The Most Shocking Secrets from the Teen Mom OG Reunion

The Teen Mom OG reunion was this weekend, and things got pretty heated, as tensions among cast members flared.

Here are the most shocking secrets:

Amber and Matt

As we know, they're back together after what a semi-split, and the wedding has been called off.

Amber no longer has her engagement ring, but she is still saying that she and Matt are together and are moving toward getting married.

Note that Matt wasn't there due to his "surgery".

Another Farrah Walkout

Yep, classic Farrah. She walked out of the taping again, although we weren't told why.

You may remember that Dr. Drew, who hosted the reunion recently had Farrah on his podcast and was talking about how her mom needed psychiatric help.

Apparently now, Farrah's dad is saying that Farrah needs psychiatric help.

Ryan's Rehab

Much of the show was focused Ryan's rehab. We're told that there was a lot of talk about rehab and what happened to Ryan, as well as what will happen going forward.

As we discussed in a previous article, Ryan entered rehab a few weeks ago after Maci started talking about his drug problems online. We now have evidence that Ryan and Mackenzie quietly got married as well.

Other stuff

Again we hear about how everyone hates Farrah and how Maci, Catelynn, and (to a lesser extent) Amber are best friends.

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