Teen Mom OG Episode 4 Recap: Blue Christmas

Tonight was Episode 4 of Teen Mom OG and it took off with Farrah attending an event for one of her businesses.


Farrah complained about having to pay for her engagement ring to one of her friends.

In the next scene, Farrah goes out with Simon but only as "friends." Simon says he's excited for Farrah to move to California, although he doesn't look it.

Farrah then goes out house shopping and manages to get into a fight with Simon. In typical Farrah fashion, she bosses Simon around and is incredibly mean to him.

As they continue to tour homes, Simon and Farrah can't help bickering.

Farrah goes out with Simon and his friends and enjoys telling them that she bought her own engagement ring. When Simon tells Farrah he is actually happy that she's moving to San Diego, closer to him, Farrah responds, "whatever."

Amber and Matt

Matt says he has a Christmas gift for Amber and it turns out to be a Corvette.

Apparently Amber always dreamed of getting something like it when she was a kid and she's thrilled when she sees it.

Later, Amber and Matt decorate their tree and Amber surprises herself when she's polite to Gary about getting Leah back to him.

Still, Amber gets emotional when she finds out that Leah can only make one ornament in her art class and she plans to give it to Gary.

Amber and Matt then drop off Leah at Gary's and Amber heads in to talk about the holiday schedule with Leah. She leaves in tears, feeling upset and abandoned by Leah.

Catelynn and Tyler

Catelynn surprises Tyler with plans for a trip just for them without Nova. Tyler is excited about the trip but does look a little underwhelmed when he hears they're headed for Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Tyler and Catelynn arrive at the cabin in Wyoming and are thrilled to see what it looks like. They'll be riding snowmobiles the next day too.

They enjoy the hot springs of the resort the next day with Tyler clearly giddy about the chance to relax.

Catelynn makes an effort to communicate with Tyler while they're on their vacation. Tyler says that he wants Catelynn to be more open to emotional conversations from him and trust that he's not going to abandon her.

Catelynn recognizes that this is an insecurity for her.


It looks like Ryan is going to propose to Mackenzie over the holidays. Even the producers have to admit Ryan has come a long way.

Mackenzie gives Ryan some advise about calling Mai and trying to make plans for Bentley in advance.

Ryan proceeds with his plans and takes Mackenzie out for dinner on a riverboat where he proposes to her. Of course, Mackenzie says yes.

Mackenzie and Ryan then go out for a meal with his parents. Ryan does a lot of blinking in this scene.

Maci and Bentley have a conversation about what he'll be doing for Christmas. Bentley's plan come as a surprise to Maci and once again, she's upset how Jen and Larry are so possessive of Bentley despite Ryan's being a deadbeat dad.

Maci's point is that she'd be more forgiving of the whole situation if Ryan hadn't always had a pattern of struggling with fatherhood.

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