Teen Mom - Farrah's Whole Album Available On iTunes

farrah abraham

I'm sure, by now, you heard Farrah Abraham's song, Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom, but now her entire album is available on iTunes. Now I know there are many different styles of music, but I'm still trying to figure out what style Farrah would be thrown into.

Techno? Can't sing worth a damn so we'll autotune the crap out of her? The funny part here is that Farrah's album basically tells the story of her life (and her book) since before she got pregnant.

My personal favorite: "Caught In The Act." I have absolutely no idea what she's trying to say in the song, since I can't understand a word of it, so we can only guess what it's about.

I'm sure your guess is correct.

Does anyone else think her album is a joke just to see how gullible consumers are? I hate trashing anyone, especially when it comes to music.

After all, what's just random noise to one person is a symphony to another. But I really can't say anything nice about this album, except maybe that it's...

Nope, got nothing.

You can preview Farrah's album here: CLICK ME; or you can buy the album for $9.90.

Did I mention Farrah tweeted to people bashing her song?

All the hate"don't listen to my songs if it's not your type of music" it was ment for others who relate thanks for checking it out though:)

I know others relate to Farrah. I really feel for her, I do. But Farrah dear, we can't understand what the words are saying, so we don't know if we relate or not.


That album is a hot mess...I couldn't even tell her voice from all the autotune! Stick to something else, Farrah.

When you need that much autotune it generally means you couldn't carry a note if it were in a bucket.

I also don't think anyone should be allowed to write an autobiography until they're over 40 & have lived a little. The exception being those people that have been through a serious trauma like Jaycee Dugard or have dealt (or are dealing with) a life threatening/ending illness like little Matty Stepanek.

i want to feel sorry for her but i just can't. the album is TERRIBLE from star to finish (and i'm not a harsh critic of music)

she says it was a form of therapy, well maybe she should of kept it for herself and her healing process.
just because you were on teen mom does not mean that we care about your therapy sessions. we've already seen them and all you do is make the ugly cry face, complain about your mother and sob over derek.
death is probably one of the toughest situations emotionally but i hate how she's using such a traumatic experience to cash in every which way she can.

I completely agree with you but she is all about money. Eventually mommy won't be paying for her when she gets in a crunch anymore. Her 15 minutes are coming to a close and it's OK to walk away and continue your life instead of throwing out every idea that pops in your head. Again I agree she should keep her therapy sessions to herself. We've seen one, we've seen them all.

Why do these reality stars thinks that it's a good idea to release an album when they know they can't sing? If you need auto tune 99.5% of the song that she tell you that you suck at singing. She's just trying to capitalize on her 15 minutes of fame, I guess. She's not T-Pain or Britney Spears.

Her voice sounds annoying enough when she talks. What in the world makes her think that she should sing??? Gosh, she is soooo full of herself!!
Farrah, focus your attention on your daughter, not on "wannabe-careers" You're not a model and you're not a singer. How about some education? Looking at your tweet that's quoted above, you can't even spell.

Farrah could personally hand me $9.90 and I still wouldn't listen to that album.

oh wow, i wanted to feel for her until i seen how fucking rude she is! she thinks she has so much talent its crazy!

loool she did say in an interview once that Michael walked in on her and Derek having sex.

Also Farrah, yes you have an interesting and sad story that some people may relate to. Good idea to share that through a book. That's cool. The "music" thing when you aren't a singer... too far. Too far. Please continue with entreprenurial efforts that make sense like your Italian sauce that was aight.

She told Sophia (during an episode of Teen Mom) that Michael walked in on her and Derek too. :/

There are just some things you don't tell your kids haha.

When her whole album is released on the internet, then I'll listen to each song for a couple seconds. But I bet it's the same crap quality as whatever the song she previewed to us. I hope she's a good chef, because she does not have a good record of being a singer. At all.

Hmm wonders if Farrah knows that "ment" is really spelled MEANT.

Let her have her little silly ego trip on this "album"
Seriously REAL artists haven't a worry compared to this ridiculous spoiled brat.

if i had to pick a favourite song (like life or death situation) i'd pick caught in the act asit's the shortest at 1:43.
still 1 minute 43 seconds too long

* as it's

Really? I would have chose Searching for Closure. That one sounded ALMOST normal. I don't think she understood that every song didn't need to be autotuned and put to a techno beat...Oh Farrah! *facepalm*

i didnt actually listen to ANY of them. congratulations for surviving that experience if you did.

I like how she's calling it "music"... Sure Farrah...sure it's music....on planet Saturn maybe...

That really made me sad for Saturn.

Lol! I take it back then ;)

Are we being punked? This cannot be serious.

lmao I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this...alright Farrah! We get it, we've been punked...the cameras can come out now.

Farrah, your album sucks. Be a big girl and move on.

Is this a joke? I like Farrah but common. Stop kidding with us. This is absolutely horrible.. You can't hear anything you say, the songs are mostly music playing, plus the songs are super short. I'll feel bad when you don't sell any of them. Please stick to modeling.. please!! :P

No stick to cooking and opening her own restaurant. That's why she's going to school for.

Farrah as much as I like you your singing is really bad. Stick to something that you know like cooking and raising your daughter give singing a miss

Id rather gauge my eardrums out than listen to her album. Same goes for my eyes when it comes to reading her book. Hmm. Lets see, her teenage dream ended? When you got pregnant, you got to be on a well paying tv show, went to school, didnt have to work much, had your parents watch your kid whenever needed or wanted, branded yourself spagetti sauce, and got to move to florida on a whim complete with money for a nanny? Oh, and then write about how hard it was. Sounds like a tough young life to me.

i know right. seems like all her "dreams" have come true.
unless her dream was to be a snobby cheerleader for the rest of her life, well yes then that ended.
poor farrah, all the cheerleaders shunned you for getting pregnant.
she had it coming, she treated them like little followers.
farrah is a straight up b*tch. and i don't say that about people often.

She should do a duet with courtney stoddin or whatever her name is.

is courtney stodden the girl who's like 18 but looks like shes 35 and married to someone that could be her father :s?

She's like 17 and got married at 16 to a guy who was like 51. She's pretty much just a fame whore who thinks reality tv means you've hit it big. And her mom is pretty much the new hohan's mother. Love Perez Hilton and I love reading about train wrecks. Guilty pleasure.

This absolutely cannot be a real album.

I would never buy that album! You couldn't pay me to buy that album!! What is this world coming to! I mean what music producer would even produce her?!!!

I hope people don't buy the album, even as a joke - this is just another Farrah get rich without actually doing anything scheme. Moreover, I think Farrah really needs to GET THE MESSAGE that she isn't as cool and wonderful as she thinks she is.

I can't believe how arrogant and rude she is.

She will continue to deny that her album and her songs suck.

I have heard that she wants a career in entertainment - but she is not pretty, and her voice is horrible! Why can't she see reality?

I will not buy the album or the book. I thought she was making some great choices, and was doing well, but this whole "song" debacle, and the way she defended it makes me sick.

I wish she could be more realistic.

So after listening to Farrah's new album and having the character building experience of hearing her strange auto tune wailings superimposed on a dub step beat... I have a theory.

I think that the reason that she allowed such a musical abomination to be released (besides money) is that the lyrics are deeply personal to her. They are obvously her own, and very specific to her traumatic experience. I Wouldn't be surprised if the intense meaning that the words hold (specifically for her) blind her judgement of what she has created.

Unfortunately, Farrah isn't anywhere close to a point where she's capable of writing in an artful way that really conveys her feelings to her audience. The lyrics are often strange and vague at best, and on top of that, she tried to do something else that she is not practiced at... Sing.

She would have been better off keeping these songs in free verse form. It wouldn't be fantastic poetry or pros but her fans would be more likely to invest because at least it wouldn't be assultive to their ears.

in order to relate to a song one first has to be able to understand the lyrics....which is impossible in this case!
oh Farrah, we all know this is your desperate attempt to keep your "fame" going....but give it up already....for the sake of everyone in the world that has the ability to HEAR ! never try to sing again...you suck at it.

she may get one thing out of this....the ability to say that she had the worst selling album in the history of itunes!

pat yourself on the back Farrah, then go and try spending some time with your DAUGHTER...remember...the reason you landed a spot on TV at all? she's the one people watch to see.

I really like farrah... Her book 'my teenage dream ended' is great. Its hard to put down and ive nearly finished it. I am from England so the book may have been published sooner than the US. A lot of people have criticised the title, persuming her dream ended due to getting pregnant and having Sophia. This is not true, her dream ended beacuse of Derek's death. She has been through a lot loosing her first love and the father of her baby. It must be hard for her knowing Derek did not know for sure that she was carrying his child before his death, and he died whilst him and Farrah were not on talking terms.
Good for her, if she is making money from MTV for her and sophia, she is doing more than any of the other teen moms. I wish her and sophia all the best x x

I believe that she uses Derek as an excuse. She said in her 16 and pregnant show she was hiding her pregnancy and wanted nothing to do with him. I believe she also said he asked and she told him know. Maybe hindsight is 20/20 and wanted it to be that way but she choose not to have him involved from the beginning. She needs to finish school and move on and get a real job.

ugh I can't type know means no lol

are you sure they are showing the same teen mom in england? i mean are you guys behind a season or two? because if you saw how she treats people right now you would take back that whole comment.

derek's death was terible. but it happened almost 4 years ago, and i'm not saying she should forget it or never grieve. but i think everyone would have respect for her if she approached it differently. if she had said "he passed away. i had to make some changes and i am moving forward." instead she acts like people owe her something because the father of her child died. it doesn't work like that farrah. no one owes you anything and your not the only person who has experienced loss.

100% agreed, Khloe!!

I agree she talks to people like cr*p and doesn't show her parents any respect, but its hard not to feel for her. In her book she talks about how all her life her parents would row and fight. She explaines how she suffered from deppression, and to be honest i dont think her parents gave her much emotional support....
Like when her mom hit her, her mom also wanted her to leave Sophia behind while she moved across the country. How could you ask a mom to leave their child??? She was also not aloud to speak of Derek after his death. To me she seems all alone with not many friends. I think shes a great mom and not everyones perfect, i just hope she learns from her own experiences to be a better mom and maybe respect people more

Anyone remember the Demi diss? Farrah is an idiot, if you don't have no talent in the department, stay away! She is just obsessed with gaining a 'celebrity' status!

Wtf? First I had to deal with your sauce and now this crap?! I think I could do a better job and I can't carry a Tyne to save my life. Anyone who purchases this album should walk into traffic at their earliest convenience.Sounds like a cat in heat going through a meat grinder.

* tune

I miss the old days where you actually had to be good at singing in order to release an album... now apparently all you have to do is get pregnant at 16