females than males and childhood trauma can actually cause it). But I feel very sorry fir her because of that. It's difficult for this personally to accept counseling. rewriting hisory ( Derek was herbone true love- at age 17) bull headed and arrogant are just a few of the traits she shows and Yes I think Debra's narcissism and michaels passivity or what ever the hell dynamic he had with Debra was very dysfunctional. Still is!
I think Farrah is a very damaged and very difficult person. Can't stand her, but do feel sorry for her.
Run Sophia, run!

I honestly don't see why this has so many thumbs down, 'cause I definitely see what you mean. More often than not, a person is who they are today due to the way they were brought up. If Debra Lou Who and Michael raised me, I'd probably be a stone-cold b*tch too. I noticed neither Farrah nor her sister seem to care to much for Deb, so the thought has crossed my mind that I wonder what in the holy h-e-double-hockey-sticks happened to them growing up.

Between Deb's intense control issues, religious zealotry, obvious paranoia, tendency to physically lash out in frustration, and relationship struggles between her and Michael, it seems pretty obvious what happened to Farrah.

I also grew up in a fairly dysfunctional environment, so I've always felt bad for Farrah, as I've felt bad for many of the girls.

Agreed! That's why I believe that Catelynn and Tyler desperately need to either go to school, work, get hobbies, etc. they don't seem to have anything going on besides comparing Nova to Carly (despite how much they claim they don't). It doesn't seem healthy. There's nothing wrong with missing Carly and wishing she was there to bond with her bio sister, but seriously. I think this show is not allowing them to move on with their lives. If Carly and nova aren't motivating then to get off their asses and do something with their lives, then I don't know what would do the trick. Nothing they claimed they were going to do after they placed Carly had happened yet, and it's been 6 years. It's getting ridiculous.

I agree. I don't blame them for thinking of Carly during this time or wishing she was with them so she and Novalee could bond. But I don't think Catelynn and Tyler have ever tried to move on. I'm not saying that adoption is easy to get over or that they're weak for still having issues with it six years and another baby later. And I do believe being on the show and asked to rehash the adoption over and over again is part of the reason they haven't been able to move on. But I think they hold themselves back at the same time. I think they got used to being told they were wonderful parents for giving up their child and how selfless they were and blah, blah, blah. Catelynn has shown some signs in the past episodes that she's ready to stop focusing on Carly so much and just get on with being a mother to Nova, but I think Tyler is still obsessed with his psycho fans thinking he's the perfect dad for placing Carly and doesn't want to give that up. He mentioned her a lot after Nova's birth, even hashtagging her name at one point. I don't think he wants to move on at all.

I honestly think its Tyler ( and through his bs Kim) driving most of the Carly worship and constant comparison. Cate really wants to just love on her baby, deal with her weight on her terms and try to grow up. Tyler does nothing but get pissed or act like a saint who spawned an angel ( twice!) . its got to be claustrophobic having him underfoot and pretending to be an authority on life and trying to settle into a new routine and tackle hormones & emotional highs and lows regarding Carly too.
He is holding her back and as blobby and unsophisticated as Cate is, she trying to learn from her past and be the mommy she never had.
He makes my skin crawl and he's trying to be relevant and knows B & T cannot stand him and Is seething with jealousy that Cate has their affection.

Yes, it has to be harder to move on when you have somebody like Tyler constantly complaining about some imagined slight from the adoptive parents and bitching about how he would have chosen different people and breaking their rules KNOWING they have every right to yank visitation and updates away. All the more reason for Catelynn to leave him, honestly.

Your comment was the most spot-on (or on point, as Jail-nelle would say) in regards to C&T I've yet to see on here. I may be a lurker, but you were dead-on. Totally agree a million times over!

I would be surprised

I would be surprised if B&T didn't close the adoption after hearing what Tyler really thinks and feels after this season. He just seems to feel he is entitled to a lot of things that he isn't entitled to. I also wonder if his Carly talk is due to them not knowing they were going to hit the MTV lottery and be chosen to be on Teen Mom, and therefore having the money they never had before to raise her. Sometimes I think he feels like they shouldn't of done it because they did end up having the money to support a baby. Obviously i know the money they have isn't going to be around forever but they seem to be somewhat smart about managing it. But then again if they had chosen to keep Carly who knows if they would of even been picked to be on Teen Mom. Just playing devils advocate here.

Catelynn needs to dump Tyler and move on. He is weighing her down and preventing from growing as a person. What would be even better though is and Teresa and Brandon can have a good relationship with Caitlynn and cut Tyler and his histrionics out of the picture.

Sadly I don't think BrandonTeresa will ever close the adoption. Just reduce contact. Which they are doing. They are too nice to completely cut them off. But Tyler's attitude is the reason the contact is dwindling.
And I agree that Tyler thinks they could've done it with the money. But raising kids isn't all about the money. Look at the other couples? They all had the money. But now not the relationshits. And they still would've had drunk April, coked up Butch and the rest of the craziness.

It's hard to say if C&T would have been picked to be on "Teen Mom" if they had kept Carly. I've heard conflicting reports on how "Teen Mom" got started. I once read that all six of the original "16 and Pregnant" girls were asked to be a part of the new series, but Whitney declined so she could focus on her son's illness and Ebony was living on an Army base that wouldn't let MTV film her at her home. Then I heard that they picked the four most popular girls to film, and C&T had one of the most popular episodes EVER of the series and were asked to join so they could offer a different viewpoint of being parents who gave a child up. So who knows? Maybe they would have still joined the show with Carly in tow. Maybe they would have been passed over because, without the adoption, they brought nothing new to the table. All I know is Tyler needs to seriously focus on overcoming his control issues before he permanently ruins things with B&T. I mean, he has to know they dislike him due to the shit he's pulled and said about them in the past. He has to know that they probably prefer just dealing with Catelynn. He should use this to turn his attitude around and become a better person whom others feel they can trust. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening because nobody in his personal or "celebrity" life is trying to discourage his behavior or tell him that the things he says and does are not okay in the slightest.

I 100% agree with both of you. Hopefully Tyler sees what a jackass he's been and be grateful for what B&T do share with them, and focus on the family he has now and be content.

Farrah Farrah Farrah ! Only time I'll cheer for her probably lol I can't wait to see her and Macis show down

Seriously. Maci deserves it. With that goddamn MILF lipstick and the fact she's using her son's photo to promote it. She's gross and nasty, and I'm not just talking about her orange skin and brown lipstick.

"Oh, we can't be seen on the same screen as a porn star, can we Binny? Now come stand over here and pose for this picture showing everyone what a mom they want to fuck looks like".

Seriously! It's bad enough to include poor Bint-Lee in that, but she's due any day with her second and she just HAD to choose then to promote this crap? Her children will grow to resent her one day for the ignorant, hypocritical stunts she pulls. I used to love Maci, but anymore she just makes me want to put her head through a wall over her lack of logic and basic comprehension skills. I'm sure I sound mean, but it's ridiculous!

Yes, I can't wait!

Farrah would mop the floor with Maci. Hehehe.

That's why Maci is too scared to go with her alone.

the thing i "like" about farrah is at least you know where you stand with her, she doesnt really hide her bitchyness and eyerolling when she doesnt like someone, but maci seems like the type that would act like yall was best friends thn as soon as you walk away shes giggling with her buddies saying how much she cant stand you

I agree. Maci will try and lull you into a false sense of security before stabbing you in the back. Farrah at least will be brandishing the knife from the start so you'll always know it's there.

Maci is a manipulative, conniving bitch and she is a snake in the grass. If Amber or Catelynn were thinner and more witty or at all combative she would be snotty to them. She sees herself as the prom queen of TM, but we all know what prom queens are really like!
It's too bad Farrah doesn't call her out for more than her lack of progress.
Maci has this amazing ability to twist situations to seem righteous and demure when she's still acting like doing keg stands in a bikini is MILF material! She's going to make any man miserable.

exactly. and farrah's furgina mould, leaked porn tape and erotic porn books are more "successful" than that stupid milf lipstick

20 min in and I think the fight is starting cuz Maci checked her phone and frowned though I can't really tell cuz of her tanning and smoking maybe those were just wrinkles but I digress can we talk about the fake ass hug ? ew.

exactly, watching that scene i was like #teamfarrah. It's so much more fun to hate farrah than to watch maci's holy segments

"I ain't got no beef with her"

I think the only person we know has beef is Jenelle.

Roast beef, that is.

Novalee's room is so garish I feel like I need to put sunglasses on.

It's a pretty ugly room. I'm surprised Tyler made it so feminine and princessy after pitching a huge fit over having a little girl.

I'm surprised he didn't have the walls covered in Batman logos.

Haha. It's probably because Novalee is a girl and Tyler probably thinks girls "can't" or "shouldn't" like Batman because Batman is only meant for manly men like Tyler.

lets be real, its tylers dream room, he sooo rminds me of a friend of mine, she started dating this guy that EVERYONE thought was gay, they dated, married, and had a baby girl together then BOOM less then 2 years after the baby was born he admits hes gay....we were all like GIRL WE TOLD YA FROM THE BEGINING!!

A little personal but...
I knew a girl (A) who pretended to be gay JUST to get attention from another girl who WAS gay(T).
A loved attention and did anything for it. She made T believe that they were together only to drop a bomb on her a few weeks later. We all meet up and A came in excited and told T "omg, guess what? I got a boyfriend! he told me he loves me!!" Without any warning. As far as T was aware, they had a happy relationship, even though I warned her over and over that A was a bitch and she wasn't gay. T refused to believe it.
That was the worst. I never talked to A ever again.

How'd you find this out about me?!

A, ha completely forgot that someone has A as a username here.

So ready for the snark tonight ya'll. It's been a shit day, and I've already spent way too much by my online shopping therapy. C'mon Maci and Farrah, I need ya'll to duke it out

Ughh I hate Matt

and Heather

What's the deal with Heather anyway? One minute she hates Farrah, next they are "BFF/Family, love you girl! F Maci, you a business woman!". Make up your mind! Farrah recently did an interview where she said its weird having all men producers around her daughter when she is getting dressed. So maybe Heather leaves eventually?

Farrah has no friends to talk to on camera, so heather must be filling the role of "friend to have bitch sessions with on camera." Sadly I guess it's the same thing with Amber. Besides Krystal and now Matt, we don't see her talking to anyone else besides the hairy fairy on the phone. After that exchange with Farrah though, I don't really care for her. She shouldn't be getting better Farrah worked up about Maci, she can do that by herself.

I think Amber is really working her "program" and so she cannot socialize with most of her prior "friends".
Matt is going to suck her self esteem to the core when she finds out he's there for the cameras.
He sat around that table of teen moms, all under 25, and acted like this cool guy with street smarts! What??? He's a grown ass man who should have a job and he's hanging with girls ( Tyler too) who are a decade younger than he is and thins he can fit in!
Creep factor is rising quickly on him!
Poor Amber needs to stop needing make approval to feel secure. She's stuck in IN because of Leah, because Gary is going to remain on that recliner forever ,

who is he to comment on farrah, he's nobody. go home matt, no one cares about you you famewhore.

Matt... The super old creeper guy who is probably controlling. I don't see him lasting much longer.

Yeah as soon as Amber gets her some self-esteem he's gone. I wish she would already though, she should be so proud of how far she's come. Plus he did already cheat on her (I kinda think Amber said he didn't cheat to save face. If there are girls he's not even allowed to talk to she obviously has issues trusting him and she shouldn't have to worry about that stuff)

Dude, Matt looks so detached from Amber. Can it be any more obvious that he's only with her for all the wrong reasons?

Matt reminds me of the creeptastic high school teacher that would always try to be the cool fun guy.

so far Matt's only redeeming quality is that since he showed up, we've barely seen the rotting pile of old junkyard tires that is Gary Shirley.

While I agree with this statement, I think Ryan and Gary stayed home with their kids. I'm assuming Ty and Cate brought Nova since it was discussed and April was babysitting. Which is plausible because Cate is breastfeeding.

Gary is so disgusting to look at, that I really can watch him on screen. Even losing 75 pounds, he'd still be obese.
How can poor Leah thrive with him?
Amber is doing really well with her- I pray that Matt is not a predictor!

Autocorrect: I CAN'T watch...
hope Matt is not a predator!

Amber and Leah really are sweet together. When I see scenes like that, it really, really makes me want to believe she can get her shit together for the long haul. :(

Who packs a bathtub for a plane trip? Lol

Idiots who don't think about how it's easy to wash a tiny baby in a sink or, as my husband used to do- shower with me ( not for hanky panky) and we'd hold the baby together to bathe her in the shower---

Teen Moms and their million pets, OMG

WHY get a new dog when you're about to have a new baby? Wouldn't that be a bad idea?

To any normal person, yes. To these idiots no. Pets are like toys to them.

And it's a Boxer! Shelters have ( in order of surrendered pets) large numbers of Pit Bulls, Chihuahuas, Boxers and German Shepards. Guess why many give them up? They don't do well with kids!
Many responsible owners handle these breeds ( even pits)very well within families. NONE of these girls fall into that category!

That's exactly what I thought! I have a German shepherd, and know why they end up in shelters so often. Because people get them thinking they look cool and don't realize how much work they take! My girl is the sweetest thing, great with my cats and kittens that I foster, but if she was raised wrong i could see her being a terror! She was so much work as a puppy, and even at a year and a half still is, but my husband and I committed to her and did tons of research on the breed before getting her. I am a huge believer in "it's not the dog, it's the human." I could go on and on but I'll sum it up with, puppies don't stay puppies forever, and they are a ton of work! I really hope Maci realized that and isn't gonna get rid of the dog as it gets older, or when she has the new baby like all the other TM's seem to do.

That's why I added the " responsible owner handle these breeds..." I don't know why it's down voted so much but perhaps thry only saw the dogs listed and hated on the mention of them? However, we have had a Gremsn Shepard ( passed away :-( ) and currently have a pit cross. Both were shelter adoptions. We always commented how the kids were easier!

Especially a BOXER in that teeny tiny house! The minute it gets too big she'll ditch it.

"What about school?"
"I'll go next semester"

How many times can Maci possibly have this conversation on this show?

It's official. We are now at SEVEN YEARS for an associates degree. And that's assuming she actually finishes it and graduates next year. Which she won't.

It took me two years to get my AA, then another two years to do a few upper level classes, realize that I didn't like the program, and go back and just get my AS. I could have done it a lot quicker if 1) so many of the classes I needed weren't offered only once a year or conflicted with each other, 2) the local university would have stil offered the actual BA program I want so I wouldn't have wasted a time on one that wasn't a good fit, and 3) I wasn't taking care of my very I'll grandfather fulltime. And I still graduated with honors both times and kept up my scholarships. So it really aggravates me that Maci uses Bentley and Jayde as an excuse to take over seven years to do her Associate's Degree when she had willing babysitters for Bentley the whole time (and he's been in school for a while), she hasn't had to work or have any other responsibilities, and she's found plenty of time to date and party and travel for speaking engagements. GET YOUR PRIORITIES TOGETHER! AN ASSOCIATE'S DEGREE IS NOT THAT DIFFICULT TO OBTAIN!

It took me 5 years in my AA program. And honestly, most of that time was spent waiting for the right classes to even be offered. I had to transfer schools to get the right classes and eventually had to not only enroll in the campus disability program to get priority registration to be able to be enrolled in my required classes in the first place before they filled up, but had to compromise on the program I wanted, because of I had gone with my initial program I would have had to wait another year and a half for the last two classes I needed to even be offered again because they only offered it once every two years (mathematics courses, not electives). I went from zoological sciences to early childhood education because the math and science requirements were not offered on a consistent basis, nor were there ever enough places to enroll everyone who needed it.

Obviously this is not Maci's problem, but just pointing out that the work to obtain an AA is not hard, but the bureaucratics of obtaining an AA might be fat more difficult. Maybe your CC was more well funded, but in my state the CCs are a fucking wreck. They even shut down the on-campus childcare my last year there, so not only did the entire student body lose affordable childcare, but everyone in the ECE program was forced off campus for their practicum and observation hours. Some people had to drop out of the program because they weren't able to find a local preschool that fit the required criteria in time.

Mine wasn't all that great and, like I said, I had the same issue with classes not being offered very often so you have to wait to take them, especially when I went for the AS because it was only a few extra classes and I probably could have taken them all in one semester, but it took three semesters since that's the only time the classes were offered.
None of those things apply to Maci, though. She's so far behind due to her own lack of initiative, not scheduling conflicts or anything along those lines.

"I'm not going this semester. (excuse1 excuse2 excuse3 excuse4)." Ahh, classic Maci.

"I'm a mom, what's your excuse?"

Nice to know you had another baby so you had an excuse to say you're too busy to finish school, heh

That is so ridiculous. I went full time when I was pregnant because I was trying to get as much school done as possible before the baby came because I knew it was going to be so much harder to go to school after I had my daughter. She's so stupid to think that it would be better to put off school until after you're pregnant. Wasn't one of her other excuses that she had to work? Bitch, MTV isn't a job.

I think it was that she couldn't work, which is even more ridiculous. I'm 6 months pregnant, working full time at a dog daycare, and plan to keep working until I either deliver or absolutely cannot continue for some reason. I know every pregnancy is different, but really Maci? Ugh.

I think that is exactly what she did. My kid is finishing up kindergarten so all of his friends are around 4,5, and 6. Several of his 4 year old friends moms seem to have had an "oh shit" moment when they realized that their kid was about to be in school and they were going to have to get off their asses and do something with their lives. They are all pregnant now.

LOL @ Maci's excuses for school again. HOw many times can she put it off? She just needs to admit that she doesn't care to finish

I love that "Bentley is in school" was included in her excuses.. Like wouldn't that make it easier since he is there for the day and you could focus on your studies???

I don't know if anybody remembers this, but way back in the first or second season of "Teen Mom", Maci had put Bentley in daycare and STILL couldn't do any schoolwork. Like, she continued to screw around and not get anything done because she was too depressed over not having Bentley around or some shit like that.

I know she's dug herself way too deep now, but I wish Maci would admit that college isn't for her (and, for the record, I wish C&T would admit to it, too). I wouldn't respect her or anything, but it'd be refreshing to hear instead of the gazillion bullshit excuses as to why she can't finish a degree that should have been done and over with, like, four years ago.

She has to tone down that bitch mode if she hopes to keep this guy! She cannot possibly live on MTV money indefinitely and fans don't buy diapers much less vacations. These guys( who date these girls) really need some form of birth control of their own. Taylor is stuck with her whine forever now. Poor guy might not have parents like Ryan to contribute to the lifestyle...

It's ok. Mimi Jen will buy diapers and formula. If she can call the baby Jayde Edwards....

I actually wonder if her close relationship with Ryan's mom may fade now that she's pulled the same crap with a new guy? I think his mom was hoping Ryan would grow up and Maci would mature and mellow and they'd make more Bint-leys someday.

Bentley is always going to be in school from here on out. I guess she's waiting for him to be 18 and graduate high school to finally get her degree?

Haha I love this comment. Should of made my screen name "Maci's 24 year associate degree". Well geez even more if you count jayde's school. Let's just face it. She is never going to graduate

She'll just keep getting pregnant so she can have an excuse. She'll have more kids than Michelle Duggar before she finishes her degree.

I wonder if they had to ship ambie's couch to new york to get her on the plane.


Ha ha....good one!!!! :o)

Totally get it and it is funny BUT did we not all sit here bashing her when she was all fucked up on pills? I know it's all fun here but on a serious note would we not want Amber on the couch with her nasty ass "fiancé", than all fucked over doing fucked up shit to her kid and everyone else just to get high??

I'm not really accepting of this whole Matt situation but, I'd rather have her ass on the couch in Anderson Indiana than searching for her next fix.

No harm, like I said we all have fun but for some reason I just didn't agree with this :/

true, but even when she was all pilled out, the only place we ever saw her was on her couch. I'm pretty sure her dope boy delivered.

I thought about that and I agree! I bet you're on point with that delivery boy!! I guess in my own fucked up mind id rather bash her for being a dumbass hooking up with that nasty hairy old man than bashing her for being "safe" on the couch if you get what I mean?!? Like I said it's all fun and games, sometimes it's hard to separate the fun with real life shit. (Not like any of this isn't real life).

I think her sitting on that couch with her gross fiance is a place not much better than being fucked on pills. In fact, it's pretty close. Not having hobbies, not having a job or lots of activities, and of course being with this guy who is definitely going to hurt her at some point are basically all red signs screaming "RELAPSE RISK."

I'd much rather see Amber going out and doing something to keep her healthy, physically and mentally, than sitting on her couch.

exactly. you can't hide from addiction. it will always find you.

I don't even need to say it but I will ....no more school for Maci ! Shock.

We all know she had to stop school while pregnant because she is getting her Associates in Alcoholism.

Oh, look, Maci's going to put her ASSOCIATES' DEGREE on hold again because....she's pregnant! And it's way too hard to juggle school and pregnancy and absolutely nothing else. I mean, I know she didn't say that, but you know she wanted to. It'll only be a matter of time before she announces that she's taking a break from school.

There's a girl I knew from high school who had a baby that is almost 3 now. She's a friggin nurse now! I mean I know it's not like a PhD, but nursing is a good career and nursing school is hard! She was working, doing nursing school and raising a child. Her situation is so much like Maci's with all the support from family, so that's just evidence to me that Maci is a slacker.

I studied early childhood education at a community college, and in my first class in the ECE program there were 4 pregnant women. Two of them weren't even there because they were becoming teachers like the rest of us, they were just taking the core units so they could become better parents.

i just graduated from f***ing law school after having a baby at 18. My child is FOUR going on five. Not to be sanctimonious, but damn Maci either go to school or get out, you give all us TN moms a bad name!

Ya, I graduated from nursing school last year (four year degree). It took me five years and I have a five year old. It took a crap load of dedication, but it's not impossible

Yeah it's so tough with all the being pregnant and not working or drinking and dropping Bint-lee off at school like EVERY day. There's just no time. But you know, after the baby comes there will be. Because that always works for everyone on this show.

"We won't fight so much because we'll be too focused on the baby."


That always reminds me of that episode of My Name is Earl where he was like "Like my high school health teacher said, nothing fixes a relationship like having a baby."

Maci is gonna be the first person ever to get their Master's degree in obtaining an associate's.

More like PhD. Seriously.

I wonder if Maci really hates Farrah more because ( except for the plastic surgery) she has used money she earned to secure her lifestyle apart from MTV. At the onset, Farrah was the only one who could be considered a socio-economic equal to Maci. Both were cute, and got above average grades and were in school activities which made them in the college track crowd, both had very supportive parents and then Farrah finished her culinary degree, became a video star and model. Earning her own money.
Farrah is nutso, but she didn't party her life away and buy vacations and use her kid as an excuse to be idle.

Except all she does is party. She literally gets paid to leave Sophia to go party and there's no way she does it sober. I do wonder how she does it or how she'll keep it up after TM is over because she has no personality.

Farrah gets paid to go to parties.
Maci parties for free 99% of the time.

Let me correct myself: there really isn't such a thing as a free party. Alcohol is expensive, Maci is actually actively paying money (maybe some of that $80,000 debt?) To party.

So the issue is ultimately positive vs negative income.

Probably all of her debt is from partying and flying everywhere

And stupid tattoos.

Anyone who has a cupcake tattoo is permanently trapped in some Hot Topic-arrested development lingo.

Limbo. Fucking limbo, because autocorrect is delayed and changes words while actively posting. L I M B O.

My whole point is that money doesn't mean everything when it comes to whether you're a good parent or not and the fact that Farrah leaves her kid to go party just as much as Maci if not more (since Maci's money will run out sooner) is going to affect Sophia. Plus Farrah's awful attitude on top of it makes her worse than Maci to me at least.

Let's be real. The only reason Maci finally published a book was because she saw Kail and Amber in the RV on their book tour and Maci had cartoon dollar signs in her eyes while thinking "PARTY BUS!!"

Meth Pipe does speak the truth. Jayde will be born by then too so all bets are off. Weeks of drunken partying paid for by MTV (I'm assuming they pay for these girls to go on their book tours?)

Maci leaves to give talks also and appearances. Just like her Good Edit, she gets away with a lot of shady shit and isn't called out on it. Maci is also not a virginal innocent mommy. She tells her kid too many personal things then pretend to shelter him from evil- all while siting on that couch with prime after priests time trash tv playing for him..
Not defending Farrah- Sophia is going to be in 4day a week therapy most of her teen years and beyond after Debra and Farrah mess up her head.

Don't know what he hell auto correct did to that " prime time " sentence!???
I meant she has TV shows meant for adults on when Bint-ley is able to hear and see..

Right and I'm not saying I buy Maci's good girl edit. I'm just saying that Farrah is everything Maci is and then some. Also my point is that how much money you make doesn't make you a good parent and I'm sure a lot of great parents who aren't well off would be offended by that idea. Farrah only gets buy because she makes so much of it, right now. She still spends it irrisponsibly and selfishly and as you said Sophia is gonna need a lot of therapy.

It'll be even better once her baby is born and she starts partying again. No time for school but plenty of time to drink ya'll!

Teen mom is like the twilight zone the same situations (unplanned babies) and excuses (can't go to school too stressed) keep happening over and over and over

Amber might be the only mom in this entire franchise that has her child in an appropriate car seat.

Amber didn't have her chest clip in the right place though.

Damnit, I didn't notice that. I'm prepared to get down voted lol!

Not to mention the straps are way too loose every time. And she just lets Leah do it herself, doesn't even check it.

And it looks appears that the straps are coming from below shoulder height, which they should be coming from above for forward facing. =)....sorry I'm the car seat police.

Farrah is so gross to look at!

That's not nice to say about me! ;) j/k I got me a new username!

"She's nasty dude" - Ryan

"She's got no morals...HEY, LADIES, HOW YA'LL DOING?"

Simon looks so familiar to me. Where is her from? I feel like I've seen him before. Does anyone know what ethnicity he is? All I know is that Farrah says that they're both Middle Eastern

I've always wondered what ethnicity Farrah was. Obviously half white but what's Michael?

Michael is Syrian and Italian! I found that out quite recently and got such catharsis after like 6 years of looking at that man and wondering what the heck he was.

He's 100% creepy.

obviously michael has strong genes, farrah looks nothing like debra

He might be Turkish or Indian

The last name Saran is Indian, so he's probably Indian.

Let's hope his family isn't traditional.

I dunno who hates Farrah more, me or her boyfriend.

It's so weird. Sometimes he seems genuine and I'm like "huh, I guess there really is someone out there for everyone." But then sometimes she does the baby voice and he falls into a kind of thousand yard stare.

saint Maci

If we drank every time Maci mentioned Farrah we'll be drunk by now.

Maci is so fake. She's afraid that Farrah will know what she said about her. Own up to it. If you don't like her, own it. Don't be fake in her face and calling it "polite."

See, I disagree to a point. What do people expect Maci to do? Walk in and be like "Fuck you bitch" and just cause drama the whole time? I think she was fair in how she acted. Lessens the drama and doesn't make anyone uncomfortable.

No she can say hello and keep walking. You don't need to hug her come towards her and all

Sure, that's fine. But she's all antsy about whether or not Farrah saw the clip. Own up to it. Yes you said it. Yes you feel a certain way. And you're entitled to your feelings. Don't backtrack now that you think she knows

Exactly. If you feel your opinion is valid. And it's meaningful to you, declare it. Own it. And stand your ground. Don't pussy foot around it all.


actually i would have loved it if maci did walk in and say fuck you farrah. that would be tv gold.

I agree. It was very fake of her, and it was one of the rare times Farrah used that term accurately to describe someone. Maci knew Farrah may have seen the clip before they met up. And when it was obvious that she hadn't, she could have pulled Farrah aside and gave her a heads up. I mean Maci KNEW she'd find out eventually and if she was as really as mature as she pretends to be, she could have said "hey Farrah, I just wanted to let you know you might see a clip of me soon saying some stuff about you on the show, and I just wanted to explain some things so you're not caught off guard," etc.

And let's be real, it's Farrah we're talking about here. She still probably would have dealt with that scenario poorly too. But not AS poorly as she did when she clearly felt somewhat betrayed by Maci acting like everything was great, only to find out the next day that Maci actually has a HUGE issue with her and didn't even hint at anything being wrong the day before. That just made her reaction even worse.

Maci was super passive aggressive about things, and Farrah was throwing a tantrum and taking it out on everybody.

But really, I guess expecting either of them to deal with a difficult situation even somewhat maturely is asking for far too much.

Maci you're ON CAMERAQ saying this stuff, ya dips***

ballsy turtleneck, Tyler. -_-

Am I tasteless because I kinda like it?

I thought he looked good and was hating myself for it. Lol

Dapper young Mafioso in training.

No, I think he looked great. It was so much nicer than his oversized, ghetto wear. He looked nice and clean cut. But I have a thing for that 60s throwback style..

Gosh, it's so awkward watching them all interact and act like they're such!good!friends! with each other. I think they speak to each other on and off, but I don't think they're all as super-close as they're acting right now. I don't know. It just seems so weird and insincere to me.

Exactly you and be courteous with out being a kiss ass

I will say I'm surprised and glad that Maci's boyfriend has a job

I was relieved when he said that he had to go to work. Finally a long wondered TMJ question has been answered!

Which is where and doing what?

at macis, holding down the couch

Oh really? I missed that. Good.

Tyler has until August 22 to back out of the wedding.

That's the day after my birthday!

All I want for my birthday is for Cate to be free of Tyler.

It depends on how much weight she loses.

LOL at Catelynn's face when she told Amber to "come" to her wedding. She knows as well as we do it'll never happen at this point.

Did anyone else notice that she mentioned Novalee's birth weight when she handed her over to Maci? 6 lbs 10 oz I think. It's on the lower side of normal, but she had gestational diabetes, which produces big babies. Like 10 pounders are normal for women with gestational diabetes. Honestly, that's the one of the biggest pieces of evidence I've seen that supports the idea that Cate was smoking during her pregnancy.

I had gestational diabetes and my daughter was 7 pounds 6 oz. I didn't smoke while pregnant.

I registered JUST because this has been driving me crazy: I don't think she actually had gestational diabetes. I did have it, and at no point (fasting, before meal, 1 hr or 2 hr after meal) was my blood sugar supposed to be 100. After meals are to be 120 or 140, depending on your doctor, so what was up with the dramatic 107? Also, when was she supposedly diagnosed? Made it seem like the last few weeks when pregnant women are usually tested at 28 weeks. So what, not enough drama in the pregnancy? I don't know, but it seriously irked me... especially since it was all about her weight and then of course she gets diabetes. There's already a stigma about it because people don't get that it's just a pancreas issue. Sorry for the rant, but ugh...

Also should mention my sweet baby was 7 lb 9 oz so the babies aren't always behemoths-but in NO way am I sticking up for Cate ;)

Yeah, they made a huge deal about how Nova could be 10+ pounds but she was born on the smaller side of the scale. It could be chalked up to luck, but I don't think so. Plus, Catelynn gained a shit-ton of weight, which resulted in the gestational diabetes. I've never been pregnant and admittedly don't know much about the finer aspects of it, but Novalee's birth weight doesn't make sense when you take all that into consideration. So, yes, I believe it's a result of Catelynn smoking during her pregnancy. She seems scummy and ignorant enough to do that.

..... lol jk.
it could've been worse. at least he skipped the gold chains. and it's better then his velvet blazers.

Maci is so fake. Own up to what you believe in and what you feel. Who cares. She makes me sick

And she's trying to backtrack and act like she wasn't against Farrah for doing porn when the very first THING she said to Farrah's return was, "I don't want my six-year-old son on TV with somebody who did porn." It's like, did she not realize that this was on TV, on the internet, for the whole world to see? You can't claim you didn't say anything when your words were captured on camera.

Lol just said just this.

I can't stand Farrah but they were baiting her to talk shit and she was not going for it.

This upcoming scene is going to make me take that back, lol

Yes, how many times can the producers ask her how she feels about Maci? She already responded so many times, I'd be really annoyed

I'm starting to feel bad for Farrah, she's getting more than her fair share of hate and she really doesn't deserve it more than the others at this point.

Omg they were soooo trying to set up a fight between Maci and Farrah. It was ridiculously obvious.

Yes.. omg she just said she doesn't have time for this she is pregnant. . Karls words TOO PREGO FOR DRAMA I CREATED

I'm not sure if you've ever been pregnant before, but stress isn't good for a pregnant woman or the baby inside her. So she's valid in saying that. Stress can cause preterm labor and miscarriages. Yeah I'm sorry I'd pass on that as well.

While HOWIEWOODMAKESUSFAMOUS is correct, Karl was too pregnant for just about everything.

Howiewood no i haven't been pregnant. . I understand the issues with stress what I'm saying is you don't create issues and then say I'm too pregnant for this. I think she expected mtv to beg for her return so she could look all high and mighty but when she had to tuck her tail she is too pregnant.. she was pregnant before but her issue was farrah and porn not her pregnancy. Its just a maci issue not a prego issue to me.

It's true stress is bad for the baby. But like, life is stressful. And you have to deal with the shit you say, even when you are pregnant.

And yes I've been pregnant before anyone asks.

LOL ? she does that ALL the time though.

I remember watching that "Getting to know you" special (or whatever it was called) that aired before this new season started. She was talking about that old fiasco where she used Bentley to ask Ryan to come to his birthday party (that Maci was throwing). I realize she makes an issue out of this like every year, so to clarify, I think it was season 4 and when Ryan was dating Dalis. Anyway, Maci was saying "Bentley just came up to me and asked to invite his dad. What was I supposed to do? Say no and not let him call Ryan?"

Like no Maci. NO. You were talking to all your friends and family days in advance about your plans to get Bentley to call Ryan and invite him to the party. You held up the phone to Bentley's ear and coached him on what to say.

She was trying to act like Bentley just asked out of nowhere and not like she schemed for days with cameras recording and airing it all. What the fuuuuuuck!

Ugh, I knew which one you were talking about just mentioning the fiasco. Where she has Bentley call Rhine, then Rhine texts her that he can't come and she tries to make him seem like a deadbeat. She knew damn well what was going to happen and she intentionally left her child go through heartbreak to make her ex look like a slimeball, when she's the slimeball.

What a terrible human being. At least Farrah never intentionally put Sophia through something as part of some game between "adults", all the pain she's caused Sophia, she's been oblivious to. Maci intentionally caused her child pain because she wanted to make her ex look bad.

It's kind of hard to make your ex look like a slimeball when he's dead... It amazes me that there are actually people who think Farrah wouldn't be spiteful and use Sophia in that way. She already didn't tell him she was pregnant because she didn't want him in the picture, then all of a sudden he dies and she changes her story so she can get sympathy. And she's keeping Sophia from her grandparents so who's to say she wouldn't do the same with daddy derek?

I agree that it's hard to say how it would be if he were still alive. Would he be involved? Would Farrah allow him to be? Would she treat him well? (she doesn't treat anybody well so that's an easy guess). But she never expected him to die. So I don't hold the fact that she "didn't want him involved" against him. She was hurt by him and also had pressure from her parents to cut him off. But again, we'll never know if that would have changed or not.

But the fact that she was hurt by him doesn't change the fact that he was Sophia's father and therefore had every right to be involved whether she liked it or not. And she clearly doesn't respect her parents so she would only give into their pressure if she agreed with what they wanted.

It's easier to make someone look like a slimeball after they're dead because they're not around to defend themselves. With the small amount we heard from him on 16&P, I'm pretty sure he was a slimeball. He sounded straight-up abusive. If anything Farrah flipped her opinion when Derek died. She was trashing him with her mom, talking about never going back to him (and I honestly think her mother pushed her to stay away from him, the same way she pushed her to keep the pregnancy), then after he died she suddenly wanted to marry him, he was the love of her life, etc.

I think that his death was legitimately traumatizing to Farrah and because of that she romanticized him. Ultimately his character would determine a lot of things, like whether or not he would be involved in Sophia's life, and we don't know about it. His family talks about what a great guy he was and how he'd be involved, but in the phone conversations we heard with him he sounded like a bag on dicks. Either way, I'm certain Deb would have tried to guide Farrah through some ugly custody battle and Farrah would have been dragged along at least part of the way. I think they probably would have been on and off for a while to, but they wouldn't be together at this point.

"I don't judge Farrah or dislike her or anything..."

Cool it, Maci. We all know the truth. Homegirl is jealous and hates Farrah for really petty reasons.

Doesn't it seem Ike the two most popular cheerleaders in high school feuding? So ridiculous the way both of them are handling this. Too much drama!

that's nice Maci, but the thing is...you do

I've gotten into the habit of just assuming that everything she's saying is actually the opposite. Things make more sense that way.

Oh except when she's talking about how much she wants alcohol. That's all accurate.

My son is the same age as Bentley. No one in his class would mention a sex tape/porn to him. Maci is delusional.

Same, they talk about Teenage Mutant Turtles and Spiderman, not porn stars

Seriously! What 5 year old knows what pornography is? (except Kaiser in 4 years if he keeps hanging out with Grandma Doris)

That's what I thought. What kindergartner is going to ask stuff like that?!? Looking forward to the next scene though....

I hate that she then went on to say the real reason she wouldn't let Bentley be on TV anymore was because he didn't like to be filmed. If that were the case, she would have done this years ago. It has nothing to do with Bentley or his privacy: it has everything to do with Maci's personal dislike of Farrah and the fact she won't just come out and say, "I don't like her, and that's all there is to it." That'll be a lot easier to bear than all of her backtracking and contradictory statements.

And it's not. It's because Bintlee is a whiny brat and MTV is showing it. Seriously.
By the way, I saw a meme on FB yesterday that said "Happy Mothers Day to the iPad that's raising your child!" It made me think of Maci. Lol

Bentley is not a whiny brat...lol what are you even talking about?

That meme is spot on. I can't tell you how many kids I see out and about at the grocery store, the airport, in their strollers, out and about and what not who are just sitting there mesmerized by their iPad while their parents are on their phone. I don't think it's good for kids to get so much early exposure to devices like that. Instead of actually having to experience learning to color in the lines or glue stuff together, now they can just touch a screen and fireworks/glitter/etc. comes out. They don't go outside they just play iPad or wii bowling or something. You need to actually do real things to develop skills and learn to have patience.

The iPad is just a bandaid to somehow excuse you from paying attention to your kid. Which kid is the most likely to be screaming and out of control in public? Usually it seems to be the one who's parents just hand them the iPad to shut them up (doesn't always work sometimes they just scream for no reason while they are playing).

I work at a school and a lot of the kids talk about their electronics, including laptops, iPads, cell phones, etc. I was born in the early 90s, so technology was still in the infant stage when I was growing up. But even in the 2000s, I didn't get that kind of stuff until I was a teenager and proved I could be trustworthy. I got my first cell phone my senior year of high school, and my first laptop my junior year. Yet these third and forth graders already have personal computers and video game systems and television sets in their rooms lol. It's a whole different childhood these days.

Not gonna lie, during the winter time/spring its usually way too cold and wet to play outside so we do a lot of Wii games and some ipad. We usually do a time limit on it but there are only so many board games and art activities we can do before it gets old.

I don't let him play it in restaurants or anything like that. In fact, it's really irritating that chilis has that little tablet thing with games on it at their tables now.

Totally agree about the restaurant thing. People need to teach their kids some manners. Playing with electronics at the table when you with other people is rude. A lot of people seem to have forgotten that these days.

Of course it's not wrong to let your kid play with an iPad sometimes. Even I had a game boy color and played Pokemon when I was in elementary school, and my parents were very strict with technology, no cable or video games. But you really need to monitor how much time they are on the iPad because that can get out of control fast.

The thing that annoys me most is that a lot of parents just give their kids their phone or whatever so they won't have to pay attention to them.

Yeah, that comment was just stupid...Oh, ok, Maci, Kids are asking Bentley how come he's on a show w/ someone who made a sex tape, REALLY??? I can't wait till they start asking him what MILF status means.

If they were asking him stuff like that, I'd be more concerned with what the hell kind of school she's sending him to in the first place.

maybe the schools aren't well in tennessee either.

This has bothered me on multiple occasions. "Well" is an adverb, which describes how an action was done. For example, "James Deen performed well, considering his co star. "Good" is an adjective which modifies a noun, such as "schools". I had a decent Tennessee edu-ma-cay-shun, y'all. Yeehaw!

Personality, I think you may be missing the joke. That is one of our favorite Leah quotes around here!

Hot damn. I guess I am pretty stupid. Sorry folks. I'm going to just go stand in this corner and stfu.

Exactly. I wouldn't want my six year old hanging out with kids who are talking about milfs and porn. They shouldn't know what those things are because their parents should be paying attention to what they watch on tv and see around.

I remember when Maci had a blog she wrote about Bentley watching real housewives of Atlanta? What kind of parent would let a five year old watch the real housewives? Lol my parents don't even want me watching it now when I come to visit ("why are you watching this trash, turn it off!"). When I was six I was watching Arthur (best kids show ever!), magic school bus and Disney movies.

It's because they don't work or do anything outside of MTV ( hobbies, sports---) and they all lounge on their couches and play with their phones texting and tweeting so the TV is constantly on while the kids wander in and out.
They all have these huge fleece blankets that cling too while lounging too. It's infantile really. Being cozy while watching tube is one thing but these girls all have these boring and predictable sectional blob couches and multiply blankets like babies in a crib.

I feel like Farrah is just drawing words out of a hat at random. Nothing makes sense

ABSOLUTELY!!!!! That's what she does ALLLLLLLLL THE TIME!!!! And the thing is, she's TRYING DESPERATELY to make herself sound smart, but she's sooooooooooo stupid that she just makes herself look like a bigger fool than she already did.

I know! Hahahaha this is the best description ever of "Farrah Speak" she never makes sense. And she used big words we all know she doesn't understand.

YES! My 2 year old can form better sentences than her.

I actually like Farrah's answers right now

Did Farrah just... behave maturely?

much more mature than all the other girls talking crap behind her back

Don't worry, that's not going to last long.

"I don't care how questions perceive me." -Farrah. uhhh... wut?

I just about broke out the shot glass after Farrah saw the trailer. I thought any second, she was going to break into an ugly cry.

I'm gonna start this with, I don't like Maci. I think she is an underachiever and makes way too many excuses and her quitting the show when Farrah came back was super over-dramatic. BUT! I understand why she wasn't confrontational with Farrah. Either way she loses. Doesn't act angry with farrah and gets called fake. If she had come right out and talked shit to Farrah people would say she was causing drama. It's fair for her to want to keep peace. there is a baby there and other people trying to enjoy a trip.

Actually, she is a slight overachiever.

I'm missing the joke...lol

If you look up Maci's book description on Amazon it starts as: "Maci Bookout was just a normal, slightly overachieving high school girl in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But then she got pregnant, and everything turned upside down..." lololol! You can read the rest here http://www.amazon.com/Bulletproof-Maci-Bookout/dp/1618688642

Hey Tyler, if you're reading this (I know you are), remember when your mom said you guys need a career and "MTV ain't it"? Here is an idea- you should look into something like SEO or social media marketing. You clearly have a significant interest in what is trending online. Do what you love.

He is NOT smart enough for that.

You know, just throwing out ideas for when he finally goes to college. I would like to see that Novalee has something to eat in a few years when the MTV cashflow runs out.

is anybody else annoyed with tyler's gay eyebrows

Gonna have to raise my hand for this one.

OMG y'all please look at Farrah's tweets lol

"Maybe @VividCorp should apologize @mtv #TeenMom girls their confused,still crying & envious of my celebrity sex tape ????they named it"

"Happy I'm not rushing being engaged or having babies"

"Should we all ask after the #MayPac hug if Maci is ever going to mature -enjoy watching yourself ??? #TeenMomOG"

she retweeted: "@F1abraham They call you a whore yet you don't keep popping kids out by numerous men. Haha. #TeamFarrah #jealousyisadisease"


Thank you ! Holy crazy balls I hope Maci tweets her for our enjoyment !

I love crazy people with social media. But then again, I love it when people are messy!

Maci has been retweeting people:

"@MaciBookoutMTV Not really liking how MTV basically set Maci up, shes pregnant and that was stress she didnt need! Wow is all I can say!::

"It seems like @mtv set @MaciBookoutMTV up with this whole Farrah mess. #TeenMomOG""

"Got to respect a woman who keeps it real! #nofakebitcheshere @MaciBookoutMTV ?❤️"

As usual, nothing is Maci's fault and she was set up. *eye roll* Nobody dragged you here to do the show, bitch. Don't like it? Get a real job.

Ya, Maci's so full of herself and her fans don't help her ego

Lol. Did Maci pay these people to defend her or something? What a bunch of tools. And did not Maci not realize she would have to end up discussing the shit she pulled back when she "quit"? For real, girl. She had to know this was coming.

I agree in some ways though, MTV told her about Farrah on camera so they gave her no choice of reacting privately. If they had, she would have had time to calm down and then Farrah wouldn't have seen what she said and be pissed. MTV just stirred shit (no surprise).

Agreed with attitude. MTV was trying to get a good reaction on camera. And Farrah isn't full of herself? She's got the biggest ego of them all... And that's saying a lot!

Yeah, but MTV did the same thing to Amber and C&T and none of them were buttholes about it. They weren't even mad about it. If she's mad about it she can express it in a lot of ways that would legitimately make her look like a victim. Isn't she supposed to be from the South? Where's the Southern charm? She's just a drama llama who is bad at playing victim.

I'm was somewhat interested to look at her Twitter tonight. But she blocked me so I can't :( thanks for sharing this stuff so I can see some =D

You can look on Twitter. Just don't log in. I have Twitter and stalk sometimes.

True that's a good point. I've lost interest for now but I'll remember that for the next time I want to see what that twatdonut is saying!

Found the right thread lol god it gets so crazy on new show nights

Wow ok so Mavis only retweets are about how she’s NOT fake and mtv set her up. Lol she’s getting up there on being delusional.

Her tweets are so gramatically incorrect (and stupid) that it's almost impossible for me to comprehend.

Maci, please don't spell out your daughter's name ever again. That way I can try to pretend that her name is spelled normally.

Why do people do that to perfectly good names?

Like Gary naming his daughter Emilee. If you want to be different, fine, spell it Emilie or (which is the actual spelling in German or French), but really, just be reasonable

Wait was that a glass of white wine in front of maci just now as she's eating with her friends!

Probably. It would only be shocking if anyone was surprised.

Yeah but after they showed it again it was her friend's wine. Poor Maci was wineblocked twice this episode.

I kinda feel bad for farrah.. she looked hurt by that comment. Mtv can have true life im a slut but can't show farrah.. you may not agree how she makes her money but at least she isn't being a bum..

i wonder how hard it is to get a real job. Besides farrah and chelsea none of them have real jobs, none. Releasing stupid books and designing ugly tshirts don't count, and that includes Karl.

If Farrah's porno appearances that are not gonna last forever count then Amber's appearances on shows like Mauri count as a real job too. Soon enough nobody's gonna care about Farrah anymore, she'll have damaged her body beyond repair so nobody willl want to look at her, and she'll keep blowing all her money on ways to try and "stay famous". Sooo I think we're down to just Chelsea.

She also has her sex toy line, and like it or not that's a legitimate venture and is very lucrative. Her toys seem to be doing well, and if she continues to keep marketing herself well, she'll make enough to retire on.

And then there are porn stars like Nina Hartley who do make it into a lasting career, become a permanent and important fixture behind the camera, and become a successful sex educator. So while it not might be your preferred career, it's still a career.

And there are lots of careers that are more temporary and age limited than just porn. Do you consider professional athletes unemployed?

Again I say... What happens when TM is long gone? Because that's what she's using to market herself. Farrah isn't smart. Once she doesn't have something like that to use she's not going to be successful anymore. And remember she's totes not a pornstar...:P So who knows where she'll go with that.

You know, Farrah actually has fans outside of TM. Surprising though it might seem, its true. I doubt the others do. She's still Farrah Abraham from TM, but she has more of a presence outside TM than the others. TM opens the door for her, but if she plays or right she'll just be Farrah. She as a person is more marketable than the others. Even within the realm of TM, she's still the one with the larger fan base, and the ratings definitively prove it. I mean, Maci didn't get picked for Celebrity Big Brother, Farrah did. People want to see more of Farrah, regardless of the reason, and people don't seem to care about any of the others in the universe outside of MTV.

Ultimately whether or not she is successful outside of TM and if she does do the right marketing, only time will tell. But things are far more in her favor than not.

People love to watch crazy, even if they hate it. That's why those horrible Kardashian people keep getting money. None of them are particularly smart, but they're successful. No one is wondering what will happen once KUWTK is over, because everyone knows already: they're going to be fine as long as there aren't major fuck ups.

There are loads of successful stupid people and loads of unsuccessful smart people. Intelligence actually has less to do with success than you think. A lot of it is luck. A lot of it is how much privilege you're born into. A lot of it is completely uncontrollable.

Intelligence also isn't black and white. Farrah might be stupid socially, but she might be an idiot savant in some other area. Judging by her mother, that seems pretty likely.

It's hard to get a real job when you've got no skills which describes the majority of these girls.

I agree.
at least Farrah is making money outside of MTV. Who cares if she making money of being a Porn Star.
like does it really matter how she makes the money??
and if you don't care for Porn then don't watch it simple as that!

Yup Farrah makes more money. Who cares that she never sees her daughter? Money's all that matters...

Also, was it news to anyone else that Vivid had approached Amber?

Nope I remember reading about it years ago!

Found an old article


Thank you! I don't remember this at all. I'll read the article!

"She's in the same damn place" ooh! Farrah calling Maci out *z snap*

"Featuring Ryan, her ex boyfriend, who probably looks at my back door." hahaha okay, that was funny.

My new favorite Farrah line

Farrah DRAGGED Maci in that scene! I loved it.

"I'm not in that box". But your lady parts and ass are

Holy shit is Farrah on fire. She has Maci all figured out. For real. Talking about the unplanned pregnancy, the fact this whole thing isn't about "Backdoor Teen Mom", saying she only came back for the money...either Farrah's been reading our comments or she's a lot smarter than we give her credit for (and I'm not sure if I'm ready to take that particular leap into insanity).

candy willow better be a name on here by tomorrow.

I'm here!!!

lol niiice. tell Rhiiine I said hi.

Excellent *Mr. Burns voice*

Just came on to say the same thing.

maci is too pregnant for this.

She totally mirrored Kailyn there.

Candy Willow, Farrah obviously thought this all out.
One girl's disguarded porn name is another girls username...

Once again I say, someone please make Candy Willow there username! Please!

I wonder if we'll be seeing a Candy Willow debut after TMOG doesn't get renewed..

When it comes to this Maci and Farrah feud, I'm on Team Farrah. But I'm not sure if that means much since it's such a giant douche vs. turd sandwich situation.

Farrah definitely makes more sense this time around. I'd rather put up with that than Maci constantly backtracking and making hypocritical statements in a desperate attempt to forget all the previous stuff she said on camera.

Really. What is the lesser of two evils when they're both tremendous bitches?

I have complicated feelings. Farrah is 100% correct in saying Maci's life is at a stalemate and basically that she's lame. But I also wouldn't call Maci fake. If Maci weren't pregnant, a teen mom fight club would be so fun with these two.

and I agree with maci that arguing with Farrah is pointless, because she is irrational, illogical, and makes no damn sense.

Farrah makes no sense, but Maci storms away like a pouting teenager. They both suck.

Pregnant fight club is where Mackenzie hangs out.

I feel more inclined to be on Farrah's side because Maci quit the show and then came back. None of this would be happening if she had actually stayed away, so no matter how crazy Farrah acts, she will always be more reasonable to me.

exactly, when maci asked "then why are you here", farrah said "because i signed up and wanted to here! you shouldn't be here, i'm just agreeing with you". If Maci was chickening out, she should have just left the show for good. She only swallowed her pride so she could pay off her gigantic debts.

But it is okay that Farrah said she has moved beyond the show and didn't even want a part of it then when MTV said they wanted her she jumped at the chance? Yeah totally makes sense.

I never disputed that. Farrah is a lying, hypocritical crazy person, we all know that. But that is beside the point I was trying to make, so I could do without the sarcasm. Farrah never quit the show, she got kicked off. Maci quit. Maci said literal years ago that she would quit when Bentley was school aged. She said she quit because Farrah was going to be on the show. Farrah's reasons for doing the show or not doing it never had anything to do with Maci, because Farrah is way too self-absorbed. Maci doesn't like Farrah and keeps trying to sidestep that fact in an effort to look mature and long suffering, just like she does with Ryan. Farrah's attitude is toxic, but I still like it better than Maci's.

Lol at amber drinking from her cup to cover her smirk at the drama. Thought that was funny.