Teen Mom Episode 3 - She Doesn't Stand A Chance

catelynn lowell

maci talking about ryan's girlfriend dalis

I have to admit, I'm in over my head right now. Melinda is in Florida on a much needed vacation, so that leaves me to handle both live tweets and recaps for this episode and next.

Honestly, I've written exactly 0 recaps for Teen Mom, as my full time job is basically to keep track of Jenelle's constantly changing relationship status. I'll give it a go, but I doubt it will be as good.

Let's start with everyone's favorite - Amber....


Amber is still in the very beautiful rehab facility, most likely paid for by MTV. They don't really show much of her because when they do, she's clearly so drugged up she can barely keep her eyes open. What little of the Amber segment focused on Gary's preparations to visit her at some point, and a few third parties mentioning just how bad those two are for each other.

Gary's mother chatted with him for a little while about her rehab, and reading between the lines she was basically telling him.. "Look Gary.. or should I call you Gary Time and buy a t-shirt so you actually listen to me? Amber has issues..

the type that a little stint in rehab isn't going to magically fix.

While that place does wonders for people on the show Intervention, it simply can't fix crazy". Naturally, Gary was in Gary world and didn't really care what his mother had to say.

On Amber's side, some creepy looking guy named JJ had Amber call her brother Shawn to talk about how things are going. While others may have sugar-coated Amber's relationship at times, Shawn didn't.

He was very blunt and direct calling the relationship toxic, and saying Gary is controlling and essentially ruining her life.

Like the efforts put forth by Gary's mom, it was another wasted attempt because Amber was off in Amber world while Shawn was talking.

The segment ended with Gary letting Amber know that he's going to be bringing Leah out to see her, and they're going to have some Gary and Amber time (I don't even want to picture that)


It's graduation time! And you know what that means?? Awkwardness! Why? Well, for starters, Tyler's already in college, so I really don't know what's up with that.

If I recall, he finished high school a semester early and was able to begin college classes, but that made for any time they talked about the 'next step' kind of weird. He's already on the next step.

Minor nitpicking aside, it was still a great time for Tyler, but especially for Catelynn. Her father - Dave (who is moving near her) - was able to make it up for the graduation with her brother who's sadly paralyzed from an auto accident.

This is great for Cate because Dave is really one cool guy and she seems to really lean on him for support. The fact that he's moving up is making it that much better.

Tyler, well, he's still stuck with Butch and his issues. Butch is not able to make it to the graduation because he's getting out of jail one day too late.

Look on the bright side though, he's really coming around!! He's actually starting to accept Carly... very nice of him (*rolls eyes*)

Regardless, congratulations on the graduation you two!

Maci Bookout

Maci, Maci, Maci.. what am I going to do with you? Her part revolves around Bentley going to FL for the week with Ryan, his parents, and Ryan's girlfriend Dalis (whom Maci was unaware of at the time).

Well, Maci decided to invite herself down to their family vacation. Not to intrude, just to "be there if needed". Talk about awkward, and then with Dalis coming along, how uncomfortable for this poor girl?

But hey, at least she disguised her intrusion by bringing along some friends so they can all sit around and talk about Ryan and his girlfriend.

Does anyone get the feeling that Maci secretly wants Ryan back real bad but is trying to be very un-Chelsealike about it?

Farrah Abraham

This was essentially the Farrah episode, so I saved the best for last. First, you have Michael (her father) helping her get comfortable with her new surroundings in Florida, while Farrah does her constant eye rolling any time he tries to give her an ounce of advice. She took it personal when he said he was thinking of moving down there so he can help her out if needed.

Yes, I get that both he and Deb are being overbearing helicopter grandparents to Sophia, but many single moms would kill for that type of support.

Yet here you have Farrah constantly yelling back at her mother and father whenever they try to help... grr frustrating.

Farrah then decides to interview for a nanny because apparently she needs help with Sophia, but not free help from caring grandparents.

Then, only after she's all moved in, she does a check on her potential nanny only to find out Farrah is the one kind of living in the crappy neighborhood. Well done on the pre-move research there.

Finally, we have the dog situation. Because Farrah learned that she really can't handle having a dog, she went to her pet shop to pick out a fish. Of course she doesn't make it past the dog section before asking to see one of the cute puppies, and instantly falls in love with it. Showing some restraint and maturity, she puts the puppy back and picks out the fish that Sophia want and they go home.

Hahahah.. just kidding.

This is Farrah.

Ignoring Sophia's plea for a fish, and the fact that she pretty much sucks as a dog owner, she buys it anyway.

But hey, at least it's not wearing diapers this time, it's only trapped in a cage a hamster would feel claustrophobic in.

In conclusion, that's my recap. I don't really know how to end these things when they're separated into four different parts, so I'm just going to stop typing and let you guys talk about the episode now


Amber - God, I really can't stand watching her segments. She has piercings everywhere! I think that's gross. Also, I agree with Shawn. JJ is very creepy, and that rehab facility seems and looks like a joke. Gary and Amber do NOT belong together whatsoever. They are so controlling to one another, and Leah is obviously not happy. They need to stop trying to start "fresh" every other week. I think that word in their relationship is way over done.

Catelynn - I am so happy for them that they're graduating! I love Dave, he is such an awesome dad to his kids. God bless River too <3 It didn't really surprise me either that Butch couldn't make it, but w/e.

Maci - If I was her, I would've just let Bentley go with his dad. What is she gonna do when her son is older, visit or live with him every day when he goes off to college? Starts his own family? She needs to learn to let him go when needed. Ryan's family deserves their quality time with Bentley. If she wanted to spend Spring Break at the beach, she should've gone to a different beach or somewhere else.

Farrah - She really annoyed me this episode. Her constant eye rolling and nagging was so disrespectful to her poor dad. God forbid he drives that Uhaul down to Florida for 5 days, and unloads everything into your new home. God forbid Farrah. I understand that she lost Derek, and her parents can be over bearing, but can't every parent? I also feel bad for that poor dog. She really should've gotten the betta fish, and put it where Sophia can't reach. They're pretty, and very easy to take care of. She really questions my view of humanity sometimes.

Best part of this episode hands down was when they cameras zoomed in on maternity pictures of Maci at Ryan's house. Hahahahah I wonder how famewhore Dalis feels about those :p

haha omg i was thinking the same thing! how awkward is that! lol

I think the awkward part was when Maci made a huge deal out of it. Like yeah I'm sure he wants your greasy nasty pizza face back over his hot new girlfriend Dalis. Get real Maci. I don't know how she was ever with Ryan she fits much better with ugly Kyle.

I so agree, I got acne when I was like 14. Not 20-21 like Maci. She wears makeup and still has craters. Wash your face hillbilly.

i know! if you took a paper towel to her face it'd probably be dripping with grease. she also has a pointy face like a witch. fugly ass. and she is so obviously jealous. i can't wait to see next week when she sees how hot his new girl is. his parents seem to like her better too. lol.

Farrah, is a BITCH! She treats her mom and dad like shit but always want and needs their help. But then again te and dad let her get away with it. She is truly a ungrateful lil girl..smdh

Right! She is spoil! Her dad loaded all her stuff that I am sure her parents paid for, he drives 5 days and unloads it all, and she treats him like crap! Her parents should let her be and see how hard she falls on her face! They need to stop all forms of support, she will be calling them within a month! I wish I had parents like hers! All parents get on our nerves, just like she will get on Sophie's nerves! I wish my kids had them as grandparents! Shame on you Ferrah! Go get some prozac!

Farrah is such an idiot. Are you kidding with the dog????
She has no concept of what it is to take care of a baby. She seems like she is so priveleged and doesn't appreciate anything.
Who is taking care of the dog when she is in school?? Who is paying for food and shots?? Probably her parents. I feel bad for her mom who can be a pain, but without her parents she would be on the street with the decisions she makes.

Maci's facial expression as Ryan says 'and my girlfriend' when asked whose all going on vacation. Then tries to play it off cool and tells Bentley to say bye daddy.

It really got to me how tyler was talking about his dad. Honestly I don't think he's any better. He gave up his child. No excuse in my book will ever make that Ok

So its better to raise a child in a terrible environment with an unstable family and no money or education than to give her to a good stable family so she can have a great life?

And have Caylee surrounded by drugs would've been better? Butch is a low life scum bag... he doesn't deserve Tyler's love or forgivness!


Since when is money and education more important than raising your own child? Giving her away does not guarantee a sucessful future for the baby! Money comes and goes, what if her new family loses their job, and forecloses on their home,etc. and then what? What is sad is that I think they would have been great parents to their baby, how sad when one day they have another child and keep it. I can only imagine the heartbreak and pain they both will feel when they remember their firstborn, whom is out there somewhere far away from them who know where (Most adoptions eventually close). I love my children, and no matter what amount of money is in the bank I would never give them away, I WILL and have always found a way to provide financially, emotionally and spritually for them, that is my God given duty as a parent. I wish them the best though as it is a very difficult situation.

Wait, Brandi, are you serious? I'm assuming you're of the likes of Butch and April? He did a remarkably selfless thing for the sake of his daughter so she wouldnt be screwed up by a horrible upbringing (the same one that screwed him up). Tyler's dad left Tyler with no father because he chose to do drugs and go to jail instead. Tyler's giving Carly a better life by giving her a BETTER father than he could be. What's wrong with a lot of this world is that people think like Branid. Ew, gross, you should be ashamed for saying that.

They must've made 10k off of 16& preg but i guess they still couldn't provide for her? Yet single struggling mothers still manage to do it.

Even if they did get $10,000 one time for doing 16 and pregnant, how long do you think they could have made that money last? Even if they are only buying stuff for the baby, groceries and paying rent and utilities it would last what 5-6 months tops if they stretched it, spent it wisely etc. But wait they were 16, and 16 year olds are so great at being great with money. Even if the both got minimum wage jobs (which is all you're going to get without a HS degree and worked opposite hours so they didn't have to pay for daycare) they would have struggled big time and more than likely would end up on multiple forms of government assistance and almost guaranteed for healthcare. If they hadn't given her up they probably wouldnt have gotten a spot on teen mom since that was the reason they were included. So let's see, have a child grow up in an unstable environment where they are not just poor but below the poverty level, constantly struggling (which will lead to lots of stress and fighting), surrounded by people who have substance abuse problems, in a situation where it will be next to impossible for her parents to get out of that situation, obtain an education and get a better job or give her to a loving family that is financially stable, able to provide her a stable environment, proper health care, proper food and nutrition and easily give her every thing she needs, away from the drugs and alcohol and oh yeahin additional to all that they love her like parents.

They didn't make 10k from 16 and Pregnant, lol! If you think that 10k can provide a home, food, payment for bills, a car, clothes, diapers, formula, etc. for a baby for more than a handful of months, you're very naive. Even if they could scrape by financially, you really think being raised around Butch and April would be a good thing? Heh.

they aren't fucking psychics! a lot of people that have been on 16 and pregnant are still broke. i assume brandi is from the trailer park...

Brandi ur a douche!!!!!

i make 11 k a year n i have a son so i think they could have raised him. u dont need a freaking house to raise a child a studio will do just fine. now that my son is a lil older i moved into a townhouse and got a roommate and still omg my son has everything he needs and so do i.

*her lol

Jesus, how ignorant. More adoptions = less of those welfare moms people love to judge

I'm sorry, the fact that farrah "gave candy away" and got another puppy pissed me off, ROYALLY. Aw farrah, it's hyper? how about that's how a PUPPY acts, dumbass. Come to think of it, if i were the worker and she said that in front of me, I'd refuse to sell her another puppy with the risk of it pisses off princess farrah and have it end up god knows where.

OH, AND NOW I JUST SAW HER SPANK IT. someone call animal cruelty on this broad

Unfortunately pet stores and most breeders don't give a crap what happens to the puppies. All they see is $$$. She is a horrible pet owner. Leaving the puppy and Sophia alone (out of arms reach) was a huge mistake. Puppies are delicate and toddlers can be rough and accidentally hurt them. Then leaving the poor thing in a crate is bad enough but it had no padding. :(

Yeah well I'm not surprised, she left her infant daughter unintended to roll off the bed while she yelled at someone on the phone (surprise, surprise). I was so sad for Farrah when she was sitting at Derek's grave site, talking to him and exposing her grief on TV, which i could NEVER DO. After that scene with the puppy/her other animals.. I have no respect for her.. I'm actually glad MTV showed it and didn't try to make her look like an angel. People needed to see what a scum bag she is.
This makes me question her validity regarding the fight with her mom.

Unlike a lot of people I like a lot of things about Farrah and I think she is very smart in banking on her fame in a good way, I also love that she finished college but then she does something like this and I just want to slap her like everyone else.

her parents are the ones managing her. she so fucking retarded she should wear a helmet!

Ugh, I know! I'm sorry, but if she couldn't take care of that one small dog, what the fucking hell made her think she could take care of another one? It's not a person, you can't just tell it where to go to the bathroom and think it'll understand you. You actually have to train it. Not to mention puppies are EXPENSIVE, what with the supplies and the veterinary care you have to provide. I know she's getting money from MTV, but she's also living on her own in Florida, which can't be cheap. Shouldn't she be using that money for rent/taking care of Sophia?

Don't even get me started on how she bought a puppy that likely came from a puppy mill at a pet store. I feel that if she sat down and really thought about it, and determined that she was truly ready for a dog, that would have been a great opportunity to take Sophia to the animal shelter and rescue a dog that might otherwise get put down. But no, Farrah is still a child herself, and grabs the first thing she sees, because it's cute, and not because she's ready for the responsibility. Too bad that "thing" is a living, breathing dog. :-(

I seriously want to punch Farrah in the face. My husband is in the army and we live650 miles from home. I'd kill to have my parents live down here, to get to spend time with their grandkids, to get to see them whenever they wanted instead of having my 3 year old cry that she misses Mamma and Pop-pop (she got super attached when we lived with them during a deployment). I can not stand her complete and total disrespect when talking to them, it's horrid. But haha Sofia's attitude was shown in this episode again. Wonder where she picked that up lol. Just wait til she's 16 and mommy Farrah gets a taste of it from the other side. I'm not even touching how wrong it was to get another puppy after dumping the last one. And hello dumba** if a puppy pees on the floor you immediately take them outside so they learn where they are supposed to go potty not shove them in the cage bc you aren't taking them out often enough and aren't paying enough attention to notice them sniffing for a spot to pee. Accidents happen a lot but they learn if you pay attention enough to teach them.

And so I dont get bitchness for my "rudeness" towards Farrah and told to take care of my kids, they are sleeping and hubby is in the field so not sleeping much myself.

Not everyone wants to live close to family all of their life. My husband (a Marine) and I live 1000miles away from our family, but we don't mind since it makes visits extra special and not a horrid experience.

I get that she doesn't want to live close to them but that's no reason for her complete and total disrespect. He helped her, a lot, and she acted like a total ungrateful snot.

I agree with you 1000%! Wish my kids had caring grandparents!Her parents need to stop supporting her and let her fall on her face! I am sure they help pay for her bills!

When my sister and I were little, our parents bought us a puppy. They turned house-training into a game for us. If we ever saw Trixie sniffing around inside, we had to tell our mom, and then we'd all take her outside and praise her when she went to the bathroom. Farrah has an excellent opportunity to do the same sort of thing with Sophia, but instead she seems to think that puppies come pre-trained and then is baffled when they don't act like miniature people.

Farrah's 19? Did I read that right? If she is in fact only 19, I think we all know what her problem really is, that is, if you can pause and think before opening your mouth as her worst critic, which only a mature and compassionate person would do. Yes I too am tempted to hate on this girl. Its sad how this girl has so much love & support and so much going for her yet she can't rise above the bitterness holding her back from enjoying it ALL, trust me that's torture enough so don't hate. anyway, she is obviously young (as I was, I'm now 25) but as a young mother myself and once a teen mom (at 17), I can see right through farrah's fits. She wants to prove herself worthy as a mom, doing something to prove she's a grown up. I know the exact feeling she has! The feeling that's nagging at her heart telling her she doesnt measure up to all the soccer moms she strives to be like. I think she feels like a fake as a mom and she realizes she will never feel like the real deal unless she gets away from her parents' hovering (help) and constant jags at the way she mothers Sophia, they undermine her as a parent and they don't believe in her....constantly questioning everything she does when she is already insecure as a mom. I can see the pain thats really there behind all the eye rolls and bitter responses (which I hate too)!! This is just how I see it from my experiences as a teen mom but I might have it all wrong!! Lol. Wow this got long but that's my 2 cents I felt I needed to add cause it's really sad to me and painful to watch actually.

The reason that Tyler just graduated with Caitlyn is because if you finish in the middle of a year, you just wait until the next graduation to graduate. It's more of a ceremony thing. You don't have to go to graduation to be in college.


The next episode should be: ASPCA coming to Farrah's house to take the poor dog away from her.

YES!!!! YES YES YES!!!! Where are they? That poor puppy!!! Did you see how sad it looked in the cage? She is a terrible pet owner.

Farrah is just a horrible person! I can't believe how disrespectfully rude she is! All her parents ever do is try and help her out with Sophia! But no, she wants to be all alone and do things on her own then run to a therapist and says its hard doing things alone. Why didn't she hire a moving crew and pay them to drive for 5 days!I'm honestly glad to see Sophia have the attitude towards her. She obviously gets it from her. To me Farrahs really just ungratefully heartless. She even stated she didn't miss them till after 3 months!

Amber and Gary need to literally stay away from each other completly. You can even tell that Leah is scared of her! And I just don't understand where people get this whole "Gary's a good dad" cause to me, it looks like his mom does all the work and when shes with him hes just scolding her or laying down and her hairs a mess. He just whines and cries that he wants to be with Amber. Get it together you two! Plus how he told Amber to hurry up and get better cause he didnt want to keep taking care of Leah anymore--seriously?!

Catelynn and Tyler congrats on FINALLY graduating. It's sad to see her mom start coming to terms with probably never seeing Carly. As much as we can say they are involved,the open adoption can close whenever Brandon and Teresa want too. As happy as I am for them, I just don't think I could have ever done what they did I would've made it work one way or another. And just out of curiosity, didn't Catelynn get on mirena when TeenMom first started? Why is she on the pill now?

Maci to me is just a jealous person. I personally think its wrong for her to basically invite herself on that trip. Why not go to another beach? She really thinks no one will ever compare to her for Ryan. She's completly changed. I really used to love her but now, she's just as bad as everyone. And in her after show segment, she states she's "bored" when Bently isn't around, psh yeah right. I'm over her and honestly over all of these girls.

Ya she's soo bored she has to get wasted and crawl up stairs

what she chooses to do with her time is her choice. who are you to judge? its not ur business. im sure you have done plenty of things u dont wanna be judged about... shes young she can do what she wants

Yes, but she also chooses to put herself in the public eye, not just on Teen Mom but as a public speaker advocating for teenage pregnancy prevention. When you're in that sort of position, it's prudent to not do things that will harm your reputation. I'm not saying that it's fair, but that's just how it is.

Catelynn might have found Mirena uncomfortable. It could have had side effects or something she didn't like. (I'm not sure from memory if she did get it, I know one of the Teen Mom 2 moms did!)
The string might've been too much for her and/or Tyler to handle.
My husband and I decided against Mirena nearly immediately after looking at it. The pill might have had other benefits she wanted as well. Not sure, but as long as she's doing what she wants and is comfortable with, good on her.

Did anyone else notice ambers black and white striped clothes?? looked like jail attire

It does seem like maci wants ryan back at this point. Its so hard to tell if its staged. She should have let the family go by themselves to the beach though. They didnt invite her.

The fact that Farrah bought a puppy from Petland makes me sad. They get their puppies from puppy mills, it's a well known fact. Those puppies come from absolutely cruel conditions and often have health problems, sometimes fatal.

this is farrah we're talking about, do you think she'd be smart enough to know that ?


Even if she was smart enough to know about it, do you think she has the willpower not to make awful decisions?

maybe mtv wanted maci to go to the beach with them.

im so over amber. its all the same..

farrah shouldve gotten the fish. sophia obviously wanted it.

congrats caitlin and tyler!

You said all so well!

So over Farrah...as smothering as her parents are, she is 100% disresecptful toward them. Congrats to Tyler and Catelynn and good luck in your future.....Maci Maci Maci...if I was Ryan I would have told you NO, it's his week. Do something productive like, I don't know work or take those college classes you've been failing for how many seasons now.

Amber and Gary...while she has many issues that need to be worked out and hopefully she is successful, I believe that Gary needs to step back and let Amber go through the process without his influence. MTV has made her out to be the bad guy 100% (it may be more around 80% )of the time, while I don't condone her behavior I think Gary has played more of a role then has been shown by MTV. Is he a good father, yes 100% ...is he good with/in a relationship...not so much.

Catelynn and Tyler are the most mature parents on the show. I am impressed with their incredible tenacity and love for each other and their relationship. I commend them on their goals and decisions. Congratualtions on your graduations. Keep positive and you will achieve your dreams.

Farrah is a horrible, miserable person. Sophia wanted a fish, get a f****** fish!! I'm sick of her abusing her parents and then not even calling Michael "dad." How offensive?!
People who buy puppies from a store or a backyard breeder truly disgust me. There are wonderful, AMAZING dogs and puppies at shelters waiting for someone to love them. Plus, a lot of them are already trained! My husband and I adopted a dog after he'd been there for 2 weeks and I cannot believe anyone passed him up. He was already potty-trained and has been the best dog ever. It makes me tear up to think that if we hadn't been looking that day, he may have been euthanized. Most of these store-bought puppies end up in the pound because people (Farrah) realize they don't want to take care of them. Even adopting a dog takes a lot of time, work, and care; what makes her think she can handle a puppy?!
Farrah pisses me off and so do Jenelle and Gary (they bought a pit). Pit's already have a bad reputation and I do not think they are going to help with this. Plus, they could have gone to a shelter as there is an abundance of loving pitbulls who need someone.
Ugh! I'm done now, lol.

And I didn't mean that as an insult to pit's. I have one and just know that any dog in the wrong hands can make that breed look bad.

Not that I'm condoning Farrah's terrible behavior, but she calls her dad Michael because her and her sister have different fathers, to make it fair I guess. It's strange but it's something the family decided on when they were young.

SOOOO many of these girls have bought puppies only to turn around and give them back within a few months. Even the 16 and Pregnant girls do it. I think most of them do it because they have baby fever but are just smart enough to realize they still need to wait a few more years before they "accidentally" get pregnant if they still want the public to feel sympathy for them. Puppies are hard work!

I think it's pretty sad that Farrah went to the pet store to "buy Sophia a fish", then she gets herself a puppy. The worst part about it had to be when she asked Sophia, Sophia desperately wanted the fish and told her mom she didn't want the puppy, and Farrah just went with what she wanted anyway. Why didn't she just get the fish as well? It's not like she can't afford it. She only thinks of herself. She should have settled in a little more before buying a pet anyway. Is her new babysitter going to double as a puppy-sitter now? How is it that Farrah isn't growing up, but becoming more immature instead?

Very, very bad on Farrah's part when Sophia obviously wanted the fish. I was wondering why did she ask Sophia in the first place if she already had her mind made up regarding the dog or the fish? The responsible thing to do would have been to buy the fish, but somehow responsibility and Farrah seem to be a contradiction in terms.

The look on Maci's face after she got off of the phone with Ryan after he told her about his new GF was priceless! She is so still into Ryan.

Tyler and Cat finally get their HS diplomas after how many years? Eh, can't say that it is as big of a deal as everyone makes it out to be. I wish them the best with what they have to work with in life.

Farrah is an ungrateful little wench. After all of the help that she received from Michael and she treats him like that? WTH? BTW, how can she even think about getting another accessory er I mean dog when she can barely take care of her daughter?

Amber's segments are completely unwatchable. What a total train wreck

Here is a nice little recap for ya:

Maci - Jealous
Amber - High
Farrah - Bitch
Cate & Ty - I love them and all but, I had to fast forward thru their scenes... nothing interesting going on there.

HAHA, accurate and to the point!

Why is this show still on theres no struggle they are all so caught up in their stardom they forgot the real story behind they show. Am I the only person whom sees the stuff inn the back ground Driving new 40 thousand dollar jeeps buying houses 1000 a month rent for a apartments, Then how about the freaking mercedes in the driveway. Yea teen mom struggle my butt. Im done watching it no new story here. waste of tv lineup.

i agree.. this is to show the struggles teen parents go through and the ONLY ones who have showed a struggle whatsoever is cate and ty. amber is totally a looney bin! and maci i like her but she needs to have a lil more respect for others when she talks about them on national tv. and she needs to try clearasil. :) just saying dont hate on someone when your no princess.!!! and farrah. i hate talking about her because she just drives me so mad.! i feel like i have terets when i watch her parts. she has NO respect and NO descency for any LIVING person or THING but herself.! she wants and wants but i have not seen her GIVE any thing to any one including her daughter. she takes and takes but when her parents try to coach her... u know like parents should be able to do... she is a flipping psycho! she needs to get some medical advice (and not someone she can just talk to about how awful her parents are) she needs like a weeks stay in a hospital and heavy dosage of REALITY! she is ruthless! her daughter is going to end up walking all over her grandparents because her mom did. and not to mention FARRAH she will walk all over you as well!!! shes going to treat you exactly the way your raising her to. so good luck to you... you need parenting classes and FAST!

unchelsealike lol

Maci its not over Ryan.. she seems to be so jealous all the time, just so aware of what he is doing.

ITA Maci still wants Ryan and she's a complete control freak

Maci and Ryan should give it a try now that they are a little more mature and see where it leads. They have a son together and it would be in his best interest if it worked out between them. They are obviously still attracted to one another, you can see it in both their body language when they are near each other. Ryans parents seem to agree with that by the things they say to Maci..

Farrah will someday regret the treatment she gives to her parents. Sophia sees the way she treats her parents and that is how she will treat her soon enough. I divo all episodes and fast forward when she comes on.

Love Catelyn and Tyler....great to see they are still being real.

Amber and Gary ....UNHEALTHY>>>STAY AWAY FROM EACH OTHER....Gary to me sounds delusional. I think he feels Amber is getting help so she can be with him again. I don't think that's what she wants. When she calls is to talk about Leah and her only words are about her and Gary is going on about how much he misses Amber...He needs to focus on taking care of his daughter's needs while her Mother gets help.

I used to think Ryan was the problem, but now I see it's Maci. Ryan and his family take good care of Bentley when he's with them, they stay out of Maci's business trusting she's making the right choices for Bentley. When it's the other way around, she needs to act like a mother hen and stalk them on their vacation! Then Bentley was so pissed she intruded on his time with Ryan he threw a fit and said for her to go away! hahaha! Maci has gone out of town without Bentley before. The only reason she went to the beach was because Bentley's girlfriend was going to be there, or because mtv told her to so there would be drama.

Amber, Gary, his mother......I'm sorry, his mom really seems to love Leah and care for her. They should probably give Leah to Gary's mom. Amber and Gary, they are beyond annoying. Both of them need to learn to CLEAN their homes and groom their daughters. What do we really see? I don't see them reading books to her, teaching her things, taking her places, having play dates....nothing!!! Poor kid is always stuck in a filthy home while they bitch and moan about the latest stupid drama!!!

Farrah, she's just flat out disrespectful. I can't stomach the way she speaks to her parents. Granted her mom is SO overbearing, but Farrah needs to be put in her place. Her disrespectful behavior is completely unwarranted 90% of the time.

Also, I don't understand why Farrah talks to Sophia about shit she can't even understand or just flat out shouldn't know!!! Like when she took her up to her old room and told Sophia she used to sneak her daddy in the closet! WTF? So very strange......

Also, why doesn't ANYONE have a job?????? Where are the WORKING people???????

What type of dog did Farrah get?

Personally I think Farrah is a SPOiLED ROTTEN LITTLE BIIIOTCH! I've never seen such a RUDE Disrespectful piece of crap in my life!! Her dad tries to help with advice and she treats him like crap. If I was her parents I'd cut her off from all money. It's obvious she isnt' paying for that car and apartment and other things on her own. So she's not independent AT ALL!! She's just another spoiled kid that lives of her parents its terrible. She should be stripped of everything and made to WORK WORK WORK and feel what it's really like the little bitc$#@#$@#$%!!!

Personally I think Farrah is a SPOiLED ROTTEN LITTLE BIIIOTCH! I've never seen such a RUDE Disrespectful piece of crap in my life!! Her dad tries to help with advice and she treats him like crap. If I was her parents I'd cut her off from all money. It's obvious she isnt' paying for that car and apartment and other things on her own. So she's not independent AT ALL!! She's just another spoiled kid that lives of her parents its terrible. She should be stripped of everything and made to WORK WORK WORK and feel what it's really like for most single moms. She's got it so good to good. It's awful that rotten bit@@ has no clue very selfish! And most would kill for parents like hers. I'm sure her passed boyfriend is glad he run into a tree or whatever!