Teen Mom Baby Name Revealed

maci bookout


Maci Bookout's second pregnancy was brought to light about a month ago on our blog, and since then, multiple sources have been throwing around name possibilities for Maci and boyfriend of two years, Taylor McKinney's, baby girl who is due in June.

Sources close to the reality star had originally hinted at the names June or Harley for the unborn child, but recently information about the name Jade had been thrown around.

Maci revealed the baby name while at a speaking engagement in New York this weekend, and has received a lot of positive feedback on the name choice. Maci's daughter will (at least for the time being) be named Jayde Carter.

We're unsure of whether or not baby Jayde will have Maci's last name or Taylor's. Bentley took his father's last name, so we can probably assume that Maci will make the same choice this time around.

Riding on the coattails of the MTV fame, 16 & Pregnant's Nikkole Paulun also announced this morning via YouTube that she would be naming her daughter Ellie Jade.

While we're not entirely sure if this is a coincidence or not, it seems a little fishy to me.

Then again, Tyler and Catelynn chose to name their baby Nova after there had already been a Nova on a Teen Mom spinoff before, so I guess anything is really fair game at this point.

Are you surprised by Maci's baby name choice? Do you like or dislike the name?


Just couldn't leave the spelling alone, could you Maci?

I feel like these moms always have to be in competition of who can make a normal name the weirdest...

It's like they need as many letters (more specifically, vowels) in their child's name as possible. If it was Leah, the baby's name would be Jaaiydde.

silent J ;)

hahaha oh so true. If Leah has another girl I bet she'd name her something like Angellycca Joy. That sounds like a Leah name.

It could be Nevaeh.

I mentioned this on the last post, but last week my husbands mate named his baby girl Grayce. Yes with the unnecessary "Y"


I work for an educational organization. You wouldn't believe how many letters in a row can become magically silent just to make a normal name youneeke.

I think it's the want to out do other girls in the franchise, like how stars name thier kids north, apple and blanket. Only the girls in the franchise pick seemingly normal names and spell them ridiculously to out do each for the "cutest" spelling of a name that sounds the same anyway. Like I've heard girls say I like Britanni over Brittany (even though one looks like Brit-Annie) beacuse it "looks" cuter. I think eventually kids names will be sounds (whoosh, clap, boom) cuz were going to run out of ridiculous things to name them after, I've even heard of verbs as names, Venture, Walker, I think Parker is normal but not my taste anyway you see my point.

Totally of subject here but I just finished watching a documentary about American cheerleading and the coaches name was spelt "Brittani" I only noticed it because I've never seen it spelt like that in the UK.

I have seen Jaromi (Jeremy). I want to say jay-romee. Lol.

I totally agree with you, obviously people can name their children whatever they want but I get so bored hearing babies names nowadays.

I grew up in a rough area of the UK, and off the top of my head the girls I went to school with named their babies;

Eva-Lilly Rose
Hallié-Eva Rose (This one annoyed me the most as the accent wasn't even pronounced, so it was just to look pretentious cute

The list goes on... A bit like "Charlene" and "Charmaine" type names were over used in the late 80's.

I was greedy with the contestants when I named my eldest, however "Eliot" just doesn't look right to me. I need them extra L's and T's duuuude. He got lucky, I wanted to name him Colin.

On a side note, I also agree with people saying their opinions of Tyler went downhill after the whole "being catelynn" epi. I realised he was a twat when him and catelynn were getting ready to do their talk in a school about how abortion was evil and adoption was BOSS, and him throwing a little bitch fit because Catelynn didn't wash his trousers in time. He was proper flouncing and all you could hear was Cate going "Behhhb, I'm sorrry". That annoyed me. If you want to wear your big boy gansta trousers, then you need to get your shit together and wash them yourself instead of wanking into a warm pizza.

I digress.....

What the hell with all those Maes/Mais and hyphens! Poor kids. Oh, and THANK YOU for ruining another food for me, Chardonnay! Warm pizza graced with Tyler's man sauce. No thanks!

I literally JUST gone done telling my husband that my cousin's baby, Jayden, has a new playmate: a little girl named Kaydenn. Ugh ugh ugh!!! All of the -aiden, -ayden, jumbalayden etc need to be removed from the baby name shelf and put in the back room. I'm over it.

Father’s day at Maci’s house is going to be confusing. You go girl.

I don't like Jayde and I don't like Carter.
I definitely don't like Jayde Carter together.

But oh well, it's her baby she can choose whatever name she likes. I'm just glad she didn't choose Mercedes or Royce to go with Bentley lol I know she liked Royce at one point.

Yeah I don't like them together either but I actually like Carter a lot for a boy or a girl. Not too big on the name Jayde though especially spelled like that.

Jayde screams stripper

Yeah Jade conjures up images of a stripper for me as well.

I was going to say the same thing! Certain names, such as Jayde, Crystal, Destiny, etc just scream stripper. But Jayde is not as bad as it could've been!

Case in point. Miley Cyrus given name was Destiny.

I know 3 sisters name Jewel, Jade and Krystal... now thats over doing it lol

It is the unnecessary Y that sends it to stripperville...Jade would be fine

I'm also glad it wasn't Royce. I thought she said it was something her and Ryan considered, but then I read in The Ashley's book that they had settled on naming their child Bentley whether it was a boy or girl. I actually like the name Jade (spelled correctly), but Carter is an odd choice. Carter will always be a surname to me, like Carter on ER.

I like carter a lot too. Maybe that's just because I really want finding carter to come back on already though.

Oh my God yes. I fell in love with that show and the wait is killing me! It's set to come back this spring right?

It's coming back in March!! I love that show. I really hope that they figured out that the crazy lady kidknapped her and don't think that she ran off with her. I'm hoping they talk to the cafe dude and tells them how she was out of it and Lori walked her out.

It reminds me of June carter, & I love her!

That's what I thought. Maci probably doesn't even know she's kinda referencing June Carter Cash with that name. It reminds me of Farrah naming Sophia after Sophia Loren but didn't know how to spell Loren, so Sophia ended up being named Sophia LAURENT. :/

I have a cousin called Carter (Male) and all I could think about was beyonce saying "heeey Mrs Carter".
Side note: my nephew named his daughter Harley. But she's adorable so I forgave him.

Well your comment made me start to loop, "Eyyy, Mister Kotter!" over and over again in my mind, haha.

Laurent wasn't a mistake. In 16&P, The Founder explained she changed the spelling because she thinks it looks more French this way...

Why do people make it such a big deal when someone choices the same name? Like I know Brianna was angry c&t used nova. Do you think you're the first to use that name? Did you make the word nova up? Should it be retired now?


If it's been used on 16 and Preg or Teen Mom, there's a decent chance the name should be retired. :/

Some of the girls do give their children normal names (without fancy spellings) Genevieve, Sophia, Blake, Lukas (I'm using this as an example because my cousin, who was born in 1989 spells his name this way. So it's not a modernized fuckery of the spelling), I'm sure there are others, but yes. Then of course there are the Tinleighs and the Jaces. And of course we mustn't forget the million Noahs and Aubree/Aubreys.

On another note, my friend is naming his son Gannon. Think his baby mama is a Teen Mom fan?

I like the name jace. I've always thought naming him that was the only thing jenelle did right when it came to motherhood.

I have loved the name Noah for year and I have always wanted use the name. It's a shame it is so dang popular but it's a handsome name.

I love the name Noah, too, Girlses. I think its a good strong name, and I can hope against hope that it won't be as popular in 5 or 6 years when I get around to having babies.

I have to admit, I like Jace too. It's unusual but not weird, if that makes sense. At least it looks and sounds like an actual name.

And that is the only credit I will give Jenelle for anything ever.

Well said! People have way too much time on their hands... The only time it may matter is if someone does it intentionally to piss you off.

Especially in Florida. I'm sure there are plenty of seasoned strippers sporting the name Nova long before Briana decided to name her child that.

In other news, Tyler and Catelyn have decided to get married this August. Any theories on how he gets out of it this time. Maybe he'll fake his death and get enough plastic surgery to become unrecognizable. Do you think MTV starts filming again in August and that's why they chose that date.

Catelynn said a while back that she wants to get married on their anniversary and I think that it's in the summer.. Maybe August?

The first wedding date was definitely on their anniversary and I remember that being sometime in July.

July 13th. I have no life.

Rae, at least you didn't have a little countdown on the side of your website until the big day. I remember a certain blog that did....

I'm currently watching Being Catelynn and red flags all over the place with how Tyler is saying he wants them to meet all these goals before they get married. HELLO COMMITMENT-PHOBE. He'll make up something else, like saying let them wait until Novaly is old enough to be flower girl or try to convince B&T to let Carly be in the wedding or some other kind of bullshit. He will keep making excuses until the day he dies and Catelynn will just go along with it - particularly now since the new baby's in the picture. She'll do whatever she can to keep that family together since their families were so messed up.

Speaking of C&T, Being Catelynn is making me side-eye Tyler so bad. I'm kind of watching these newer specials while rewatching Teen Mom, so I can see the marked difference between young Tyler and current Tyler. Still douchey across the board, but he's gotten so much more manipulative and controlling with Catelynn it's scary. Having been in a relationship with someone like him, I'm just shaking my head all over the place. I don't know if I'll be able to handle the reboot without kicking my TV.

Poor Nova. If Brandon and Teresa come to Catelynn and Tyler's wedding, all of the pictures will be focused around Carly and Nova will just be off to the side sneaking a cigarette with April. It wouldn't surprise me if B & T brought Carly and their other kid to Catelynn and Tyler's wedding (that is if they ever go through with one.) Unless the adoption has been closed, I feel like Brandon and Teresa are good people and they do genuinely care about developments in their daughter's bio-parents' lives.

I really hope they don't just because they don't actually deserve it after they way they talked about them. Plus they shouldn't support such a toxic marriage!

They do seem genuinely interested in what's going on with C&T beyond "They're our daughter's birth parents and we feel obligated to know what they're doing". Remember when they sent C&T some of Carly's old things for Novalee? I figure C&T were filming during that time since Catelynn was pregnant during the reboot. Considering some of the toxic things C&T have said about B&T, that shows some considerable strength on Brandon and Teresa's part to still reach out to these people---especially considering Tyler's confrontation with them over those stupid photos. It takes a lot of patience and sophistication to still be cordial and polite to the dude who said he would have placed your daughter with other people solely because he can't share her photos with his "fans".

I doubt B&T would go to C&T wedding because they didn't show up for their high school graduation and that was when they were all getting along. B&T are probably secretly hoping that all this stuff about Carly will go away when C&T have their new baby to take care of. I doubt it bc then it will be "Let me post a picture of Nova with her sister!"

I really wonder why they haven't closed the adoption yet. I mean they can whenever they want to as Tyler douchley pointed out in the sneak peak so they really should already. I don't think anyone can blame them at this point. I bet Carly is going to look at B&T and thank them one day for getting her out of such a shitty situation and putting up with her idiotic birth parents.

I think they're just really nice people who do want their daughter to grow up knowing her birth parents. Maybe the original plan was to let C&T be involved in Carly's life until Carly was old enough to watch "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom" so she herself could make the decision to keep C&T in her life or not. Tyler, of course, is going to make that really difficult considering how demanding and self-righteous he is.

I also think B&T are afraid that Carly may be mad at them if and when they cut off contact with Catelynn and Tyler. Carly is old enough and knows C&T (maybe not as her birth parents, but she definitely knows them as family friends who are a part of her life). Maybe they're afraid she would blame them for not letting her have a relationship with her birth parents growing up. It's a real stick situation, no matter what B&T decide to do, but I do think that if push comes to shove, they will do the right thing for both themselves and especially their children.

Why does Tyler feel the need to point out that B&T can cut off contact at any time they want? I feel like he's trying to challenge or goad them into doing just that. Sort of like he's saying, "You won't do it because you know you'll get so much backlash." But, really, will they? Carly will be six this May. Even though people want to see the reboot, I feel like "Teen Mom" isn't nearly as popular as it once as. There might be some backlash if B&T close the adoption, but I don't think it would nearly as severe as it would have been if they had done it years ago.

Let's say that B&T do decide to close the adoption. Who will Catelynn blame? Will she blame B&T for being too controlling and not as understanding? Or will she rightfully blame Tyler for making too many demands and being angry at B&T for no reason? Cate, just call him out already. Who cares if he'll leave you? You'll be miserable with him anyway.

Wow, I totally just replied to the wrong thread. Darn it.

I think that Tyler thinks that he has the upper hand and he's in control. All he has to do is send out one tweet and bam B&T are getting tons of hate. I just don't think they realize how many people are over C&T at this point. They'll probably get a few haters but I think a lot more people will understand.

Do B&T even have public social media account? If not, even if they closed the adoption and got hate for that, they wouldn't even be aware of it. Unless they actively went online to search for hateful comments.

If B&T get invited, Tyler will probably be like, "You can come only if we can take pictures with Carly and Nova and post them on FB." Because that's probably what he'll want to do.

I don't think anybody forgot what Catelynn said, nor do I think what she said is excusable in any way. However, a lot of people think that Catelynn only acted bitchy due to Tyler's influence. Notice in that scene that HE started off ranted and raving about B&T and the photos and Catelynn chimed in. He also seemed more upset about the whole thing than she did, given how he bitched to his mom and her husband about the entire thing later on. Again, there's no justification for what Catelynn said about Teresa. But I think in this case, she's the lesser of two evils.

It was pretty interesting watching "Getting to Know Catelynn" and seeing how C&T's relationship during "16 and Pregnant" and the beginning of "Teen Mom" progressed---or, in this case, regressed---to how they acted towards each other in the sneak peek scenes. Catelynn just seemed so done with Tyler and didn't really side with him when he was complaining about B&T. I know that these were only a couple scenes, so I hope that Catelynn never did side with him and we just didn't see it yet. In the past, she would have been falling over herself agreeing with Tyler that B&T are just awful and how dare they not let them post photos of Carly and do they know that without C&T they may not have become parents? But in the sneak peeks, she wasn't. She also wasn't so into him like she was in the past. When they were teenagers, you could tell that they had genuine feelings for each other. Then Tyler started losing interest, and now it seems like Catelynn is losing interest, too. It's sort of a shame that this didn't happen before Novalee came around. Not only are her parents very immature, but they're just staying with each other because they can, not out of any deep sense of love or commitment.

She does seem pretty done with him. I bet she's tired of it all from him not being happy with his reaction to the gender of the baby to him bitching at B&T and ruining things for them by pointing out that they can cut off custody at any point. I think she's starting to realize what a douche Tyler is and yet she's still marrying him. I think she feels stuck with him at this point. They have another child and it took that for her to realize what an awful guy he is.

Let's not forget though how Catelynn made the awful comments about Theresa's infertility and how it was like the greatest gift in the world that Catelynn gave her the child Theresa couldn't have. YOU IN DANGER GURL. Seriously, take a seat. She's also a somewhat terrible person, but Tyler has remained douchey on a constant basis.

I dodged a bullet here, my birthday's in August and I just checked and it falls on a Friday this year. Anyway, I think Tyler chose August so that gives Catelynn a good 7 months to lose the baby weight. He'll call off the wedding because she didn't lose enough for him.

Oh good one!! I could see something like that happening.

7 months of walking off that baby weight for poor Catelynn.

Dam it Catelynn! Work harder on yourself!!!

He's going to cancel it because she can't fit into her dress or whatever. Or she agreed that Carly shouldn't be a part of their wedding. Or she just breathed the wrong way and it bothered him lol. He won't need a huge, meaningful reason to call it off. I just want to know if he'll cancel their wedding on camera again like he did on "Being Catelynn".

I'm not really a fan of Jayde Carter together especially spelled like that. I think Jade is pretty lol also my daughters middle name is Jade. Carter is more masculine, like I said before it I think Bentley's middle name is more feminine so I guess shes sticking with sort of a theme... and Nikkole can shove it.

I was just posting the same idea. Lol

Bentley Carter Edwards
Jayde Cadence McKinney

FTFY, Maci.

haha yesss! See this would have been more appropriately chosen :)

How are you getting thumbs down, those sound MUCH better. Whenever I hear Cadence I think of Princess Cadence from My Little Pony lol. (Mother of a toddler over here.)

Have a look. It's maci and Taylor. All the negative comments towards the name have thumbs down. Hi again Maci!

I imagine one gets bored when you're pregnant, not working, not going to school, and unable to drink like a fish all day.

Hi, Maci! Your daughter's name sucks. Jayde and Carter do not mix. Tell Bintlee I said hi. You know, the next time you see him.

Jade is my daughter's middle name as well. (I named her almost 9 years ago). Time flies!

Jade is my cat's name. I've had her since I was 12 so it's sometimes hard for me to think of it as a human name

haha and 3 men an Evie, my cats names are human names too so I cant judge :) They were my first babies

My little girl is 2 1/2 and besides thinking its a pretty name, I thought Jade worked well for a middle name with almost any girls name :)

Lizzie's daughter Summer has the middle name Jayde. Ebony's daughters are Jocelyn Jade. It's been used in the 16&P universe.

Jade is fine but I don't understand the extra y. I am curious about the choice for Carter. My theory is she wanted to keep with the C middle name but since Cadence is seen more as a girl name, she wanted to chose more of a boy name.

Or if she's like Karl, she's giving the baby a middle name after her favorite rapper. (insert obligatory Farrah eyeroll) Guess she's a JayZ fan....

I think Ebony's younger daughter is named Jayda Jewel so she threw a 'y' in there too

Jayda isn't bad and it makes sense. Unlike Jayde. lol

I assumed she was using Carter after June Carter Cash, which would make sense considering where she lives and she was previously considering June.

Jayde Carter is as stripper-like as any good teen mom baby name is nowadays! Any gem name is a stripper name to me. And misspelling it just makes it more stripper-ish to me. It also makes me think of the playboy model Jayde Nicole (I just looked her up and she even spells it wrong, just like Maci). I remember her from Girls Next Door. I loved that show.

I'm kinda glad she picked a popular name though. I just looked and it's 126 on the popularity charts. I feel like the fact Bentley took off because of her and Ryan was a big contributor to her huge ego. She is always so annoying any time it gets brought up. Aubree jumped a bunch too after TM2 premiered and Chelsea never gets all arrogant about it.

I really wanted to say that Jayde reminded me of a stripper name too!! I didn't want to offend anyone though. But yeah you know how stripper rename themselves with things like Jade and Gem and Diamond and that kind of stuff.

This stripper used to come in all the time to a place I worked. She called herself "Cinnamon". I have no idea what her real name was, she always paid in cash, but I really really hope her parents didn't name her that.

OMG so glad you said that, totally reminds me of this. Back in college I was killing time in the building where the nursing department was housed (I had a minor in public health which was in the same building). The hallway most classes were held in had graduating class pictures of every graduate of the BS in Nursing degree since like the 60s. I was looking at the photos and came across a young lady named Cinnamon Taylor. Nurse Cinnamon. She graduated sometime in the 80s or early 90s. I had a picture of it on my phone but was going through photos recently and deleted it. But yeah, Cinnamon Taylor is very much a real name lol.

I'm not sure how I'd feel about getting care from a nurse named Cinnamon.

Didn't Jayde Nicole date Brody Jenner? Or was did she date Jason? I just remember her being on The Hills!

She dated Brody. I don't know anything about her but she came off as a real bitch in that show haha.

I find this so funny. Cos my cousins name is Jade Carter. First name Jade, surname Carter.

Damnit, are gem names really associated with strippers now? I love the name Ruby...

Diamond, Sapphire, Onyx (for the boyses), Jade, Ruby, and even Amithist if your feeling super classier in those heels. My bf mentioned pearl ( she would be the granny stripper lol) and I told him it wasn't a birthstone turns out it totally is. It's June :/ thanks to Google here's the explanation -June birthdays claim two birthstones; pearl and Alexandrite. Pearls have been wildly popular in jewelry for centuries because of their natural beauty. Alexandrite gemstones are extremely rare and desirable since they change color based on the lighting.

Hahaha Pearl as the granny stipper! Damn strippers are taking some of the good names

There's also Glitter and Shimmer and Glimmer and Destiny.... So many stripper names these days.

I actually named my dog Ruby Lione so I associate "Ruby" to her rather than a stripper.

Being a grammar enthusiast I must make a correction to my above post. I named her Ruby because I liked the name, not for the purpose of disassociating the name with strippers. I definitely need to go to bed.

I love the name Ruby too. I wouldn't consider it a stripper name. It's too little girly sounding.

I actually really like Jayde Carter! I could do without the added y, but whatever. No one spells anything right these days and I didn't really expect anything different from Maci.

I like the name too. Much better then naming the poor kid Royce.

Royce & Kaiser could be rolls together though.......get it?

I agree. I actually like it. I don't even mind the Y that much - there have been many names in the 16&P universe with WAY worse spellings and dumber extra letters. Plus it's much better than Lexus or Royce.

Bentley and Lexus..lol I like Jayde better bc they are kids..not cars.

I was REALLY hoping for Mercedes, Lexus, or Porsha (that's how they make it a name right?)

If she wouldve went with Mercedes, my first thought wouldve been Mercedes Jones TBH.

Don't mind me, i'm a recovering Gleek lol.

Why on earth does Maci still have speaking engagements? What does she talk about? "Oh I made some bad decisions at 16 and I'm still making the same ones today."

But to be less negative, the name is ok. I don't like the extraneous "y," but whatever.

She has to tell everyone about her drunken adventures. And then we went to Vegas and got drunk oh but we learned a valuable lesson there don't have a fight in a lobby or you'll get kicked out. If you're going to fight do it in your room kids.

"How to twat around on an associate's degree for 6 years and counting" presented by Teen Mom's Maci Bookout!

Does anybody remember that show "Strangers with Candy" about the forty-six-year-old woman who decides to go back to highschool as a freshman? She was a boozer, a user and a loser. At one point in her intro, she says, "Oh, I'm still making the wrong choices. But I'm making them the right way." I can totally see Maci saying something like that when she's in her forties and she's still trying to get her AA.

I love that show! I used to watch it with my roommate and it was great, but then I tried watching it with my husband and he thought it was stupid. I love how all her life lessons are so fucked up. "This kiln is 1000 degrees - that's 1 degree a THOUSAND times" - Mr Jellyneck

I personally have always loved the name Jade. I wouldn't spell it with the "y" tho. Even typing it out...Jayde...doesn't look right. Unfortunately, I will never be able to name any daughter I have Jade, too many of them in my life :(

I too love the name Jade (not Jayde) my partners bitch little sister is called Jade so I couldn't use it. WELP!

That e is so unnecessary.

and the y


Jad Cartr.

Not that it's anything to me what anyone else names their kids, but I wouldn't mind if the made-up name/phonetically spelled name trend goes away forever. "Jade" is very pretty, misspelling it just makes her look like her mother is an illiterate hillbilly.

Well, yeah....

"Misspelling it just makes her look like her mother is an illiterate hillbilly."

I see no lies.

My cousin spells it Jaide and it is beautiful that way ad well. But "y"? It goes from nice name to stripper name. Cool Maci, setting yourself up so you can get free drinks wherever your daughter ends up working?

I kid, I kid.

I think Drew Barrymore's mother is named Jaide. That's the only other time I've seen it that way but I like it better than Jayde

Her name is Ildiko Jaid - she's Hungarian. Sorry, was a big Drew fan as a teen!

Oh your right there is no e. I knew about the first name but couldn't remember the spelling. I think she mainly goes by her middle name, right? I was a huge Drew fan too

Bintley!, Yeahdey! Stop being a brat or I'll whoop your ass!

I got no problem with the name Jade whatsoever. But with the extra Y it's a bit... meh. Carter isn't bad either, makes me think of Peggy Carter, and if that isn't someone for her to look up to then I don't know who else is.

Also hi, long time lurker first time poster. You can all call me Gabe, I think I'm probably one of the few guys around here on the site lol.

You go, Gabe! I bet you aren't alone in reading, just a bit unique in commenting. My husband occasionally lurks but doesn't have the nerve to make a username. Sad because he has the most clever quips and username ideas. Big fan of your username by the way!

Ooh you should share them. I made my username when farrah's porno came out, and now I realise I do NOT want to be constantly reminded of...that...

Thank you! Jeremy will forever be my source of amusement. And i totally would like to hear those usernames your husband comes up with to, they sound absolutely glorious. Sadly my boyfriend doesn't share the same passion off the show, but he's definitely judging along with all of us.

I'm new to the posting as well. Looking forward to contributing to the hilarious dialogue on my most visited site. My name is Bre. :)

"New to the posting"... Sigh. I've been watching so much Teen Titans Go! with my three year old daughter that I've found myself speaking like Starfire... If y'all even know what I'm talking about I'll be surprised.

Awesome then i'm not alone on this part :D And I know of the show you mentioned, but never actually sat down and watched it myself

New poster here too! Long time lurker :)

In the words of Chris Rock, "your job is to keep your daughter off the pole!" That name is not doing her any favors.

Okay thanks, I almost woke my kids up laughing!
I can see and hear him say that.
Do you know that part of one of his shows when he talks about women and make-up?
That ain't your face!
Oh and hi Macy fanclub, all two of you.

@Mommy2, here's the link if you want to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tojBadSr2zI

"If your daughter ends up being a stripper, you done fucked up!"

Nikkole and her friend Sam (Ya know, the one that outed her fake pregnancy, then decided to STILL be friends with the psycho) both posted a picture from someone's wedding shower and Nikkole does not look pregnant in the slightest.

Maybe there's still hope that Ellie is another Ashton?

Are you sure its said as 'jade' and not 'jay de' I've just had a little girl and her names jaydee but said 'jay dee'

Would make more sense... You know sounding more like "yoo it's jay-dee (z) Carter b*tches.


I like that a lot. It's very unique but not in a trashy way. I think something like that is too classy for Maci.

I've loved it since I had my 1st child but he was a boy and ny 2nd so finally got 2 use it on my 3rd :) and if it is 'jay de' and not 'jade' im so glad people can't say I got her name off teen mom :)

To add to the terrible spelling tirade, I know a girl named Tiphani. WHY is that necessary?

Wow my name is Tiffani and I always though it sucked. Noone (not even my own grandma) spells it right.

At least you got the two f's instead of "ph". That is just intentionally wanting people to spell the name wrong.

At my old job I came across a woman named Epiphanie.

I know a girl named Melyni. I always thought it was pretty cool actually!

I just want to add to the horribly misspelled names.... I used to go to school with a girl named Ceilidh (Kailey). :/

I do like the name Jade though. I think it's so simple and pretty.

The spelling may be terrible...but at least she gave her a relatively normal name? I don't love it but the kid likely won't be made fun of.

I'm only 22 and don't plan on having kids anytime soon but I've loved the name Aria for as long as I can remember. I know I don't have rights to the name and blah blah blah but it's annoying that it's getting more popular now because of Pretty Little Liars.

Soul sister, I wanted to use Aria or Arya as a middle or even first name... until Pretty Little Liars AND GoT came out on television around the same time.

I may not be a hardcore feminist but I have so many strong female character names I adore. My favorite middle name choice is Scarlett and my sister-in-law is trying her best to take it. As a first name, though... for me that's pushing it. But at least it's normal enough. So is Jayde, even with the y. She may never be president but at least she can qualify for a real job with that name, right? Like you said she won't be made fun of and that's more than some girls on this show can say for their kids.

I just feel so sorry for today's generation of babies. Their "unique" names should solely serve as a reflection on their parents, but they truly reflect on the kid as well. I work for an educational organization and I will tell everyone now that naming your kid something like Kayden will give them a disadvantage from the start.

Scarlett is such a pretty name. My best friend and his fiancée named their daughter Skarlett, and it just doesn't look right to me.

Scarlett is lovely! The connotation can be negative so I would stick it as a middle name, although conservative me still thinks it works as a first name just fine. Skarlett is so strange though! It looks like the name of a punk rock band or something.

By the way, I think your name is awesome. I was sort of jealous I didn't think of something similar first! :)

Thank you! I've thought about changing it, but then derek posts another adorable photo of Evie and I change my mind.

Skarlett...oh man. That's a smidgen too close to Skrillex for me. Scarlett-with-a-c, however, is still near the top of my baby name list. I will love GWTW foreverrr, even though it's rife with issues.

My daughters' names aren't too unique. You don't hear them often but you have heard of them. Even in the TM universe. I like a whole bunch of names. I am a bit of a name nerd.

Some names are timeless. My neighbor just named his daughter Grace Elizabeth which I thought was very cute, especially in a time where it's basically a contest between parents as to who can pick the weirdest name.

For my girlses I chose Emily Rose & Audrey Violet. Their names have some symmetry without trying too hard (*cough* Leah). & I LOVE that I never get asked "how do you spell that?" when giving their names to someone.

I don't mind GoT as much because at least that show is actually good haha. But Aria is truly a beautiful name. Simple and elegant. I also LOVE Violet.

I love Emily, Quinn or Avery for a girl. For a boy I adore Kai or Aaron.

My sister named her baby Milan Alexander, absolutely love that name

Really? I get a downvote for saying the names that I like.

Welp....looks like someone is riding the bitterbitch train today.

I just named my new cat Scarlett. I've always loved the name, but have too many other girl names picked out to name a daughter that, so I thought, why not? Scarlett it is! She's a beautiful siamese-tabby mix with big blue eyes :) I'm guilty of naming my pets "human" names :/

Me too. Have a puggle named Stella :)

I meant to post this up here, so in case you don't see my comment below slutted, Stella was another consideration! I love that name. I can definitely see a puggle with the name Stella. So cute!

I love the name Aria too! but for some reason it sounds a little bit nazi in spanish, so i dont think i can use it...

I seriously need to stop refreshing TMJ, and go get a life.

No you don't. If you do that means I need to.. and I'm sure we aren't alone.

TMJ is my favorite pastime. I live the rest of my life as a highly productive functional adult, it doesn't hurt to let loose here!

That makes 3 of us.

guilty too

I get the shits when work interrupts my TMJ time...

Do you have to run straight to the tub?

haha thank god...its true the rest of my life is pretty productive and functional. This is a when my daughter is down for a nap or for the night kinda thing for me. My hubby makes fun of me but I dont care!

totally off topic, but i was just really surprised that farrah even remembers when sophia's birthday is!


it doesn't look like sophia had any friends at her party. just deb, mykole, farrah, and her dick of the week. that's sad. at 6, sophia should have some little friends of her own.

So Is Michael Farrah's biological dad or step dad? I always got confused by that

Would you want your kid at a party Farrah planned?

Farrah tweeted a pic of Sophia and another little girl. The little girl had a mask over her face, so I figured there were more kids there but Farrah was giving them privacy by not posting their pictures to her followers.

I'm sorry but when does farrah respect anyone's privacy. She's throw anyone under the bus to make herself look better no matter what. However I hope your correct and she was being mindful that not everyone wants their kid shoved into the limelight.

For a minute I was giving Farrah the benefit of the doubt and thought "Damn! She's keeping the other kids off the internet to be respectful!" But then I realized she likely just wants all the attention on her and can't have kids be cuter than her.

I'm in the middle of Farrah's getting to know you and she's such a heinous bitch. For her, nothing will ever be her fault even when the video evidence shows she's a raging cow. Her entire family is delusional and those producers should be given an end of season open bar with hookers and blow for putting up with that clan.

Her Getting To Know & Want To Kill Me special reinforced all the hatred I never thought I could have towards another human being. I've come across all types but she takes the bitch cake... & makes a vulgar mold of it.

So this may be off topic, but I am watching the getting to know Farrah episode and as much as it pains me to say this, she did a really good job explaining to Sophia that Derek is dead and not coming back. Or it might just be that I'm pregnant and super emotional lol

No, Nikkole! I'm about 16 weeks pregnant and my first name for a girl has so far been Ellia :( I know it's got an A on the end, but it's still pretty similar...

Why can't she just leave the "y" out? It would be a nice name, then. Jade is a pretty name. Jayde is a trashy name.

Wait until you all come across Irish names then youl have something to complain about. They love their unused and un-needed extra letters. Niamh simply pronounced neve. And like 5000 others I will not attempt to spell.

Haha all Celtic names are like that! My ex bf is from Scotland and I've heard some weird ones, like Siobhan. Pronounced She-vanne or something.

I love the name Siobhan, solely because its spelling is so completely different from how it's pronounced. That "b" that looks like it shouldn't be there makes the entire thing look awesome, if that makes sense haha.

There not unused or extra. There Irish as in the Irish language. Bh/mh means a V sound. Ect. Not made up at all. Proud Irish woman alert.

I didn't mean to offend Raised there's just some Irish names that I go really?! At. Niamh was a bad example lol are you from Ireland?

I'm not offended just defending my peps. Hope I didn't sound aggressive dustin. Yeah I'm from Ireland. The name niamh just for interest is from Irish mythology. At least 500 years old and still in the top ten baby names. In the Irish language there are a few silent letters but have function.

I'm from Northern Ireland however I don't speak Irish. I always use to love the name Niamh but I knew a Niamh who was a nasty person. Hence putting me off the name lol!

@dustin ah Northern Ireland. Haven't been up there since I was a kid. Scary then with the armed checkpoint/border control. I'm in dublin. Where In the north are ya? I have the same feeling about the name Sarah. A girl I was in school with was a bitch and now I HATE the name. Funny how one person can influence our opinion of a name forever.

More Irish girls! Im from Cork but was in dublin for the weekend! My mother is named Niamh, and I am forever sad she didnt give me and my sister an irish name :(

I'm in Belfast girls! Awk it's not so bad now just your usual bombs and shootings nothing major. I suppose I'm use to it? Sad isn't it?
I will never like the name Nicole as my mother always said "Nicole dirty hole".

Oh no just realised how bad that sounded lol il never get a job for tourism. The country's gotten better... Come visit ya'll!

All the Irish ladies. Great to know I'm not the only person obsessed with teen mom on the island. (Nobody knows about my secret obsession.) Aw cork spent many a childhood holiday down west cork way. Hope you mom had a great weekend in Dublin. Ah Belfast where casual bombs are okay. Actually come to think of it I went to the titanic museum with some American friends this summer. The titanic quarter is fantastic.

I am loving this so much! We should get a meetup somewhere and have coffee and gossip our dark little hearts out!

Ive been meaning to visit Belfast still, but ive been so busy with work I cant really do it yet.
What are your plans for st paddys day girls?

i'm irish too !! raised on waterford/cork border living in tpperary for 4 years !! :)

I didn't realize so many Irish girlses were on here. :)

This makes me so happy that its kinda sad :D My ex is from tipperary!

My little boys name is welsh, Rhys pronounced Reece

Maybe Maci has welsh roots. The welsh language love Y.

It's just ugly IMO. I don't know, I don't like either name on it's own and I don't like them together. Very on trend though- the unnecessary Y, the masculine name for a girl, the name Carter which seems to be everywhere lately.

Of course you mean "on fleek," dontcha, Molly?

Only if we're talking about the baby's eyebrows too ;)

I despise all of these youneek name spellings! The extra Y is soooo unnecessary. I totally see a pole in poor Jayde's future.

And this is coming from a mom who is naming her son Mattimeo (after the Brian Jaques book of the same name). My husband and I are bibliophiles (and my husband is addicted to Merlin lore/legends- each of our four children are named after books and/or Merlin).

For awhile, my husband was dead set on naming our son Odysseus. I feel like no matter what anyone else names their kid, at least it's not Odysseus lol.

well havnt been on here in a while then to get on and see that Maci is naming her baby jade with the added y, well why not? :-)
but, joking aside, I really can't stand this girl. all her drinking and guy hopping aside, she really just rubs me the wrong way...and also just read an article about her still going around promoting not having kids at a young age before your married WHILE BEING 5 MONTHS PREGNANT!!!!! is it just me here or is there seriously something wrong with that picture?? and people praising her and shit. I mean you may as well go to an AA meeting with a Damn beer in your hand, same same??

Is she really still doing that speaking engagement shit? I heard she gave up not long after starting because people didn't want to hear what she had to say (plus, I heard she wasn't that good at it). I mean, Catelynn and Tyler suck at it, but the story of giving your firstborn up for adoption is much more compelling then talking about how you're six years in trying to get your associate's degree or have to stop drinking because you got pregnant again. Besides, getting knocked up at sixteen was the best thing to ever happen to Maci. It helped her get a shit-ton of MTV money. How else is she going to travel the country and get wasted every weekend?

I didn't think she was doing the speaking engagements anymore either, must be at some crappy colleges, I'm guessing. And isn't it just common sense to any girl/woman that becoming a parent at any age, really is going to be tough, I mean do you really need a girl who got knocked up at 16-17 to tell you that. And her opinion is completely useless anyway, considering she never once struggled. she's had MTV behind her since she was like 6 months pregnant. not only that but her family and Ryan's both seem really well off, she knew Damon well she was never gonna be a "struggling" teen mom. if I were to ever go to oneof those speaking engagements iI'd much rather hear from a girl who really struggled, say a girl who doesn't have MTV money, can't travel the country with her friends and boyfriend whenever she wants, doesn't have baby daddy in the picture, and definitely can't afford a new car and house every 6 months.
I'm sure she was reallllly struggling on all those beach vacations with her friends, that she took every few months.
and even with all the liberties that she's been handed in her short life she's still managed to screw up, no degree after 6 years of trying, no real job and owes the irs 80,000 dollars, sheesh! anyone who would take advice from this girl Needs to be slapped!

Ellie Jade is the stupidest name ever. Jayde Carter isn't much better but at least it doesn't sound like a shitty strippers name.

I may be the minority here, but I really like the name Jayde (not Carter tho). I've loved that name for years and always wanted to name my future (maybe) daughter that. I don't think that the Y is that strange or "stripperish." What people name their kids nowadays can be completely ridiculous and honestly, I really don't think it's that bad. It could be way worse lol.

if you compare it to aliannah, amariah, amayyya, adalynn, ayahfdslldd then yeah it's actually not so bad

My next daughter will be Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyia. It's pronounced like "Kristen"... Just spelled "different".

I agree with you. I saw a poll on a baby app I was a member of and an expecting mother was asking how she should spell her daughters name (daisy) Her choices were something like Daizy, Dayzee, Da'zey, etc. People can get crazy with names but I don't think an extra y is really a big deal in this case.

I'm not a fan of the name Jade (or Jayde) and I think Carter would be better saved for a boy (if she changed Jayde to June it might work, but that's the only way).

Not pregnant but maybe in the next 5ish years. I really love the name Nole. I know on the show Felicity it's spelled Noel but still pronounced (Knoll) I just think the Noel spelling will make people always pronounce it No-El (like Christmas) and that I don't like.

Way off topic. Jenelle's Instagram. Tori is back!!
(This may be old Twitter news but I don't have that lol) That's a bad sign for the relationship with Gaython, no?

The name is whatever but for the couple of minutes I watched her episode, it sure seemed like her boyfriend I immature and a little off. Hope that's not the case.

Yeah I agree. I don't like him too much from what I've seen. Plus I love how she uses all these guys to basically replace Ryan. I mean they should not be getting opinions about Bentley. They shouldn't be commenting on how Ryan is raising Bentley. That needs to stay between Maci and Ryan. She's as bad as Kail if not worse when it comes to that. Poor Bentley always has guys coming in and out of his life. Although Ryan isn't much better. He does the same thing with girls. These kids get so attached to their parents' significant others and then they're ripped out of their lives when they're not their anymore. Really all the girls do it. They all bring their boyfriends into their kids lives.

Well. I see a lot of complains about Carter being a masculine. It is the current trend really. I wanted to name my son Bradley but almost everyone I said "we're thinking bradley" to would say oh my neice/3rd cousin twice removed friends kid/girlfriends daughter/ect is named Bradleigh she's do cute. Kutcher & Kunis have Miss Wyatt. Elliot is on the top baby girl name list. I had someone even tell me they liked my son's name Winston for their daughter, thankfully her hubby said not for their daughter. My hubby wants to name the next Austin if it's a girl (Blake Shelton song) but not if it's a boy.

It's become so popular now to give Girls boy names and vice versa I agree. I think it has a lot to do with us evolving as a society and becoming more accepting. We do like to stereotype and genderalize anymore. I'm not saying it's a bad thing but everyone has this idea that there's shouldn't be a separation between boy stuff and girl stuff like clothes and hairstyles so why should we separate girl and boy names. My sister is all about it. She is very liberal. We had an argument the other day about Kris and Bruce Jenner. She said that if Kris really loved Bruce she'd stick by him no matter what his gender is because at that point it's about loving the person not their gender. I disagreed because I can understand she married a man and now he's a woman and she's not sexually attracted to women so that's a hard change. Granted we were talking about the Kardashians so really the point was mute (they're all idiots and famewhores) but if they were a different couple she'd still feel the same way as would I.) She says that makes me such a conservative and she's done with me. Anyways my point is I think this trend is with the new times. Gender shouldn't matter you should love a person for who they are so it doesn't matter if they have a boy or girl name there shouldn't be separate names anyways. Also I'm not by any means trying to start any kind of controversial or political debate.

No I completely agree.

And as far as the Kartrashian debate (that I'm joining as Switzerland lol) I actually knew this guy who was head over hills for this lady (who was an over the moon happy to be lesbian) he wanted to marry her so bad, and she kept saying no because she was gay. Eventually she asked why, she plays the other team and wouldn't sleep with him anyways. He didn't care. They got married, she sees girls, he is a faithful husband who doesn't sleep with his own wife because all he wanted was to take care of, love and support her. (Huge difference is she didn't change her gender, point being sometimes there really is an over whelping love) another guy I worked with, his wife decided that she wanted to become a man and their agreed upon deal that wife made was split the bank account, she got her car and share custody as long as wife didn't tell why they were divorcing til all was said and done. Man of his word did just that in front of the judge who said because they wouldn't divulge the information granted wife full custody, full bank account and all of their possessions. He wanted to stay married mostly for their kids (who were in high school) and wife could still do the change and she wanted out. So it could truly be either way.

To sum it up:
Sometimes plumbing and attraction matters, sometimes there is more to a relationship

rant over sorry PS. Feeding the kid so any spelling sorry.

I feel sad for that guy. You say he's happy but everyone deserves to have someone love them the way they love that someone. I guess if it works for him though.

I absolutely love boy names for girls! (Not girls names for boys though)

I do too! My daughters name would be considered masculine if you looked it up on a baby name site. But it's also a name I've never heard used for either gender, only as a last name. It really fits her though. People can be so judgemental when it comes to someone else's childs name.

If I ever have a girl, I want to name her Clifton. I know it's weird, but I really like it. But I am generally awkward as fuck, so...

By your sister's logic, then platonic same-sex best friends should start getting married. Story time: back around 2000-2001 one of my mom's male co-workers came out that he was transitioning to a woman. He was married to a woman for over 10 years, both in their early 40's, didn't have children. He thought getting married would "fix" him. He started the transition process and they were unsure about staying married; they were best friends and loved each other but the wife simply wasn't a lesbian. Over the years the man had full gender reassignment surgery and she's now been living as a woman for several years. 15 years later and they're still legally married today. It works for them, it's a platonic situation. I've seen and read stories of couples who stay married for their kids. Whatever works and makes people happy.

Regarding the Jenners, I'll put it a little more crudely than you did but the point is the same-Kris is hungry for peen just like her daughters. If they did divorce because Bruce was starting to transition then there's nothing wrong with that. Kris is a woman with a healthy sexual appetite and she wasn't going to be happy connected in marriage with a woman. Bruce can figure out his sexuality after becoming a woman and go from there. Staying married while fucking others on the side isn't a marriage.

I've never heard/read/seen a girl Bradley, this is the first I've ever known about it being a unisex name. I'm 25 and went to high school with a girl Austin, spelled Austyn. I always thought it was very pretty. Another girl I knew had a younger sister named Sean, pronounced the same as the boy name.

I've seen a female Bradley, but she was a character on Bates Motel.

That was the first place where I saw it used as a girl's name. There was also a female Cody/Kody on that show.

So random question:

Most of these kids are with their moms and then go to their dads on the weekends or something to that sort.

But do these kids get to talk to the other parent when its not their weekend?

Or do they just go days without contact?

Just wondering how these things work, cause if it was me I'd want to call everyday...

I've always wondered.

It probably depend on the parent. I totally agree with you. If it was me I'd be calling everyday and insisting that they talked to dad everyday to. To me it's important because a child needs to have a relationship with both parents. When I went away to college I talked to both of my parents everyday. I bet with these girls a lot of them are too immature to do that. They probably get time with one parent and time with the other and that's it. Sad :(

I mean I know kail called when Issac was a way for summer break but I think that was just because it was longer than a weekend/ two days.

I mean I wouldn't want to go a day without talking to my child.

But I guess there is nothing out there that says you have to. Lol

My stepkids live with their mom. My husband is in the military and we moved out of state. He tries to talk with them every Sunday. Sometimes, due to schedule, he tries to make it up and call them.

To me, it really depends on the circumstances and the person. Like, if the parenting plan is like Leah and Corey's, they get the girls 50/50 each week and live close to each other. I don't see why one parent would have to call everyday. If they are like Isaac, who spends (I believe) equal amount of time between his parents but Jo and Kailyn live in different states. I can see, every other day or every two days. It impedes on the noncustodial parents time to talk everyday. Plus, it is very hard to schedule that time between both schedules.

I also think every situation's different. I may have mentioned this before but I have a friend and she and her baby daddy are on completely different terms then most. They do everything in the best interest of their child and they're really good at it. They do not like each other at all but they've both learned to suck it up for the sake of their child. They have shared custody and there was no fighting over it. It was something they both agreed on so the judge agreed on it no problem. They split all expenses of the child down the middle. They've got an excel spreadsheet and have figured out all expenses and how much each is paying to make sure it's even. They also both make sure to talk to the child every day no matter who he's with so he feels like he has both of them at all times. It's such a great situation. The kid is 4 now and he's never felt upset or stressed about his parents being apart. My friend really doesn't like her baby daddy either. She always complains about him to her friends (never in front of her son). The guy is kinda an ass and a total player but she admits that he's a good dad and her son needs him in his life. They were a little older than these girls when they had him though she was 20 and he was 24. They're also very good about bringing other people in their kids' life. They have an agreement that they have to be in a serious relationship before they can bring them in their son's life and they've both agreed that they each needed to meet that person first just so that they're both comfortable with it. Basically they're the perfect coparents. People always say they need to just be together already but if you saw them when their kid wasn't around it's like world war 3.

Stella was another consideration!!! Love that name :)

What in the eff is this doing down here?

What I meant to say down here was: Yeah I think it depends on the situation. Every time I went to my dads I don't recall talking to my mom unless something happened that she needed to know (example: I got my very first period at my dads, awkward). Maybe if I stayed there in the summer for a whole week or something I would call her once or twice. However, this was 8+ years ago, I didn't have a cell phone, my mom didn't text. If it was nowadays, I would probably text my mom all weekend long. I hated going to my dads. My step-mom was the worst.

Well with the moms on the show, they put their own interests before their kids so I could almost see someone like Kail not letting Isaac talk to Jo because it's "her time". But in real life I guess it just depends.

I don't really have a problem with Jayde, considering I just saw a story about conjoined twins or something being separated, and one of the girls is named Knatalye. That's just ridiculous.

I don't think a lot of people think of the child's future when they name them. Knatalye is just mean.

Hey this isn't about the post but I was just wondering which teenmom people have books out now.

Cate and Tyler
Ashley Salazar
I think Maci was the very first one who said she was writing a book but surprise surprise, 6 years later, she still hasn't published anything. But that's per the course for her, she's still working towards her associate degree.

Wait really Ashley Salazar? How did I not know about this. Why would she even do it?! She was on tv for like 2 seconds it wasn't even a full fiften minutes of fame. Gosh some of these girls are absolute fame whores!! I'm waiting for Katie from TM3 to do it. Out of all of them she seems the type. Her or Alex. But i'm going for Katie just because she thinks she's so smart because she WANTED to go to college. Like bitch you all wanted to go to college. You didn't actually go so you're not that special.

She was the first girl to write a book. She was the last one to give their child up for adoption. If you can say that...but I guess it's more common than you would think. She did it pretty soon after her episode.

Lol. Salazar doesn't even count because she apparently took her blog posts and edited/reformatted them for publication. So, yeah, she did write the posts that made up a book, but it's not like she sat down and banged out a whole memoir. She cheated.

Apparantly her and Justin broke up? Is there any news about this?

So you can go and read it for free on her blog? Lol

This is off topic, but I've finally got caught up on the getting to know specials, I'm new here, and I was wondering, why does Farrah call her dad by his first name? I've always wondered but never knew.

It's just her belligerent, antichrist attitude.

Cos she's a cunt.
Apparently it's because he doesn't "deserve" to be called Dad in her eyes.
Theory around here is they sleep together. Saying "dad" might make it more awkward.

Well after the way his eye totally lit up when they got to the scene where the dr was stuffing her breast to show her what her boobs would look like after the surgery I'm starting to think there may be some truth to that... It was super creepy. Then the way he HAD to clarify that he'd never seen her porno and didn't plan on it. Oh please Michael you know you just jacked off to it last night. He's such a weirdo.

Makes me vomit in my mouth a little. Mykole used her asshole mould as a pillow. We all know that.

I do like the name Jade, I wouldn't spell it differently though. I'm surprised Maci and Nikkole both chose pretty normal names.

It looks like Taylor needs a tailor.

I know a lot of strippers, that use Jayde as their stage name.
My sister named her dog Scarlett Jayde, because of her coloring. We just call her Scar now.

I hope they use McKinney. Bookout is such an awful name, I've always despised it.